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Incredible 2 Owners Receiving Text Messages from VZWNMN? Here is How to Stop Them

Some time in the last few months, Verizon introduced a new free feature called “Sync and Connect” that allows smartphone users to view an all-in-one inbox online of all their email accounts as well as their contacts.   It’s almost like a direct copy of Backup Assistant (which we all hate), except it also includes access to your emails through MyVerizon.  Basically what you are doing with this service, is giving Verizon control over your email and contacts rather than letting Google, Hotmail or Yahoo handle it.  For those of us that like to be in control of everything on our phones, this is definitely not something that we would want to opt-in to.  

Update:  It looks like Samsung Stratosphere owners are the new target. Instructions for them can be found here.

We’re hearing from a number of readers (mostly Incredible 2 owners) that this service has either been turned on without their knowledge or they accepted it without knowing exactly what it does.  So, what’s the problem you ask?  Well, the service is notifying people with a Verizon text from VZWNMN (6250) every time this MyVerizon all-in-one email inbox receives a new email.  You can attempt to add the number to your blacklist text app and block it, but then you really aren’t solving the problem and instead are just masking it.  It’s annoying to say the least, but from what we can gather, most people are more frustrated with the fact that this service has been mysteriously turned on than anything.

So here is what you can do to get rid of it:

1.  Login to your Verizon account.
2.  Click on “Account” at the top and then “Change Features” from the bottom right.
3.  Select the device you would like to remove the service from.
4.  Then scroll down until you find “Contact Management” and click “Remove.”

*Note – If you aren’t able to remove the feature from within your MyVerizon account, you’ll need to call *611 and have a customer service rep do it from their end.  They may not know exactly what it is at first, since this feature came out of no where, but just remind them that it’ll be listed as free feature and that you need to them to take it off of your account.

It seems like this issue should be on other devices, but we’re really hearing about it from our friends with DROID Incredible 2s.  Let us know if this has helped!

Cheers Alex and everyone else!

  • Katrina Libera

    i have a samsung galaxy S3 and i get the messages and i dont know how to get rid of them and i have taken my phone to a verizon and they have never seen the messages before and they called tech support and they told me that they went internally into my phone and turned them off but i am still getting the mesages.

  • Rosaedith

    I guess I am the latest in this terrible vzwnmn:1 texting that does not stop. I too have spent several hours on the phone with verizon customer service. They have been very pleasant but are also stumped. This is now August 2012, I read some complaints from January 2012 thus no solution. I tried to follow the steps suggested about logining in to my verizon, going to “account” but that word does not show up anywhere on the screen. I found “change features” in another area but I COULD NOT find the words “Contact Management” to which I am supposed to click “remove” Thus it is not helpful. Perhaps if someone could take a snap shot of the screen and show where one is supposed to click. I also asked the VZW attendant to see if she could find these words on her screen to no avail.


  • Bigjack

    This has just begun happening on my Droid 4 with the latest OS update. Never happened before, VZ must have just turned on the option. Calling *611 now that I know what it is!

  • CindyLee

    This issue started for me on my RAZR when Verizon did their system wide voice mail upgrade.  

    • Babybirdie00

      U need to do what I did. I too hv the razor and followed the above instructions. Except after u go into the ‘change features ‘ u will need to scroll down to ‘cloud storage-sync email’ and click remove. Don’t forget to scroll down more and click on ‘next’ then ok the review page . Otherwise u will not be saving the change and still cont to get those annoying texts … It worked for me 🙂

  • Babybirdie00

    Thanks soooooo much for that instruction. Its a lil bit diff for the Razr, I had to remove the Cloud Storage- sync email. Through the My Verizon online.I sent myself a few emails and Voila! No more Vzwnmn texts. 🙂

  • radical00edward

    I need my email synced to my Droid 4 and its sad that this problem still is not solved. Why should we have to get text message spammed for using an amazing feature?

    Really hope a fix comes soon!

  • Greg in Chicago

    Seems related to “Backup Assistant Plus”. Went through http://www.verizonwireless.com to remove feature. Stopped text messages. Google backs up contacts. Google+ backs up photos. And ur sync’d email accounts have their own individual backups. There are backup apps for text messages through the store. get those and remove backup assistant plus. no need.

  • Veronica Kuffer

    This is also happening in my DROID RAZR Maxx. Just started last night. Calling now to have it turned off. Thanks for the info!

  • MNull

    I’m getting this on my DROID RAZR too — just started yesterday.

  • Udispyn

    Dealing with this now with Razr maxx. called they told me it was 3rd party spam and to text STOP, that should fix, so thats what I did, we’ll see.

    • Udispyn

      I have talked to tier 2 tech support they cant seem to find the option to turn it off, of course texting STOP did not work, so now I tryed to get rid of every acct in the universal in box so they would stop, I will let ya know if it helps.

  • Nkovrig

    It’s happening on the Droid 4 too …

  • Sheri_rum

    How can I get my yahoo email fixed on my stratosphere? I tried to follow someones suggestions but it will not work.

  • Tammy Conway

    I had this same problem on my LG enVTouch. It was coming through as text messages. Filled my box up one night! This signt helped me get it stopped. Really annoying!!!

  • TKnee

    I have the Stratosphere and it was also happening to me yesterday.  However, note that if you remove the back up software as directed below, you will not be able to sync your email accounts anymore. If you like having emails to your device, don’t do this! Its obviosuly and EPIC FAIL for Verizon, but I am sure they will fix it soon! I did call into Verizon and had a “premium block” put on my phone, it seems to be helping, but I just readded the back up assistant because I NEED to receive emails on my handset. Hang in there and keep the comments coming~!

    • Guest

      I had called Verizon before reading the fix on here, they didn’t have a clue, but did give me a $10 credit for my “trouble”.  It’s a pain having to go through the browser to get to my email, but not as bad as getting texts at 3:15 in the morning!  Hopefully the geeks get this figured out soon!

  • Amy

    I have a stratosphere too and mine started this morning too. I went to the Verizon store and they told me they new nothing about it….they suggested I call their IT help desk. I searched online and found this. I didn’t have the sync and connect option, just back up assitant…. I removed that. I hope it works!

  • [email protected]

    I am constantly getting text messages from 6250 as VZWNMN, got about 50 today. I did the contact manager “remove” and I am still getting them. can you help me?? this is so out of order, thank ou

  • Nab

    Thank you…this worked!!!!

  • Bunchofcurls

    I thought my phone had gone wild…glad to know there’s a fix.

  • Ssstellar27

    The only item under Contact Management in my account is Backup Assistant.  There is no Sync and Connect listed. 

  • Jrocco412

    Thanks for the help…it worked!

  • Shelly Elle

    Stratosphere owner also, Just started getting these texts last night/ this morning too…starting at around 1am and then almost every hour after …grrrrrrr :/

  • Mbw225

    Samsung Stratosphere also! Thank you! I was wondering where it came from and it was driving me nuts!!!

  • Blondieee

     Are the people with stratoshere’s that used this fix receiving new emails now? I am not receiving any email now and just trying to see if i am the only one?!

  • Kmcg1108

    Thank you for solving my problem.  The text messages started coming at 2:30 this morning.  Could not figure out what it was.

  • ClaireD46

    Just today I have started getting them on my Droid (Samsung Stratosphere) – problem with it is that it knocks out my email service when they come in.   

  • Blondieee

    I have the stratosphere as well and after a call to customer service they had NO IDEA what i was talking about so i followed these steps. It appeared to work but then i realized i wasn’t getting any emails AT ALL now, what gives and how can i fix this BS!

  • Torchling

    Stratosphere – kept me up all night! Hope this works. Thanks

  • Needlesofgold

    Samsung Stratosphere started this morning – just removed as above – hopefully this will work.

  • guest

    Samsung Stratosphere.  Worked for me too.  Just started this morning.  Thanks for the info.

  • Shell

    Started receiving these on my Samsung Stratosphere this morning.  This solution worked! Thanks!

  • BigDaddyB

    I have the Stratosphere and was going crazy today with this text message. Did this and so far so good. Thanks.

  • Cherokee15578

    Started happening to me today – AARRRRRGGGHHH – Don’t “give me” any “Free” services – offer me and I will decide…. this is a waste of my time

  • Cimplyceej

    I have a Stratosphere and this just started this morning…trying your fix now.  Thanks

  • christyj

    My strange messages started at 4:00am this morning…how annoying.  I have followed the steps above and hopefully this will take care of it.

    • Grodzd

      Christyj, mine also started at 4am this morning.  I followed the instructions above and no messages since I clicked and accecpted the remove button.

  • Momkess

    Samsung Stratosphere here and this solution worked.  Thanks so much from me and my sanity!

    • Guest

       Following the advice right now–thank

  • lajobe

    I had to use this fix for my Droid Samsung Stratosphere.  I believe it has worked, too.  Thank you for posting this fix.  I kept getting messages all night long from it.  This isn’t just with the Incredible 2.  Thanks!!

    • Carebear419

       Same thing here…I have the stratosphere too.  Hope this fix works!

  • Domokun415

    Had the same problem as DG, never had this problem before, but I downloaded some type of Go app and started getting this msgs.

  • Grodzd

    I have a stratosphere and it started early this morning.  Thanks for the information.  I remove the feature as instructed and the messages have stopped.

    • md70028

      Same thing happened to us early this morning. After a dozen such messages, we removed the content manager as suggested above. And the Stratosphere dumped all our emails from our gmail account.

      Any suggestions?

    • Cherub122

      I have a Stratosphere,, It started yesterday as well…I did as instructed, and well they stopped because I am now NOT GETTING ANY EMAILS AT ALL, so I guess there is nothing to notify about….I rather have the texts!…..HELP???!!

      • JS

        I had the same issue that started at 7am yesterday finally after the 5th message I called verizon. They told me everytime I receive an e-mail I get this message, was transfered to a tier 2 tech support this guy says yes I know exactly how to solve this issue so he had me sign into myverizon account and disable the backup assisant feature in the contact management area so I did this, then I later realized that when he had me do this that I lost all of my e-mails and could not send or receive any also. So of course called verizon again explained what happened was transfered again then the man I spoke to said that is definitly not how to resolve the issue that the man who told me to do so would be getting feed back from him because this is not how you resolve this issue. I did however go back in my account and added the feature bacand e-mail is working fine now but still getting the annoying messages, but I will deal w it until it is resolved which hopefully is sooner than later

  • Sebemaary131009

    ThanK you, I have an iPhone I called Verizon 2 times for this problem. They did not know how to stop it.

  • Ldtush

    What scummers.  Worked like a dream.  Thank you much!

  • Loislazan

    I’m having this problem with my stratosphere droid.  6250 all night long, 28 times since last night.  I am on the phone with the verizon agent and she is trying but doesn’t know how to fix this.

  • Marmarbinks

    I just removed the Backup Assistant feature from my account, I couldn’t see anything that said Sync and Connect – this was the only feature that was subscribed. I have an iPhone 4S, so we’ll see if this works! So far so good.

  • Dawleylynn

    Also on my Droid X.

  • Scottstevens4

    I just talked with Verizon and went and stpopped the free contact back-up service, turned off my phone, pulled the sim card, reinserted the sim card and started the phone (Motorola Razr) and the messages have stopped.

  • Trueblue

    Thank you, I hope this works.  I just had my data switched from a Droid Stratusphere to a Iphone4s and these messages-with no content were driving me crazy!  I hope this works

  • Rachel

    I have an Env Touch, get the same texts and the same run around from Verizon.  I have tried this fix already, didn’t work for me.  When my contract is up, I think I’m done….

  • Jwdodds

    THANK YOU!!! It worked with my Droid Razr

  • Dforman58

    Thanks – the notifications were driving me crazy!

  • A’shia

    Thank you for this! I’ve just rooted my DINC2 and didn’t get these before until I rooted.

    I went and opted out of it so I hope to not see any more of these!

  • Phmerchandisers

    Thank you I believe this worked. I have a droid razr. The problem is not just with Droid Incred 2.
    Thanks again.

  • drdiehl

    Please note that you must click “next” (lower right) after selecting remove to the end and click “submit” for this to work

  • Bjrdoc

    Thank you for solving this annoying problem

  • DG

    Just started getting these on my Droid RAZR. Only thing that changed recently is that I installed the SMS Go Pro app. Hope this fixes it. Thanks for the info.

    • J-P

      Seriously, log in to your vzw account online, ( I had to do it twice to get it to take) and double check to see that the “sync and connect” feature didn’t get added to your account. I actually went back and added the feature to my account, to verify that it was causing the problem. Removed again, and the 6250 messages stopped.

    • Phmerchandisers

      Ok that is helpful. I too installed the SMS Go Pro app. It could be that. I just removed Contact Management as stated above. Well see if that was the problem or the SMS Go Pro is. I let you know. Thanks for the info

    • DaJa283

      I downloaded GO SMS Pro last night on my Razr and about 3 hours later started getting the same stupid message. I think it’s the app because I wasn’t getting them before. Tried going into features and disabling Sync & Connect, but it’s not even on the list of features under Contact Management-just Back-up Assistant. I think I’ll get rid of the app and see what happens…

      • 4238

        For me, I am pretty sure it is GO SMS PRO.  I never got them before i installed it, and i don’t get them after I uninstalled it.

  • Lauravesey

    I have a droid RAZR and have been getting the messages as well.  I hope this fixes it.  Thanks for the help.

  • J-P

    I have a rooted Droid Incredible 2(dinc2) and most recently I switched from a different Droid X. Doing this must have automatically added the “sync and connect” feature, because it was right there in my account, even though I opt’d to NOT use Backup Assistant when I initially activated the Dinc2. I also never used backup assistant on the Droid X. I first called VZW and asked them to remove the feature, they claimed to, but I had to log into myverizon and remove the feature myself, and selected to have the change effective immediately. Rebooted my phone, and haven’t seen a text from 6250 since.

    Backup assistant might make transitioning from a non Android phone easier for those not familiar with vcards, but if you’ve been on an Android device, or have contacts/calendars/etc backed up with Google already, then Backup Assistant is worthless, and arguably less reliable. What happens if you need to switch carriers? Verizon Backup Assistant obviously isn’t on AT&T, but guess what is, Google, along with all your stuff.

    For the record, if you ever need to remove a google account from an android phone. Kinda helps to be rooted, but use something like ES File Explorer( https://market.android.com/details?id=com.estrongs.android.pop&hl=en ) And access /data/system, find accounts.db and delete it. Reboot, and you’ll have to reassociate a google account like the first time. This only deletes associations with Contacts, Gmail, Music, Picasa Web Albums, and Calendars. This does not delete any content, because of course it’s all stored online. Whereas a “master reset” does the same, this leaves everything else like downloaded apps, widgets, backgrounds, shortcuts, etc.

  • Since I had long since switched to CyanogenMod, I “fixed” this by changing my email password. Since I’m on a family account, and I’m not exactly the one in charge, I couldn’t change the settings myself.

  • Npomaville

    Normal Android users use Google which backs up contacts. Only users who don’t know anything about their phone use Verizon’s backup service

  • I like the fact that it backs-up contacts, but can’t stand the constant messaging. I figured out that you can delete your email accounts from the sync and connect feature while keeping your contacts for syncing. 

  • gfhj

    this may sound dumb but im on the verison website and i cant find account or change features

  • Anonymous

    I called the 611 number and they took it odf but now I don’t get emails in my phone :/

  • NA

    How do I delete the 6250 text?  My phone is not allowing me to delete it.

  • Michelle Ervin

    FINALLY!!!  I have been looking for this since I got this phone 2 weeks ago!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

  • d L

    I am not an attorney, but I have studied law and I think Verizon opting us into this “experimental service” without our consent is at least an illegal invasion of privacy and at worst the misappropriation of confidential information. I have already spoken to a lawyer and they are already looking into whether we have a viable cause of action. I know that Google was sued for opting people into buzz without there consent so this might have legs. If you are as pissed off about this as I am, and interested in some possible restitution… please email me [email protected]

    • Loislazan

      I have gotten 28 messages last night and many during the day as well.  My text keeps ringing and my mother is final stage cancer.  I can’t turn the ringer off as I might miss her call, but this kept me up all night.  I am on the phone with verizon now and they are trying to fix it.  What a pain in the neck.

      • Scouring

        Something you should try in order to enable your Mother to call you, even if you’re in Silent Mode, is a free Android application that I’ve relied on for at least a year, called ‘Selective Silence’. It allows you to select Contacts you would like to be able to get through and ring your phone as normal, even if you’re in Silent Mode. It really works! And before I go on, please know that I am not a developer, just an average Android user. This app has really been of tremendous use to me (it’s NEVER failed me, on my DROID X or now my DROID RAZR). It allows me to casually enable Silent Mode and allow my Priority contacts to still call me and RING my phone, as if I were not in Silent Mode! I can understand having reluctance in your situation. To test it, just download and install the application, then within the app, enable a telephone number you could call your mobile from, set your mobile on silent mode, then call your mobile from the other telephone. When you’re confident in the app, just enable your Mother’s telephone numbers – every number she would call you from, and you shouldn’t have to worry. Of course, if there’s the possibility that your Mother could need to call you from an unpredictable number, I’m afraid this won’t be of any use to you. But, I wanted to let you know about it in the event that it could be helpful. I really feel for both of you and wish you all the best possible!

    • John

      I’m not a calendar maker, but I have looked at one before, and backup assistant is hardly an “experimental service”. It’s been around for years, long before Verizon had Android phones. It’s likely you’ll find more people pissed off about losing their contacts, than having them “involuntarily” backed up securely.

  • Hilary

    309!!  That’s the number of “Verizon Bug” is what I named it.  I tried to add it as a contact and block it, and that didn’t work.  So glad to have found this thread.  I just removed “Mail” from my account sync.  Hope it works. I won’t receive my hotmail notifications, but if it means peace and quiet, thats alright with me!  Thank you:)

  • this helped. thanks!

  • Sweber428

    Just spent 20 minutes on the phone with verizon, apparently I can’t delete the account feature because it is required on the Incredible 2. Lame.

    • Anonymous

      It *can* be removed, I removed it on my daughter’s new Incredible 2 this past weekend. The default Mail app stopped working (which I had expected), but we added Y! mail until she transitions completely over to Gmail.

  • Spec95

    after I click on “Account” “Change Features” does not appear on the screen. and i am really getting annoyed by this text i keep getting. I just want this shit to stop bothering me.

    • Bellsbeersguy

      I have the same issue, are you on a family plan?

  • Mbenson

    Was turned on in my Inc2 without my knowledge and I was able to remove it. Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    @ the author.  I like Backup Assistant.  You probably don’t know your readers as well as you think you do.  hehe

  • Anonymous


  • D

    I love Backup Assistant. Perhaps you shouldn’t include such far-reaching comments such as “which we all hate.” It does its job for me, and I would bet money I’m not the only one.

    • Tony Allen

      Agreed, backing up my contacts with VZW Backup Assistant does a way better job of such than backing them up to my Google account.  

      • Anonymous

        why is this? a contact is automatically added to your google account as soon as you add it to your phone.

    • Guest

      You are

  • Darin Rohatinsky

    I had done this weeks ago and selfishly didn’t share it.  Thanks for posting!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Asimoalex

    are any of you guys receiving emails?
    i just did the steps above but it says give 24 hrs to take effect
    i havnt got my yahoo in like a week now wtf

    • Anonymous

      You need to install the Yahoo mail app instead, and just not use that default Mail app anymore.

  • This started happening the day I got my Incredible 2. Every time I received an email, I would get a MMS from Verizon that I couldn’t open, or even delete. It was super frustrating, but I eventually found a fix. If you go into Settings>Accounts, there is something called “Mail.” I didn’t know it at the time, but it looks to be the same thing described in the post. Anyway, to fix the problem, all I did was remove the “Mail” account, and used Gmail instead, which is what I was trying to do in the first place.

  • RedOne1

    I have not received one.

  • Anonymous

    Neither my Incredible 2 or my Tbolt has this option turned on, but thanks for the heads up

  • I got a weird one today from Verizon. ” FREE MESSAGE FROM VERIZON. Please upgrade V CAST Apps. Select this link http://mobile.vzw.com/VCASTApps and the download will start immediately”

    On my DROID INCREDIBLE running CyanogenMod7.1

    • I got the same thing on my stock Incredible.

    • Anonymous

      I just received the same text message on my Droid Incredible running CM7.

  • Remy

    Thanks! I’ll hold onto this, I have the original Incredible while my Dad has the Inc2.

  • It’s listed as an option for me to add, but thankfully it wasn’t automatically activated for me by VZW.

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  • On a side note.  I went into Verizon to show them my damaged Incredible and they are sending me another Incredible.  So much for an Inc2 or DroidX2

    • MOTOX

      Maybe they meant an incred 2….?

      • I hope so.  Ill update tomorrow when its delivered.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe it’s because you went directly to Verizon instead of just calling Asurion and filing a claim. That’s a possibility.

        • its not a droid x 2 its just a 8 gig or 16 gig drid x my buddy got his a month ago and it said droid x 2 he was excited and it actually just was a smaller gig and they call it the droid x 2 but it is actually this original droid x 

        • DINCer


    • Rayzkain

      Through Asurion you’ll receive the Dinc.2 for your Dinc.1 Getting mine tomorrow.

      • Sounds like i messed that up.  I thought you have to go through Verizon and they contact Asurion.

        • Rayzkain

          Had to pay $99, but didn’t have to upgrade. Guess to Dinc 2 will hold me over until Bionic or SGII come out.