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Verizon Plans to Discontinue 1-year Contracts Effective April 17

The bad news seems to be pouring in from all angles these days, doesn’t it?  According to the above document, Verizon will remove the option for customers to sign 1-year contracts effective April 17th.  Why on Earth would they do such a thing?  Well, because very few customers seem to ever choose 1-year deals, but more importantly, this will “streamline” the contract process and help reduce customer confusion.

It’s always nice of Verizon to help us decide what we want by removing choices.  Like when they eliminated 1-year upgrades and the NE2 program, cut out rebates, and tightened up warranty replacement rules, they were surely thinking of us, right?  My life feels super streamlined these days; thank you Big Red.

This will not affect those that are currently on a 1-year contract until their contract runs out.  From there, you will have the choice of a 2-year contract or a month-to-month.

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  • Filmillinois

    After my current 1 year Verizon contract is done I will now be porting out to AT&TMobile. I just don’t do two year contracts any longer. Verizon just shot themselves in the foot im afraid.

  • Dear Verizon: If you want to streamline your process and eliminate confusion, don’t take away 1-year contracts… make a 1-year contract TWELVE months, and a two-year contract TWENTY-FOUR months – not ten and twenty, respectively.

  • Michael

    Hmm, if they keep this up and AT&T buys T-Mobile, I might seriously consider switching over to AT&T!!!!

  • for those who are like me and are angry enough to voice you opinion to verizon here is the number to the executive office 1-212-395-1000. I have already emailed EVERY executive that is listed in the corporate contact us page and have recieved 2 emails regarding the emails i have sent request a contact number in order to solve the issue. I suggest if you are truely upset about this lack of customer care as i am then email, call do something. WE WILL NOT GO UNHEARD!!!!!
    so far 2 emails recieved return email are
    western area sales executive: [email protected]
    CEO Dan Mead: [email protected]

  • My theory is that now that high end devices have been out awhile you can get cheap high-end devices on ebay or craigslist. Verizon wants to try to cut down on the secondary market for handsets by eliminating the ability to switch phones every year. They can keep inflating the price for phones, cut down on the number of handsets for sale on the secondary market and remain more profitable by locking people into longer term contracts.

  • Mike T

    First they started requiring data plans for all smartphones, and I didn’t speak out as I had a Blackberry.
    Then they doubled their early termination fee, and I didn’t speak out because I’ve never terminated a contract.
    Then they did away with NE2, and I didn’t speak out because my last phone was purchased used off Craigslist.
    Then they foreshadowed the end of unlimited data plans, and I didn’t speak out because I don’t use a lot of data.
    Then they did away with the one year contracts, and there was nothing left for me to be optimistic about…

  • Anonymous

    I’m done with VZW bs from now on I’m going month to month as long as they keep changing their policies I’ll never sign another contract with them!

  • Robvanwinkle

    Verizon Go F Yourself!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is too bad I’ve been with VZW for many a moon now,and it is unfortunate that I will be forced to goto Spring to get an upgrade every year…At least I can get an Evo 3D… 🙂

  • nikon d300

    Do you guys expect to buy a new computer every year?

  • nikon d300

    Do you guys expect to buy a new computer every year?

  • Anonymous

    Just curious, when will Verizon bring in the 10 years contract? Lol

  • Maybe it is time to switch to T-Mobile? If thats the case, I really hope the deal with AT&T falls apart.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon you suck BIG TIME!!!


  • Freygrimrod

    Well the EVO2 looks better every day…

  • Two years is a long, long time. Unfortunately the manufacturer price for a handset is set based on a pricing model that assumes carrier subsidies, and the carrier prices are set based on pricing that assumes subsidies are included. Do away with the subsidies so I can pay less for my handset, less for my service, and not be tethered to a multi-year contract.

  • Trophynuts

    this is a good reason to just save my money up and buy at full retail.

  • Vzw: go f yourselves.

    I will no longer purchase any contracts through you… month to month only.

  • Anonymous

    I knew this was coming soon, but hoped they’d hold off until after the t-mobile merger…

    The reason they don’t sell a lot of 1-yr contracts is that it isn’t intuitively the best choice for newcomers. They see the larger discount for the 2-yr contract and go with the cheapest option. They usually don’t consider whether or not the phone will last 2 years because let’s be honest, you had to literally break a flip phone in half to make it unusable. A smartphone breaks a lot easier and becomes out-dated within a year.

    The month-to-month option is just too risky to me. If I want to leave, I’ll have to buy another phone. If I could take my DX to Sprint or AT&T (blasphemy, I know) then it wouldn’t be so much of a problem but if you hypothetically bought it w/o the discount (mo 2 mo) then there’d be a disincentive to switch carriers b/c you’d be spending even more to buy yet another phone.

    Lose-Lose situation as I see it. Oh wait, Verizon wins big on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Boost is looking better and better…

  • Anonymous

    This sucks cause im pretty sure 1year contracts would have been next and from now on for most of us.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… and we REALLY want AT&T to buy T-Mobile? Less choice, higher prices, and more restrictions. NO WAY. Call or email the FCC. Eff you Verizon. I guess I will buy my phones at full price now. Two years is TOO LONG!

  • Kuba1313

    maybe next you’ll get 3 year contracts like Canada

    hee hee

  • Anonymous

    I am rather ambivalent about this. I will always have a cellular phone and I normally keep a model two years or more. I LOVE my DX and I’ll drive it another year no problem. I’ve never signed a one-year contract. If I ABSOLUTELY need to have a new toy, I’ll ante up the $$$ to purchase it outright. I love Verizon service. If they piss me off (like several other carriers have) I’ll fork over the early termination fee and move on. This is really not a big deal to me.

  • Anonymous

    I am rather ambivalent about this. I will always have a cellular phone and I normally keep a model two years or more. I LOVE my DX and I’ll drive it another year no problem. I’ve never signed a one-year contract. If I ABSOLUTELY need to have a new toy, I’ll ante up the $$$ to purchase it outright. I love Verizon service. If they piss me off (like several other carriers have) I’ll fork over the early termination fee and move on. This is really not a big deal to me.

  • Inavernus

    How many of you bought a TBolt at 1yr pricing? A Xoom at 1yr? Just curious. Why when listing prices on this page,do they always say “xxxx” available at 2 yr pricing on “xxxx” date? Because it is an extreme rarity that customers choose 1 yr pricing and everyone knows they want the phone for the cheapest amount possible. I understand losing an option, but 95% of wireless consumers dont even realize they have that 1yr option. People only get in an uproar when something is taken away from them,and its even more ironic that they didnt know it was available in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      I got the TBolt on one year for $220 – I figure if I don’t like it anymore in Dec/Jan I can then change. But so far it has proven to be an awesome phone/upgrade. Also, I got my original Droid on 1 year plan back in 2009.

  • Anonymous

    That sucks, both my original Droid and TBolt were one year deals – I figure I will be able to change in December if I want to which is why I go with the one year deal. Well, the TBolt has turned out to be an amazing upgrade for me and I really see it as lasting me a very long time – phone rocks!

  • Anonymous

    The only silver lining is that Verizon has not come out with any significant new phones since last July/August with the DX. 4G is a big scam. Even if you can get 4G the battery drains so fast the phone has to be constantly plugged in. Otherwise, I still see no reason to upgrade my DX in the next 6 months.

  • Thank god I just signed a 1 year with the thunderbolt cause after that verizon can kiss my A$%, my fiance and I are peacing out ,probably to Sprint. Verizon thank you for being the phone nazi once again 🙂

  • Jawshua

    Haha people have to argue. As of know there are like two comments, and one of them has 49 replies, of course the one about Apple versus Android. Damn that’s sad….

    I just wouldn’t have the energy nor the remote want to beat an issue to death that accomplishes nothing except taking out your life frustrations anonymously. I don’t even have to look at those replies to know it’s just more of the same “hey my dick is bigger”..” no! My dick is bigger!”

    But yeah, it makes me sick with how much they keep taking away. It sure would be nice if the majority were well informed like most people on here. Then they could voice their distaste about all the recent cuts that Verizon has stupidly made, and hurt them where it counts, their bulging wallet.

  • Ron Paul 2012

    It’s like BAIT AND SWITCH.

  • Considering this, any chance the Droid Charge comes out next Thursday? I’m really tempted to jump on a Thunderbolt for 1 year at $229 before this goes into affect.

  • Anonymous

    OMG…thank you VZW. I was SO confused!!! Now it’s all simplified for me. I should drop the pants now then??

  • drinksprite

    wtf! i didn’t know they had 1 year contracts!!! gahhh

  • Wow Verizon…I am glad I got my one-year contract for the Thunderbolt right before this happened. In July 2012, you better rethink your business strategy or else I am out.

  • RedValley

    the average users dont even know that they have 1 year contracts so really its only a small portion of ppl who are going to be tripping about this. oh well i am good with a 2 year plan i dont mined a phone is just q phone right? be sieds i bet this is just temperearly just like the date fee for feature phones they had a whiel back and the $15 data plan they had for smartphones. lawl

  • Larry

    If they are going to do this, they might as well go all the way. Since we’re getting no New every Two, No One Year Contracts, No rebates, why don’t we get rid of 2 year contracts as well, and let us buy our phones at full price. However, since we will be paying full price, Verizon, get your slimy hands off of our devices and don’t even think of adding any “recommended, useful” apps we may want. Oh, and also, tell the manufacturers to get rid of their God awful skins, be they MotoBlur, Sennse UI, Touchwiz, or Crap on a stick and instead, since we are paying for our devices at the full price, give us Stock Android!

    While you are at it, and since we are paying full price, you also need to stop charging us for an unlimited data plan, and $20 for tethering per month, because we are using the same F’ing data we are paying for, only we are using a built in feature of our stock UI android devices, so yeah, don’t even think about adding that crap you call VZW tethering app, to our devices, or that equally horrid VZW Navigator. If you want us to carry them, how about you either pay us for helping you advertise them on our devices, or make them free on the market and see how it goes. While we’re at, we also don’t need a phone line and a data line, we only need smartphones with VOIP. Do all this, and we’ll meet you half way and accept your new choices.


  • Anonymous

    I’m switching to Sprint when my contract runs out. They’ll have LTE by then as well, so no loss for me.

    • Exactly my thought, first by getting rid of the new every two and now by nixing the one year contract, Sprint is looking more and more like my next carrier

  • Jcampbell474

    Why does everyone think that this has anything to do with Apple!? Verizon carries many more phones than the iPhone. The language of business is dollars and cents. They make more money from monthly voice/data plans than they do selling handsets. They want to lock everyone into two years of more profit. Plain and simple.

    Next, if the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile goes through, VZW will no longer have the largest customer base…but locking in folks via 2yr contracts sure helps retention /churn.

    Lastly, they say that 1yr contracts are a small amount of their customer base. I believe it because of the 8yrs I’ve been with them, 6 of them I had to call customer service to get my contact corrected. I have only done 1yr contracts and the salesmen act like it is so rare, almost taboo. They push everyone into into 2yr contracts because their commission is better. In the early days they would sign you up on a 2yr knowing that you wanted a 1yr…just to get the commission.

    Overall, this is disappointing news. Great new phones come out every 4-6 months and they are taking our choices away. It’s actually a fundamental disregard of customer satisfaction. I’ve been with big red for 8yrs because of the network. But having to use a phone that’s a generation or two behind definitely makes the compromise of a few dropped calls appealing. Hey VZW, GOOGLE’s open stance has worked pretty good, wouldn’t ya say? Pay attention and stop being so greedy. Who is the 2nd best network? We can jump ship, boost their customer base/revenue, and watch VZW get swallowed up in a few years. Ahhh, that would be beautiful

    • Anonymous

      wtf? are you high? you would go to a 2 yr contract anyways because ATT DOES NOT HAVE 1 YR CONTRACTS either….shittier support, gsm calls are hacked easier, and plain and simple….tiered data so your technically paying more….so sure, you jump ship, ill but off contract on verizon.

  • Greg

    Gotta keep up with AT&T/Tmobile merger. Especially since nobody is really got their eyes set on Sprint..

  • They just wanted to save ink on all the price tags.

  • GB_Texas

    VZW is starting to look like AT&T now… cant find a difference in them anymore… so the only thing for Verizon now is what ? coverage ??? Dependable connections ??? pfftt… again, they are like AT&T… some how that unlimited Sprint Plan is getting better and better looking all the time…

  • GB_Texas

    VZW is starting to look like AT&T now… cant find a difference in them anymore… so the only thing for Verizon now is what ? coverage ??? Dependable connections ??? pfftt… again, they are like AT&T… some how that unlimited Sprint Plan is getting better and better looking all the time…

  • Kierra

    Verizon doesnt give a goddamn anymore. They see us suckers still paying .*Shaking my fists at big business

  • Anonymous

    While this no doubt sucks, the fact is there is a shade of truth here; far more people sign 2yr vs 1yr. Tech crowd here is only a sliver of the 90 million customers they have. That’s not a reason to do away with it, but it is true…

    For all of you claiming to be running to Sprint, good luck to you. WiMax is a joke. I’m sure you’ll be back.

    • Yes, wimax is a joke, but they are already upgrading to lte and by this time next year, when my contract is up, I’m going to sprint

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but you can’t beat my no-contract plan on Virgin Mobile for 25 bucks a month. “Unlimited” data and texts, and 300 minutes… Now if only they’d get some better phones than this LG Optimus V…

  • Mpstar32

    VZW, you’re breaking my heart here. How much more do you expect us to take? Anyone here have an idea as to how we can somehow protest all these restrictions? Can we use DL to fight this? Can we formulate a petition or something here? I’m not saying that it will change things, but at the least our utmost discontent will be heard. What do you guys think? Kellex?

    • Rousellbrandon

      Discontinue VZW….

    • DBK

      I think at this point nothing short of a class action lawsuit would change anything. But with so little to really base it on, it would be easier to unlock the Droid X……

  • Bigwayne325i

    While the move to sprint may seem like it would scare Big Red into backing down, the truth is that most people just want a phone and don’t really want to hassle with switching carriers. For the tech junkies like us who desire new tech on a regular schedule it hurts. For the rest it wont really matter. And who is to say that the currently “open” carriers wont follow suit. We only have so many options. What happens when there is nowhere else to turn?

    • Bigwayne325i

      What i meant to say was that i don’t think that the majority of people will run away on this one. Big Red won’t see the hit we expect them too from a mass migration of unhappy people.

    • Anonymous

      pretty much said again…yah….only what are all the blogs….together…engadget, droid life, android central, phone arena,…couple others maybe, 20 thousand people….thats what i pretty much think…i see a couple thousand here and there so….not much affect….and many still get 2 year or buy off contract like i do….
      just a question…doesn’t att not have 1 year plans also?

      • DBK

        That’s why most are planning on jumping to Sprint.

        That’s what I’ve been saying. We are too small a community to matter to Verizon. If we all jumped ship now, they would loose around 30,000 customers, max. A number they could easily make up by the end of spring (and most would be regular customers).

    • Anonymous

      At that point, the anti-trust laws start kicking in. There will always be a carrier that will compete by doing things different than the others. If they all start operating in lock-step, that’s a sign something illegal is happening.

  • If they keep this up, I’ll be looking at Sprint when my contract expires.

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious? I might want to have sprint now

  • Anonymous

    This a complete and utter FAIL in ever sense of the word. If this is true, FU Verizon.