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How to: Watch Hulu on the Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM champ BigRushDog just released some magic – a patched version of Flash 10.3 that allows for Hulu playback as long as you are on Android 3.1.  And it definitely works.  Here is how to do it:

1.  Uninstall your current Flash 10.3.
2.  Download the file from below and install it.
3.  Head into your browser and update the UAString to “Desktop.”

Type:  about:debug and press enter.  Head into Settings>Debug>UAString>Desktop.

4.   Jump over to Hulu.com and enjoy.

Download:  Flash_10.3-Hulufied_BRDizzle.apk

Again, all credit to BigRushDog at XDA.  Be sure to donate to him.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Joe!

  • Joseph Michaels

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  • Don’t have to use Dolphin works on default browser.. Just did it today TY !
    How to watch Hulu in UK

  • Dennybacon

    Does this work on android 3.2 or just 3.1 ?

  • kyle

    Hulu says i need to update to flash 12.0.32 or higher

    • kyle


  • Rcjr2u

    Won,t work!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Cflores860

    Kellex with all that power we should all boycot hulu, unless that’s illegal I would follow u to the death

  • Anonymous

     Can you say patched…I dont get it… Hulu takes forever to release an Android version of their app, but takes only a few hours to patch a hole in their system regarding flash…How about putting some of that urgency into at least releasing a beta.

  • Anonymous


  • Greg G

    doesn’t work on my wifi xoom with ota 3.1 update

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  •  no bueno now

  • Ray

     still works for me on xoom 3.1 3g

  • Eric

    Works great for me but when I try using the Hulu app it plays sound but no picture. Anyone know why or how to fix. (I know just go to the website but the app makes things easier imo.)

  • Anonymous

    No workie on Xoom 3.1 w the modded Flash 10.3 for me.

  • Jaredmh

    Not working for me, uninstall flash then install mod flash.  Then when I direct browser to hulu with dolphin or stock it says flash isn’t installed.  Xoom on 3g on ota 3.1

  •  i just get a black box with no green arrow or anything else. i just tried again and I just get sound now, but still no picture.

  • Mbjr

    Works on Asus Transformer with HoneyComb 3.0.1 !!!

  •  either the gap is closed or this is yet another feature the wi-fi only xoom doesn’t get to enjoy

  • Anonymous

     doesn’t work (anymore)

  • fourbells

    Going going gone! That was quick no longer working. 3.1 3g/wifi zoom

  • Taylor Hall

     works awesome! just confirmed it still works.

  • adam

    Doesnt work on mine either. 3.1 wifi with Ota update

  • Pmagent2013

    Nothing happens when I type about:debug, what am I doing wrong

    • Anonymous

      you gotta type     about:debug   hit enter then go to setting 

    • Go to settings after you do that and debug will be an option now click it and change the user agent to desktop

    • guest

       next open settings and youll see new options.

  • Anonymous

     And Hulu has patched their site..no longer working 🙁

    • Anonymous

       Still works for me. 😛

  • Anonymous

    when the hell is hulu coming to android hurry the up!!! whats the problem!!! 

  • Southall

    Didnot work on my updated 3.1 wifi zoom

  • Jim Dandy

    Certainly a big week for the media buffs.

  • pope wilson

    and Hulu closes the gap in 5… 4….. 3….. 2….. 1 …. 

    • Anonymous

       Yep. They should take this story down and buy us a little more time.

  • Anonymous

    Great. I was dreading the day this would break out from XDA into the news. Now Hulu is going to patch and fix it. 🙁

    • pope wilson

      @droid-life … i think some ‘developments’ should be overlooked for the sake of the ‘greater good’.

      • Anonymous

         There is a ‘dislike’ button for the entire article up above.

    • Anonymous

       Because Hulu doesn’t read XDA or notice that random devices are accessing their service…nope, they only read Droid Life and then proceed to patch things.  

      • pope wilson

        Well, as with anything money related, there’s a formula. They won’t invest $ in patching something unless it’s a real problem. I was running a hack for 2.2 for ages, and while the main-stream was releasing this hack and that hack, it kept being patched because enough people were using it, while the under-the-radar flash I was using wasn’t patched… because it stayed under the radar.

        • pope wilson

          I’m just saying .. articles like this just speed up the process. 

      • Anonymous

        i think it was just more along the lines of people who read Droid Life not necessarily read XDA. Therefore Hulu may take notice when a bigger and bigger majority of people are doing this because it was posted on a popular site. just a thought 

      • Cflores860

        Start a boycott of hulu, lets see what happens, with great power comes great responsability to do something crazy

      • Anonymous

         I wasn’t gonnna use it anyways, but you are crazy to think that Droid-Life doesn’t have the power to more quickly draw attention to this.

        XDA is only popular among people who configurate their phone.  Droid-Life has a much broader audience.  XDA is a forum, difficult for the uninitiated to navigate.  Droid-Life is a cleanly presented easy to digest news site. 

  • Anonymous

     any word on an actual hulu app? i am getting pissed.

    •  It’s in the app store. Come to the dark side.

      • Anonymous

        do you have cookies?

        •  no but we have all you can eat scones.

          • Anonymous

            I’ll think about it…. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Dear God, please don’t let this thing get broken by Hulu again. I don’t have a tablet yet…..>.<

  •  WOO! I’m gonna watch some Hardware accelerated 720p Hulu on my XOOM now.