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Official Android 2.3.4 Update List

By now you probably know that Android 2.3.4 will be popping up on Nexus S and Ones over the next few weeks, but other than the update including Google Talk with Video, we weren’t really sure what else would come along for the ride.  Well, thanks to our friends at Google, we now have the list which details those “bug fixes” for the N1 and NS.

New feature: video chat in Google Talk

Previously only available to tablet users on Android 3.0, Google Talk with video and voice chat is now available on Android phones running 2.3.4 that have front-facing cameras, starting with Nexus S. For more information please see our blog post:

Bug fixes for Nexus S & Nexus One

– Phone shuts down or reboots: a very small percentage of users reported this problem, which is fixed with the latest release. (Nexus S)

– Wi-fi & 3G icons both indicate active: for anyone who saw this strange behavior in your phone’s status bar, it should now be fixed. (Nexus S)

– Battery life: some users let us know that their batteries didn’t seem to be lasting as long; battery life should be improved for these folks. (Nexus One)

– GPS location/navigation: some Nexus One users who noticed location and navigation problems after updating to 2.3.3 should notice improved location accuracy. (Nexus One)


  • varma123

    wow great news for me, i am glad to visit this blog.


  • Claude_F

    Android version 2.3.4 was pushed onto my phone yesterday…
    had I known better, I would have refused it.  I lost the keyboard dictionary and I lost the
    ability to dictate text.  Prior to this
    upgrade, I could easily dictate text to my phone and it would recognize 95% of
    the time and convert to text.  When it
    failed, I used the keyboard to type and with the excellent word suggestions feature
    (in English at least); it was very acceptable (not too hard to type somewhat long text)  Now that I lost these two features it makes
    my life extremely difficult… I wish I could revert back to my previous android
    version.  Currently NOT a happy customer

  • Thatoneguy

    They forgot to tell us they would make our screens look like they put a layer of piss on them

  • Anonymous
  • Greg

    OG Droid for android 2.3!!!!!! Who is with me?

  • romz

    no offense but i come to DROID life for droid news. AMIRITE????!?!

    • Mr. Joe


  • So, when will it come to the DROID Incredible 2?

  • *yawns*

  • When will I get this on my Droid X? HHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding.

  • Anonymous

    Boo! All of us who would like to use Android in the enterprise, and need WiFi Proxy settings are disappointed yet again. Issue 1273 (http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=1273) has been hanging around at the top of the list for over 2 years now and Google HAS DONE NOTHING about it. Not even an official response or explanation.

    • Yeah I’m not sure why Google has been so slow in enterprise solutions. They really need to step enterprise development up.

  • Mr.Joe


    Give us another android update that no one get till October!

      • Anonymous

        When did you phone update? When did the push begin? Great to hear, thought the OGs were being left behind!

        • Mr. Joe

          Read the tweet and the username.

          Mr. Peter Alfonso is one of those crazy Rom devs.

      • Mr. Joe

        I was kind of talking about android 2.4 or whatever is hitting the cellular telephones next.

    • So Google should stop developing just because manufacturers and carriers can’t keep up? I think this shows how critical it is that we move away from subsidized phones and more toward Nexus phones.

      • Mr. Joe

        Sorry there Jer, but you didn’t get it.

        I WANTED an update, and I WANT to wait till October to get it.

        Also the Nexus S funking sucks and the original Nexus is way to outdated.

  • MOTO…LOCK BL…slow update…555…

  • x2 on lovin’ that white NexusS… wonder if it will be an option on Sprint with their ‘4G’ version (as with the white EVO) …??? Do I dare lurk to wimax…

    • I wish Sprint had LTE right now too. Wimax has horrible building penetration compared to LTE but that probably has to do the with the spectrum Sprint is using. Verizon needs a Nexus device already! It would sell like crazy.

      • i concur wholeheartedly…

      • xyzlene

        best homer simpson impression… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm white nexus yumm

      • But then how would they lock down the phone? I loved my DX, but my Nexus is just so much nicer being totally stock. When will telecommunications companies quit locking everything down?

  • and the moment someone starts cooking up some nice custom roms based off of this is the day i root my thunderbolt

  • zdroid

    That title is misleading….I was looking for a list of phones that would be getting it.

    • Me too.

    • Jboogie1289

      DItto. I’m more interested in when the T-Bolt will be getting it’s upgrade, and NO……June is not good enough. But I’m not surprised that the Google Nexus lines would be first and I’m ok with that…..for now!!!!!

    • Mr. Joe

      Nexus and Nexus S.

      Hell, god only knows if the phones will get 2.3.4. Our luck they’ll get like 2.3.2.

      • Well these upgrades seem to be N1 and NS specific other than Talk, which I’m sure will be ported to other devices soon thanks to XDA 🙂

    • Jarrough

      i knew it was a long shot, but i agree… misleading.

  • I thought GChat Video for phones was going to be a definite announcement held off for I/O. I’m excited for what they have in store there now!

  • Anonymous

    Really diggin’ that white Nexus S.

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      Dirt magnet.

  • guest