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Skyfire Is Looking To Save Android Users Money As Carriers Impose Tiered Data Plans

Skyfire came out with a set of numbers today showing that smartphone users can save up to $120 a year by using data efficient apps like their browser. If you recall our post showing Verizon’s data calculator, you can see that streaming video is what’s going to be really eating up your data on a month to month basis, but with Skyfire’s “Instant Optimization” video process, which compresses data by 75%, they can save you a ton on your monthly bill.

When watching video though their toolbar, Skyfire slims down data use exponentially, which is a good thing since Cisco is reporting that 53% of all data use in wireless networks in 2011 will come from video.

Luckily for most of the readers of this site who are existing Verizon customers, data gobbling won’t affect you.  We can’t say the same for new VZW customers though or anyone stuck on AT&T who will have to worry about spending 200MB of data on a single HD video.  Neat little infographic on data consumption can be found after the break.   

Skyfire Saves Smartphone Users Hundreds of Dollars as Wireless Carriers Impose Data Caps and Price Tiers

Skyfire’s cloud-based video optimization compresses videos by an average of 75% — helping users watch more video while minimizing data overage charges.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (June 23rd, 2011) – Today Skyfire, maker of the award-winning and popular mobile browser, releases new numbers on how much smartphone users can save through apps like the Skyfire Browser which allow radically more efficient data usage. After 7.5 million downloads across all platforms — Android, iPhone, and iPad — Skyfire has achieved over 75% average data savings when watching web video through the Skyfire toolbar, which performs “Instant Optimization” on videos from over 200,000 web sites. This feature can save Android users hundreds of dollars over the course of their wireless contract.

U.S. wireless carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile have put in place data caps and tiered data plans. Rumors abound that Verizon will shortly impose data caps. And for years, European and Asian consumers have “paid by the drink,” with expensive “metered” charges on their data use.

Data from Cisco indicates that 53% of all data use in wireless networks in 2011 will come from video. Even a single high-quality video can burn through a subscriber’s entire 200 MB typical base data plan.

The average wireless user consumes 582 megabytes (MB) on Android and 492 MB on iOS per month, according to a 2011 study from Nielsen. Unfortunately, many carrier data plans charge significantly more once users pass the 200 MB mark: $10 to $20 or more in extra fees per month. Using the Skyfire browser can help users minimize or avoid these extra charges while still watching four times as much video. With Skyfire’s ability to significantly reduce data usage, the average mobile user now has the realistic choice of choosing a less costly 200/250 MB data plan rather than having to opt into the more expensive tier of data plans.

A recently released Nielson poll showed that the average smartphone user watched 3.25 hours of mobile video each month in 2010. In a video data consumption test, Skyfire allowed the average user to watch 4.5 hours of video per month, while staying below the baseline 200 MB data cap. For this reason, the one-time in-app purchase of a Skyfire mobile browser ($2.99) can save an average Android user from $120 to $240 annually in data charges. (This comparison is based on current AT&T and T-Mobile data plan pricing.  Specific pricing for other carriers around the world will vary.)

”With today’s global economy, consumers still need ways to save money,” said Jeffrey Glueck, CEO of Skyfire. “Skyfire helps protect users from surprise data charges.  Users struggle with these new charges as there are no labels warning how much any given video will burn off their plan.  Skyfire is putting the ‘smart’ back in smartphone browsing.”

Download Skyfire 4.0 here:  Market Link

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  • Anonymous


  • I like that calling out an “advetorial” gets a comment deleted. Goodbye droid-life.

  • Did this “article” read like an advertisement to anyone else?

  • computersara

    Will Skyfire work with the Netflix app?  Can I stream directly from the Netflix site with Skyfire?

    • Netflix does not allow access to their content via mobile browsers like Skyfire – Access to thier content on mobile is only available via their Netflix app.

  • TheAndroid1

    Verizon has already taken down tethering from the market, why do you think they wouldn’t take down apps like these that will save you money.  Verizon has no problem taking down apps they don’t like.

    (And before someone says that tethering breaks terms of service while these don’t, Verizon advertizes the thousands of apps in the android market and the access, they can’t turn around and say that it violates your terms of service.  They can’t advertise something and then say that it breaks your terms of use to use that something.)

  • Jester4281

    they are going to make more jump ship users then anything, lol, you’ll see boost start getting the kick ass droids now, lol.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is the same old argument, but it seems like wireless carriers are trying to reverse the growth of technology.  Just when everything is picking up steam and going hardcore towards the mobile movement, they slap us with non-unlimited data plans.  I mean, hopefully we existing customers won’t have to worry about it, but come on.  Everything is going mobile these days.  Who even has a home phone anymore?

    • Jim Dandy

      Solution=Get your money right. I know it’s harsh but eventually these prices will balance themselves out. No way LTE is geared towards Joe Average with these expected prices. Verizon is the best when it comes to coverage, but I think they will lose a handful of potential customers due to these price points.

  • dblj

    just downloaded it to try it. this pos runs like molasses in the winter time. takes forever to load a page and when “clicking” in the address bar to navigate to a different url, my keyboard doesn’t come up. uninstalling  so fast it would make their head swim..

    • We’d love to help resolve your issues/questions at http://www.skyfire.com/support.  Having been downloaded over 5M times, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, we hope we can get you to join the many Skyfire fans who use Skyfire as their default browser.

      • Anonymous

        Other than compressing VIDEO on its servers, what good is Skyfire since it renders web pages on the hardware, which is what MOST users use data for other than apps?

    • Wow…Skyfire replied to you…I’m starting to wonder if it’s real name is “Skynet”…

  • scott89

    Verizon really has me peeved with this data package deal…..like….so peeved.  I”M SOOOOOO PEEEEEEVVVVED.

  • TheAndroid1

    It’s still going to affect you, in the guides it says they don’t have plans to force you to a data plan YET.  This could change next year.

  • DroidzFX

    Data NOm NOm

  • Kianjudah


  • Anonymous

    “Cisco is reporting that 53% of all data use in wireless networks in 2011 will come from video.”
    They have no idea.  Wait till people get devices that have Netflix, 4G, and an HDMI port.  That’s the main reason I’m making sure I get grandfathered in to unlimited data.

    • Well they do actually have an idea since this is 2011 and we’re about half way through. This data is including iOS which has had those apps for some time now. Plus, it’s Cisco. They know everything 🙂

      • tjhrulz

        I dont know about you but when I am predicting something I typically pick something in the future, not halfway through. If I could but on hockey and football games halfway through I would by rich.

        • That’s one way to take something said out of context I suppose lol

          • Anonymous

            Speaking of poorly interpreting what someone says…

            The statement “they have no idea” is a common expression.  It doesn’t mean that they literally have no idea.  It’s actually used to agree with the person you’re responding to while emphasizing their point even further.  Where are you from?

            And since you want to be argumentative (even though I was agreeing), I said Netflix, 4G, and an HDMI port.  When did the iPhone/iPad get 4G?  When did the iPhone/iPad get an HDMI port?  And I don’t want to hear about rigging up miles of proprietary Apple connectors or buying extra equipment to get airplay working.  My point was that once the newest devices, software, and networks combine and the technology becomes ubiquitous, things are going to get real crazy with data consumption.

          • tjhrulz

            Poorly interpreted!!! I am offended sir, unless you were talking about the other guy, its fine to offend him

            Edit:I just realized the other guy is you lol

          • Hah good stuff. But trust me, I wasn’t being argumentative. 🙂

        • Well this isnt a hockey game, its real time stats taken from the carriers number.. There is no “come back in the fourth quarter” in this situation.. But if you can come up with better numbers maybe you should be consulting for these companies..

          • tjhrulz

            I was making a joke it is easy to double the numbers they have now and add a bit for more users and streaming becoming more popular, they could still be wrong but the chances of being right are far greater then picking say next year.

          • Don’t worry, i was just playing too. 

          • tjhrulz

            Tim I know you were joking but other newfags were not thus why I did not reply to you. You are just too awesome to be a newfag 🙂

  • So now we have all these apps claiming to save you tons of data by optimizing this or that?  The question is, why weren’t they doing this all along to simply make stuff load quicker?

    • It wasn’t a real worry when every all the carriers weren’t capping/throttling data. We all kinda took it for granted. But at least there is something being done bout it now. It’s good to see app developers worry bout getting ads in our faces and actually worry bout our bills! Good on them! =)

  • Anonymous

    I feel like the chart is just yelling information at me

    • hfoster52

      USE OUR BROWSER OR ELSE!!!  Kinda like that?