#TBT: When the Android Market Became Google Play and We All Freaked Out a Little Bit

To say that Google’s name change of the Android Market to Google Play just over four years ago (!) wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms out of the gate, is probably not doing the dissatisfaction and confusion enough justice. People in our comments, moments after the change rolled through, were so unhappy and confused, that they all just assumed Google was smoking something and would eventually revert back. “Google Play! What does it even mean!?!?” they shouted. Again, here we are four years later and I think it’s worked out OK, even if it is awkward at times.

You can see all of the hilarious comments here, but these are some of my favorites.  (more…)

Google Play Celebrates Second Birthday, Hosts Sales Event on Apps, Movies, Music, and More

It seems like it has been much longer than two years ago when the Android Market ceased to exist and we were introduced to Google Play (and weren’t very happy about it). The world didn’t end though, and Google Play has gotten a lot better over the past few years, expanding to offer Google Play Music: All Access, television shows and magazines. (more…)

Download: Google Play Store Build 3.5.16

A new Google Play store started popping up earlier in the week as version 3.5.16, up from 3.5.15. As you would expect from such a minor change in build number, there isn’t anything standing out as being drastically different. In fact, we aren’t sure that anything has actually changed. Backend or security stuff perhaps? Tough to tell. Feel free to download it below if your phone hasn’t already updated.  (more…)

Google Play Link Added to Google Toolbar

Notice anything “new” in your Google toolbar within the last few minutes? You should see a Google Play link attached, well, unless you use a Google Apps account. So far, I’m only seeing the new “Play” link in my standard Gmail accounts and not my Gapps account. That shouldn’t detract from a move that makes complete sense. We wouldn’t be surprised if there are still a couple of million Android users out there that have no idea what happened to their Android Market. For those who haven’t caught up, this simple little change to your toolbar should help a bit.

Cheers Kris and Terry!

Download: New Google Play Store Build 3.5.15


The new Google Play Store (build 3.5.15) that we first reported on last night, is now available for download after the break. Not only does it include a new tabbed experience in your “My Apps” section, but reviews of apps are more informative. You can see the device of the person leaving the review and also choose to filter by your own device if you wish. A very solid update, indeed.  (more…)

New Google Play Store 3.5.15 Rolling Out – Shows Up to Date Apps, Previous Installs, and More


A new version of the Android Market Google Play Store is slowly rolling out to handsets tonight, bringing with it a handful of new features from what we have gathered. As you can see from the screenshot on the left, it will now show you apps that have been installed and if they are up to date. There is also an “All” tab of sorts, which we are hearing is a list of all apps that you have ever downloaded.

We are seeing an “Unlock settings” option in the Settings menu along with the new build number of 3.5.15. We wish we had additional details, but most of our markets are not updating just yet. We’ll update this post as soon as we know more.

Update:  You can download the new version here.

Cheers Michael NM, Alan, and @mattwitscott!

Android Users Still Confused About Google Play

Since Google decided to change the Android Market to the Google Play Store without warning or much of a push to try to educate users, companies like Verizon are stepping in to help. Text messages have been sent out to the majority of their Android customers over the last week, reminding them that the Android Market is gone and is now called Google Play or “Play Store” in your app drawer (can we get more confusing than that?).

And while the DL community is already up to speed on this, I suggest that you inform all of your Android friends of this change. Each family member of mine with an Android phone had no idea that this had happened and was completely confused at least once in the last week when entering their app drawer. I had to tell them to look for “Play Store,” but that was of course after their market updated and then refreshed.

My instant reaction to this change was, “Yeah, makes sense in the long haul.” After all, music, books and movies are more than just Android, so creating a more generic store term is probably the right call. The potentially wrong call here is the name, which most of us still can’t understand. Why not call it the “Google Store” or “Google Market.” Sure, Google Play sounds catchy and the promo team can use it to run promos for “Play of the day!” but it seems like a half-discussed move by execs.

So again, spread the word. Tell your friends, family members and co-workers that the Android Market is gone for good and that all of their media consumption will happen through the Google Play Store.

Cheers Chris and everyone else that sent these in!