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Verizon’s 4G LTE on the HTC Thunderbolt, What Speeds are you Seeing?

If you picked up an HTC Thunderbolt and live in a 4G LTE area, I’d love to see what sorts of speeds you are seeing while using the SpeedTest.net app.  As you can see from the shots above, many of our readers are seeing out of this world upload  speeds with some very impressive download marks as well.  You almost have to think that the SpeedTest.net app is broken, because these numbers are mindbogglingly good.  Any chance that Verizon uncapped the uploads on purpose after finding out that AT&T is capping theirs?  We’re not sure, but we’d love to see your numbers!  Feel free to drop them in the comments.

Cheers ____!

  • Tr_8301

    Baltimore Md.

    35.14 – down
    9.58 – up

  • Anonymous

    So Verizon says 7 to 15 MBps or 7 to 15 Mbps?

  • Anonymous

    oh crap, that changes things. not so impressive now….


    In the Seattle Area, I’m getting download speeds of 17 to 25 mbps.

  • Forshtr

    Liking my Thunderbolt 4G LTE phone with Mobile Hot Spot. Soon, i will no longer need to pay the 45$ for home internet. 18 Mbps down 15 Mbps up. Gotta love this new capability.

    Runs laps around my Comcast….

  • San Diego – 4-6Mbps download (a bit disappointing) and 21-31Mbps upload

    • John

      I’m in San Diego, downtown. My speeds are mostly similar, maybe a little better on the download part. Interestingly enough the 4G downloads are way better than when connected to my WiFi.

  • Donaldsontim

    I live in MN, and this phone is fast. My results: Download=2392kbps and Upload 24337 kbps

  • Hello all. The Speedtest.net mobile version is incorrect. if you Hotspot to the device and run from your PC You will get the results below.

    Download speed
    Upload speed

  • Reg8667

    23759 down 18159 up….I can live with that!!!

  • StevenC.

    When using tethered mode and testing on the test equipment in Lab, the TB DL throughtput can reach to 70 Mbps upper. It’s pretty cool….

  • StevenC.

    Suggested to try SpeedTest via Browser but not the embedded application. The applicaiton is crazy for UL….

  • rmy

    Chicago loop 8.97dl 4.52ul
    West suburbs (oak park) 18.19 dl 28.96 ul

  • NYCLawyer

    I know it’s a little off topic, but I was at dinner last night with a friend and his wife, and she insisted that her i*hone 4G was a 4G phone.. I showed her the speed of the T-bolt, and she said that the speedtest was a fake, and that she was told that the i*hone was really 4G. I asked her why the wireless only said 3G, and she said it was because where we live is not a 4G area for ATT.

    At least she is cute.

    • StevenC.

      i*hone is not 4G device, it only supported 3G, that’s for sure.

  • thedoctor

    twin cities minnesota, i got 11Mbps download, and 24Mbps upload

  • Anonymous

    The upload is 40x faster than my home broadband connection, and the download is 2x. Tethering my desktop to my phone for better speed? Wow. My upgrade is soon, so it looks like I’m replacing my Inc.

  • Dterr41958

    Yea !! Right the battery life sux!!!

  • Mike

    I ran the test 4 times and got an average of 11MB/s download speed, and 35MB/s upload speed. Browsing, image searches, and watching movie trailes in realtime over the internet finally are as fast or faster than on my home computer with a cable modem.

  • this jesus’ phone. i got it yesterday at 10:00 Am and can’t stop touching it….the phone i mean

  • Anonymous

    Denver, CO

    SpeedTest App
    12.88 Down
    29.88 Up

    Tethered SpeedTest Website
    5.08 down
    1.74 Up

  • The speedtest app is NOT working for download speeds on this phone. I get the same numbers everyone is getting for the speed test app. But a better way to judge the speed right now is to start up the wifi hotspot, connect your laptop and run the speedtest.net web app. I am getting: 17Mbps down and 8Mbps up. Which is right on par for it ‘should’ be.

  • John

    My speed is great but my battery life is pretty bad. Completely gone after just under 4 hours of moderate use.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, those are some insane speeds. Latency is a little high, but still that is higher Mb/s speed than the majority of home connections.

    If they could get the latency down a little bit that would be good enough for home connections.

  • Sjtilney

    Let me clear up some confusion Mbps=MegaBits per second. MBps= MegaBytes per second (watch for the capitalized “b”) Make sure you guys are doing the math right on this. That screen shot says 23.62Mbps (Mega BITS per second, NOT mega BYTES per second) 23.62mbps is equal to 2.95 megabytes per second. (Divide the megabits per second by 8 to get the megabytes per second)

    • Geedee82

      no shit dude…

  • Silentrunner05

    My high download was 13mbps and my high upload was 23mbps and I am in Balto Md…