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DROID Incredible 2 Gets Treated to CM7 and MIUI

Since root and S-OFF have been achieved on the DROID Incredible 2, we’re starting to see the first batch of ROMs appear for it which includes CM7 and MIUI.  As the two most popular on the planet (arguably), this should be taken as a good sign that the development community is ready to accept this device into the family.

We’ve said this a number of times now, but it truly is one of our top 2 devices of 2011 from Verizon (our review).  We were worried about it initially with the discovery that it had a locked bootloader, but all that has changed now even if it does lack 4G LTE.

If you are brave enough to attempt to flash one of the new ROMs, you can find full instructions on how to root and get you going through the CyanogenMod Wiki.  (And a MIUI link)

  • Ryan Walter

    2 questions, can we get a guide or link to a guide on how to root the inc2? (just bought mine to lock in the data plan, loving it so far, but i miss the root of my OG and hate all the bloat-ware. 2nd, im having some trouble with the HTC mail app, tryin to sync my virginia tech email account to it, had it on my OG, but cant seem to figure out how to get it to work on this one (have my yahoo and gmail both synced).  any help would be great! thanks! feels great to have another droid in my hands

  • Contrary to this article, the AlpharevX IRC channel is stating that it doesnt support the Incredible 2 in this beta.  Change of heart already or did I miss something?

  • Kris Reese

    I just wish AlphaRevX will release the beta with Inc2 Support.

  • MIUI for Droid X? PLEASE?

  • athack turello

    i want miui rom for droid x… loving cm7 on the x since it was leaked..

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  • Anonymous

    I just don’t understand the love for MIUI. I think it’s a god-awful ROM. I’ve tried multiple versions of it – including the two most recent ones – and it just sucks. More bugs than features. Maybe it’s just my phone.

  • Darko

    how about a finished cm7 for the thunderbolt, I’m getting tired of this random reboot bs

  • Anonymous

    and what would your second device have been?

  • Anonymous

    i updated to 2.3.3 an im not rooted is it possible to downgrade (i know it probably isnt) or is there root for 2.3.3 and s-off capability.

  • Kaufkin

    so what is that clock app?

  • Jshaner26

    Has anyone heard when Netfix will work on this phone?

    • tjhrulz

      It does not because they updated the apk, you find me the latest apk and I will test it. (The one on this site is outdated)

  • It definitely seems weird that ROMs would begin rolling out when the permanent root method hasn’t been released to the vast majority of users. Am I missing something?

  • Strikeneword06

    I don’t get it.. why is there only a select few with S-Off and won’t say how. Yet there’s ROM’s coming out, new ones everyday… yet no one can freaking use them.. I don’t understand

    • Jrizk07

      That’s because they were either beta testers for the software or they purchased an XTC clip. The beta software is still beta because it has bricked a couple of phones, not so sure about you but I’d rather wait until they have it perfected and can get us a fully stable version of the software rather than relying on keeping your fingers crossed and hope you don’t brick.

      Or you could purchase an xtc clip.

      Bottom line is AlphaRev is doing this for us for free and they’re good at what they do. Be patient.

  • shamefulzero

    cyanogen should have a paid servive, where u send them $20 bucks or so and your phone and they will root it and put on cyanogen mod on it for you!

    • tanknspank

      And what is so hard about rooting and loading a rom up on your phone when exact instructions are given to you to follow? and then what do you do when the next version of CyanogenMod is released and you don’t know how to update it?

      No offense, but I believe the team has better things to do.

    • Zr1fan09

      shit ill do it for 20 bucks

  • dinc2er

    awesome phone– thanks devs!

  • Anonymous

    I know this is late.. I was gone all weekend.. Can someone please send me a google+ invite? briderx at gmail dot com.. I’d really appreciate it.. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so temped to buy this phone. It turns on and off in seconds, beautiful screen, great size and its really thin, FF camera, etc. 4G isn’t important to me, but idk if I should wait for the galaxy S 2.

    • tjhrulz

      Wait this phone is great but will be outdated soon, kind of like the OG droid, The Inc 1 came out not too long after and crushed its spec. Would not surprise me if the S2 gets droid status 

  • Rad

    I am not brave enough

  • BJ P.

    want miui on thunderbolt!!!

  • Anyone have a XTC Clip? *Smiles*

  • Theantt21

    please hit droid charge!!!

  • I just got my mom the Inc2 and it is her first smart phone. Now I am wondering if I should put CM7 on it and root it or not…

    • Chris Wingard

      It’s my understanding that the root method mentioned in the Cyanogen wiki isn’t usable for Inc 2 owners.  It’s assumed that a working Alpharevx permanent root for Inc 2 will be available to public soon.  Has anyone tried the current Alpharevx root app with the Inc 2 phones? I’d be curious to see if it would work.

      edit: if you’re going to root and use any custom rom I say yes, use cm7, it’s great stuff.

      • no you should not use the current alpharevx as indicated on xda 

  • Ciwrl

    Ciwrl of CM here: Just a reminder, the current beta of AlpharevX does NOT have s-off capability for the Inc2 (vivo_w); you must wait for the next release/update to the beta. The CM wiki mentions as such. Happy flashing

  • planetes42

    Dinc2 is a phenomenal phone.  Great size & weight, great screen, and very responsive.  Very Very happy to see CyanMod on it!  

  • Anonymous

    I love MIUI.

  • Anonymous

    in b4 sense suxs. root the damn thing.

  • max

    i think the droid incredible 2 looks real nice

    • tjhrulz

      My mom has it, great phone, put my droid 2 I had to get to shame

  • TacoLover

    I like Tacos

    • huh..?

    • I like turtles!

      • Anonymous

        You should try a turtle taco! 🙂

        • Oh no…..that’s awful….

          • tjhrulz

            But delicious o.O