Official DROID 2 Global .629 SBF Made Available, Will Unbrick Your Device

DROID 2 Global owners, download this SBF file and stash the file somewhere safe. If you are the type to try and flash ROM’s and gain root, then you may have heard that after the newest .629 firmware update, any attempt at SBF’ing to an earlier build would have resulted in some very unpleasant outcomes such as bricked and dead phones. Thankfully, developers now have their hands on the official SBF and have tweaked it so that you can unbrick your devices and even root the phone through a pretty simple set of instructions.

If you are into that type of dangerous Android experimenting, check the via link and have in on the fun.

Via: RootzWiki

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DROID 2 Global Receiving New Update to 4.5.629 – Fixes Bugs, Not Much Else

A new update has been approved for the DROID 2 Global, bringing with it a series of bug fixes for a number of issues. Once this 4.5.629 build goes live and you have installed it, your camera settings will save, less out of memory errors will appear, and certain app resets will have gone away. Stability is the topic at hand here.

The update is 19.4MB in size.

More info.

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Custom CM9 ROMs Becoming More Stable For DROID2 Global and DROIDX

We have been searching around the Interwebz trying to make sure everyone is able to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich as much the next person.  The underground developers are working hard to bring CyanogenMod 9 to as many devices as possible and the DROID 2 Global is the newest phone on the list.  It may not be daily driver stable, but at least we know that Moto’s locked hardware is still receiving love from the community.

Have any DROIDX owners been enjoying the EncounterICS ROM we posted a week ago?  Then make sure you download the newest beta version which has been receiving tons of love from the community. It now has working MMS, but still lacks camera functionality.

Threads:  DROID 2 Global | DROIDX

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DROID 2 Global 4.5.608 Update Resumes After Minor Delay

All you great DROID 2 Global owners can starting waving your DROID flags again today, as the 4.5.608 update is now being rolled out (again) for users. All the way back in September we saw the update begin to roll out, then we heard it had been put on hold. Last week looked promising as it had started to roll out again, but then got another axe.

Now here we are in mid October, letting you know the 4.5.608 (changelog here) is ready to be pulled on your devices. Do we have any D2G users here who have been able to pull the update? Let’s hope everything has been fixed.

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DROID2 Global Gingerbread Update Returns, Exchange Encryption Issue Fixed

We had almost forgotten about the DROID2 Global and its Gingerbread update getting pulled back in September over an Exchange encryption issue when a new support document showed up in our inbox. Everything must be squared away now, as the new build of 4.5.608 has been approved and should be made available shortly. Normally when these support documents arrive, the update shows up within a week or so. Well, unless you have the Incredible or Thunderbolt that is.

The changelog hasn’t changed from last time and can be found here.

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DROID2 Global Gingerbread Update Stopped Again, This Time to Fix Exchange Encryption Issue

If you had not received the DROID2 Global Gingerbread update yet (which was rolling out this week), then don’t expect to see it for the next week or so.  The Moto team, along with soak test members, have discovered a Microsoft Exchange encryption issue that needs to be addressed.  According to their forums manager, the issue has been pinpointed, but it will take some time to fix it and then push out again as an update.  Hang in there.

And to those of you that have already received it, I will just assume that a minor update will be issued to you.

Via:  Moto Forums

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DROID2 Global Gingerbread 4.5.607 Update Rolling Out to All

If you own a DROID2 Global and are completely stock, you will want to cruise into Settings>About phone>System updates and grab the Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) update for your device now.  The update was originally supposed to roll out back in June, but after Motorola realized that they needed to refine their 2.3 builds a bit, it was pulled.  With the changelog for the update returning last week though, and with a bunch of additional enhancements, we knew we were close.  “Close” just so happened to be this weekend.

Everyone receive it?  All we have left now is the DROID Pro.

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