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Samsung Stratosphere is Headed to Verizon, Support Page has Already Been Created

Verizon is preparing a phone called the Samsung Stratosphere that could be one of their big 4G LTE releases while we await the arrival of the DROID Bionic.  There aren’t many details to link to the device at this time, but we do know from our sources that the device will be 4G LTE and that it’s looking like Big Red expects it to make a significant splash.  Could it be the Samsung slider that was pictured a few weeks back?  More than likely, but man are we hoping it’s not.  I think it’s fair to say that almost all of us are praying to some higher authority that this device turns out to be the Galaxy S II.  Unfortunately, I have no details to confirm either way.

We should also remind you that Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha made a pretty bold statement last week about his device being the first dual-core 4G LTE phone on the planet.  If the Stratosphere is indeed the Galaxy S II, then chances are we won’t see it in August.

And to give you further proof that this device is indeed on the way, we’ve spotted the support page for it that has been created well ahead of time.   


This is the page you are redirected to on Verizon’s support site when you attempt to visit say verizonwireless.com/stratospheresupport.  The page has clearly been created, but is no longer available or hasn’t been populated yet to the public.  The DROID Bionic has a page like this, as does the DROID3, and LG Revolution (until a few minutes ago anyway).  Verizon creates these for all new devices, so when we were redirected to an official Stratosphere support page, we knew that it wasn’t just a code name.

And to see what a page looks like on Verizon’s site when it doesn’t exist at all and there is no redirect, we have attached another picture for you:

Hopefully that made at least a little bit of sense.  What we know for sure, is that a device called the Stratosphere is on the way and that it will more than likely be Verizon’s next 4G LTE device.  We just have to hope that it’s not a rehashed version of the Epic 4G and will instead be a device to consider.

Oh, and not that this really means anything, but Samsung did launch the Galaxy S II into the “stratosphere” back in June.

  • So I guess verizon keeps quiet about any new phones coming out in hopes you buy the less than worthy phones thay currently have available.  Bring on the state-of-the-art 4g LTE phones big red!!


    I think having more slide keyboard options for those of us who don’t love the virtual keypad would be MOST welcome! My fingers are just too large for those tiny virtual keys to get any real traction and until swype becomes standard and perfected, I would appreciate the option. 

  • bee

    I believe it is the Galaxy S2 and here is my reasoning:

    1. Samsung releases a Galaxy S2 into the Stratosphere


    2. Samsung sends out a mini telescope stating to “look to the stars”.


    3. finally, the info in this article and I’m sure this is not the last hint we
    will get……

    Samsung and the carriers are really using these sites well. What a great
    advertising ploy and having us (consumers) basically starving for every little
    bit of info they give us.

    Well played Samsung and Carries, NOW RELEASE THE DAMN PHONE already!!!  🙂

    One more thing: I do agree, MOTO screwed themselves on dragging their feet on
    releasing the Bionic……too little to late MOTO. Good luck competing with the
    Galaxy S2 and iPuke 5.

  • http://i56.tinypic.com/2lnbgk8.png
    “The requested URL /system_update/heykellexyoucantypeanythinghere.html was not found on this server.”

    • Anonymous

      You clearly can’t read or understand how websites and redirects work. Just sayin’! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You can’t internet very well, huh?

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Stratosphere seems like a fitting name for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.  Samsung had sent a Samsung Galaxy S2 box to some techie’s, publishers and bloggers but when these guys opened the box expecting to see a preview of the U.S. version of the Galaxy S II what was in it was a small – mini telescope  and a note in the box stating:  “Keep watch for the next generation Galaxy S.”     ——-  If you think about it a telescope is used to see beyond the “stratosphere” To see the box and the card that was in it sent by Samsung go to for more pictures of the un-boxing by a publisher at a tech site :  http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-telescope-teaser-sent-to-publishers-27167835/

  • An Epic 4G on VZW with LTE and the GSII’s specs is my dream phone!

  • I would love to get an LTE slider, especially dual-core!   : D

  • Didn’t Samsung launch an sgs2 into the stratosphere on a weather balloon last month?

  • Tcali

    Wait…isn’t the bionic coming in Early September?

  • Anonymous


  • Buckgrad

    If this is the Galaxy S2, and it does NOT have a slider, I”m all over it.

  • Wait- did you say why you’re sure this is a Samsung? (wrote this up on Phandroid)

    • Anonymous

      You wrote an article without even being sure who it is being made by? Man it is really about getting traffic to the site rather then getting solid info lol

    • Anonymous

      It’s apparently showing up in Verizon systems as a Samsung device.  At least that’s what we’ve been told by at least 2 sources.

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  • Pretty sly to have a redirect for a device thats not even out yet redirect you to its support page.  But my question is, where did the name Stratosphere appear from? was it a tip that the name was being used or was it trademarked? This is the first time I’ve read about the name “Stratosphere” coming to Verizon.  It definitely does sound like that Epic 4G like slider though.  Why would they expect it to make a big splash? well LTE + QWERTY gets the Droid fans in a tizzy, they’ll be all over it.  Me though, I’m waiting for the Galaxy S2 or the Vigor

  • Ror1997

    Im 13 and all my friend are blind when it comes to the best type of phones, there still buying year old blackberrys. I think that having a fast phone with a keyboard can really help android and help kick ip*one users off ip*ones and on androids. Samsung wants to compete with Apple, so buy making phones with as many features as possible on the carriers who will get the iphone 5 is the way to go, even if they are selling 2 to do it, if this is the galaxy s II on verizon i for one will be happy, but if not i have to go with the droid bionic

    • Anonymous

      That must suck to have all blind friends. I’m 13 too. 13 inches. Tell your mom.

      • Anonymous

        Great reading comprehension dumbass. He said his friends are blind when it comes to phones.

        • Anonymous

          what’s the matter? ror1997 wouldn’t let you sleep in the top bunk? That’s probably a good thing. this way when you piss yourself it won’t drip down on your bro.

          • Anonymous

            WTF are you talking about you dumbass. Go back under your rock and come out when something else pops up since clearly you are illiterate since you can’t read what he said. Or then again you are probably just stupid.

  • Bull. Type in anything you like after http://support.vzw.com/ and you’ll get the same message as the supposed Stratosphere message.   The comparison URL is from a totally different website with different rules for unfound addresses.  Nothing to see here, folks, sorry.

    • That’s not what they’re pointing out – they’re pointing out that the URL:

      http://www.verizonwireless.com/stratospheresupport…redirects to the other URL, which is 404’d. Since there is an active redirect set for that phone name, it suggests validity.

      • Aha!  I see what’s going on now.  There was not a link to the verizonwireless.com page that redirects to the support.vzw.com page anywhere in this story.  That makes much more sense!  Thanks!  🙂

    • Retracted.  The article didn’t point out the original redirecting page, but there is indeed one.

  • what is the weather widget in the picture?

    • Tb110895

      Samsung’s own widget that comes with their touchwiz

  • If AT&T’s SGSII is a slider, couldn’t verizon’s be as well?

    • Anonymous

      At&t isn’t a slider either that was a different phone.

  • Actually, what he said was the bionic would be the first “dual-core ghz phone with LTE” the SGS II is 1.2 ghz 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Well the bionic is the first since it was around back at ces the sgs2 just came a few months ago he never said fort to launch lol

      • Exactly, the ThunderBolt had the first LTE phone title (single core but still) but unfortunately they recalled that title and changed it to “one of the first” LTE phones since the delays caused it to lose that title to a Samsung LTE phone on MetroPCS. Which launched a few weeks before the ThunderBolt.

        Considering Moto’s pride and arrogance lately, I dont see them changing that title.

        When they launched the Atrix they claimed “worlds most powerful smartphone”  then it was contested by Euro advertising policy agencies and they were sued for false advertisement since the title went to the Galaxy S2 which launched before it in Europe.  anywho,  I don’t believe anything Moto says anymore lol

        • Anonymous

          You can’t believe moto after the xoom fiasco and now the bionic I think Jha is just saying it so everyone doesn’t completely leave moto and they go under. He has to say something to keep the investors happy.

  • jimbob

    I popped a boner.

  • Anonymous

    .and technically the bionic is the first dual core lte he never said the first to launch. But since the bionic was made at ces yes it is the first lol.

  • Anonymous

    Well we all know you can never go by what Moto says cough xoom cough.

  • Anonymous

    Well the SGS2 seems likely or the slider which could be a big seller for those who want lte and a keyboard

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this is the GSII. “Stratosphere” matches up with their marketing so far:


    Of course, I’m just hoping that’s the case. There are hundreds of space-related names they could use, so it might not be the GSII

  • Guest

    Any tie in with that Samsung Galaxy S promo/teaser mini telescope that was sent out to publishers recently stating “Keep watch for the next generation Galaxy S?”  One could use a telescope to keep on eye on the Stratosphere…

  • TomHolmes

    I’m going to put myself on the team that say we should not use Motorola’s pronouncements as an indication of what Samsung is going to do. Hell, if they colluded on these things, they’d be guilty of rumor-fixing. That isn’t illegal or anything, but it’s damned tricksey and we won’t stand for it.

  • Dare you to reply

    This phone will be better then the GSII. WWWAAAAAAAAAAY better.

  • Anonymous

    If it turns out to be the SG2 with LTE then DL should not print any more quotes from him.  I mean if this was a “source” and he was wrong this much you would write him off.  Just saying.

  • If Moto had picked up the pace, I would have already preordered my Bionic and I wouldn’t even be looking at this phone. But choice is good I suppose.

  • Cmrudy

    “We should also remind you that Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha made a pretty
    bold statement last week about his device being the first dual-core 4G
    LTE phone on the planet.”

    Maybe when he makes these statements he is leaving off the last two words  “…from Motorola”

    • Anonymous

      It may be on the planet, but may not be in Verizon stores.

    • Anonymous

      It may be on the planet, but may not be in Verizon stores.

  • Anonymous

    I would love if this were the Galaxy S2! Another potential clue: some of the staff at phandroid.com received at Galaxy S2-branded telescope and were told to “look to the stars” for the next generation of Galaxy phones. “Stratosphere,” “look to the stars,”… could be the beginnings of a really cool advertizing campaign….


    • Anonymous

      I like it and hope you are correct!

      If this is it I will be paying full price for yet another phone!

    • JMU_Droid

      I really think you’re on to something here. I can only hope it’s true. I’ve been waiting for this phone since it was first announced earlier this year. And I like the name “Stratosphere” much more than “Function”. Oh, and Gizmocrunch is getting rumors that the SGS2 will possibly be coming out August 12th. My fingers are crossed.


      • antjonz

        August 12 is the day after my birthday! Happy belated birthday to me!!

        • Anonymous

          My birthday is August 11th too hahaha!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Good Catch!… I think this is right on. I hope so, I am eligible for an upgrade Thursday…and can’t wait to get my Dual-core Android Phone (Vigor or GSII)

  • Zeadaplaya

    Why are you using SAFARI on these sites?? Safari is made by Apple, and Apple = death.

    • Uhh Thats Chrome, Which is made by google, Google = LIFE!

      • Anonymous

        It’s definitely Chrome. 😛

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  • Girl

    Isn’t the Photon 4G dual core?

    • EC8CH

      it’s not LTE 4G

      • Girl

        Oh my bad…sorry

  • EC8CH

    If it’s not the GSII… then stop whatever it is that you ARE doing… and just release the GSII!

  • Charlie

    I would place my bets on this being the slider we have already seen leaks about.  Plus, I though the latest rumors peg the SGSII not being LTE…

    • EC8CH

      shut your dirty dirty mouth 😛

      • Nex


      • Charlie

        I really hope I am wrong though.  🙂

  • Yes, this has to be the GS2, galaxy, stratosphere, words very close to each other in meaning.

    • Anonymous

      Stratosphere is earth, Galaxy is space. no correlation what so ever.

      • Anonymous

        Actually stratosphere is above the earth and galaxy includes planets and the space around them so there is a correlation

        • Anonymous

          It’s a part of earth. The middle layer of the atmosphere. It’s not in space, close to space sure, but compared to a galaxy it’s not really related at all. Galaxy as you stated is a collection of gas, dust, planets, asteroids. If you can explain to me how those 2 are the same please do.

          “The stratosphere (pronounced /ˈstrætəsfɪər/) is the second major layer of Earth’s atmosphere, just above the troposphere, and below the mesosphere. It is stratified
          in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers farther
          down. This is in contrast to the troposphere near the Earth’s surface,
          which is cooler higher up and warmer farther down. The border of the
          troposphere and stratosphere, the tropopause, is marked by where this inversion begins, which in terms of atmospheric thermodynamics is the equilibrium level. The stratosphere is situated between about 10 km (6 mi) and 50 km (30 mi) altitude above the surface at moderate latitudes, while at the poles it starts at about 8 km (5 mi) altitude.

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Well since the Bionic was introduced way back in January, I guess you could say it was the first dual core LTE phone. Might not mean it will launch first, although I guess they could launch them fairly close together. 

  • Ashot Harutyunyan

    if this does turn out to be the GSII then moto can go dig a ditch and stick there head in….. 

  • Is the image attached an actual shot of the phone in question?  If so, I’m thinking Verizon branded SGII?

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely not. It’s the generic top half of the GSII

      • I figured as much – and thanks for correcting me on the abbreviation 😛

      • Anonymous

        Definitely not it. I just need a Sammie device to fill some space. 😛

  • It won’t be the GS2. We have seen ZERO leaks for it.

  • David Hayden

    Hopefully this is one version of Verizon’s Galaxy (Keyboard/No Keyboard), as it would be great if it were to have 4G. I wasn’t planning on getting the Galaxy, but if it has 4G, I could be persuaded to take a look, and I’m sure having 4G would make a fair amount of people happy.

  • No LTE for me on the current 45nm chipsets.  Wait till they come out with the 25nm, those will have much better battery life.  LTE is great and all, but I just can’t stomach the battery life.

    Check out the Anandtech D3 review for some details on these smaller chipsets.  They promise to be a rocking good time!

  • Anonymous

    “We should also remind you that Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha made a pretty bold statement last week about his device being the first dual-core 4G LTE phone on the planet.” 

    My XOOM 3G (First 4G upgradable tablet) is telling me that what Jha says may not have been intended as a factual statement. 

    • But it is a fact because it’s the ONLY 4G upgradable tablet. The Galaxy Tab didn’t require an upgrade. So Jha was right, just not the way we hoped.

      • Anonymous

        If you go by that logic, my Incredible is the Worlds First Inductive charging android phone…Sure, it requires a hardware upgrade/modification, but its possible to do it. 

      • Thouse damn CEOs…

      • Bigsike

        Well that’s just a giant loophole lol!

        • EC8CH

          big enough to drive GE’s tax return through it 😛

    • TomHolmes

      I hear you. Did anyone check with Samsung to see if they remembered to get the okay from Motorola before releasing any new devices on Verizon?

      • Anonymous

        They only have to go through apple first not Moto lol

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      May be what he wanted to say is the “first dual-core 4G LTE phone without a physical keyboard on the planet.”


      Seriously, though. I think there’s a chance that it’s indeed the Verizon variant of the GXS 2. I know, I know — Verizon won’t likely put a dual-core LTE phone against another one into a fight within such a short period of time, but if this phone is a slider, then it makes sense. The Bionic is for the folks who don’t want a keyboard, and the Stratosphere is for people who want a physical keyboard.

      • Brandon

        What about the folks that don’t want a keyboard but do want dual core 4G but don’t want to buy a phone from moto who still hasn’t got the xoom on 4G yet.  I bet the bionic comes out with some sort of promise for an upgrade that will take 3 times as long as they claim it will.

        • Anonymous

          See, that’s why Google is smarter than Apple — there are always someone looking for something that’s different. Unfortunately, in reality, someone will always be left out even if there are a lot of choices. If you asked me, I don’t care about anything of these phones. I want a Nexus 3/Prime/Whatever on Verizon (’cause I want to keep my grandfathered unlimited data LTE plan) but the chance I will see one is next to nothing 🙁

  • Anonymous

    def the LTE slider, and not droid branded.

  • Anonymous

    Better than Fascinate 2

  • Anonymous

    Sanjay made a lot of statements that didn’t pan out. So here’s hoping someone or anyone gets a dual core 4g LTE device out before Moto does.

  • TheAndroid1

    It would be annoying if the bionic was supposed to be the first dual core 4g smartphone, the end of waiting, and the SG2 beat it to it.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it’s physically possible to keep my fingers crossed for the next couple weeks until more details emerge about this thing. Pllllleeeeeaasssseee be the SGSII (even though more likely than not it won’t be)!

  • Rickdogg


    • Anonymous

      First to be second you mean? … 🙂

  • Anonymous