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Fring Announces Group Video Calling Limited Beta – Sign Up Now!

The Fring team just announced a beta version of their app that will allow you to video call with a group of friends and is inviting you to sign up if you have a video chatting-capable phone.  They plan to invite a “limited” number of people to test this new app out, so cruise over to this form immediately and fill it out before all of the spots are full.  Then be sure to check out the new group video chatting in action below.

And a reminder to Thunderbolt owners – don’t forget to grab the beta version of Fring that works on your phone from this post (non-group-video version).


Via:  Fring

  • pari

    tell me plzzzz how can i use fring on my pc and how creat a account on fring plz plz

  • how can i create my account on fringe…?

  • walidpirzada


  • Sweetpirzada


  • Arshedsidiiqi


  • Imrannajafi


  • Gondaliqbal


  • Sha Mughal4ever

    guys how can i sign up for fring??????

  • Zakariyaep


  • Anonymous

    Don’t sign up for the beta… they are collecting UDID or IMEI’s so they can get a list of rooted phones!

  • Dan Mazz

    There is way too much required information for me to even go through the effort and sign up.

  • AnothaMexican

    Does Kellex know SPB Shell 3D is out in the market?

  • Jmantucca

    Does this work with the xoom?

    • malik obaid

      hi samin i m obaid

  • DroidzFX

    I see some virtual orgies happening

    • Anonymous

      Hence the name… F ring… 😛