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Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update Coming June 30, Includes Skype and GTalk with Video? (Updated)

Update:  Sounds like the majority of folks think these are fake.  What grabbed my attention about this story though, was the June 30 release day that also came with their report – we heard the same exact date, but from a very trusted source.  Pics do indeed appear to be fake or at the very least, poorly put together.  Stay tuned…

This couldn’t have popped up at a better time from our friends over at Android and Me – we received the exact same tip last night, although their visual evidence is a lot prettier.  According to friends of ours at Verizon, the HTC Thunderbolt could start to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) by June 30 and it will include Skype with Video.  Yep, the same Skype that seems to have disappeared from the world even though there have been working versions floating around behind the scenes for months.

Verizon and HTC may not be stopping there with video chatting applications though – the internal documents that have been leaked mention that Gtalk with Video will be added as well.  As many of you know, the video side of GTalk has only been available (officially) to the Nexus S, so we’re a little surprised to see the Tbolt get it next but won’t be complaining.

The phone could also be upgraded to Sense 2.1, which is not the fancy new version that we are seeing on the Sensation and EVO 3D, but does include some additional features that really round out the skin.

Pretty big news on a Saturday.  I guess we’ll all stop worrying about that MR2 update?  

Via:  Android and Me

  • Ashique Zakariyya

    get working update from here, checked and verified!!


  • Lausangio

    Anyone else get no update

  • Mike

    Yup 30th is done and well still no update maybe in July let’s help

  • Michael

    Well its the end of the 30th and no update… WTF.

    • guest

      bought a new thunderbolt from Verizon on July 3rd, still no GB update.

  • iHaTeYoUvErIzOn

    wtf verizon.. this is a bunch of crap. losers. june 30th whatever..

  • Annnnnd there we go. told you guys not a cold chance in hell we get a GB update, especially not 2.3.4, I told you VZW doesnt care about this phone or its unfortunate purchasers.

  • Torma616

    Well Verizon? Its June 30th…

  • Talked with tech support today and was told that MR2 was coming at the end of June. Doubt it will be a Gingerbread update. I have the leaked MR2 installed and I’m still getting random reboots. The Thunderbolt is so damn depressing for me. Nothing but issues for me. Customer service said they would get me a new phone if I was continuing to be disappointed. How is the Incredible 2? I know it’s not 4G but I wonder if I could still keep that plan and just use the 3G???

  • Anonymous


  • Todd

    How many of you have the extended battery? I have it, and I still have to charge almost every night. I am not rooted (its a work phone, and I don’t want to take any chances on voiding the warranty). I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a cover for the extended battery (and not one that they just cut the back off of a regular cover).

  • Todd

    How many of you have the extended battery? I have it, and I still have to charge almost every night. I am not rooted (its a work phone, and I don’t want to take any chances on voiding the warranty). I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a cover for the extended battery (and not one that they just cut the back off of a regular cover).

  • Magman117

    Looks like B.S. but I hope it’s real.
    P.S. Where is my Netflix!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Pauly814

    wonder if battery life will be improved??

  • Anonymous


  • Serpico

    Please include 4G/3G throttling and battery tuning. For instance: Only fire up 4G when 3G thresholds exceeded. Step down BG processes to relieve battery stress, etc.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • While this appears to be (yet another) hoax, I still cling to hope for Gingerbread OTA update!

    / all day sucker

  • Cb2000a

    My EVO 3d is on order. Goodbye Verizon…I have many friends with Sprint here and they are very happy with the service.  Ironic that the two least providers have the best phones.

  • Anonymous

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  • I talked to my buddy who works for Verizon. He says he’s heard about this, but he thinks HTC might be dragging their feet on it.

  • Anonymous


  • If this comes true, it would make the thunderbolt the best Verizon LTE device currently available. Sadly, these things are easily faked, and to those of us with Thunderbolts praying to come on here and read this kind of thing it is a pretty sick joke. *crosses fingers for being real with shitty spelling from verizon* 

  • Mdburton11

    I had 11 reboots 2 days ago

    • Anonymous

      I had 11 reboots, today

  • I’ll believe it when I see it !!!! They should also release an app to delete all the unwanted pre loaded apps on the TBolt.
    along with all the bloatwear.

    • Chris Mulliner

      Heh, Learn to root? ;D Need help with that?

      • Solarix

        You shouldn’t have to void your warranty to remove programs not critical to the OS

  • Dre

    I guess I’m fortunate too, cause I maybe have had like 5 reboots since the update. My GPS is the only thing that sucks but I can manage just fine without it being pin point accurate. 4G goes in and out every now and then but I’m hearing the Charge does the same thing when connecting to the browser or market too. Oh well, I’m still happy with the phone for the most part. I keep my 4G off until I need to download something. This makes my battery last about 12-14 hours.  

  • Marcusrussell547

    The only issue with my tb is the gps takes for ever when using googke nav. Other than that im good mabey all u problem havers have rooted your phone

  • If only this were true…..   [sigh]

  • Iwontraceyou

    I’ve owned the Droid 1, Droid Incredible, Droid X and now the Thunderbolt. That being said it’s the best Android device that I’ve ever used (results obviously may vary). But of course I had to root it, Install Das BAMF pr 4 with Gingerbread (2.3.4) and Sense 3.0. It runs great now and I’m waiting for the next big thing while I wait. (Netflix and GTalk w/video work for me) Yes the battery sucks and yes they rushed the phone to market. But then again it’s not like the masses weren’t clamoring for it. HTC and BIG RED. You knew what you were getting yourself into.

    • Dean2359

      I agree with you,how did you get the 3.0?

  • Anonymous

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    WTF?!?! How about the Droid X2?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “I guess we’ll all stop worrying about that MR2 update?”

    I stopped worrying about the Thunderbolt a long time ago.. focusing on bigger and better options just around the corner.

  • Anonymous

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  • Lawless21

    Just like the D2G Gingerbread has been released. Don’t believe Verizon

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to root, but before i do i need to go get mine replaced cuz the volume down button is hard to get it to work.  Plus i’ve only dropped it one time and it has a little crack!  Anyway i’m definitely rooting cuz i did my OG the hard way, and this seems easy enough…

  • Guest69

    If I manually updated to MR2, will I be able to get the over the air update when it’s released?

    • no

      • Dean2359

        So what has to be done to get the update? Thanks

        • you search xda for the rooted file and radios to be out, and you flash them

          • Tommy

            Thnx. 🙂

          • Tommy

            Same as i did with the MR2 update?

          • pretty much

  • JD11669

    This is the EXACT same layout used for the update back in 5/13/11 Same pics and everything. Real or Not? HMMMM

    • JD11669

      And the numbers would also seem to match for the version….I sure want this to be real.

  • Tommy

    I hope it’s real.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the Microsoft Skype acquisition will affect this at all.

  • This post just sold me on the Thunderbolt. Definitely upgrading to this phone now. I was contemplating going to a non-4g device like the Droid x2 but not after reading this. Definitely love Gingerbread goodness, plus Skype and GTalk Video definitely has my complete attention(:

    • Ckoch0125

      I would wait for more info word on the fforum’s from testers is no.gb for awhile just saying

  • Anonymous

    I on the fence on whether or not to bite the bullet and get the Tbolt. A lot of money but I don’t see much else coming from HTC with 4G LTE on Verizon and I’m generally a fan of HTC and Sense. This update can only help the phone (in theory), so maybe this will help make up my mind.

    • updating the radios should help the battery, but also, the switch from 2.2 to 2.3 wil definitely improve battery life

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! I’m really pretty sure I’m going to get it. I’ve got the DInc (OG) right now, so I’m used to less than stellar battery life. However, it sounds like the 4G makes it even worse!

        I guess if I don’t like it after a while I can always sell it and wait til something better comes out.

        • if you wanna get really conservative, you can just shut off your mobile network when you’re not using it, and your battery will last a week.

        • Anonymous

          I love my Tbolt,i upgraded from the Incredible (OG) i do not have the reboot issues, and if i need to conserve on battery because yes it is a hog, i simply turn off background data and bam battery is good for 2 days

      • Anonymous

        What makes you say Gb has better battery life than Froyo? I dont doubt you, but id like to know why you think that. On my OG, my battery would go 2 days and X hours consistently on Froyo. On GB it went down to charging once a day pretty much. Could have been the RAM issues, but i cant say for sure.

        • Well it’s part of the coding. the point of the gingerbread update is that it uses power more efficiently while speeding up the processes of the OS.

  • MJ73

    I just want the GTalk with video to work… seems like google thinks the TBolt is not supported for some reason and won’t let me stay connected, but VOIP works so go figure!

  • Mr. Joe

    I want my MoFo Bionic NOW!

    • I pray for all the people getting it, its unlocked boot loader.

      • Jamaine

        Will verizon allow current users an update of this caliber..

  • Anonymous

    I’m more excited to see if it fixes the random reboot issue!  

    • MOTOX

      the first leaked mr2 does that…

      • Anonymous

        I know but I don’t want to root mine 

        • Ckoch0125

          You dont need to be rooted I installed it and am not rooted.

        • MOTOX

          what Ckoch0125 said….you don’t need to be rooted…download the first leak, hold down power and volume down to get into the bootloader and it will automatically apply itself after you click yes when it says do you want to update…


    The update is definitely real, it is coming june 30. I do know that for a fact. This image though is fake. With spelling errors, and non alphabetical order. It doesn’t look like something verizon would make though i could be wrong. Though the update is definately coming the end of june.

    • Ckoch0125

      Support or you are just talking out your ass lol

      • MOTOX

        Support. They did assure me though that this update will definitely be out by the end of the month because i was complaining for 2 hours about how many things weren’t working on my phone….its defective and they don’t want to replace it…

    • Where the hell do you see spelling errors…you do realize that there is no a in definitely, right?

      • MOTOX

        my bad…didn’t feel like spell checking it….really?

        • well you said there were spelling errors, so i thought id correct you. again, where are the errors?

  • I HIGHLY advise you downloading the leaked MR2 froyo rom with the new radio, it fixes the reboot issues, but it doesn’t have gingerbread, its just Froyo (2.2) you can find it on Android Police and XDA

  • Skype with Sense integration is what (htc) is referring to

  • Anonymous

    do u think this will work on a rooted phone, like not bricking it because when I updated it to the latest version it rebooted about once every 5 seconds so I had to boot into Recovery and flash in the old version. I hope this will work better… well at least that it will work; I dont care if it becomes unrooted.

    • you’ll have to wait for the update to be rooted and ready to load up yourself

    • Anonymous

      If it was rebooting once every 5 seconds you were bootlooping. Probably either a bad rom download, bad kernel, setcpu turned up too high from your previous rom, didnt wipe data/cache/dalvik, or you downloaded a crappy rom. Id try again if i were you.


    Ive already got video skype….,maybe im just not supposed to? and it should be real. HTC said end of second quarter


    OMG, i really can’t wait for this…i guess the customer support lady was right when she said at the end of the month….now i can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    When is verizon gonna update us to cyanogen?? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Keep dreaming!! Lol!! Nice thought though!!

      Really, I’d be happy if they’d just release it w/o all the bloatware!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If only pandora would fix the lag in their app I would be running gingerbread right now!

  • Kellex you shouldnt even post total obvious garbage stories like this. The Thunderbolt has been abandoned by VZW, and stories like this just get the hopes of unfortunate owners up, only to tear them down.

    • Anonymous

      It’s been abandoned by VZW? Guess that’s why I see advertisements for it all over the place. You ragin’ ?

    • Nick

      And you shouldn’t post garbage comments like this.  Next

    • IvankaHumpHew

      Thundercrap should be pulled and melted down into parts.

      • Anonymous

        You’ve probably never used it. Or you’re smoking something.

        • storm34x

          he is using the paperweight running ios

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            i love comments like this. Clearly you weren’t into smartphone in 2007, when magically (pun intended) android went from a blackberry clone to an iOS clone

          • Yes!  Thank you!  Someone else who knows a thing or two on these boards!

    • Anonymous

      Boo to you sir.

    • Anonymous

      Abandoned? LOL… The phone is only two months old.

      This is probably some poor guy that doesn’t know how to use his phone.

  • Pat Morton

    theres no link or proof besides those pics?

  • Lets hope its true, but i am not holding my breath

  • thee amazing ellis

    Anyone wanna trade me my mint dx for their bolt :p …. great news for u owners!

  • I am calling bullshit on this, I would think that TeamandIRC would know best and according to them MR2 has been canceled and pushed back into oblivion. I just bought two of these to lock into unlimited 4G but even I can admit this phone is a piece of shit thats only working on wishes and fairy tales, VZW is going to drop this piece as soon as possible and sweep the customers who purchased it under the rug for two years.

    it will NEVER see Gingerbread, and I will be suprised if it ever sees another official OTA update. VZW will just keep rotating existing inventory through customers as CLNR and ignore every complaint about the phone.

    • you sir, are an idiot and a very sad person.  lol

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could “like” your comment more than once!! +1 to you for calling it! Hate listening to his crap attitude!

        Philip Luke, if you hate the phone so much, why don’t you pitch it, get something else, and leave the rest of us in peace?

        • I dont pitch it cause sadly its still better than the Charge or the Revolution even with all its problems. Sense is the best thing going on android and I want LTE. isnt it sad?

          • Jboogie1289

            And why are you crying again? SMDH!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            I downloaded the mr2 leak and now my bolt is good. No issues what so ever. Maybe you should stop crying and do something about.

    • Anonymous

      If this phone never gets gingerbread then neither will any of the other LTE phones. Don’t be a Debbie downer

    • Adrien Hawthorne

      Cool story bro.

    • Anthony Williams

      Wow. After the LAST update my “shit” problems have disappeared. So not sure why all the anger from this “shit stain”…

    • haha you guys are just in denial because you own the phone, I bought them jsut to lock into Unlimited LTE, but plan to dump them as soon as I can get a real LTE phone. call VZW to complain about any issues, you know what they will tell you?

      “we have not heard about any issues with the Thunderbolt, but we will offer you a CLNR” yet every website that even thinks about mentioning Thunderbolt has tons of people complaining about GPS locking issues and 10 random reboots a day. dont live in denial, just start saving for your new phone bought off contract to keep your unlimited LTE.

      • yooooouuuuuu, dont know shit.

      • Im not in denial, my thunderbolt works great. It has had one random reboot in it’s lifetime and that’s the only problem

      • Jboogie1289

        Despite any issues I’m having with the phone, I’d still keep it over that Moto crap. Had the DX and it was a nice phone but the B(S)lur just makes you want to break the damn thing. And now we have Samsuck, need I say more. Lastly you have LG, which = Left Guessing. Man, either do some push ups or shut up!!!

      • Nick177th

        that’s not true. They told me that they are aware of the problem and are working on it. However, I rooted my Tbolt and all is well now. NO random reboots since rooting and changing the radio. If you want a phone that works and you don’t want to buy a new one, then fix the one you have and stop complaining. If rooting is not a problem for you then, what’s the problem?  

      • Anonymous

        While I don’t doubt there are people that have problems it certainly isn’t everyone. I don’t have a single issue with my phone. My GPS locks immediately and I don’t have any random reboots.

        I had problems back when they had network issues but those were cleared up quickly.

        Every phone I’ve owned had countless people complaining about something. Its the way it is.

      • l k

        Hmmm easy to root, not locked down like a fortress, fast, no problems if you know how to root ( even battery) tons of dev support, HTC’s monster track record with updates, LTE,  and good design. Wow omg this is the worst phone ever created lol (sarcasm) for the dumb asses. It seems the more people that get smart phones that probobly don’t know how to use a computer = more complaints and crying. My mom is 51 and knows how to operate her smart phone better than allot of people around here and she came to the U.S. from Jamaica when she was almost an adult lol.My six year old can figure some things out with these phones better than some adults I know. Look how fast HTC addresses the problems that were a concern. The phone is still fresh off the block I’m just saying. 

      • Kangateq

        I have not had 1 problem, besides maybe 5 reboots in 1 month. I had the droid og , the droid x and now the thunderbolt… after using the thunderbolt, I have learned that moto phones are crap… The blurware sucks, the screens/display quality sucked when compared side by side with htc… I might be rambling but, Overall, the thunderbolt is the best phone I’ve had.
        On a side note, while I am typing this, I am realizing how much I hate the swype update….it is slow, laggy, and buggy.

    • Boblevel33

      My T-Bolt has Gingerbread, has Netflix working great, and has the MR2 radio which has fixed all rebooting issues for my phone. So why the hate P.L. for the phone? Can’t you figure out how to root it?..LOL…

    • Just to clarify, as my first HTC phone, I am head over heels in love with sense. I personally like it better than vanilla android. I just really wish that..

      A. GPS worked as good as my Droid X

      B. Video chat worked (tango is broken on this phone, my wife and I just get static for audio)

      C. That I didnt have to avoid OTA updates, to avoid random reboots.

      Its not that I cant figure out how to root the phone, I just dont want to. I used to tinker with my X all the time, but now I just want a phone that just works. This one doesnt, and very likely never will “OFFICIALLY” my next phone will still be an HTC cause I will never buy a phone that doesnt have sense again.

      • you don’t have to avoid updates. just that one, cause something was wrong in the coding.

      • Anonymous

        Your problem A is caused by problem C. If you update, and then run gps status and reset aGPS data, ur gps will be as good or better than ur X was. Lots of ppl arent getting reboots on the update, including me, so I think you should update. Your B problem is easily solved by finding the Skype video apk modded for the Bolt and running it on both phones.

    • you sir, are COMPLETELY wrong

    • Anonymous

      My thunderbolt works perfectly and is the best phone I’ve had to date. I’ve had the Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid X, and now this. They should force some people to take training classes.

    • Anonymous

      You write like you actually know shit, but my guess and everyone elses is that you just like to talk out of your ass.

    • lol so if it does see GB, can i punch you in the face?

  • i dont see this in the comments.
    This says gtalk compatible.  which is only stating its 2.3.4 gb
    this does not say comes with gtalk with video and since it states compatible
    I would say this is confirmation that it indeed does not come with the gtalk with video.

    • gtalk with video is on devices that have 2.3.4, and thats what they’re updating us to. how is it not compatible?

  • T Hall

    If this is true I would probably lean towards getting this and not waiting for the elusive bionic…  But only if Netflix is going to work (which I assume it will as people have got it working on the T-Bolt before with Gingerbread.

    • Anonymous

      I would wait I have this phone and it sucks. I mean you can tell it was rushed by the amount of issues it has not to mention support from verizon seems to be almost non existant. I am waiting to grab either the bionic or gs2 if it has lte

      • fillyo

        Don’t worry, the Bionic, when and if it ever launches, will have no issues.  You post is ridiculous, every single phone has issues, every.  Bionic was pushed because it had serious issues.  Good luck waiting.

        • Ckoch0125

          No shit they do not like the thunderbolt has those. The charge doesn’t have half the issues tbs have but youre right I’m the idiot. No you are just clueless.

          • Booboolala2000

            I switched to the Charge because the TBOLT had too many issues. Gingerbread on the TBOLT should help a little. Just had a maintenance update roll out for the Charge and wondering if it is a precursor to Gingerbread. Only reason I bring this up is because the Charge in my opinion, is the best lte phone right now. And I never see any rumors of leaks around it. Like it doesn’t exist.
            Hang in there TBOLT owners, something should happen soon.

          • Ckoch0125

            Agree the updates helped with mine but others are still having issues so we will see.

          • Revolution isn’t bad, it would be the best device if it wasn’t Binged to all hell…however, with root and CWM the device should be top notch real soon.

            With that said I am waiting on the S2, I just hope it has LTE and little to no bootloader security. I’m done with Moto for a while and HTC Sense just kills the battery. 

          • TheTechMessenger

            I won’t say that its the greatest phone out right now but its certainly up there. I had to switch from the Thunderbolt too because of the random reboots and the replacements Verizon kept sending me were messed up. So I had to change over to the Charge. Have to say, its definitely a tough phone. Real light an fast as the Thunderbolt. I do miss HTC Sense, but I will give Touchwiz a chance.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve yet to experience any of these issues all you people talk about.

        • when did you get it?

          • Anonymous

            About a week after it came out.

          • A little less than a month ago.

        • Same. Everyone complains about random reboots–nope. Poor battery life? Not really an issue. I got my Thunderbolt on release day and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

      • Not sure I get all the hate on the TB.  I love mine, but I don’t seem to be having a lot of the issues other people are.

      • i can’t tell, the only issues i have is a random reboot every 2 days, but thats no biggie.

    • Rizzidy

      By the time you actually see the bionic in stores, it will be 3 generations behind.

  • I think Verizon should be concentrating on giving it’s customers service instead of or in addition to bs stuff like skype, etc. It would be nice if I COULD get a steady 3G network instead of NO SERVICE bs at this moment and then 1G now then NO SERVICE.:-/  Put up some FREAKING TOWERS or are we getting our signals from China?

  • I think Verizon should be concentrating on giving it’s customers service instead of or in addition to bs stuff like skype, etc. It would be nice if I COULD get a steady 3G network instead of NO SERVICE bs at this moment and then 1G now then NO SERVICE.:-/  Put up some FREAKING TOWERS or are we getting our signals from China?

    • Anonymous

      Well what area are you in? I know when I’m in the mountains (north of San Fran) I lose 3G…if I leave my network settings, my signal bounces up and down. I’d have internet, then I wont! That LTE app comes in handy, go to set it at “cdma only”. So even though I’m in 1x territory I still have a reliable and stable internet!

    • Justin

      You live in the woods ? Works fine for me.

    • nerdkill

      haha… yeah, verizons real problem is its lack of coverage. pffft

    • Anonymous

      You must live in a hole somewhere if you don’t have verizon coverage

    • where the hell are you? middle of the atlantic?

  • Azeis26

    forget about Google Talk Video how about make it so I can use more than one account with google talk.  No matter if I log out and change the setting to not automatically log in it still does…….

  • This is not true and does not match what verizon has.

  • Kevoskee

    That’s how the phone should’ve came anyway. I hope its real

  • Idk, this seems to good to be true. And I thought it was Google Talk not gTalk? Also Extensions is spelled wrong….=/ And don’t we usually just see the plain flyer, we’ve never seen a picture of someone’s screen before….god I hope waiting to not root my TBolt is gonna pay off!

    • Anonymous

      Waiting to root your phone never pays off. It simply keeps you from getting things until they are sent by ota.  Keep in mind that if you root you can always unroot at any time if you wanted to for some reason.

      • Anonymous

        The “I’m uneasy about rooting” community are the same sheep waiting for the locked down Droid bionic

  • Fake.

  • Anonymous

    everyone is complaining about spelling errors but this looks like an internal announcement. i found only a couple spelling errors. plus go on any blog and see how many spelling and grammatical errors they make on a daily basis. doesnt mean their fake posts it just means people make mistakes. take this for what its worth but it does seem like this is fitting the timeline for june as reported way back when. i think we’ll see it sooner than later. we’ll see though wont we? 

    • thats my point. im not crediting it to be fake or real based on spelling errors. verizon has been known for that and photoshop errors lol

    • thats my point. im not crediting it to be fake or real based on spelling errors. verizon has been known for that and photoshop errors lol

  • i think its funny that everyone discredits it for “misspellings” when verizon isnt always known to have the correct info, doesn’t mean i believe it but it doesnt mean i dont

  • Anonymous

    Forgive me if I don’t believe it

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure others said this was fake I mean look how many spelling errors there are. Gotta love sites like these who just like to fuel the fire with every rumor that comes out without actually looking into it

  • viewthis66

    finally! thank you for the info droid-life. love you guys 🙂

    • Ted.Danson

      This update has been reported as fake from various sources, so take this info with a grain of salt

      • Anonymous

        Whether this document is real or fake really doesn’t matter. The T-Bolt will be getting an update at some point in the near future. Hey… Do you still work at that bar?

        • Bullet Tooth Tony

          Nope… he writes books about the oceans now.

  • glenn

    so will the gingerbread update help with battery and re-boot issue??

    • Midniteryder74

      If you’re still having battery issues, you need to learn how to use your phone.

  • Considering Gingerbread has been out for a year, all this does is bring the T-Bolt up to where it should have been when it was released. Now the question is will Sense 3.0 be included?

    • storm34x

      nope no sense 3.0.  only sense 2.1

  • Camguy1975

    Porkchops and Applesause!  That is good news.

    Hopefully a week or so later we’ll see some ROMs leveraging this.

  • Camguy1975

    Porkchops and Applesause!  That is good news.

    Hopefully a week or so later we’ll see some ROMs leveraging this.

    • Kevinjackson726

      My EVO has gtalk with video on this sense 3.0 Rom I’m using

  • )v(urphy

    Mmm… Sounds tasty. :0)

  • Mr. Joshua

    Please add netflix support too!

    • ThunderBolt running Gingerbread works with Netflix no problems without any hacks.  Gingerbread adds a new codec for video that NETFLIX requires to playback there encrypted feed.

      • Anonymous

        i heard it works on iOS without any hacks too. 

  • Kevinmills7

    Damn I just rooted my Tbolt today, what will happen if I accept this update?

    • Mr. Joe

      Your Tbolt will explode.

      No joke.

      • bad4u6669

        Sir you are incorrect It will turn into a unicorn and start farting acidic rainbows and eat your children (should you have any)

        fyi. Nothing will happen, your phone wont install the ota.

    • me too…anyone know if i need to unroot?

    • me too…anyone know if i need to unroot?

    • me too…anyone know if i need to unroot?

      • Anonymous

        Generally, if you are already rooted you will need to unroot if you wish to accept the OTA update. However, there will likely be a “leak” of this update prior to the actual release, so you could stay rooted and just flash the update.

    • honestly, I wouldn’t try to accept it, seeing how the devs bake the new updates into whatever custom ROMs they have cooking up.. you’ll have this update in a Custom ROM once it comes out. P.S. I’m running dasBAMF 2.0-beta 6 (2.3.4 Android w/ Sense 3.0 elements).. and it’s awesome. you should maybe try it out?

      • Kevinmills7

        Could you supply me a link to download this, I am pretty new to this and I am slowly pickin it up, I got cynagon running on my old Dinc so i have a pretty solid base, but that was using the rom manager to download it with out actually flashing the rom myself

  • MFG

    Verizon is killing it with their Gingerbread updates!