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Dancing Android Returns, is Still Awesome Even in Malaysia

He’s back!  The dancing Android that took over the interwebs just two weeks ago is still jiving to the Xperia Arc beat only this time in Malaysia.  We’re still trying to figure out why he’s rockin’ a Miss America sash, but we’ll let it slide this time around.

Taking me higher, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigher….  


Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Hey you, girl in the front. Yes, you with the blackberry. I bet you’re getting an Android device after that.

  • How does he bend his arms! He can’t have shoulders that wide!!! MY MIND IS BLOWN!

  • Anonymous

    @1:40 they straighten out the sash. It says “Sony Ericsson” on it.

    he had better moves last time 😉

  • YourMomsTwaht


  • EC8CH

    Disappointed… he didn’t even do the robot once 🙁

  • The350zWolf

    Android has some awesome moves…ha, although it must have to suck to be inside that costume :^)

    • Jawshua

      What costume?!

  • jason w.s.

    reminds me of wacky inflatable flailing arm man or whatever its called, lol

  • Anonymous

    Ohh, Happy Happy Joy Joy “P

  • Geronimogman

    so is that a real person in there or is it all just a robot?

  • Anonymous

    I need to get me one of these outfits and show up outside the i*hone 5 presser!!

    • Anonymous

      Not going to lie, that would actually be so cool.

  • DroidzFX

    dude is good

  • AnothaMexican

    They should bring in the “peanut butter jelly time” banana and have a dance off!! That would be viral gold.