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Motorola CEO: DROID Bionic Will Be In Stores in September

There you have it, straight from the top dog’s mouth.  Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha in an earnings call today confirmed that the DROID Bionic will not be coming out until September.  Like we told you the yesterday, those Benjamins can go back in your pocket for a few weeks while we await the official arrival which will not be August 4.  We started hearing about 9/1 as a potential launch date back around July 16 followed by leaked screenshots from companies like Sam’s Club suggesting the same – thanks to Sanjay today, we now know that time frame to be true.

Here is the quote from the call:

“We want to ensure that we deliver an exceptional consumer experience.  Bionic will be the first device to deliver the combination of the power of LTE and a dual-core GHz processor.  And it will be in the stores in September.”


  • Guest

    VZ tech today told me Bionic will have simultaneous voice  / data as the Bolt….

  • BadAzzDroidX

    Is it also going to have the 3-D screen? Anyone know?

  • Skeptical

    Okay, can someone actually give me a solid, reliable source with a link that shows me the release date?
    Because currently i believe that every thing on the internet about the bionic release is a big rumor.

    show me some facts, not hopes and dreams.

  • armywife

    Work in a Premium retailer was told it should be releasing around the 15th Of September!