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Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on XOOM 2, Kal-el Coverage, and Keeping Up with New Technology?

The Motorola XOOM 2 made its first appearance yesterday and many of you started wondering if you should question the recent original XOOM purchase you just made.  Can’t say I don’t blame you for at least wondering about the near future.  After all, NVIDIA has been prancing around the interwebs with its new Kal-El quad-core processor that they told us would be ready for tablets by the end of August.  We’re starting to see games and demos made specifically for this new chipset, which has us all wondering if now is the time to hold off on making that next big purchase.  Who’s to say we can’t grab a Tegra 2 tablet for half the price in 4-5 months when these quad-core beasts start rolling out?  There is a rumor floating around that this XOOM 2 could be ready by fall and with the website appearance from yesterday, it’s looking more and more likely.

So, should we be upset by all of this change?  I’ve been talking with friends about the speed of introduction of mobile technology these days, and all we can find to compare it to is the PC days in the 90s.  You know, the days where you bought that first 600MHz Pentium 2 for $800 and the next month it felt ancient because the Pentium 3 1.0GHz had dropped.  Are we about to see the same thing with mobile technology, specifically with tablets?  The Tegra 2 has really only been out for 5 months now and it almost seems like last year’s news with all this quad-core talk.

Your thoughts on the quickness that we are seeing new technology introduced?  Excited?  Depressed?  Wondering how you are going to keep up?

  • Honestly, if my Droid X had as reliable of a camera/video capabilities as the iPhone 4/4S has, I honestly would stop trying to upgrade. The Galaxy Nexus might be a nice STEP towards that, but it’s not there. I honestly love Android, with all my tech loving geek heart. I have a Droid X running Shuji ROM, with a super mario boot animation, and a 49er Boot logo, with a customized lock screen with widget locker, windows phone live wallpaper, and a whole handful of those amazing customizations that make me love Android…because it’s my phone through and through. DAMNIT if I don’t hate it when I’m at a show or with friends and I don’t have a camera on me so I can immortalize the moment like all my friends with those pics and videos from their iPhones. I would give all of my customization up, just so I can take amazing pictures and videos with my phone. To hell with Ghz and Quad-core this and  ∞ sized screen that….just give me a phone with a camera in it I can be proud of and don’t have to wait 8 seconds to load. It’s about damn time Android realized that I want to customize my phone, yes, but I want a phone that interacts with my human world too…..kind of ranting at this point I will stop here. 

  • url

    I love when companies move fast and introduce new technology, because I can get the previous model alot cheaper. I’m not a first adopter I usually wait 5-6 months anyway. 

  • Justin

    motorola needs to fix their issues with their current devices before they should even consider a new version like the sd card on the xoom….

  • Waknatious

    The Singularity Is Near.  We get bionic implants before those mythical hovercars.

  • Anonymous


  • Christopher M Brannan

    Like computers, these devices are only as good as the software we run on them. And so far i have yet to see anything that really challenges the Tegra 2 chipset that is in my Xoom.

  • Midimench

    The problem is we’re stuck for 2 years no matter what we buy.  I love upgrading my PC every year with a new CPU and mamaboard, but no can do with my Droid 2 which is running GB 2.3.3 and overclocked to 1.2 ghz.  I can’t get a new discounted phone till may 2012.  I’m sure they will be some new super shit powerful quad core chip Droid 4 to consider.

  • Anonymous


  • Towel73

    Smartphones and tablets will become “mature” technology is the next several years just like PCs, video game systems, and digital cameras. There is a only so much computing power you need in a small device to run what you want. When everything has a “Retina” class display, records 1080p, and has a PS3 class GPU, what else do you need? Software will become far more important then hardware.

  • Anonymous

    I love this commercial “Keeping Up w/ The Latest and Greatest”  Should’ve had a Droid Life reader on this Enjoy 😛

  • gimlet72

    I am a strong believer in buying a cheap computer every 2 years as opposed to an expensive computer every 4 years. Tablets will be that same way. Once Android tablets become more mass produced by multiple companies it will drive the price down. For those that want the latest technology they will be able to purchase a competitive tablet every 2 years. Even with the 4 core processor on the horizon the Tegra 2 will not be obsolete The market will stabilize at some point.. I don’t imagine an 8 core processor in a tablet anytime soon.

    • DBK

      Ditto. For me, it’s more like build a cheap (but current) computer every 2 years. Fro tablets, I buy the cheapest, most efficient tablet out there (which is why I bought a Nook Color and rooted it) and then wait another 2 years until a more current, just as cheap and efficient, tablet comes out. Same with the phones. My D2 is good (especially once it gets GB and the new Blur) for another 2 years, easy.

      Patience is the name of the game. If you don’t have it, you’re going to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Moto needed a Xoom2 to correct that half-baked block of a device it launched.  After using my Google I/O Gtab I am glad I sold my Xoom at a $150 loss.  This freebie makes up for it and everyone that has seen it is chomping for June 6 to get one

    Moto, get it right this time and show that a US company can actually make something better.  Remember the Razr baby!

  • Anonymous

    I used to feel the same way about staying up to date but I got over that quickly.  As long as my device does what I need without feeling overly slow, I’m happy.

    This is why people need to research extensively before buying something and don’t just jump into the hype.  Because technology progresses fast.

  • Moore’s Law in action.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you just accept that you’re not always going to have the best toy? If you want to pay for device features, that’s manageable. If you want to pay for a feeling of tech superiority or the knowledge that what you have is the best, you’re going to spend a lot of money.

    Something new coming out doesn’t lower the specs of your device, so deal.

  • Anonymous

    this is something where I actually think Apple does best, waiting a set time period and releasing a significant upgrade (granted the iPad 2 was not very impressive), but overall I mean.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Its like the Best Buy commercial is really coming to life… everything is obsolete as soon as it comes out.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that Technology doubles evey 18 months. I’m sure its been that long dince the concept of this device. It does suck that there already have the next one so soon.

  • Sep

    This is the Osborne Effect in full swing, and, unfortunately, it saps my interest in getting any tablet at all. A big part of why I don’t game on my PC is because it always gets outdated so quickly, and now it looks like the same type of market is going to plague phones and tablets. It’s looking more and more like my “tablet” is just going to be the Sony NGP.

  • Anonymous

    “Are we about to see the same thing with mobile technology”

    Ummm…we ARE seeing that with mobile technology right now. Look at how fast specs are updated on phones. In a little over a year, since the original droid, we have seen phones go from 800 Mhz to 1 ghz zomgsnapdragon! to dual-core and now quad core around the corner (at least for tablets right now). From 3.5″ LCD to 4″-4.5″ AMOLED to Qhd to Super AMOLED +. And that is just touching the surface.

    This is exactly the same as the 90’s (funny you brought that up as I have had the exact same conversation many times!!). It’s a specs race. And like the computer industry, it will level out and your choices will be based on what these items bring to the table on a software / design level. This is where Apple, for example, is at right now. I remember how excited I was to get an iPod mini for my birthday only to see the Nano come out 2 months later. (granted I was not as devoted to tech as I am today).

    I look forward to that that leveling out. While I am all for technology progressing, I will sit back for a bit with what I have (as it works for my needs) and let things level out before dropping $500 on something that is going to have some slight longevity. This specs race panders to US, the tech nerds of the world that want the latest and greatest as well as to the miserably uninformed masses that see shiny new things and must have. Lucky for us at least, we at least know a little better.

  • I hate to say it, but Apple has it right. Refresh about once a year. Make it high quality and make it last a while and support it for that while. All of these phone makers throwing phones out there and see what sticks are missing the point. The iPhone 3GS is still selling even with the iPhone 5 lurking. Make a few FANTASTIC phones and you will not need to pump out garbage or a small refresh in 6 months (Droid X2 & DInc 2).

  • Anonymous

    What I hate is Droid-Life. Because of you I now know what is coming out way before it comes out. Now I’m planning my mobile device purchases months (and up to a year) in advance and the closer it gets to the date (currently Aug) I’m not sure if I should just wait “a little bit more”. If it wasn’t for you, Droid-Life, I would be plenty fine with my iPhone 3GS and patiently awaiting when Master Jobs would change everything…again…again and get my iPhone 5! So effffff ewwwwww DL!!!!!

    Just kidding, I <3 U, Droid-Life.

  • Bill tetley

    tegra 2 is old news,, and these companies are shooting themselves in the head with the wacky release schedules. its all delay delay delay and neutering the final product, or releasing it way too early, 

    For instance the best example is the Galaxy tab 10.1, Samsung saw the ipad 2 and went holy crap. we need to go back to the drawing board.. the price is fine, but they left out the big selling point, the ports and SDCARD SLOT.

    Also, why buy the galaxy tab 10.1 now when the Galaxy s II phone will be out with the smoking fast exynos¿ cpu?  The tablet should have this proc… what happens now? Galaxy tab 10.1 – 2 with the new proc?  

    Makes no sense. come out with somthing GOOD or dont come out with anything at all, Every honeycomb tablet out right now are all missing pieces to the puzzle,.

    they either are too big,
    Screen sucks,
    NO ports or SD card slot
    etc, or a combo of both,.

    Samsung went 95%… this tablet will not shine among the group of the rest of the honeytabs becuase its the same old tegra2 with no sdcard slot. and a price of $499..”regular” people will just buy an ipad 2 at this point because of the vast app library over honeycomb and then maybe bite on honeycomb tablet next year when they finally figure out standards. 

  • Eva Bogard

    I just bought a Xoom tablet this past weekend!
    It seems fine, but does anyone recommend I return it during my 14 day refund period and wait for the Xoom2???

  • Eva Bogard

    I just bought a Xoom tablet this past weekend!
    It seems fine, but does anyone recommend I return it during my 14 day refund period and wait for the Xoom2???

  • Mctypething

    While I’ve been very pleased with the performance on my XOOM, if a new version comes up this soon after the release of the XOOM, that is borderline criminal in my opinion. Motorola hoodwinked consumers into buying a product they planned on making obsolete 6 months later. What a joke.

  • RW-1

    You can either finally decide to obtaon a device, or sit waiting endlessly until the next big thing comes out to eclipse what is out right now.

    Going to happen no matter what….

  • What scares me is that Moto has some of the highest radiation emitting phones. See this link  http://reviews.cnet.com/2719-6602_7-291-2.html?tag=

  • Damn…  I’ve had my XOOM for 2 months and it’s already old technology?  That’s just sad.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    The pace certainly seems ridiculous but then again we’re long on talk and short on products.  I was considering looking for a tablet at the end of the summer, but at this rate I might wait until next year.  The situation with the XOOM’s lack of SD card support and no time table for LTE has me really worried.  I knew you couldn’t trust Moto to keep a date (froyo on last day of summer) but I had hoped for better than this.  Quite frankly, it’s making android look bad.

  • Anonymous

    … life goes on … my xoom will fit my collection beside my nexus one, and sometimes in the future, i will talk, remember the days 😉

    … but i like my xoom, so i am not the best person to talk about …

  • Henry Evetts

    I decided to hold out on a Tegra 2 tablet from the very first time you mentioned quad core tablets way back in the beginning of this year. And yes the tech pace is rediculous, but as long as we have updates I’m okay.

  • a NVIDIA….gotta love the subtle Superman reference….

    • Interstellarmind

      all the successive quad-cores will be named after superheroes. wayne, logan, stark (in that order, i believe)

  • WAldenIV

    Every day that goes by, I’m glad I bought a new laptop and not a tablet yet.  Maybe next year.

  • WAldenIV

    Every day that goes by, I’m glad I bought a new laptop and not a tablet yet.  Maybe next year.

    • JG

      Everyday that goes by im glad i bought a transformer, which is a tablet and a laptop, and the amazing support asus gives me.

  • NoBottom

    You got the wrong TV silly head.

    • Francisco Sandoval

      Speaking of which maybe its best to purchase the xoom from best buy?

  • Mii

    I wouldnt Mind if they did some type of trade in program, Your Give up your old Xoom for a 300-400$ discount or something. Kinda like how Nintendo did with the all the DS’s trading in for the 3DS. When i gave up my DSI i got like 30% off the 3DS, If they were to do the same for this kinda thing and make it a worth while discount i think it wouldnt be too bad.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Those of you suckers that jumped on the Xoom bandwagon can’t go crying as you couldn’t possibly believe this was not going to happen. We all knew/know everyday they are making changes and advancements in this arena. With the new tablets that are speculated from Amazon – the Hollywood for example – it makes the current lineup laughable. BUT you knew this when you bought in but you didnt care as you HAD to have a tablet ASAP and had no patience to wait and understand whatever came out now was going to be unpolished and in it’s infancy. Now.. oh, surprise.


    The Xoom was over priced, incomplete, underpowered and frankly.. a waste of time and money. Sorry about your luck – but it’s your own faults for not holding out.

    • Mctypething

      Underpowered? What makes it underpowered?

    • Mctypething

      Underpowered? What makes it underpowered?

  • Anonymous

    excuse my language but i think its bullshit. i just bought a xoom and now im already hearing about the xoom 2? im pissed. they havent even fully perfected the software for the xoom nor have they activated the sd card slot or even announced when the 4g upgrade will be available. if this really comes out this year im just going to be done with all this. im tired of spending big bucks to only find it discounted cuz of a successor. same with the bionic. i bought a thunderbolt not too long ago and now i find out the bionic will be out late summer. now i have to wait two years to get a new phone or buy it unsubsidized. this is all too stressful kellex. thats my two cents

  • Anonymous

    excuse my language but i think its bullshit. i just bought a xoom and now im already hearing about the xoom 2? im pissed. they havent even fully perfected the software for the xoom nor have they activated the sd card slot or even announced when the 4g upgrade will be available. if this really comes out this year im just going to be done with all this. im tired of spending big bucks to only find it discounted cuz of a successor. same with the bionic. i bought a thunderbolt not too long ago and now i find out the bionic will be out late summer. now i have to wait two years to get a new phone or buy it unsubsidized. this is all too stressful kellex. thats my two cents

  • fresha


  • PyroHoltz

    I’m all for the new tech, bring it on. The faster the better. My contract isn’t going to change my mind either. It just means that when I get ready to purchase something after my contract is up, there have been that many more hardware improvements made. Sure, it makes it tough to wait the ~20 months(since 1yr contracts have gone by the way side for Big Red) but it’s worth it.

    Harder, faster, stronger…

  • Anonymous

    I bought my Droid the day it was released, and because, unlike my other choice, the Eris, they promised Flash support in 1Q 2010 (and yeah, I mistakenly thought I needed the physical keyboard).

    Needless to say, it was considerably longer than that before we got Flash support.

    That’s the main reason I didn’t run out an buy a Xoom on Day One. Once bitten, twice shy.  When Android tablets natively support the SD card, I’ll buy.

  • Rob Becker

    With the track record of carriers, when I look at devices I assume that I get what I buy at the time I buy it.  If it gets updated it’s a bonus.  And yes I know I I would like to assume that upgrades are standard but until carriers are commoditized as “dumb pipes” and we own our devices like we do with our computers then that is unfortunately how it is.  Fact is you get taken on emerging tech. Remember how much RAM was for a 386? Now I can get Gigs for under a benjamin.

  • Im all for a Xoom2 as long as the Xoom1 lowers is price 😉

  • Rocktoonz

    The critical question when it comes to tech is and has always been, “Does it do what you need it to do?”  If the answer to that question is “Yes” then you do not need an upgrade.  I have lived by that for years and it has served me well.  I buy or build what I can afford to do what I need, and as long as it continues to do so, I don’t lament the latest and greatest new gadgets that roll out constantly.  I’m still using the same desktop PC I have had for 6 years, and it’s still going strong with Win7, Office 2010, and everything else I need to do the things I do every day and more.  My DInc when I bought it was honestly probably a little more than what I needed at the time, but because the price was right, and because phone upgrades are hard to afford, I thought it wise to buy what would work for me long-term.  I would love to have a Tablet, but it isn’t a need, it’s a want, a toy.  If I get one, it will be what I can afford and when I can afford it, and will be the best I can afford at the time that does what I want/need it for.  I’ll be happy with it until it no longer serves that function.

    • Azills

      “Does it do what you need it to do?”

      That is exactly how I see it, I only upgrade when I need to, but if I don’t need to then I won’t sure I may lust over a product but I wont always get it if I don’t need it.
      Currently my rooted nook color does all I need and more for a tablet, no need to even look at another
      I can watch netflix, read, use quickoffice..does all I want a table to do.
      My laptop is a late 2009 Macbook pro, I may want an alienware for games, but then I realize my pc handles that and the games I normally play even the bootcamped MBP handles

      • Thats a really sick table, mine is only good for putting things on.

    • Earleepa

      Well swoop Dee doo for you. There are some of us that want the latest technological gadgets and are not happy being stuck with 6 year old PC’s if you can’t afford the newest stuff then you need another job.

      • Edward M Yang

        Rocktoonz has a point and Earleepa missed it by a mile.

        Who wouldn’t WANT the latest and greatest? But that isn’t what Rock said; instead he said NEED. Not everyone can just pick up a second (or even third job) so we can afford the new toys that we want. A lot of people have other priorities, like school or a family.

      • cowtag

        That pile of used, worthless tech gadgets will serve you well in your retirement!

    • nathanp8

      Excellent points, Roctoonz!

    • Anonymous

      Good point Rocktoonz, I remeber my parents teaching me the samthing, but it’s hard at times when the latest is pretty slick lol Good words in this modern day of “We gotta have it NOW”  w/ ‘The latest and greatest”  Then when that latest and greatest is a failure people are mad  or it’s not so great after all. 

      Earleepa, if you read the comment Rocktoonz is only expressing his thoughts and values that he lives by, I totally understand your comment as well, but lets not try to slam someone for putting out resonable, sound advice 🙂 

      I’ve been a member on DL since day one and I think we have a great community to listen to everybodys comments (Except Apple Fan boys 😛 ) thats why this site is great.  Treat everyone with respect. 🙂

    • HaydenHawk

      Rocktoonz must be a girl otherwise she would understand the NEED us guys have to own the latest and greatest gadgets.  It’s not our fault though, it’s been ingrained in us for centuries.  You can bet when the Bronze Age started all the men ran to their local Best Buy and bought the latest Droid branded Bronze Sword!

      • EeseRr

        Do you mean guys or geeks?

  • time to start saving up for the xoom 2…and when the time comes I’ll make you guys a great deal on my Xoom 1

  • Bleedtoledo

    Just to give everyone a heads up, there will be six or eight core tabs available by Feb 12.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola is focusing too much on the technology and not the people they are making it for. Locked bootloaders, lack of support for older devices, lack of making good on promises in the coming weeks.. They need to go back and do a thorough case study of why the og was so successful. The ability to customize, and the fact that updates bringing new features seemed to happen every few months. They might not be able to keep adding features, but they can add support for when those features do come out. maybe like a five year timeline…

  • Tech_Addiction

    I still use and like my Galaxy Tab and use my Xoom as a netbook replacement.  As long as they keep updating the os and patch bugs, im happy for now.  Ill upgrade next year.

  • JG

    ah the american way, suing everyone and everything around them when they dont g et what they want.

    • you mean “when they dont get what they were promised, and without that promise, may not have made the purchase”, right?

      • JG

        do you sue the mcdonald’s cashier when they “promise” to give you extra big mac sauce and they don’t? just wondering…. would you have purchased that big mac if you knew this before hand?

        • Henry Evetts

          No actually. I wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t have the sauce I wanted.

        • Anonymous

          when you pay 800 dollars for a product, you expect the maker to stand behind it. live up to their promises. fix it if it breaks all on its own.

        • el_R

          If the Big Mac cost $800, hell yes

    • you mean “when they dont get what they were promised, and without that promise, may not have made the purchase”, right?

  • JG

    i need someone to show me why i need a quad core if i dont play games.  and RARELY watch 1080p content (which tegra 2 can already handle once honeycomb fully supports it)

  • If I had not bought the Xoom then I would not have ANY tablet right now – and I am enjoying the hell out of it in spite of the lack of LTE and SD Card support. 

    Given how long these things can get delayed I would not want to still be waiting for the possibility of a quad-core Xoom – I am enjoying my Honeycomb experience right now.

  • Anonymous

    You’d think they’d finish the original Xoom (you know…. LTE?) before releasing the XOOM2

    • Part of the reason why you wont see LTE on the xoom is the same reason the bionic has been pushed back and is being “reworked”.  Tegra 2 dont play nice with LTE.  Thats the real reason you wont see an upgrade. But they can at least push the damn SD card activation.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps this should have been tested before they started selling them for 800 dollars a pop…

        • exactaly…that new Superman chip better work with LTE otherwise theres a world a hurt coming for Nvidia. People want LTE devices with multi cored chipsets. Samsung understands this.

          • Anonymous

            if they don’t find a work around for the xoom they have already released, they will be in a world of hurt from the consumers that shelled out for it.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      YOU think that.. but THEY never did

      ha ha ha suckers

      • DroidzFX

        Dude your still mad that you dont have a Xoom? I thought you would have moved past this.

        • DBK


    • Anonymous

      Agreed. If you own a Xoom the minimum you paid was $600 for a device you were told would be finished soon. For them to be readying a much better product so soon before completing the original device will only turn once loyal customers into cynics who after being slighted will just look elsewhere. Lesson learned Moto, I’ll just avoid your products.

  • Colleen

    I do not paln to keep up, and I am depressed.

  • Anonymous

    Love my XOOM and plan on keeping it, but MIGHT sell it to get the new one if it looks to be worth getting, can be unlocked and rooted, and if they stop supporting my current XOOM in favor of the new one (which will piss off a ton of people!). Also, sucks for those people who got a two year contract!

    But what I’m really hoping XOOM2 turns out to be is a 7in version!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had an Incredible since they came out last year but the newness of android tablets and my fear of Motorola products drove me to get an iPad2. I wish HTC would make a 10″ dual core, 2 camera, working sd slot, ipad slim tablet and that there are more than double digit apps in the tablet section.

  • Greg

    The lesson from Xoom is never buy first gen tech, With the incompatibility with LTE and Tegra 2 still running rampant now they are dropping a quad core. Fix the S#$% thats out there first.  

    • Greg

      Also honey comb isnt all that great… I hate to say it But Apple has it right from touch 2 pad the OS is the same so there is no learning curve between them… Android should have taken a page out that book.

  • They really need to finish the xoom 1 first.  We can’t stop them from making a road map for future products, but they really need one for getting the Xoom 1 wrapped up.

    I got mine on day 1 in March and was promised 4G and an SD card “in the coming weeks.”  It’s June 1st now and I still have neither unless I want to hack my device and load my own kernel…which now apparently makes it so I can’t use some of Googles Services (Movies)

    I’m not unhappy with my Xoom at all.  But I’m starting to get the feeling I was hoodwinked by both Motorola and Google (I don’t care who’s job it is to fix it…just fix it).  They need to release some kind of update as to when the software update is coming for the SD Card and an update as to when the 4G radios will go in.

    I honestly suspect that if it doesn’t happen soon they will be looking at some kind of class action lawsuit.  Especially if it doesn’t happen before a flood of new tablets hits the market (with working SD cards)

    • el_R

       I don’t think the 4G radio is coming.  They went ahead and completely scrapped the Bionic (yes i know it’s still technically coming out, but it’s a different phone that they renamed “bionic”) because the 4g radio didnt play well with the Tegra 2.  And now they are switching to TI chips for the new bionic.  Maybe it isn’t true, and I hope it isnt, but I suspect there is some inherent incompatibility between Tegra 2 and the 4g radio used by verizon, and the fact that they gave up on the original bionic is a bad sign.  Remember, the bionic was essentially the Atrix with LTE, and the Atrix has been out for a while…

      • Anonymous

        I talked to Verizon yesterday & they told me 4g for the Xoom wont be available in my area until 2013!!!

      • Anonymous

        I talked to Verizon yesterday & they told me 4g for the Xoom wont be available in my area until 2013!!!


      I feel the same way.  I like the XOOM, and by now I thought I was have access to my SD card and 4G.  To be frank I didn’t want to buy a device that I couldn’t add an SD card to.  I have 32 GB waiting, but Moto is being so so.   Now a new XOOM on the rise, what!  I’ll give them 11 more days, if no update is available and my 4G isn’t on the way to being connected.then I’m selling this unit.

  • fresha

    are you people crazy? this has been going on since 2009 where technology goes too fast… and tegra 2 in my opinion has not been out for 5 months when consumers are just getting their hands on devices that have them in the past month…

  • how about trying to win one of these bad boys as an option…oh wait, I didn’t win any of those tablets…

  • I love my Xoom.  It’s still going to be great in August.  But it will just be great, as opposed to being the best.

  • tehshift

    How many stories have popped up based off of a marketing picture with half of a tablet in the background.  How do you get any of this information that it is even considered a Xoom 2?

  • Mac

    It’s about learning to be happy with what you have. We can’t slow technology down, but we can learn to let the newest thing pass sometimes. If you bought the XOOM and you plan on buying the XOOM2, you might be taking your technology hobby a bit too far.

  • Kevin Radloff

    That Xoom 2 page wasn’t just a mockup of a new site design with fake devices?

  • Mike Sutherland

    I am very interested in these new tablets, including the Xoom 2. However, I will probably be one of those people who get a slightly older tablet at a fraction of the price to play around with, as it’s not yet a necessity for me (likely never will be). Looking forward to all developments really!

  • Kal-El in my Nexus please. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    exciting from an engineer’s and a capitalists perspective but depressing from the consumers view point (unless you’re filthy rich or Kellex)

  • Anonymous

    I’m still incredibly happy with my Xoom and have no plans to upgrade any time soon. I’m also really glad I didn’t sign a 2 year contract with it at the same time.