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HTC Thunderbolt Update Delayed

The update for the HTC Thunderbolt that we were all expecting to start rolling out yesterday has been placed on hold.  Verizon just dropped us this note and are directing everyone to the support site to stay up-to-date on this situation.  There was no explanation given as to why it has been delayed, but with all of the 4G LTE issues that have popped up lately, we have a pretty good idea.

Stay tuned…

  • I was not aware of this matter but come to all things after reading comments and post.

  • Paullustig

    When you first had an article on the download, I went to the site and downloaded something. If it is delayed I have no idea what if anything I downloaded. My thunderbolt said download successful. Anybody know what that means?

    • GlowingMoose

      Yeah, that was the .pdf with with the instructions for installing the update when (or if) you get the notification that you can download the update. There are two .pdf’s one has the instructions to install the update and the other had what was in the update. You can view them by either navigating to it in a file browser or you can download the adobe reader app (pretty handy actually) and it will collect (much like the pics do) all of the .pdf files on your phone into an interface that you can browse through. Sorry I know you were hoping that you had the update. I hope this info was helpful though.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I am having some issues with my Tbolt. About once a week my phone will not let me into my text messages and I have to restart my phone in order to fix this. Once the restart is complete it will lose all of my text conversations. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t had that particular problem yet. I do however have an issue where my txt message app will just go really really slow, when im using it then it causes the whole phone to go extremely slow. Then I had another issues where when i would click on a recipient in my inbox to send/reply to a message it would auto populate a old message that i had composed in the past, this eventually cleared up on its own, but very very annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing wrong with my bolt, patience is the name of the game if you wanna keep your sanity…

  • Hilarious stuff. Kudos to Verizon for keeping the Thunderbolt true to its roots!

  • Mike

    this wedding is horseshit!

  • Guessing this is because the leaked RUU had so many reboot issues, they need to get a fix on their kernel.

    • Anonymous

      Thats exactly what I was thinking, but that RUU leaked so weeks ago, why would they even advertise they were going to release an update if they knew there was reboot issues… ahhh… silly verizon. I wanna smash this phone!

  • Barlog

    Anyone who thought they would be getting an Android update from Verizon, on or even close to the day it was said to be released are flat out kidding themselves. After owning the Droid Eris,OG Droid, Droid X and now the Thunderbolt. I’ve learned my lesson on getting my hopes up for any OTA update 😀 Verizon never has nor will they ever be able to release anything when they say. Pretty sad really that such a huge company can’t get it right after sooo many tries :-/

  • Anonymous

    so i have the thunderbolt and i have to say…. 4g lte is incredible compare to verizon’s 3g network. i downloaded a new ROM for my wife on her droid and man is the market slow for downloads! unbelievable……

  • John

    this has become expected. sad but true

  • Anonymous
  • Godfrey2009

    I’m done with HTC. I’m going to the bionic in June!!!

    • assuming it comes out.

    • Wait, so your reaction to a phone update that is delayed for the Thunderbolt is to go to the Bionic that has been hyped so much at CES and nobody knows when it is coming out?

      • Godfrey2009

        No, the thunderbolt is complete sh!t. Very slow and laggy. Bionic will be out in June.

        • Anonymous

          I agree.. HTC and Verizon really dropped the bomb on this one.. It seriously seems like every day I experience a new and very annoying problem every day with this Thunderbolt, I thought that the Dinc was such a perfect phone and I didn’t want to get rid of it but i wanted to have that larger screen and of course the 4G, but boy I wish I would have just waited it out a bit longer. Hopefully this update will release soon and resolve all of these problems. 🙁

  • Interpol818

    Come on Verizon so disapointed.. That droid charge is looking very tempting. I say verizon should credit our bill $1 perday unstill the update gets release and $10 per day everytime 4g goes out. Never had so much problems i love the Tbolt but to much PEDO with it..

  • Terd

    Just received an email that VZW is rolling out Gingerbread!

    • Terd

      Oops – my mistake – the email was from my mom – Victoria Zelma Wilcox – she’s rolling out the dough to make her famous gingerbread cookies. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

    • Terd

      Oops – my mistake – the email was from my mom – Victoria Zelma Wilcox – she’s rolling out the dough to make her famous gingerbread cookies. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

  • Anonymous

    I dare you to name one thing about the Thunderbolt that hasn’t been delayed.

  • ugh. I guess I am staying tuned for CyanogenMod 7.

  • d-roids

    Ur kidding right…… Wow Verizon… Just wow. U know what big red what exactly haven’t u screwed up on the LTE phones????

  • H8

    The Verizon link is just useless. No helpful info at all. H8!!!!

  • ugggg yeah I’m sure if every TBolt owner’s monthly payment was “delayed” it would get interesting lol

  • el_R

    I saw the headline THUNDERBOLT and DELAYED and I had a heart attack. I think I have PTSD from the thunderbolt release disaster.

  • Anonymous

    If it is anything I have experienced. It’s random reboots and very bad battery life due to the CDMA radio.

    • M Burton

      My tbolt was doing the same vzw put the update on my phone it don’t halp

  • I’m on phone with Verizon support right now and they say that the OTA has not been pulled. I think its a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing, but this is what they just told me

  • Anonymous

    OTA update ETA’s: Harder to find than a picture of Bin Laden’s corpse.

    • iLLyTree


  • Anonymous

    Why do they even bother announcing release dates at all?

  • WindedBison

    Can anything in the world of android EVER be released on time? My god whether its phones, updates, accessories, everything is always getting delayed. These companies need to get their sheet together.

    • Anonymous

      It seems that Verizon tends to be the absolute worst about releasing anything on time too…

    • Rjmjr72

      i couldnt agree more..the fact that Gingerbread isnt available is redilucous! the fragmentation on android has gotten pathetic…phones still being released with only froyo..

    • Coaster36

      Everything would be released on time if you didnt read this blog. The release dates for android developments is perfect for the normal people.

  • awkward

    Just notice I have 4g here in Indianapolis. 10mb down … 2mb up.

    • Mdburton11

      What part of indy

      • awkward

        Downtown near 70 and 65 north merger.

    • Ace87

      Did it just start today? Are you inside 465?

  • Mawurks5

    There are no details on the support site.

  • wisconsinrules

    Got 4G LTE for about an hour here in Madison, WI. I was able to do a speed test and got about 10M down and 3M up.

  • Anonymous

    skip it and give me gingerbread dammit. 😛

    • MOTOX

      lol, didn’t u read my comment! 🙂 lol

      • Anonymous

        i did. after i wrote mine. 😛 great minds think alike. 🙂

        • MOTOX

          🙂 lol.


    explains why no one got it…hope it rolls out soon again…possibly with gingerbread, skype, and netflix pls?…possibly better battery though mine’s fine…

  • )v(urphy

    Of course it is….

  • Harrison

    my damn Thunderbolt won’t even hold a 3g or 1x connection all day. been like this all week. piece of shit phone, should have kept my X.

    • Godfrey2009

      I wish I would have too

    • did you switch to just 3G?

      • Harrison

        switched to 3G only and still no data service at all. was working great up until about 2 weeks ago.

  • jd

    “Support site” lol. Didn’t see this coming.

  • Chasm31

    I’m getting deja vu here…

  • Don’t care because it wasn’t the Gingerbread update.

    • I don’t care about the update being delayed either, but that’s because I’m rooted and running BAMF 1.6 Remix, so i have no battery issues.

      • DanSke

        How are you liking it? Is it a stable build? I’m rooted, but I’m sorta ROM shopping at the moment. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

      • I really haven’t felt like rooting it yet. I rooted my OG Droid but there’s not a lot I’m missing here other than Gingerbread. I might root it eventually but right now, the process is just unappealing to me to have to go through.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    the support site is no help

  • Anonymous

    There are more LTE issues today? Mine seems fine.

    • DBEvans

      Same here – my 4G signal has been fine (2-4 bars) ever sinse coming back up following the nationwide outage Wed or Thurs last week.

      I should glance through the forums more often I guess … I only seem to do that when I have a problem to see if others are experiencing the same.

  • because they realized it still hasnt helped battery life. i went from 9am till just now, 2:50pm PDT on my stock battery. my phone just died. it sucks. i live in LA so i have 4G and have all my sync and push services enabled. my OG droid would have easily gone till 8pm

  • because they realized it still hasnt helped battery life. i went from 9am till just now, 2:50pm PDT on my stock battery. my phone just died. it sucks. i live in LA so i have 4G and have all my sync and push services enabled. my OG droid would have easily gone till 8pm

    • Anonymous

      Your OG droid has a 3.7 inch screen and no LTE radio, referencing it when talking about the battery of the Thunderbolt is completely irrelevant.

      • Tell that to the Droid Charge…2 days on one charge, LTread reviews before posting bad rants.

        • DanSke

          If your referring to the review that was on DL, it got 2 days off one charge due to being on WiFi and hardly being used. The screenshots showed it all.

        • Alwayshtc

          who cares, the charge is gay. its still samsung and their crappy customer support.

          • The charge has a sex? Does it like other men or other women? Or are you just using a term for a group of people in a derogatory way because you are ignorant?

            I’m guessing you are around the age of 13? Would it be ok if referred all HTC phones as “Jewish” or “Black” in such a manner?

          • Anonymous

            Calling a phone jewish would be funny, but I agree, calling a phone gay is pretty stupid.

          • Anonymous

            Gay used to mean happy. Words change meanings, you don’t have to be offended.

            Ask yourself, what was he trying to say:
            A) This phone is stupid
            B) This phone is a homosexual person
            C) This phone is stupid like a homosexual person

            (Answer is A)
            (By the way, why are you criticizing the 13 year olds, are they somehow lesser than the rest of us?)

          • nerdkill

            I love how people try to make others look stupid by pointing out that it is impossible for something they called gay, to in fact be gay. I find these people to be very gay.

          • nerdkill

            Are you calling Jewish people shitty? Because if so, then yes I’m starting to feel that my Thunderbolt is getting a little Jewy.

          • Shucks

            Get over yourself.

          • Mike
        • Anonymous

          I read the review, I understand the review for the Charge is claiming better battery life. But he was comparing the Thunderbolt to the Droid, the Charge was not a part of the discussion. But now that it is, SAMOLED screens use about half the power LCD screens use. So before you swoop in to be the hero, stop, because you aren’t one.

          • okay while i agree the much bigger screen will take up more battery life, there are still 2 issues i have. first being that the droid still got TWO TIMES the battery life and the battery is smaller. meaning i could power a 3.7 in screen twice as long, meaning i could run TWO 3.7 ” screens for 6 hours.

            putting that aside and agreeing that the screen DOES take more battery life the fact the LTE is a battery drain is f-ing BS. LTE uses spectrum more efficiently and should be able to pass data along more efficiently. more imporantantly since LTE is deployed on 700MHz instead of the 1900 MHz EVDO, it should have better building penetration and thus better signal at 700MHZ thus requiring the radio to use less power to hold a signal.

            HTC did a really crappy job of writing their radio code and their RIL. that is why this thing has perfect 4G one second and drops it the next and cant find any signal till you reset your data connection.

            sorry bud but i dont think you can argue with my on the physics of how the radio and spectrum works. HTC just cant write radio code for their life

          • Anonymous

            I never said the Thunderbolt’s battery was acceptable, I have one, it sucks. I was just saying that it wasn’t a good comparison.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            LTE isn’t the problem here… it’s a buggy Proximity Sensor… which is supposed to be fixed in this update…

    • jdanz

      I disabled push on a lot of stuff I just don’t need pushed. My battery life on Tbolt is stellar. Plus I get a consistent 4G connection in Atlanta.


  • Not first.

  • Not first.

  • Thunderbolt update delayed… but my payment to Verizon sure isn’t. #devilsadvocate 🙂

    • Anonymous

      What’s worse is that we pay 30$ per month or about 1$ a day for data, but we won’t get that when they were out for a day. For many of us, 3g and 4g were down.

      • Mr.Joe

        OH NO!

        Now you can’t get that burger from the dollar menu =(

        • me

          It’s not about the cost, but the principle. You pay for something that is unusable.

        • Anonymous

          How would you like it if you payed for the burger, but then they decided not to give it to you?