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Motorola CEO: DROID Bionic Will Be In Stores in September

There you have it, straight from the top dog’s mouth.  Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha in an earnings call today confirmed that the DROID Bionic will not be coming out until September.  Like we told you the yesterday, those Benjamins can go back in your pocket for a few weeks while we await the official arrival which will not be August 4.  We started hearing about 9/1 as a potential launch date back around July 16 followed by leaked screenshots from companies like Sam’s Club suggesting the same – thanks to Sanjay today, we now know that time frame to be true.

Here is the quote from the call:

“We want to ensure that we deliver an exceptional consumer experience.  Bionic will be the first device to deliver the combination of the power of LTE and a dual-core GHz processor.  And it will be in the stores in September.”


  • Guest

    VZ tech today told me Bionic will have simultaneous voice  / data as the Bolt….

  • BadAzzDroidX

    Is it also going to have the 3-D screen? Anyone know?

  • Skeptical

    Okay, can someone actually give me a solid, reliable source with a link that shows me the release date?
    Because currently i believe that every thing on the internet about the bionic release is a big rumor.

    show me some facts, not hopes and dreams.

  • armywife

    Work in a Premium retailer was told it should be releasing around the 15th Of September!

  • Anonymous

    Just spoke to a verizon rep about many things including the bionic and S II.  He was asking many unusual questions as to where I got my info from and the dates I am hearing about release dates.  He told me that the bionic will be out in August (no specific date) and the S II sometime this year.  I am still on the fence on if i am going to leave verizon for another carrier.  

  • Smacinskyjr

    Why are they not speaking much of the lap top dock so much with this device as they did with the Atrix?

  • Nickisidore

    This must be how True Believers fealt when the world didn’t end on May 21st

  • Nothing

    Droid Bionic soon to be collecting dust on Verizon shelves starting September!

    Why anyone would bother with phone that was supposedly near completion in January is beyond me. Bionic is going to be a Bionic FAIL. Oh, Lee Majors just called said he wants Motorola to stop jacking up all the work he did to hype the word Bionic until now he always thought his show was a cheesy production.

  • I use to really want this phone, now not so much. Is there really a Nexus device coming to Verizon…..I hope so!!!

  • Jimmy Dingo

    Sincere apologies Sanjay. You are already too late. Your hardware people have circumvented your software people. Time to show your people who the boss really is. YOU or THEM.

  • Interstellarmind

    htc vigor. done.

  • Non_mouse

    You know, this being Motorola, I wouldn’t be surprised if they meant September 2012

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  • Oh and the Verizon sales kid was telling people to forget the Bionic and either buy a Charge now or wait for the Galaxy S2!  His reasoning was “Guys its Samsung they make the best TV’s” LOL!!

  • It was funny when I was in Verizon at the mall before and I was only there for maybe 15 minutes and 3 different college kids came in freaking out that they can’t believe it was delayed until September!!  Apparently I forgot how broke you are after you go back to college and they couldn’t afford the Bionic after August.

  • No offense Kellex but I think your giving Motorola too much credit here.  It doesn’t necessarily mean its the first device in the world or in the US to be a dual core 4G phone. It could be referred to as there first dual core LTE phone for the company.  I mean otherwise he would’ve and should’ve said (to make it more appealing to investors anyway) “Bionic will be the worlds first dual core LTE phone” 

    • How is Kellex giving any credit to Moto? He just posted a quote from the company…

      • I was referring to the part about it being the first LTE dual core phone.  its referring to another article.  move along nothing to see here, he knows what i’m talking about

  • Tired of waiting

    Good job Moto. When I think of summer release of course the first month in my head is September… Clowns

  • Hello Sprint and the Photon. Verizon can F off

  • Danielmi5

    Correction, first dual core 3g phone that u can upgrade in about 6-7 months to 4gLte

  • gsll=poo

    To all you people waiting for the gsll what makes you think Verizon wont cripple it like they did the Fascinate. Everyone was all crazy over the International Gs1 like they are now over the Gsll and when the Gs1 finally came to Verizon it was a flaming pile of poo!

    • SHhhhhhh… don’t tell these fanboys that!!! I want the sheep to be as dissapointed as possible. Can’t wait to hear their cries and read their rants!

      • Sheep? most people get Droid’s because they follow what there friends get, its the same way for iPhone.  The real Android enthusiast chooses what he/she wants regardless of opinion of the other people, so the only sheep are the ones that worry about what others think about there purchase or redicule them, like your doing in YOUR rant.  Now who’s the sheep?

  • Anonymous

    i am so frustrated with my D3. Eff Motorola!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I learned my lesson on Motorola with my glitchy ass OG Droid, never again.

    • Anonymous

      I learned my lesson on Motorola with my glitchy ass OG Droid, never again.

    • Why?

      • James_Ever

        I have been loving mine all month, no lag, no overheated battery, blur isn’t bad, crisp audio, great video streaming, good battery life. So my Droid3 has been treating me quite well thus far.

  • Robert Halesjr

    I’ve got a few more months before my phone value drops on the best buy buyback program so I’ve decided not to get the bionic now. More than likely something better will be out shortly after if not before as moto can’t release a phone in a reasonable time

  • Youllreachus

    Well hello galaxy s II

  • D32db2007

    After waiting this long for this phone, I think I’m going to waite another month and see what the new WP7 can do. 

  • String hopesAndDreams == “Crushed”;

  • Mario Lo

    I believe the status of the Bonic and it will be even further than Sept but being the first dual core LTE phone I raise the BS flag. Especially knowing we are going to throw our money at the first one. Someone will push a phone out.

  • Adam Ridley

    First, Kellex my bad for hating on your reports of the September release.  That said 9/1 ain’t looking to rock solid  from ya boy’s Sanjay’s statement either.

    As for the Bionic.  I’m still rolling OG and will almost certainly still get the Bionic.  Hell, I’ve waited this long.  I don’t get the hype of the GSII given how long it’s been out globally and if I wanted a phone everyone and there brother had then I’d be an iphone guy.  If I’m dropping $200-300 I want to be the cool kid for at least a couple of weeks, not rocking what half the people in the office already have.  Plus, after 2 years my OG is still rock solid structurally.  The plastic fragility of the GSII in comparison scares me off though it never got much interest from me.

    • lmao at “ya boy Sanjay”
      I’m sure he and Kellex are tight :-p

  • Props to Kellex for sticking by his guns of 9/1, despite the outcry of some calling you bogus. You stuck to your guns and you were proven right today. Kudos, man.

  • Jason Harris

    So does this officially mean that the SGS2 will NOT be LTE since the Bionic is to be the first Dual-Core LTE phone???

    • TheCastleGuard

      Unless Sanjay is wrong……. You never know he also said the phone would be out in the summer, and the Xoom would have 4G.  Not really believing anything that Moto says anymore.  

      • Jason Harris

        Well, I hope he is wrong then! I want the GS2, But I have $G in my area and I want to take advantage of that.

  • I just paid $22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, WildCent.com

  • Pedro

    Well, I’m thinking SG-S2, if it’s dual-core, LTE, then the heck with the Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    They’re on Revision #4 (unless I lost track). Lets cut them some slack…

  • bmos

    Still didn’t specify a date

  • Perhaps 8/4 is when an early scavenger hunt campaign [email protected]:twitter ‘s tweets could be interpreted this way.

    • Legoturte92

      I did it for the Droid X and almost won it. Maybe if I’m lucky I can find the time to give a scavenger hunt another go.

  • TheCastleGuard

    You know I was all about the Bionic until I started thinking.  GB on the DX can’t be rooted (unless you get it that way +1 TBH), Droid 3 hasn’t been rooted, and I would not be suprised if the DX2 update to GB never gets rooted.  I have loved Android for being open source, but Motorola is definitely trying to change that.  If I want something as locked as an iPhone I will buy an iPhone.  I wish Moto would stop pissing on us and calling it rain.  

    • Xoom is unlocked at they said they are unlocking devices in november

  • So based on the quote the GSII will either not have LTE or will be released after the Bionic..

  • Even that MDB228 Twitter clown is going back on his word!


    What a joke, stop delaying this stuff! Blur is crap anyway who cares about a last minute “update”, just release it with an unlocked bootloader and the amazing ROM developers can take care of the rest!

  • Kensims82

    Where is the one dude on this site who kept assuring us the Bionic will be here 8/4? Now he’s nowhere to be found……LOL!!

    • He was just fired from his janitor job at Motorola 😛

      • Kensims82

        Lmao!!! I think his name was Bewara or something like that.

  • me

    I will wait for next motor phone my d2 has been awesome. It has fell out of my simi truck numrious times yet never broke even though it was lying there in one spot and battery and cover in a other
    in the big pic most people don’t even know bout bionic except for forum readers so im sure motor will be just fine.on a side note some samsung phones are waiting for froyo so there ya have it

  • http://www.samsung.com/global/microsite/galaxys2/html/index.html….This site makes me forget about the Bionic

  • Well now we know. Thanks Moto, I will now buy something other than your product from here on out.

  • Tony

    So I have a question, more of something to point out. I was looking at the post about the “Droid Bionic for Dummies” book and went to Amazon and Barns & Noble. Both show that the book will be available on November 22nd. Now wouldn’t the book and the phone come out close to the same time? So if the book is out on November 22nd would the phone be out around the same time?

    • Sparking22

      na that just means they will still need to wright it after the phone is released.

  • David Marzluf

    I will wait for the bionic
    It will be a power house phone
    At this point in time I eat sleep and breath bionic news

  • Anonymous

    I’m to the point where I couldn’t care less about the Bionic. 

    GS2/Nexus Prime FTW

    • Yawn.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you on that one.

  • FmsPat

    Why not wait? We’ve waited since Jan.  I bet the Q4 phones will rock.  If this Bionic is an Atrix, it’s worth passing anyways. If I’m not blown away, I’m gonna wait for the next hype. 

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  • Crackalackadingdong


  • J Dub

    Whats sad is I have been sitting on an upgrade since late May and nothing has came out worth upgrading to. The D3 was worth a look until it came out locked down tight. I don’t really care about LTE, but I do care about getting all the latest and greatest features like front cams, NFC, dual core, lots of RAM, etc. Like I said, so far the D3 came close and thats about it. 

    • Anonymous

      Whats NFC?

      And I was in the same boat as you, except I tried out the D3 keyboard an loved it so much, I gave in and paid full retail for it. 

      If it was unlocked, it would be the phone to have. But, it’s not, and I can only hope Moto gets there shi* together and unlocks most of these 2011 phones. 

      • NFC – Near Field Communications

        Its that fancy wireless receiver you see with the credit card icons at gas stations by the register.  Its something that can let you communicate wirelessly using the phone to other devices by touching them rather than going through a tedius connection setup through Bluetooth or Wifi of some sort.

        its used in Google Wallet on the NEXUS S, the ONLY device so far with NFC

  • me

    save your  upgrades verzion is going to stop three g to four g upgrades in near future do not geet stuck losing ulimted data cause you got stuck on  a  two year three g contract

  • Flashfist22

    Man this is rather sad. I’m kind of glad that I didn’t wait around for this device. By the time this thing comes out, Verizon would’ve wiped out my upgrade discount. Moto has to get on the ball with the release of their devices and Verizon has to get on the ball with OS update releases….but thats a subject for a different post.

  • Crackalackadingdong

    Hey Sanjay!  You better pray to Vishnu the Iphone5 isn’t 4G.  Moto dropped the ball something AWFUL!  How do you even explain this delay?

    Personally I’m going:
    Iphone5 (4G only)
    Samsung Galaxy (4G only)
    Anything else dual core 4G
    Droid Bionic (6 months too late)

    • Anonymous

      lol…iPhones suck…

      I can’t believe they still don’t have live wallpapers!

      • Oh they’ll get it probably after there done copying the Android OS

      • Anonymous

        Ha who needs live wallpapers the battery is already awful as it is lol.

        • LionStone

          I used to think that live wallpaper would suck up the battery too…but after running some and checking…it was always the least item on the list of what had been using the battery.

  • daniel walsh


  • Kwallenberg13

    So can we see the manual and specs from the FCC on August 7th? Isn’t that when the confidentiality clause is up?

    • Yup, unless Moto files for an extension to keep it confidential.  They can file a 90 day extension i think once per filing.

  • djnat1ve

    Totally Disappointed… 1st Xoom then this…. Just gona Cop the Iphone 5 in Sept

  • Anonymous

    Well that makes it easier for me to wait and see what the gs2 and prime bring. Sorry moto you dropped the ball again.

  • Tomfoolery

    He also said the Xoom would be the first 4g tablet…

  • Jhininger

    I’m done waiting for something that might or might not be here in september. I think I’ll be getting a gs2 when it comes out 4g or no 4g.

  • JayH


    • daniel walsh


  • daniel walsh

    get the sgs2 or wait for the nexus prime

  • Kierra

    The rest of the dates were just rumors. Where’s the beef??

  • daniel walsh


  • pezjono
    • or in the words of Calculon, Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.  N.O.O.

  • The thing that makes me SOOO mad about waiting for the bionic is the fact that Verizon does not have one future hardware proof phone. I strongly believe you will need a phone with at least 1gb of ram and dual core to even keep up with the new updates for android for the next two years and there is nothing but this and SG2 which are even close to releasing soon. I have waited for 8 months for a device like this and still I am waiting. My original droid was amazing up until getting a warning all the time for low memory. It is to the point of I can’t even make a phone call. I have had to deal with this for such a long time now that all I want to do is throw my phone against a wall.

  • Guest

    RIP, Moto…

  • Ashot Harutyunyan

    I actually dont blame motorola for all these delays we’ve been hearing about…. DL has just fed us with soooo many “rumored” dates and other wacky stuff thats why we dont really care anymore…. u should have just skipped posting the other 50 posts and just waited for this message for an official release date…… fuk it im just gonna wait for nexus prime

    • Anonymous

      Let’s not forget that Motorola told us May and then followed that up with August.  

      • Ashot Harutyunyan

        true…… i guess ur right lol still love u guys tho haha!

  • Sagosto

    This is bs im a moto fan, but they drop the ball how does this company expect for us to wait with so much other phones on the horizon. This phone at least needs to have a dual core 1.2 ghz processor very high quality resolution, advanced webtop capabilities that rumored 4.5 inch display. Look at galaxy 2 the specs theyre crazy 2 say the least. If moto is smart they would meet and beat our expectations

    • Anonymous

      Agree if it only has 1ghz processor and the same shitty screen then it will be a huge fail. I think the only way to gain more customers is to unlock the bootloader from the start up the processor and have a better screen which all are looking like its not going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Officially passing. I need a new phone in August before I leave home for school and this no longer qualifies.

  • Dean2359

    This phones only hope from extinction is that the S2 doesn’t have LTE,Otherwise RIP Bionic

  • Hyphnx

    Verizon might was well save their marketing money for the Galaxy S2.

    Fool me once; shame on me, fool me twice; shame on you

    • Jjjjj

      Ummm…..you do realize you quoted that wrong right?

  • Scott4nola

    I could careless at this point. I will not get this phone out of principle now. Screw Moto. I’m going with a GS2 now.

    • Anonymous

      If you could care less, that means that you still care about the phone. This statement makes much more sense if you couldn’t care less.

  • Fiveblock24

    Im waiting for the nexus prime….we want freedom…not locked bootloaders….Motorola can suck a monkey’s ass!!!!!!

    • Christephor

      you can keep waiting but i doubt it will be on verizon

      • Anonymous

        may want to check other forums about this its looking like it will be on all carriers.

  • [email protected]

    Leave it Verizon and moto to screw this release up again. They better hope the samsung Galaxy S2 doesn’t make it on the shelves first! Because it’s SOLD!!! (hope for 4g lte). Been sitting on my upgrade for too long.

  • MFG

    Oh well, Moto. You lost me to the GSII.

  • Anonymous

    lol… MotoFail. 

    Come on. I got the Droid 3 because I want a keyboard, but most (if not everyone) can see that the Galaxy S2 is a better phone…

    And there releasing the Bionic (probably) later?

    4G or not, GS2 FTW. 

  • Zuki1216

    I agree the hype on this phone is over. I’m still waiting to use my upgrade. But I’ll be seriously looking at the SGII before I jump ship on moto. I finally switched to a D2 from my D1. And only because I got it for free. I just completely outgrew the D1. Moto definitely shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  • i’m just waiting for quad core and ice cream sandwich. Screw the bionic! 

  • Anonymous

    dammit =(

  • Stelv81

    Why do people keep on saying the Nexus Prime. Its going to be the Verizon Hindered Bloatware prime. Verizion will not allow this Vanilla ICS device on their network. They are the only network that doesn’t carry the Nexus S. And as far as the Bionic, what causes this much delay, prolly bugs galore.

  • Haskell Gray

    Future Droid-Life Headline: “MotoCEO: DROID Bionic Will be in Stores for Holidays”

    • Anonymous

      Hah classic.

    • Nithila

      …. in 2013

  • JayH

    WOW.. I like the old form factor better.. they better drop the price or they are going to have their pants down getting rammed by SGsII/ iphone.     Motorola get ready to clip out the big head lines on September 1st.  “BIONIC BOYCOTT!! “

    • Anonymous

      Right next to the headlines that read, “GET RID OF THAT STUPID LIP ALREADY!”

      • With the byline: “95% of Verizon customers have never heard of Droid Life or the Bionic”

  • Italia1918

    screw motorola…. all set with them this is bull…  waiting on samsung s2 …  moto just wants to wait to compete with iphone5…  if they had such a strong product they would release it now and if its all that they dont need to worry about shitty iphone.

  • Bert336

    This is a bunch of donkey pile!  this phone by the time it releases will have outdated technology! something has to change in order for me to fork out 200-250 plus a 2yr contract suicide. something needs to make up for this long ass delay!

  • Gg101

    Just as a reminder, moto first announced this phone in January. You’d think they would have hired some engineers by now capable of incorporating an lte radio.

  • Still thinking Motorola has no idea how many customers they lost over this circus, well I guess they will see in September or whenever they decide to release it. I picture them standing there with boxes of bionics while everyone walks by saying sorry I bought a new phone months ago but thanks anyway.

  • Anonymous

    So between August and September we’re going to have the Droid Bionic, Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 4, and Blackberry OS7 devices.  With these all being flag ship devices for carriers and manufactures, the end of summer choices are awesome. 

  • Bionic? What’s that?

    It’s all about the SGSII, Nexus Prime, or HTC Vigor for me.

  • Niemeyer18

    Looks like I will be getting the new HTC “dream” device.

  • Buckgrad

    Galaxy S2. I think. Unless THEY keep waiting until another superior phone comes out. This could be interesting.

  • Boycott Droid. I am starting a blog, Galaxy-Life. 

  • Anonymous

    This was an exciting phone to have launch …  in May.  By the time this launches, it will be no better than any other phone on the shelf.  And VZW will expect to get $299 for the Bugonic.  Please…

    Bring on the SGS II!

  • mike leistiko

    The ball is in Samsungs court for me. If they get the GSII out in August, LTE or not, game over. 

  • Anonymous

    Too late. Bought a Charge today. 

  • Anonymous

    Ya he’s said stuff before and it hasn’t happened…

  • Who cares, SGSII and Nexus Prime are on their way.

  • Segruc2

    I am so sick of waiting. I actually sent an e-mail to Motorola voicing my complaints and asking for a release date and specifications. They just sent me a response about an hour ago saying they had no information about the Bionic and directed me to Verizon’s sign up page. Now I just saw this so apparently they have no clue what they are talking about. Also is that an official picture of what the Bionic will look like? I’m starting to think I should wait a little longer for a different phone as well. Has it been announced the Nexus Prime will be coming to Verizon?

  • Booboolala2000

    No more moto for me. The Xoom is the straw…they will be back on bottom before you know it. Can’t wait to see how my call goes with customer service tomorrow.

  • Vtxtank

    This is the last time I wait for it. If it does not come 9/1, I will get another phone.

  • I am getting the Droid 3 from costco tonight, 90 days to return for the GS2.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, by then i’ll be drooling over ICS Nexus info. My excitement for the Bionic has passed.

  • Tallyguyy

    Why not wait for the nexus prime now then?

  • Now think about this, Samsung Galaxy S II is being released on Verizon possibly on August 12th but definitely before then end of August.  If the Galaxy S II device is 4G, then the Motorola Bionic might as well be put to permanent rest.  The Samsung Galaxy S II device feature 1.2GHz per core dual core which ends up translating to the Galaxy will be 400 MHz (both cores total) faster than the 1.0GHz per core Bionic.  Every other feature including the camera front and rear appear to be the same for both phones.  For the people who have been waiting patiently I can’t possibly imagine anyone waiting for the Bionic which will have less specs than a phone that will be released before it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m an OG Droid owner and Droid Bionic is something I’ve wanted since it was revealed in January of this year.  But seriously enough is enough!  Now I can understand if Motorola says that the Bionic will feature a 13MP camera with 720P screen.  Then I would most definitely stay with the Droid Bionic and wait for it to be released.  But unfortunately the Droid Bionic will be releasing a less powerful 1.0GHz dual core in contrast to 1.2GHz dual core found on the Samsung Galaxy S II device.  I have absolutely no idea what has taken Motorola so long to put a phone out on the market???  Either the leadership is incompetent or their Engineers are ignorant, and their extremely poor marketing of keeping everything so secret is to blame?  Hard to say or maybe a combination of inept dealings at Moto has caused such and egregious and unacceptable delay.  So I say to Motorola keep your secrets and keep your phone!  Samsung Galaxy S II if 4G will be the flagship phone not the Bionic.

    • I feel the same….Where did you see the possible august 12th release date?

      • All over the internet, a financial analyst with insider info apparently says August 12th, but everyone mis quoted him when he actually meant around the 12th. for the Galaxy SII and that Verizon would get it first.

        Its a rumor for now until Samsung makes it official, but seeing how Function sounds like something you would put on a DROID branded product (a-la DROID Charge)  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the next DROID

        Both the iPhone 5 and Bionic are going to be targeting back-to-school sales. Which is why late September and early October are the current projected dates.

    • Very well put Devil Dog…very well put

    • armywife

      The Galaxy 2 is not going to be a 4G phone.

  • Corymcnutt

    So that leaves it from 91 – 9/30?  What is taking so long with this damn phone!

    • Droiiid

      9/1-9/22 because they also said summer 2011 and sept 22nd ends summer

  • AroundTheFur

    This is the straw that is breaking the camel’s back. HERE’S TO 10 MILLION SGS2 SALES!

  • Rob Ward

    Steve Jobs will be laughing in 3G all the way to the freakin’ bank and Samsung will go right along with him. Way to go Moto butt-heads; and thanks Verizon for standing up for your customers and making a statement for our benefit. But hey, if you wait until December (or Jan or Feb or Mar or Apr or May or June or July [2012]) we’ll have the new Motorola Dinara just about to release after the Bionic hits the shelves.

    What a disappointment!!!!  And not the fact that the phone is delayed AGAIN but that it has taken this much time for someone, anyone, to fess up to the truth!

  • Stelv81

    July then August then September then November. This phone must have some major issues if they keep on delaying it like this. Go get another phone already. You’ll be waiting your whole life as technology waits for no man.

  • Anonymous

    Your delays are tiresome and disappointing Motorola.

  • Jon

    that blows. now if the Galaxy S II comes out anywhere near that time frame, I think the Bionic is screwed. It will be going up against the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S II at the same time. 

  • Droidrev71

    Motorola doesn’t care if they lose customers. I was told that today by corporate headquarters today! F them!

  • Anonymous

    Sanjay should just resign. He failed to deliver on the 4G Xoom and he is failing pretty bad with the Bionic too. Samsung and HTC are just laughing over his incompetence.

  • Just wait 2 more weeks, there will be another delay.  GS2 all the way!!  

    • daniel walsh

      there’s going to be a delay in September and its going to be released in 2012

  • Anonymous

    “They tried to make me go to market, but I said ‘No, no, no!'”

    • LOL  Best comment post i’ve seen today!  

  • The might as well move the date to late December 2012.

    • daniel walsh

      might as well delay it into 2012

  • Anonymous

    Like i said, back to “soon”.

  • Sanjay_Sux

    Sorry Sanjay 🙁

    GS2 FTW

    • daniel walsh

      motorola lost so many sales 

  • Christopher Dean

    They just want to steal the thunder from the Pre 3 🙂

  • J/R

    I lost interest..sorry.
    I’m a GSII fan now

    • daniel walsh

       motorola lost so many sales

  • Anonymous

    Hahah, but what about MDB228!?!

  • Paulding

    Geez, what a bunch of whiny little babies.  Moto made a fantastic original Droid and the Bionic has the potential to be another sensational phone, even if there are some that will rival it at release.  My Droid is still running so well, I can easily wait for the Bionic to compare it side by side with the GSII.

    • daniel walsh

      get the nexus prime

    • Galaxy SII hands down

  • daniel walsh

    motorola screwed this up

  • impact

    Does anyone else just feel like walking into Verizon once the Bionic is released and grabbing it and throwing it???

    • Jjjjj

      Hahaha…if you were to do that, please record it.  It would be the most comical thing of the year.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, its second generation version has already been previewed along with a 4.5-inch qHD Screen and 4G LTE Support

        • BadAzzDroidX

          3-D screen????

          • BadAzzDroidX

            Would prefer 3-D rather than the HD anytime.

    • At this point, I don’t blame you.

    • At this point, I don’t blame you.

    • Just make sure you buy the insurance first lol

    • Adam Elghor

      lol ur name!!!!!!!!

  • Moto screwed the pooch on this one

  • Anonymous

    Well at least that gives me a month..if this is (official) to save some extra money.. this thing is not gonna be cheap on contract.. i bet 249 or more and thats not including tax.

  • DAN

    The nexus prime, SGSII, and the iPhone 5 are looking better and better every day….

    • You lost me on that last one..

      • DAN

        Hahaha touche…

  • Sog805

    what a joke this phone has become

  • Jbjork70stpl

    F***ing BS!

  • Bryan

    With all this waiting, this phone better be amazing when it comes out… and by amazing I mean cures cancer.

    • Shoots lasers and can destroy planets.

      • Anonymous

        And gives Great bj’s

  • XoomOwner

    Is this the same guy that told me that I would have my 4G Xoom in May?

    • Anonymous

      The very same.

  • daniel walsh

    this is pathetic 

  • HaydenHawk

    Hey Kellex, do you know how Web-Top will affect the performance of the Bionic?  It sounds like half of the RAM in the Atrix is used for running the laptop dock.  Will that be the case here?  Also, what other phone resources will be hindered by Web-Top, if any?  Thanks!

  • Meh… Waiting on Nexus Prime now…

  • This is bullshit.

    • daniel walsh

      this is bull shit

      • This is Bull Shit.

        • Bull Shit, yes, but it makes decision making that much easier if the Galaxy SII is out in August like Samsung says.

          Given how today the register page went live, i don’t see that being a problem

  • Earleepa


  • Anonymous

    What a joke.  

    If the Galaxy S II hits Verizon in mid August, this phone is toast.  I was looking forward to both, and the opportunity to compare features of both phones for an August Upgrade.  The Bionic will be an old news, modified Droid X2 once Samsung gets to market.

    I’m not even a hater, but the amount of time between announcement and it getting to market is just laughable.

    • You know there might be a reason for this,  the Galaxy SII is the most sought after smartphone that hasn’t reached here in the US yet.  Verizon might be taking advantage of it being able to get it first by branding it exclusively.  How does the name DROID Function sound?

      DROID Function a Galaxy SII phone

      Its possible that Verizon wants to get this one out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with the iPhone 5, then in September Bionic will take the limelight and followed by the iPhone 5 in October.

      Seeing how no one saw the Samsung Charge being branded as a DROID, I wouldn’t find this surprising to say the least, especially if they get an exclusive design and features (IE: LTE)

      • i*hone5 is coming out in September, not October.

    • Knowing Verizon we will get a 3G slide out keyboard version of the GS2 in March next year.

  • Hah.

  • EC8CH

    Just in time to be irrelevant 😛

  • Hmmm…  my new every two is up on Sep first.  Very interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief, this waiting has been like an interrupted sneeze, just leaves you hanging all frustrated

  • Guys! I can predict the future! I’m dead serious! On August 31st, 2011, Sanjay Jha will tell us we only have four more months to wait for the Droid Bionic!

  • Zach

    September? might as well wait for the Nexus Prime.

    • Lol besides going through all the user posts here saying how much no one even cares about Bionic anymore I spent my time surfing the net looking at Nexus Prime articles.

    • I knew there was no way Motorola would release the Droid 3 and the Bionic at the same time. It was ridiculous to even think they would pull such a stunt, they want us to get the Droid 3 out of desperation and the Bionic because, well….why the hell not? It looks cooler….right?


  • Anonymous


  • oh COME ON! I am so sick of waiting, watch, September will roll around and it will be delayed until February 2012. This phone has been delayed so much that it’s not even cutting edge anymore.

    • The crazy thing is that the atrix has not been delayed. It’s been on the store shelves for awhile

      • Droiiid

        the atrix didnt have to deal with lte…and gingerbread is also partly repsonsible. it wasnt working well with the antenna or something like that. the atrix just got gingerbread

      • The Atrix and the Bionic have almost nothing to do with each other except that they are phones developed my Moto.

    • Pennywise

      If I said I was releasing the next big thing next Summer, would you grow increasingly frustrated with each passing day between now and then?

  • Rp780

    Verizon & Motorola can both suck it

    • Lucifersghost

      Unfortunately, you and everyone else here will be sucking it, because you will all be buying a new phone from Verizon, and paying out of your ass for the data service, and like it. Even if Samsung turns crap once again, you’ll just jump to HTC, or back to Moto, all because these companies and Verizon don’t care, they just want you to spend your money…

  • impact

    Screw Motorola.  I am so sick of waiting for this phone.  Pretty pathetic they can’t get it right with a 6 month delay.  I hope the SG2 for Verizon has LTE and blows the Bionic out of the water.  Motorola is retarded for releasing this at the same time as the SG2 and the new iPhone.

  • how bout some specs?

    • Anonymous

      There isn’t much we don’t know already: 4.3″ pentile display, dual core 1GHz TI OMAP proc, 1GB DDR2, 8MP camera with 1080p capture running 2.3.4.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    yeah yeah… sure it will

  • That isn’t a summer month

    • Andrew Akker

      What? First day of fall is September 22nd….


    • impact

      Ya really…before we know it they will say it will be released around Christmas.

    • Rp780

      In Verizon & Motorola people time it is

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Now everyone can quit their b**ching

  • Anonymous

    From the dog’s mouth.  

  • Srleadjb

    And there you have it……..

  • Did he mention the status of the bootloader?

  • David

    Do not want.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    too bad no one cares anymore! GSII

    • Paulding

      Hey, I care.  I got my Droid on day one, 20 months ago and it is still rocking.  PE 6.5 GB and I don’t feel left out by the new phones yet and I’ve had an upgrade in hand for over a year.  Moto has been very, very good to me and I look forward to seeing the Bionic before I would choose the GSII.  I’ll compare and make my choice, but Moto looks good to me.

      • Jeremy Gentry

        i was just making a statement. me being a proud owner of a D1 and a Xoom, but lets face it, they REALLY DROPPED THE BALL on this one. delayed it and delayed it. they really know how to piss people off….lol

        • Pennywise

          It was always August/September… All of the hypebeastin has gone to people’s heads it seems.

          • Turdfurguson

            No it was not always August/September. The bionic was supposed to be The atrixs counterpart thief rival to The thunderbolt. The original was scrapped and replaced with the taiga. So no You are incorrect. This phone has been delayed several times and by the time it is finally released it is going to be dated, and behind the new roll outs. So far the ionic has been FAIL

          • Turdfurguson

            And not checking auto correct = fail for me! Oh well its 6am

          • Anonymous

            It was delayed once….its just been one looooong delay.

        • Anonymous

          i’d rather have them delay it and get it right than release it early and have it be all sorts of jacked it…and btw, the bionic will be out befoer the GSII

      • chmcclellan

        I am also a proud D1 owner and for that reason will almost certainly not be buying a Bionic.  If it is unlocked, or becomes unlocked via an Atrix style leak, maybe.

      • Dns2k

        i am still using my OG waiting to decide on my next phone. i really want it to be the bionic but my OG is running non blur 2.3.5 from pete has a great screen and runs @ 1ghz stable. all i want is more storage space ram and a larger screen with stock android. 4g is ok and do the current galaxy owners even have a stock rom option. that would kill me to use touchwiz. i have no problem waiting but i want a new toy soon.

    • Pennywise

      Except the GSII is a couple months old now… Old Tech (no LTE)… It’s old news.  The BIONIC, on the other hand, has not been released, and will be new Tech (DualCore, w/LTE, w/HDMI out on device) when it launches, on time (projected release has always been Summer 2011), in September.

      • Nustart84

        Its not confirmed if the GS2 is LTE or not, sprints version is 4G so verizon could be as well. The GS2 also still has the markets leading processor, along with a better quality screen. Im sure you’ve heard of all the issues with the pentile QHD Screen, like off colors, ghosting, noticible pixels. I was really waiting for this device, but as more and more time passes it begins to look less and less impressive.

        • Anonymous

          i dont make a habit of zooming way in or holding the phone right upt o my eyeball…i’ve checked out the x2, and the d3…neither have bad screens…btw, the bionic is supposed to be getting a higher quality screen than the x2 and the d3…

        • Pennywise

          Right it’s not confirmed.  But the LTE radios are big (BIG); significantly larger die than the WiMax chips in Sprint phones.  The (lower clocked) Droid 3’s OMAP processor has been benched exhaustively alongside the higher-clocked Sammy, and equally clocked NVIDIA and the OMAP is faster (at a lower clock it’s faster, and with better rendering thanks to the gpu).

          The Droid 3’s screen (qHD / Pentile) looks great in the store; I don’t understand ‘what the fuss is about.’

          By the same token, the AMOLED displays do not look great (to me); it’s weird but they are too vibrant. Colors are WAY oversaturated and contrast is off the charts in a really bad way. They are much more difficult to outside in comparison.  Praise for OLED is hype.

          • Nustart84

             Good points, but the super amoled plus screen isn’t hype, Its better. I mean the pentile screens aren’t that bad but the shadowing/ghosting affect you seen on some fast pace games urks me. I feel issues like that should not exist in such high end devices at this point.

    • Space Cadet

      Yea, I was really excited about getting the Bionic in early August, but waiting another month just made me so salty. I want the GSII

      • Pennywise

        Be thankful for you have just learned a ‘life lesson’ in setting realistic (unrealistic) expectations.  Motorola has never announced a launch date.  Take the hypebeastin’ with many grains of salt. Hope, but do not expect.

    • Q

      No LTE, No Care.  My Thunderbolt is a flaming hunk of garbage, but the LTE capability really is a gamechanger.  Would not want to ever go back to 3G now.  It’d be like going back to 56k after having broadband.

    • Anonymous

      No one cares….how many ppl even know its coming out in the first place…

  • Sanjay will probably say that people will pay extra for that boost in LTE speed*.

    *Actual LTE speed to come months later

    • *8 months later

      • Droiiid

        And it will be swapped out for a completely new phone with an enhanced form factor 8 months later. Sounds bad? Nahhh, dont worry. Theyll keep you updated via twitter the whole time with things like hang tight