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How to: Wireless Tether a Motorola XOOM to a DROID X

Many of you probably already know how to tether your phone to your brand new Motorola XOOM, but we wanted to make sure that the whole community was covered and whipped up this quick guide.  It doesn’t get much easier than this, folks.     


*Note* – If rooting and unlocking the bootloader on your XOOM is something you are not comfortable with, feel free to skip steps 1 and 2.  Those were just added as quick reference links for those looking to root their device.

1.  (Optional)  Unlock the bootloader on your XOOM. [Instructions]
2.  (Optional)  Root your XOOM. [Instructions]
3.  Root your DROID X using z4root.  [Instructions]
4.  Download Wireless Tether from the market and install it on your DROID X.
5.  Open Wireless Tether and tap the green WiFi button to start it.

6.  On your XOOM, open up your WiFi settings and look for “AndroidTether.”

7.  Tap on “AndroidTether” and then tap on “Connect.”

8.  Watch it connect and enjoy being tethered from your DROID X to your XOOM!

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.

  • Ryan Surge
  • Chuckroid

    Wireless tethering works as bout as well as a lead zeppelin… Wow!! I’m tethered… can’t barely read email with it, but I’m tethered… LOL

  • slappynutz

    I dont have a tablet. Im still waiting on the four core ones coming.

  •  I have the tethering app  (in fact I have tried 3) and the Xoom can see 2 of them and can connect to them but after I do so the browser, facebook, twitter etc. do not work.  What could be the issue?

  •  I can connect to Droid x WIFI when tethering from Driod x but cannot access the internet or use facebook twitter etc…. with the Xoom after. What could be the cause of this?

  • Indysent

    I cannot find the Wireless Tether in the marketplace. Alternatively, I downloaded Barnacle wifi tether to my Droid X, which creates an ad hoc connection. I can connect with my laptop to the the 3G network, but when I try the same with my XOOM, it recognizes the network but will not connect because “this device is not set up to receive an ad hoc connection”. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

       Wireless tether no longer in marketplace due to restrictions from Verizon.  You can search for it online, and then side-load it if you want it still.  But Verizon might send you a notice 🙂

  • Diamondrmp

    This doesn’t work unless the phone is rooted!

  • djembeman

    I’m you all know by now but….
    Droid 1 rooted. WIFI Tether app. Start wifi tether and change to Bluetooth tether mode. Pair Droid to Xoom via Bluetooth. The connection will show a wrench on the Xoom, click it and select tether. Worked great on the Xoom I tried it on at the store. It took like 3 minutes to do.

    Also, I thought it was reported that all you have to do is Bluetooth pair a Droid X to a Xoom and without needing to root either device, you can use your Droid X internet on your Xoom.

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  • ck out this cool video i found on the web of using tethering while watching live tv anywhere. youtube.com/thewebmogul

  • I been using tether for 2yrs now and this is old news. Windows phone 6.5 already has this app for 2yrs now.

  • Bob

    Works perfectly with the Xoom Wif-Fi only model from an HTC EVO.

  • Problem connecting my Xoom with any wireless tether. Using a HTC Hero:
    Mod ver 2.3.3
    Baseband ver
    Mod cyanogenmod-7.0.0-rc2-heroc
    I have installed both Wireless Tether & Barnacle. Each of these programs will connect to my desktop, 2 laptops, and a IPad 2 with no problem.
    When I attempt to connect to my new Xoom “wifi only” neither tether program will be identified by Xoom while scanning (BTW the Xoom connects to my wireless home router no problem). If I add a wifi network manually it will show on the list with either “not in range or not in range, secured with WEP. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

  • Jerome

    If I do this will it incur chargers with my cell phone company?

  • Wikowsky

    Suddenly my “3G HOTSPOT” works too, andd oes not require me to contact Verizon to purchase extra service.
    Was this supposed to be THIS good?
    Will Verizon know that this “3G HotSpot” option now works?

  • Wikowsky

    This is SOOOO COOOOOOOL! I had to interrupt, reboot and run again. Works GREAT!
    Thanks so much!!!