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HTC Rep Confirms Thunderbolt March 17 Launch Date? (Updated)

Hello, Imran Shahid.  You appear to work for HTC as a regional sales manager and have just tweeted some very sweet words.  March 17 as a launch day for the Thunderbolt?  That is exactly what we wanted to hear from someone who we would assume would have some legitimate knowledge of the situation.  Not that this date is new to anyone who has followed our hypebeasted coverage, but we like hearing additional confirmations.

Update:  Tweet from Imran has already been removed.  Whoops!

Seriously…someone make it all stop.

February 14, 17, 24March 3, 10, 17, 18, 21.

Cheers @antroyd!

  • Chris
  • Sickofthunderboltrumors

    I just confirmed with Elvis and Bigfoot that the Thunderbolt will actually release on HTC’s new cell service available in 6G, but only on the Moon.

  • Ajames217

    The thing that I don’t get from all of the people that are pissed is Verizon never set a release date. It would be justified if Verizon set and missed all of the rumored dates but they didn’t it’s all been Bloggers speculation. The phone will come out when it comes out until then just use what you have.

    • Anonymous

      THe reason for the backlash is because BB took preorders feb 6th saying that the phone would be available on the 10th, then the 14th, then who knows when…. Did Best Buy just pull these dates out of thin air?

      Come on man… use your head, and the the phone that you just have.

      • Ajames217

        You are proving my point, BB took pre-orders not Verizon. Until Verizon says “The release date will be…” the phone ain’t coming. Personally I’d rather that they take all of the time that they need so that I’m not a Beta Tester.

  • Sdouglas3673

    I looked on linked in… no imran there…

  • Anonymous

    I just saw a t-bolt in the store. It was right next to the purple unicorn which was goosing a leprechaun with its horn.

  • Charlesmalanowski01


  • Anonymous

    March 18, 24, 27, April 2, 12, 18, 23, June (2012)…. and it goes on….

    • Anonymous


      • Tim242

        You mean Bluronic?

  • BoltMan
  • BoltMan
  • BoltMan
  • Littlejiggia2003

    Im so sick of hearing about this damn phone im just stick too this droid x I just got as a warranty replacement until vzw and htc make up there damn mind and I don’t I even want it when it does come out so X it is….



  • Guest4321

    The 17th will come and go just like all the other dates! I will believe a date when Verizon states a date and it’s in the stores

  • Chris Nimon

    Wheres Tato? Isn’t it your birthday today?

  • IwannaSeemore

    click if you are sick of all these web sites telling us incorrect TB release dates. Anything to get us to click…

    • Hoot352

      You and one other person. Looks like you 2 are alone. The rest of us enjoy these updates.

  • Anonymous

    Now HTC is getting into the hypebeasting game.

  • Anonymous

    This phone whether you like the specs or not has received more attention and hype than even the moto atrix 4g. i’m not even buying this phone and i’m like release it already

  • Skyskoc

    Dear Imran Shahid, Please clean out your desk as we here at verizon have big plans and your no longer part of them.

    VZW managment

    P.S. Leave your ID badge at the guard gate.

    • So how exactly does Verizon fire an HTC employee? Just askin’.

      • Anonymous

        See, there you go, using logic again… 😉

      • Dodgesityballer

        LMAO! good one

  • pass

  • d-roids

    omg!!! omg! omggggggggg!…………….. i dont care. i so sick of hearing about blunderdolt. as i said b4, please jus move along. im so sick of hearing about the HTC p.o.s. talking about the same thing over and over is not making it any more appealing. in fact its making it rather unattractive. so droid-life please, please, please move on to the other 4g phones. or talk more about these new android tablets. anything other than this. android is moving up and is this HTC thunderbolt, a phone thats been delayed and has been reported with a myriad of problems really worth paying $299. count me out, im gonna wait this one out. HTC thunderbolt…. i pass

    • Anonymous

      It turns out you don’t have to read articles you aren’t interested in.

  • Fresh

    Just got off the phone with my mom… she said the Thunderbolt will be releasing March 17th as well. She doesn’t work for Verizon, or HTC, or Best Buy… but she does have a motherly intuition… and at this point that has about as much reliability as all these random sources.

    • Cwpit81

      Lol Nice!

    • IwannaSeemore

      WOW that was you calling when we waz in the middle of the dirty? Dang sorry bout all the noise…jus playin

    • Anonymous

      Mom is always right!

  • Charlienesh505

    A friend of mine that works at best buy said today a rep came and told him its coming out next Thursday , and its gonna be 300 bucks

  • michael

    I think after all this waiting, we should all expect the features of the phone to be the same as the EVO in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg

    • michael

      upcoming verizon commercial: “the HTC thunderbolt. it f***king prints money! still glad you decided to get that Droid X instead of waiting?”

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’re talking about the LG phone!…lol

  • Hoot352

    Click like if your getting the thunderbolt. Reply if your getting something else. With what device your getting.

    • Bionic…there’s a reason why the TB has been delayed and i’d rather read about it than experience it first hand.

      • Raptor007

        There is a reason the Bionic has been delayed too, Moto can’t get their stuff out the door.

        • Really didn’t know that because they announced the xoom’and it came out on the date, moto dont’play games when they gave a release date it will be out watch

          • lol the Xoom wasn’t fully released….

          • they released it too early…clearly

          • Tim242

            Boy…seriously? That piece of junk is missing so much…you crack me up.

      • it’s called 4G pricing…

      • IwannaSeemore

        There may be a reason but VZ sugs an egg for putting all them commercials and telling me every day its come “any day now” for like a month, That is wrong. My cell phone is so old it has rotary dialing…dang I need a new phone, YA FEELING me son?

        • Gsotak1

          Rotary, LOL You sound like me, with my Razr, that is being held together by a small piece of tape.

    • ieatapples

      Bionic. Motorola=WIN.

      • IwannaSeemore

        Right now I’d settle for a McDonald’s Quarter pounder meal

        • Rachel

          LMAO! I am planning on getting the TBolt, but I’m going to wait at least a week to see everyone’s “reviews”… 🙂

      • Anonymous

        moto = “winning”

    • IwannaSeemore

      and click your HEELS together 3 times and say there is no place like home if you believe it will be out the 17th

    • WhizCaLeafAhhh

      I’m canceling my phone line and getting a Moto Xoom once there are more apps in the market and it comes pre-installed with the 4G radio. With Google Voice, 4G data plan, and a bluetooth headset, I now have no reason to waste $85 every month on a phone.

      • You can’t make phone calls with Google Voice without a plan. Believe me, I have my old Droid with no service and the only way I can make phonecalls with it is to jump through hoops with a 3rd party SIP account, an app called SIPDroid, rout it through Google voice, and use another app called GVoice callback. It is too unreliable for everyday use, I just did it to see if I could. People say all the time that they would cancel their plan and only use wifi, but what about if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere with no wifi for miles around, what would you do then?

        • Ivan

          Fring is an option.

    • BIONIC not the thunderfail

  • i’ve seen it…it’s glorious

  • Anonymous


  • FortitudineVincimus

    I have never seen it in person, but I already hate the Thunderbolt. All these ******* endless ******-******* date changes and ******** ********** erroneous *** *** update are ******* pissing me the **** off


  • lol at least his last piece of information he shared was thunderbolt news. best start looking for a new job Irman

  • David

    im so close to going to tmobile for the nexus s since its 99 bucks,hopefully it does come the 17th

  • Anonymous

    shoot me now.

  • Thetruth1016

    This is all so funny. I will believe it, not even when Verizon announces a release date, but when I actually see it in the stores. By then I will probably have the droid-x or will wait for the bionic.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone even know for sure if that guy actually works for HTC? Seems like a pretty simple way to screw with everyone following this device.

  • Hoot352

    This is the most optimistic I’ve been since the whole Thunderbolt Debacle. I better get one of these d*mn phones on the release date. I just read a post that the Ipad 2 sold out day one and that it’ll be 2-3 weeks for new shipments to come in. Crossing my fingers, dotting my eyes, and waiting in at the door on the release date.

  • noiphonealldroid

    its actually back up again… hope this is true

  • BodyMarks

    I’ll believe it when Best Buy calls me to pick it up!

  • PirateGoon

    Who cares? The Thunderbolt is an underpowered POS, and will be left in the dust once the Bionic arrives.

    • Danford884

      except the TB has more RAM than the Bionic. RAM= Speed. The dual core will be nice for gaming, but I’m not getting my phone to play playstation games. the TB is definitely not “underpowered”

      • Anonymous

        Yea, but the Bionic has DDR2 RAM versus the TB’s RAM. So the Bionic actually has faster RAM. 🙂

        • Hoot352

          From what I’ve seen is that more RAM is better than faster RAM. 512 MB RAM vs. 768 MB RAM.
          Thunderbolt wins.

          • Mr.Joe

            So you’d rather have 4GB of DDR RAM in your computer versus 2GB of DDR3 then?

          • Crappyalloy

            Good thing these phones are hardly computers then, Hoot352 is correct

        • Crappyalloy

          They had to have used the DDR2 RAM for its laptop mode (like the Atrix, which the Bionic is said to be getting)

          DDR2 will provide lower power consumption, thats it people

          • Crappyalloy

            …lower power consumption while in phone mode. Speed increase (marginal) in laptop mode, afaik.

      • DBK

        Bionic DDR2 > Thunderbolt DDR

        • IwannaSeemore

          DD DUHHH!!!!

      • Craig

        512 of DDR2 is more than sufficient. Ram in a linux style OS is not needed like it is in Windows. It uses it’s ram very efficiently, and does not require massive amounts.

    • IwannaSeemore

      man get rel and read the fine print kid!

    • Tim242

      The Bluronic is not all that. Have you seen the benchmarks comparisons?

  • viewthis66

    “someone make it all stop” is right… good grief.

    • Bigdaddy5150

      I am with you 100%!!! This s**t has got to quit!! My father-n-law had to buy a htc incredible today. He washed his voyager (I know…right) and couldn’t wait another day. Dammit! Now he and my kids g-mom won’t be able th video chat with my kids…thanks new fussy-ass LTE hard to sync up with a phone and make work network!

  • Charlesmalanowski01

    My friend works at vzw and an HTC Rep was in today showing them the phone and gave the official release date of March 17th. Sent me pics of the phone and erything. Yayyyy.

    • put pics online!

      • Lord_20_bucks

        Yes need pics or it didn’t happen

        • Charlesmalanowski01

          Soon as I get done work ill put it. Promise.

          • Charlesmalanowski01


      • IwannaSeemore

        yeh thats right PICTURES..and I don’t mean of phones see….

    • IwannaSeemore

      woot…woot…BS alert…woot…woot
      Once when I was at band camp…..

  • Dshudson

    I’m going broke between XOOM an now Thunderbolt lol.. But I will be in line.. Thank god I still have a new every two still waiting before they did away with it..

  • Uraloser

    So the Guy who runs droid-life wont use a single Droid branded item…xoom not a Droid nor thunderbolt…lol what a joke this site is

    • Danford884

      Glad you wasted part of your life to be a douche. Don’t read/post if you’re not interested. People like you piss me off.

      • it seems i always miss the trolls. they always get removed before i have the pleasure of viewing them.

    • Fredy

      This site is for Android and Droid things it says so on the description of the site

  • michael

    Imran does not appear to be aware of the fire he’s playing with….

    • Anonymous

      I think he does now. He deleted that tweet already. 🙂

      • michael

        too late, can’t delete pandora’s box Imran! what have you done!

      • you can delete tweets but not screenshots 🙂

  • Blackmannx

    When pots of gold…… panda knowledge…

    • Anonymous

      Panda does know all.

    • Mrpicolas

      But does the panda know diddly??? No only Bo knows diddly… lol had to to good to pass up

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Faster the Thunderbolt comes, the sooner the Incredible 2 comes. 😉

    • U Mad?

      Have fun with your 3g

      • Anonymous

        Yea, cause I’m going to run out and get a $300 phone just because it has 4G that I won’t be able to use for another 8 months or so. I rather pay $150 – $200 for the Incredible 2, which is basically the Thunderbolt minus 4G. One year contract with that will do me just fine.

        • Danford884

          A one year contract will cost you more than $200 for the Dinc 2, but that phone will still be sweet, especially since they upgraded the screen from 3.7″ to 4″

          • Anonymous

            Well technically $220 – $290 then. 😛

            But the Thunderbolt is near $400 on a 1yr contract. That’s insane.

          • Yeah I agree 400 on one year contract can’t just if that at all

  • Mike

    I’ll believe it when we hear some official word from Verizon.