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Beginners Guide to the DROID3 by Motorola – Videos

The DROID3 is official and on-sale for $199, so now it’s time to learn how to use it properly.  Motorola has added 20 tutorial videos to their Youtube channel to help everyone make the most of their new DROID.  Some of these videos were leaked already and will look pretty familiar, but there are so many others that will give you a great overview of the device.  And yep, we attached every single one of them so that you can sit back on DL and enjoy the show.  

Using your phone for the first time:


Home screens:


Tips and tricks:


DROID3 accessories:


Setting up corporate and personal email:


Capturing and sharing pictures:


Your contacts and more:


Making your phone a mobile hotspot:


Using quick contacts widget:


Social location:


Using HDMI mirror mode:


Adding a social networking widget:


Using your calendar:


Texting and typing:


Browsing the web:


Your own HD pocket camcorder:


Creating app groups:


Using Quick Office:


Using your gallery:


Global dialing:

  • Man hands!

  • Anonymous

    Blur looks just as God-awful as I remembered it.  With 3G and a locked bootloader, if you’re dumb enough to buy this insult to the OG Droid, then you get what you deserve.  I’m not ragin’ but only those of us who owned the OG Droid can understand this.

    • Coolcoolpuffs

      i guess everyone has an opinion. even if it sucks. happy trollin.

  • Anonymous

    i took the gamble and just ordered the phone and beat the 415 fedex overnight limiit so i’ll be getting it tomorrow… i wanted the bionic wanted to wait for the nexus 3 to see if it was coming on vzw but i needed a phone and wasn’t ready to give up on keyboards yet… push comes to shove next yr when droid4 lte comes out i’ll break bread and buy it. hopefully with everyone jumping to lte the 3g line will see less congestion…

  • Noah Flowers

    does it have gorilla glass?

  • Needs less of this crap and more close up pictures of the screen vs. a nice screen.  So Kellex, you gonna have one of these D3’s in your grubby little hands this weekend for some droid-life reviewage?

  • Satyricburzum

    scrolling still lags haha wtf. why can’t they get it right

  • Yep, definitely getting this one.  Nice keyboard>LTE for now.  <<E-mailaholic

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s Moto Blur I can live with. I hope the Bionic has this new Moto Blur. I like the 3D affect and shading. I can’t wait for the Bionic. 4G is a must for me.

  • Anonymous

    is this phone future proof? as in when ics comes out will it get it? 

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    I wish it had stock Android, but I really… really want this phone. Nobody’s a worthy successor to my OG though 🙁

    • Anonymous

      OG forever!!

  • Stelv81

    I am not very impressed. But not totally disappointed. Blur is definitely lagging this phone up. Do you notice how they also wait a couple seconds before running processes…memory problems?

  • the fact that the power button is in the center annoys the crap out of me… that would take at least a week to get used to. 

  • Zach Cohen

    Is the atrix going to get this version of blur?

  • could have been a winner if it had stock android and lte.

  • droidd

    The front of this phone is so ugly, especially with that little tic tac of a reciever and buttons that don’t span the entire bottom of the phone. It’s simply poor design. However, the back does look pretty sexy, even though Motorola still insists on putting the labels in landscape format even though most people these days use their phone in portrait format most of the time. Motorola really needs some new designers, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Watched the vids. Looks like some lag on this so called beast. The only thing beasty about this phone is the price.

    • WalCs

      Motorola won’t let MotoBlur go, if you kick the overlay aside, the phone should be fast enough for pretty much everything as of today

    • Stelv81

      I wonder if the Bionic is going to have this horribly built blur. There is definitely lag, which is wierd because the Dinc2 a single core phone has no lag at all.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered mine this morning. I’m gonna miss my OG Droid but I needed a new phone very badly. I’m not too excited about buying a Blur phone but I guess I can give it a try but I hope I can get a Vanilla GB ROM soon *hint hint* lol

  • The UI formerly known as Blur looks to have been polished quite a bit.  Still looked clunky in the last vid, but then again the vid says it is pre-release software.  Let’s hope that TUIFKAB doesn’t take up 2/3 of the available RAM this time.

    PS I am waiting for the Bionic, but this shows the promise of things to come.

  • nmiltner

    Wheres the guide to fastboot OEM unlock?

  • Anonymous

    Droid3 Does me tomorrow! 😀

  • No LTE access, or this would be my phone. I’d rather have speed of network than speed of device.

    • Moto_AgentXT59

      The phone is very snappy..reception is very good, 4G will offer you Faster browsing but thats about it.

  • syrenz

    Motoblur actually looking pretty nice now. Still never buying Moto again if I can help it. 

  • Anonymous

    Step 1: Turn on the device

    Step 2: Download and install Launcher Pro

    Step 3: Wait for xda to get root access

    Step 4: Realize no amount of hacking is going to get you an LTE radio

    Step 5: Experience buyer’s remorse

  • Anonymous

    Video 21 is missing: Rooting, unlocking your bootloader, and removing bloatware.

  • droidguy86

    I guess I can watch these before work to kill some time lol

  • Moto_AgentXT59

    linking it so far..the new blur is very snappy and much better than the older version running on the X2..Gingerbread makes it even better.

    • Inkster09

      Such a great phone! Just absolutely beautiful. But….

      • Inkster09

        Yeah it will be snappy at first with all vzw phones. But just use it for a cpl weeks the lag will come. Oh yes my friend it will come.

    • laptop docking please

      Hey Moto, are you seeing any laptop docking?

      • Moto_AgentXT59

        No..its not compatible with the laptop dock. It would need more memory. It can only use the standard desktop docks alarm clock, etc.

        • What’s the RAM, Moto?

          • Moto_AgentXT59

            512 MB

          • Anonymous


        • laptop docking please

          Bummer, as I want my next one to be similiar to the atrix.  I guess, I will keep waiting.

          • Moto_AgentXT59

            Maybe the bionic with its massive 1GB Ram will suit your needs..that is if your ok with the 4.5 inch pentile display.

        • laptop docking please

          Bummer, as I want my next one to be similiar to the atrix.  I guess, I will keep waiting.

  • Football4lifeson