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Tip: DROIDX and 2 Gingerbread Wireless Tether Work-Around (Updated)

It was just last week that we reported on a new blocking method that Verizon had enabled to stop rooted DROIDX users with Gingerbread from using select wireless tether apps.  Today though, thanks to one of our fabulous readers, we have a work-around for the DROIDX (possibly other devices) that appears to get you up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Hopefully this gives you a little bit of time while that FCC complaint over this very same subject is being looked at.    


1.  First, you’ll need to download this new Wireless Tether beta. [more info]
2.  Open up the app after installing, and headed into Settings.
3.  Under Device-Profile, search for “Motorola DroidX (CDMA)” or “Motorola Droid2” and select it.
4.  Then scroll down to find “Change preferred DNS.”
5.  Change the DNS to
6.  Then change the “alternate DNS” to
7.  Turn on Wireless Tether and connect any device you like.

Update:  I had originally thought that the DNS server made a difference, but it doesn’t.  The key here appears to be step 3 where you specify the DROIDX under Device-Profile.  So, feel free to continue to use DNS which is Google’s public server.

*Note – If this works on any other devices, please feel free to leave that in the comments.

Cheers DroidRooterX!

  • Android User

    Worked well for my Droid 2 Global just like redpoppa said I used CDMA 1X (QSC 60×5)

  • redpoppa

    I have droid 2 rooted via http://rootzwiki.com/topic/5307-guide-root-or-unroot-your-droid-x/

    running wifi tether wifi_tether_v3_1-beta11.apk  found here : http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/downloads/list

    Then I kept getting the verizon webpage after changing all the wifi tether settings dns phone type etc.

    So I went to this page http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1182940

    followed all the instructions but for : I selected CDMA 1x (MSM 7500) w/ Android

    That didn’t work with the droid 2 so i had to select like in the picture I selected CDMA 1X (QSC 60×5)

    Then it worked like a charm

    Good luck

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried a million different things over the past 2 days, and changing the DNS is what did it!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Gingerbread (2.3.3) Motorola Droid 2, rooted

    tethering will not work for me, I tried both of those device profiles and they didnt work.
    Idk what to do from here :/ are there any other ways to get past it?

  • Firefightenn

    Where is the wireless tether app it is gone from the market. Is there a new one out or something else. Update zaped my droid x had to do a total reset.

  • Marcopolo_1919

    I followed all the instructions to root my Droid X.  I installed wireless tether and followed the direction about setting the device profile.  When I connect to my Droid X with my android tablet, i am immediately sent to the Verizon Mobile Hotspot page…What am i doing wroing?

  • BP

    Droid X with Gingerbread.  Just rooted and using Wireless Tether App.  My laptop can recognize the device and connect, but when I try to load a web page it times out like there is no internet connection…any troubleshooting tips??

  • CoquiLostInNY

    I just rooted my Moto Droid X w. 2.3.3 and installed the latest version of WT as of today.  The problem is it after I connected my laptop and went to view a site I get redisrected to Verizon’s Hotspot page.  Any ideas on how to get around this? 

  • Arleneeliza

    Is this still working? The download isn’t coming up

  • Stewcrew

    The link for ” new Wireless Tether beta” Is broken.  Help!

  • Littlesarmiento1
  • Vociferous666

    Works on Droid2 Apex GB with caveats

    have to use TBH patch,
    DroidX device profile.
    wifi encryption. (not sure if encryption is necessary) (WPA is default)

  • tlg

    umm maybe we should fix the link!!!!

  • Be

    This does not work anymore. Please update your blog

  • Grace Quaintance

    Droid X, Gingerbread, Verizon. This still isn’t getting around the Verizon block. :[ I even tried switching the DNS. It didn’t work. Curse you Verizon!!!

    • Grace

      p.s. rooted using motorola one click.

  • Zo90075093

    Did not work for my Droid2!

  • Threebanger

    Damn you Verizon! Just swapped to a X and wireless tether worked great via BT on my D1.

  • Adamuhl911

    i have everything downloaded and my phone rooted but when i run the bootstrap reboot and select the zip file to download it stops on the first step and doesn’t do anything

  • BigWinw

    I have a Droid 2, gingerbread, rooted using the One-Click (MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip).
    I have been able to install the Wifi Tether from the link above.  I am using the DroidX model setting (Droid 2 doesnt even show the wireless network).  From an iPod Touch it allows me to connect to it but when I go online the VZW page displays and tells me I need to pay $20 per month.  Any dieas?

  • Frustrated_Tether

    I have found that these methods may work temporarily and give one a false sense of success, but are not consistent.  “Wifi Tether beta 6”, Wireless Tether, or Barnacle Wifi Tether have all been tested and will not work with the Verizon blocks.  I believe the on-board 3G from VZW is a possible culprit as it is displayed in the notification bar when the 3rd party wireless tether apps are launched.  I am unable to uninstall the stock 3G app via Titanium.  Easy Tether and PDA Net will work fine, but are not my objectives for use.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Droid 2
    GB from OTA, Rooted

    • Shfd100

      …also, I honestly believe until there is a hack on the VZW blocks or a successful patch, there will be no relief.  That capability is beyond my skills so I’m stuck with “wired” tether for now.

  • Idealogical1984dissident

    Ok, it seems I’m not getting any useful responses, so I’ll try again.
    I have a droid x 2.3.3 .605 that was recently updated, wiping out my root. I rerooted, downloaded the newest beta version of wireless tether, but when I try to tether it to my laptop it reroutes me to the verizon pay website.
    How do I get the tether to work? Please be specific. Thanks.

    • Be

      I SBFed backed to 2.2 and disabled the ota update. Still looking for a solution in 2.3.