App Of The Day: GhostTown

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GhostTown is one of those apps that makes me say,”wow” pretty quickly. Within a few minutes of running this app, I started writing the review since I already knew it was going on the App Of The Day today. I’m one of the people that uses my phone as an mp3 player as well as a phone. I like music apps and have tried a lot of them. GhostTown does something that not many music apps do. For free. GhostTown lets you type in the name of any artist and play any song by that artist. There isn’t “you like this artist so try this artist” going on here. It’s straight forward. You can select any song you want, pause it, skip it, rewind it, repeat it, create playlists, and more. This literally is just like having, in the developer’s words, “an infinite playlist”. There is no limit to how many songs you play or how many times you skip songs. I’ll say it again. Any song. Any artist. No watered down lounge singer cover bands here. There are no monthly fees but a .99 cent in app purchase will remove ads. If you use your phone as a mobile jukebox, check this one out.

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*Today’s free paid app from Amazon App Store is Hundred Pushups. Normally .99 cents and has a current AAS rating of 4 stars.

*Yesterday we reviewed Text Clock.

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