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LG Revolution, Xperia PLAY and DROIDX2 All Available from Verizon Today

If you were looking to invest in a new Android phone, then today wouldn’t be a bad day to head over to your nearest Verizon store.  The LG Revolution ($249), Sony Xperia PLAY ($199) and Motorola DROIDX2 ($199) are all available.  One of them run’s on their brand new 4G LTE network, another is a gaming machine, and the last is Big Red’s first dual-core phone.  We’ll be doing a bunch of coverage on both the Xperia PLAY and DROIDX2 starting today, so if you want to wait and see our thoughts on them, just hang out here.  The LG Revolution on the other hand has us torn – it’s basically the DROID Charge (our review), but without Google Search or that amazing Super AMOLED Plus screen.  Oh, they did toss in Netflix though.


Anyone picking one up today?

  • Longhairbilly

    I’d pick up a Droid X2 if Verizon still allowed one year contracts. But they don’t, so I won’t…. EVER again. I’ll take my chances buying used off Ebay.

  • Nice typo in the headline 🙂

  • Anonymous

    revolution is more expensive than the droid x 2! What?

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Just the LG revolution!!!! So far so good!

  • Aj9711

    I just loaded up FPSE on my droid 2 to see how good it runs.  It runs amazing, so here comes ebay for my droid 2, and I ordered a Play.  I’m a huge gamer, and figure even if sony never releases a game for it, I have any snes, genesis and ps1 game to play on it.

  • Game

    can you put google maps and use the google  Navigation on the  LG Revolution or do i have 2 use bing

  • I’ve had my DX2 for a week now and I can’t get past how much I *hate* the screen. There are many threads about it now. I’ll just summarize everything here. If the Urls don’t convert, sorry.

    It’s not just you. I’ve written great comparisons of how much the pentile display kills image quality and ways to blatantly see the problems. It was the very first thing I noticed when I turned the phone on and went “oh god”. Even the battery meter in the notification bar shows alternating color-dark pixels in its display. I’ll just copy everything over, here you go. Pictures are left in Url format to keep the post shorter.

    Green and orange seems to be the most susceptible to the banding problem. Viewing this image on a computer or DX and then on the DX2 makes the problem even more blatantly obvious:



    Viewing this page makes the text problem VERY obvious:

    [url=http://bcn.boulder.co.us/community/tools/colors/sccscgrn.htm]Green Background Test Demonstration[/url]

    It’s a hardware limitation. The technology is called “pentile” and can be read about here:

    [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PenTile_matrix_family]PenTile matrix family – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/url]

    After reading this, it’s obvious why the green is having the largest issue with displaying properly. The Atrix apparently uses the same display and people are complaining about that one, too. Google has plenty of hits on it.

    Perfect examples of what’s going on. The image quality difference is blatantly obvious. The DX1 display is the same as the top examples in each photo, the DX2 display is the same as the bottom ones.




    Looking at the photograph example, look at the horrid loss of detail in the pink and dark green areas. Imagine the stripe example as a lower case “L” and look how jagged it appears in color.

  • Cwpit81

    x2 no ffc = fail

  • Ron Kurkowski

    You actually have to ask that question?

  • Amenemhat1

    Just checked my VZW account. If you are eligible for an upgrade and are part of NE2, you can get the XPERIA Play and DX2 for $99, and the LG Rev for $149. FYI.

    Am still going to hold out though till there is a decent dual-core, 4g, qHD, vanilla android 2.3.4 phone out there…. come on Bionic, please do not disappoint!

    • Anonymous

      Might want to add “unlimited data plan” to your list, too!  The deadline’s approaching!

      I’m not holding my breath.

    • JJ

      I’m eligible for an upgrade and have a new every two discount but the prices i’m seeing are all $50 more than that.

    • Rizzidy

      Prepare to be disappointed.

  • Mctypething

    Hmmm, are the bootloaders locked?

  • gregba

    Galaxy s2 please

  • Jared Kirk

    If they offered a phone that ran LTE, was a gaming machine, AND had a dual core processor then I’d buy it in a heart beat.

    Hell, if it had dual core and ran LTE i’d buy it.

    Overall these phones are pretty disappointing considering what is already out there on other carriers.

    • Ron Kurkowski

      The X2 would have been the phone to get if it had LTE but ofcourse they screwed that up

  • Mplouse

    X2 or Inc2?? I like the price point 149 with my update and I don’t need 4G.  Any suggestions would be AWESOME.  🙂

    • Anonymous


      • Mplouse

        That’s what I am hearing. Ordered.. Thanks!

        • hkklife

          Just curious-does the Inc2 get the nod simply because of Sense’s superiority over Blur?
          Otherwise, other than RAM and global phone capability, the X2’s specs trump the Inc2 (though I will admit I have not yet found a live X2 to demo so the pentile screen may be a deal-breaker).

          If I had to buy a new VZW 3G phone today, I would probably take the X2 over the Inc2 simply due to the larger, higher-res screen and Tegra2 gaming + HDMI capabilities.

          • Mplouse

            For me the only reason it was even a question was because of Blur.  My buddy has the X and his wife just got the INC2 and he said that after playing with her phone he will never go back to a Moto device. Everyone I know with the INC1 loves it.  I almost did the Tbolt but it wasn’t worth the extra $50 for the 4G.

      • Mplouse

        That’s what I am hearing. Ordered.. Thanks!

      • Mplouse

        That’s what I am hearing. Ordered.. Thanks!

    • x2

  • Got my Droid X2 last week. Loving it. Just want 2.3 now. 

  • JJ

    According to the Verizonwireless.com comparison chart, the LG Revolution has 768MB of RAM.  Wasn’t the rumor previously 512?

    • Anonymous

      I saw that too – another thing I noticed, the Revolution doesn’t support a wifi hot spot?

  • JJ

    I’ll definitely be checking the Revolution out this weekend.  It should be easy enough to download google apps so I’m not concerned with Bing.  I’m more interested in how this phone compares to the Thunderbolt in real world usage (battery life, reboots, etc).  With Netflix built in, if those faults in the Thunderbolt don’t show up here, this could be a great phone.

    • Anonymous

      I heard the screen is poor. Make sure you check out the resolution, contrast, color, etc.

  •  it’s basically the DROID Charge (our review), but without Google Search or that amazing Super AMOLED Plus screen.
    The much more appealing factor however for LG is the phone period, the charge looks ugly, bulky, and the buttons look stupid.

    I guess im a hater, but that thing is just gross reguardless of the beautiful display i can never look past the ugly look/feel.

    • JJ

      Not to mention the Revolution is $50 cheaper than the Charge and has 14GB more internal memory.

      • I guess i couldnt get past the look and feel enough read the spec difference, to me its a no brainer. Id rather have a phone that looks good when its out. lol. Specs mean nothing to me if it looks like shit.

    • JJ

      Not to mention the Revolution is $50 cheaper than the Charge and has 14GB more internal memory.

  • ive had the X2 for the past week and its still as solid as the original X. Tegra zone games are pretty cool also. The only deal breaker for me and the reason ill be taking it back is the Corporate sync is still shotty at best. I use it as a work phone and need to have data push work “all the time”.

  • EC8CH

    If VZ cared as much about their customers as Droid-Life does about it’s readers…

    They’ed be giving away these phone this week.

  • joe1138

    “Anyone picking one up today?”

    No.  The only one that has potential is the Sony Xperia PLAY.  The other two are Ho-Hum or outright GACK, BING REALLY?

  • [email protected]

    I have all three of these at the moment..I like the Revolution but bing= fail and the charge has a much better screen and battery life. The X2 is the same old droid x, except for the dual core and new motoblur, there’s not much else to go wow about. The Xperia is an ok phone, games run well on it but no 4g, half decent battery life. The only plus here is GingerBread. I can see why people whould pass on all 3 but if i had to pick one id go X2.

  • storm34x

    not that we care but the HTC trophy which is the windows 7 phone went live today too on verizon

  • AmadHTCcustomer

    Now if they had just combined the three, you’d have a dual core 4G phone that plays playstation games.

    That would be a phone worth buying.

    • BA_Carroll

      Yes it would be worth buying! But it would be unavailable for weeks because the network has been hacked and now all your information is in the hands of a hacker 🙁 I miss my ps3

      • AmadHTCcustomer

        That was like a couple weeks ago.

        • BA_Carroll

          Yes all their services all are being hacked even their online service and now their music service and emails and passwords and credit card info was stolen.

    • Anonymous

      And it would have stock android!

  • Carmen Diva

    I checked out the Lg Revolution(Blah)

    the Droid X2–Ehh, last years’s hardware with beefed up processors….Ehh

    Picked up my Xperia Play and I still have my Droid Charge.
    The Xperia may not be a powerhouse but it’s not as bad as people are making it out
    to be…Then again, I expect nothing less from Overzealous and sad fanboys 🙂

  • Shoop

    Is there a specific reason that someone needs 4G speeds for a mobile device?  Not trying to be an ass just curious as to what the speed is needed for on a phone?

    • EC8CH

      If you search the interwebs, I bet you can find a post of someone asking why anyone would need anything faster than a 56k dialup connection.

    • Common sense.  If I have to choose between slower internet and faster internet, I choose faster.

    • Guest

      Voice and data at the same time.

    • Anonymous

      WiFi hotspot/tethering!

    • Yes.
      First, Verizon 3G is on a slow side. I never had speeds above 1Mbps, usually a way below. This is not fun for browsing, music and video streaming and video calls.
      Then, you can tether a LTE phone to your laptop and get a faster speeds than most of the home broadband connections.
      So, LTE is a true mobile broadband. 3G is not.

  • Waldo

    Why has the DX2 been out at Best Buy for over a week but the vzw store didnt have it yet?

  • Unless the Droid X2 comes with an unlocked bootloader, no thank you

  • pass

    …………when will verizon push out a 2011 phone?

    • Guest

      in 2012…

    • Anonymous

      Wondering the same.  The galaxy s II has been out for almost a month now internationally and it completely trashes these underwhelming phones.  

    • Mr.Joe

      The Droid 3 next month.  The X2 is also pretty 2011.

      • Rizzidy

        3g is hardly 2011.

  • MK17

    Verizon Rep: Do you want awesome 4G, a sweet gaming experience, or a dual core processor?
    Customer: I want it all!Verizon Rep: No, no. You can only pick one. Giving you all of them would only make you happy, and if you looked at your last bill you will know we aren’t into that.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed the Verizion Rep didn’t ask if they wanted a vanilla Android experience, lol

      • Mr.Joe

        They could.  The Xperia play is STOCK android 2.3!

        • Michael Kader

          Ha, that’s what I should have put. Vanilla, 4G, Dual Core. Because I could really care less about “gaming” on my phone

          • “I could really care less about gaming on my phone”
            then why do you want dual core? smh..

          • Samudra Sanyal

            Battery life, brah. Also, it’s a well known fact that the more cores you have, the cooler you are.

    • Mr.Joe

      What are you talking about?  Of course you could get them all.

      Unlocked!  It would just be really expensive. 

    • tjhrulz

      Or noticed the locked bootloaders 

  • Anonymous

    The DroidX2 is intriguing, but lack of 4G is a reason to not invest full price money.

    • Anonymous

      Not really, since much of the US (like my area in NorCal) won’t be seeing LTE until next year at the soonest.

      • Anonymous

        Good point. I guess that only applies to those of us in big cities or areas Verizon considers important.

        • Edward M Yang

          My area is considered important… aka I need a 4G dual-core phone. Now.

      • Ron Kurkowski

        Do you travel? Yes? Then that’s a great reason to buy a LTE phone. So what if your not getting lte soon. I imagine you’ll travel somewhere that will have it.

        There is no point to purchase a non lte phone anymore unless you just pony up the full purchase price

      • BA_Carroll

        What part of norcal are you in?

  • OG Droid

    Sweet, now they can get on to releasing the Droid 3 and Bionic.