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Motorola Employee Confirms Gingerbread Update Headed to DROIDX, DROID Pro, DROID2 and Global, – Finally Fixes ActiveSync Issues

Motorola’s Support forums are alive today with talk of the impending DROIDX Gingerbread (Android 2.3) “soak” that we first reported on over the weekend.  Many users are worried that ActiveSync will still be broken, but Moto employees are assuring us all that it has been fixed this time around.  I’d have attempted to confirm this on all of the leaks, but I’m a Gmail man and will have to rely on all of your input for that in the comments.

What might be even more important though, is the confirmation that the rest of the DROID series that was introduced last year will also all be receiving 2.3 in the near future.  The DX is first (which is not surprising) and will be updated by the “end of the second quarter”, although we’re thinking it’ll be much sooner than that with user testing going on this week.  Afterwards, the DROID Pro and both DROID2’s will receive it some time “before the end of the third quarter.”  And to add to that thought, we’ve been told that almost all of the GB builds for these devices have been completed, but as always is up to VZW to approve them.

Update:  It looks like that Moto employee is probably receiving a firm spankin’ as his comments have been edited by the forums’ manager.  Luckily our friends at Phandroid grabbed a screenshot before it was changed.

Via:  Moto Support, (2)

Cheers Heath!

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    only real issues would be the lock screen and the boot animation.This is a
    nice article.Thanks to share this blog.

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    thoroughly read your article about D2 and agreed with your views.Thanks for
    sharing.Keep sharing and updating your blog like this in future too.

  • Anonymous

    its about time its now been over a year since we got froyo

  • Moto Support just had an update.. Another prep to GB?

  • Faceonahead

    hate to break this, but the forum this articel is based on has been edited, all model numbers removed

  • Hasbrobot

    1 more year and goodbye verizon and hello nexus and regular updates.

  • Garrett

    Verizon’s approval process is the reason why my next phone will be a Nexus.

  • If this fixes the issues with my exchange email on my Droid Pro, I will be a happy happy boy.