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New Android Market 3.0.27 Rolling Out?


Has the new version (or a new version) of the Android Market started rolling out?  A few of our readers have seen it show up over the last few days as version 3.0.27 which differs slightly than version 3.0.26 that we posted for you a week or so ago.  To confirm their word, I’ve checked two of my phones that were updated manually and both are now running the new version of .27.

The rollout doesn’t appear to be as widespread as we had hoped, but it looks like it has started.  I know that most of you updated manually, but if you didn’t, are you seeing the new market yet?  Everyone else seeing .27 now?

Cheers Ezra!

  • Dashing Prince Rock

    bkwass site h ye mt kro ispe downlod sari mb khtem ho jayegi 1 min me m bhi preshan betha hu sir pkd kr

  • Andyhobbs625

    Manually downloaded new market from Droid life and it automatically updated to. 27

  • Justin

    for some reason my [email protected] cant access the market. help?
     is it because i have an
     inferior system controlled by a fruit monopoly?

  • Colton Kane Tipton

    Downloaded .26 from you site around 6pm and now its 2am, and its at .27 . DROIDX

  • 3.0.27 here but what are the differences?  I noticed last night a link that used to work took me to an error that said I needed to login but then clicking it again it was fine.

  • Matt Schulte

    I got .27 on my OG Droid a few days ago.