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Google Earth Update Brings Full Honeycomb Support

Google Earth was updated today and now fully supports Honeycomb tablets.  A new action bar has been introduced along with 3D buildings, an option to “fly” to your destination, and new layers that include Wikipedia, Places and Panoramio Photos.  Yep, G-Earth just got Honey-pimped.   

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Via:  Google Mobile

  • is there any specification for PC to run this app, beside the internet connection?

  • Anonymous
  • Vass0922

    it works real well! I was playing in Dubai last night, shows the (can’t remember name) hotel that is in the shape of a sail. Shows up nice in 3d, motion is real fluid (connected wireless).

  • Anonymous

    great update google, keep up the momentum. also, what keyboard is that in the video? anyone know?

  • Calculatorwatch

    Ah man this makes me want a Honeycomb tablet even more! I love Google Earth but it’s such a RAM hog so I can’t run it on my OGD 🙁

  • Interstellarmind

    must…resist…urge…to get…xoom….

  • Anonymous

    can you import kml or kmz files? I’ve been incredibly disappointed in the Google Earth mobile app. I’ve had it for 11 months and this is the first update I can remember. They need to allow us to import our own files so that it’s actually useful.

    • Raven

      Yes, I have been waiting for ages to import my War Drive .kml into Google Earth. They seriously need to add that feature.

  • Anonymous

    most excellent

  • DanSke

    asdlgkjsetlwegj Sorry just cleaning the mess I made on my keyboard right now…wow.

  • Anonymous

    WOW. HOT!