Man Arrested For Fleeing The Scene After Being Tipped Off From His DROID Police Scanner App

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Imagine this. You’re the getaway driver in a pharmacy robbery, and you think you’re smart because you have an Android phone equipped with a Police Scanner application. Thinking you’re one step ahead of Johnny Law, you go for it. While listening for activity you hear police are on their way to haul you to jail, so you speed off before they arrive and leave your buddy at the scene of the crime. Only to be pulled over and arrested for attempted arm robbery and on top of that, a misdemanor for using a Police Scanner illegally.

That’s what happened to Matthew Hale. His bail is now set at $25,000 and is facing¬†felony charges of attempted armed robbery. Matthew had an Original Droid with a Police Scanner application installed on his handset at the time of the criminal act. Not good because in his state of Indiana, it’s¬†illegal to use a mobile police scanner without a license from the Federal Communications Commission (i.e., a ham license) or without permission from local law enforcement. It’s that way in at least 4 other states, and in most other states it’s still against the law to have a “mobile” scanner. There’s another story out of Kentucky where a gentleman had 3 police scanners installed on his phone and was charged just for having them installed, completely unrelated to the crime he was originally charged for.

These applications are fun from time to time, and allow boredom to be passed while listening to emergency services, but maybe it’s a good idea to now look up your local laws and see if you’re in violation. Especially if you’re going to be doing any law breaking – Which we do not condone. Head over to the MSNBC site and read the full story. It’s a crazy one.


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