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Motorola XOOM Otterbox Defender Case Now Available

The Otterbox Defender case for the Motorola XOOM that you have all been waiting for is now available.  It seems like this thing has been in the making for months now, so here’s to hoping it was well worth that long wait.  One thing I do know is that it better act as an ATM or a beer dispenser in order to live up to that steep $89.95 – yikes.  To Otterbox’s defense though, they have made some of the more popular and uber secure products in the past, so I’m not actually doubting that this will be any different.  My teeth just start hurting when I look at a case for a mobile device that cracks the $30 mark.

Anyone used Otterbox products in the past?  Do I dare take the plunge and buy one?  After watching that tablet drop test we posted earlier in the week, I’m sort of feeling like I should.  



Cheers Ronin!

  • Nvmyz34

    costco has it cheap and free shipping

  • Crackmonkeys

    According to the Gorilla Glass products site http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/featured-products the Xoom is built with Gorilla glass. So either G-Glass is not that tough or the Xoom doesn’t actually come with a G-Glass surface. Either way it seems someone is not telling us the truth…

  • Allpcrepair

    Now I want to see another drop test before i’m sold! Thanks for the great work guys*****

  • OpOrange

    Just order mine for about 66 bucks shipped 🙂

  • I just bought the Otterbox Defender case for my Dinc2, and I must say…a bit bulky, but I dig the hell out of it….get it


    i would dream of using anything but otterbox on my DX

  • Kronikings

    I’ve purchased 3 or 4 otterbox cases in the past. So the fact that I’ve purchased multiple cases says a lot. Droid 1, Droid X, and my current Thunderbolt case. Nothing beats Otterbox, even though the price can be somewhat steep.

  • Anonymous

    My Folio Case works better than thing & i only paid $40 for it & i dropped my Xoom one day while it was in the folio case onto concrete & it didnt crack the screen or anything.Turned it on & it worked !!

  • Erikruck

    My friend’s girl has an otterbox on her iP.o.s. and it is indestructible, they make a great product.

  • nerdkill

    They’ve lost their minds with $90.   I’ll buy it when it’s $40.

  • Mctypething

    They are way too late on this. Everyone that owns a XOOM is probably already set up with a case. This would have been nice to have 3 months ago.

    • Anonymous

      yep i agree..my folio case protects my Xoom for half that price.

  • Paul

    When I bought a Otterbox Defender for my iPad it came with a screen protector…
    Now that I have a Xoom I want the Defender, but now it doesnt come with a screen protector.
    This is the same exact price also…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got one on my DX and it has to be the only reason that its still alive after countless falls, bumps, bangs, and three kids 5,4, and 2yrs old fighting over it daily. Well worth the money and all of my devices will have one.

  • Shadow Dragon

    We work at a drilling rig fabrication plant and we get otterboxes for our Blackberry devices. I’ve had users telling me they dropped them from a rig platform around 20 ft up and didn’t have any damage at all! I can’t guarantee everyone will get these results, especially for something that size and weight, but we’ve had good results here.

  • I noticed one thing not mentioned I really like, it covers the volume buttons! which are a pain in the ASS so this might ease pushing them 😀

  • Anonymous

    I have an otterbox case for my Droid 1…it has saved my phone 6 or 7 times from drops on concrete. I highly recommend these things. 

    And frankly, they look cool too. 

  • What am I missing?  How does it protect itself from drops?

    • Lakerzz

      Think of it as you’re Xoom being wrapped in bubble wrap…it protects it IF you were to drop it. It doesn’t KEEP you fro dropping it…

      • Lakerzz

        Sorry, misread youre comment…

  • Anonymous

    Use this COUPON CODE to get free shipping and 10% off the price. Bags it for about $81 shipped.


    Also, why is everyone still using that image of pre-release Honeycomb??

  • Ven727

    I have used Otterbox in the past. They are some of the best cases around. I have seen them in action as well can’t beat them. $90 is a lot but considering the cases foe the newer phones are around $50 it’s not that bad.

  • If I could put it on the charger while it had this case I’d consider it

    • Anonymous

      You can

    • Anonymous

      You can

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Does anyone else feel that anything for the Xoom coming out now is a little to late and that ship has sailed.

    So many better options coming in the next 1-3 months, and sales of the Xoom were poor… seems like it is a little late

    • DroidzFX

      I a m sorry you dont own a Xoom. Its an unlocked stock device I know thats easy to hate. We know there are other the options that are coming who knows when. But this applies to people who actually own one. SO in plain terms STFU. Westside!!!!

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Oh, I get it.. your one of those self loathing guys who cringes at what he paid for an over priced, incomplete tablet he is going to have to send back 1 day to get promised things like LTE and SD card working, so feels the need to defend it to make his poor purchase sit better with his knowledge that he got rooked as a chump early adaptor.

        You are right about 1 thing.. I don’t have a Xoom… but I am damn happy I do not.


        • Jeff327

          There is no buyers remorse here. I can safely say I have the best tablet on the market and I will have the best tablet on the market for the remainder of this year. 

          So I say to you keep looking for the next best thing and continue sitting on the side lines to afraid to by anything because something else might come out that is better. 

          You need to man up my friend and do not be afraid of technology. At this pace I think you have IOS product in your future. 

          • Jokey

            I think he is just too poor to afford one….love my xoom

  • RW-1

    I don’t have a xoom, however I wateched te install video to get an idea of this case …

    2 Polycarb shells, one doubling as a stand, silicone warpped backside. Lifetime warrenty.

    If you guys are going to plop down $$$ on a tablet, then you shouldn’t be cheap about its protection.

    You could get a separate hardshell and silicone, but the total might be the same.

    I would get this one if I was getting a xoom, and no one paid me to say it.

  • Ivanlokko21

    Looks cool but my Xoom rolls naked.

    • Anonymous


  • Iny

    Otterbox is amazing. I ran out and bought one when the camera lens on my EVO cracked. My EVO has remained safe and secure through many a drop. That price is a bit steep though. Great thing about Otterbox is that if you buy direct from their site, it’s a life time guarantee with free replacements. Kickstand on my first Otterbox broke, and there was absolutely no hassle in getting a brand new one. I got to keep the old one, too.

  • Binimac04

    Their products are expensive…..but very reliable…if protection I’d an issue for you…take the plunge

    • Binimac04


  • Anonymous

    i got a otter box on my OG droid and my nook color, there hands down the best cases you can buy

    • Anonymous

      I’m also using an Otterbox on my D1 and it’s great.  It gets a little hot when overclocked – but that’s to be expected with any case. $90 is really steep – what does it cost to have it insured against accidental damage from handling?

    • Guest

      I had one on my old *Phone when I was with AT&T a couple years ago, and accidentally ran it over.  Not even a scratch on it…

    • Guest

      I had one on my old *Phone when I was with AT&T a couple years ago, and accidentally ran it over.  Not even a scratch on it…

  • Otterbox is great and they have a lifetime warranty, which you’ll more than likely need.  The reason I say that is because on a few otterbox cases, I’ve had the hard plastic that goes over the rubber crack, or break.  However, all you have to do is ship the whole thing to them, and they send out a replacement.

  • Id like to have one for my Xoom but there is no way I would spend a stupid amount like $90 for it, maybe if it drops to the reasonable price of $30-50 I’d consider it.

    • Anonymous

      Really? The Droid X defender case is $50 (Which is standard pricing for the very popular for their iphone case) This is the same cover for a MUCH larger device and in addition has an extra shell that acts as a stand, can be carried on the back of the tablet and can protect the front of the screen.

      Yeah $90 might be steep but damn at least appreciate the engineering that went in to this thing.

    • Lakerzz

      I just read , “maybe if it drops” in you’re comment and chuckled…but i do agree, that price is pretty steep.

  • T Hall

    That is a bit pricey…. I will stick with my leather A-Case from Amazon – I love it!