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Motorola XOOM Torn Apart, 4G LTE Upgrade Should Be Super Simple?

The iFixit crew wasted no time tearing into the Motorola XOOM and confirming that it indeed sports a Tegra 2 along with every other listed spec, but that’s not the story here.  When we broke news that the the 4G LTE upgrade for the XOOM would take approximately 6 days, the internet caught fire and people seemed genuinely disappointed in the news.  While we’ve known since CES that the device would have to be shipped back to Motorola for the upgrade, most people wondered why it would take almost a week?  well, iFixit seems to be wondering the same thing and points out that almost any seasoned tech should be able to perform it…

A seasoned technician can perform this swap in less than 10 minutes. Heck, a donkey could probably pull it off in less than two hours. We have no idea why a customer couldn’t just go to a Verizon store and have on-site representatives enable 4G on the spot, just like they’re able to transfer mobile contacts and perform other activation procedures.

And who knows, maybe Moto and Verizon will get together and train their crews on how easy it could be to upgrade this little guy.  After all, they have about 90 days to get everything in order.  Or maybe this was part of their agreement?  It wouldn’t surprise me if Verizon said, “If you [Motorola] want us to release this device early?  Then you are responsible for updating it.”


Via:  iFixit, Daily Tech

  • Zzwhale

    quite honestly I WOULD RATHER HAVE A DONKEY do the upgrade than the local verizon store sub human protoplasmoids

  • Jon

    I just played with a Xoom at Verizon store. It’s amazingly smaller and lighter than the iPad. I really like it. I’ve been exposed to Honeycomb on my Nook Color, but the Xoom ran it so smoothly and effortlessly. Everything was really great.

    I think I’ll wait till prices come down though.

  • Wmsco51

    How about how much it cost to make it now that they broke it down? (how expensive plastic is)

    • Chris Nimon

      yeah, dont they usually give us a parts to price comparison?

  • Danny

    I’m sure the reason why this upgrade can’t be performed in stores is because of liability. If an installation goes wrong then Verizon, not Motorola, will be to blame since it’s their employees performing the installation.

    • DBK

      I thought one could do it at a Service Center? That’s what was being reported and I haven’t heard or read anything to the contrary…..yet.

  • 2ceedz

    Yesterday the law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius filed a trademark suit with the US District Court for the Northern District of California (where Xoom Corporation is based) against Motorola Mobility and affiliated legal entities, asking the court on Xoom Corporation’s behalf not only for a permanent injunction but also for a “temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction”. Should that interim relief be granted to Xoom Corporation, it would disrupt the launch of Motorola’s iPad competitor, which runs on Honeycomb, the latest (and tablet-optimized) version of Google’s Android mobile operating system.

    Xoom isn’t holding anything back either in its attack on Motorola:

    Motorola’s alleged trademark infringement is described as “willful and intentional conduct” for which Xoom Corporation believes to be entitled to “treble damages”.

    So is this about making a quick buck? Mueller doesn’t think so:

    A company of that nature and stature is less likely than a smaller one to file a suit against a major player like Motorola only to make a quick buck in exchange for dropping a pointless complaint. It’s possible that Xoom Corporation really wants Motorola to rename its tablet computer and wouldn’t settle even for a check over several million dollars. Xoom Corporation may want to defend its exclusive use of that brand

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure what this post is doing under this article, but I wanted to respond. Intellectual Property is very interesting, because it’s not as cut and dried as “you took our name without Permission. Motorola (almost?) certainly performed a trademark search before deciding on a name. You are allowed to share the name of a product as long as there is no likelihood of confusion. Xoom.com is apparently like an unknown Western Union, allowing you to send money from one place in the world to another. Kind very different than a tablet computer.

      Remember Apple Corp. vs. Apple Corps. They originally settled because Apple Corp. made computers and Apple Corps made and sold music. The Steve Jobs started selling Music. Uh Oh….(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Corps_v_Apple_Computer)

      Bottom line is that it will be resolved either through settlement or the courts will make a decision, and the lawyers will make some money,

      You say “it’s possible that Xoom Corporation might really want Motorola to rename it’s tablet computer”. I disagree for a number of reasons: First of all, before the tablet ever existed, who has ever heard of Xoom Corporation? Yeah, right. Motorola is raising awareness of Xoom Corporation like never before. That is worth $$$ right there, unless Xoom Corporation didn’t want publicity, The lawsuit really just furthers that, and between forcing Motorola to change the name and giving them some bucls for each unit sold, which do you think the Xoom Corp. shareholders really want?

  • Anonymous

    Think about it, every unit that’s upgraded to 4G is going to cost them money. If they make it really easy, almost everyone is going to do it. By making people send in their device and be without it for 6 days, not many people are going to bother, more profits for them…

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, how many Moto techs does it take to perform a 10 min swap to 4g LTE??? Priceless

  • Mojo S.

    This may be a stupid question, but I can’t find an answer anywhere. After upgrade, will you still be able to connect to 3G when 4G is not available?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. In the absence of 4G, 3G will be used. It’ll just be slower.

    • DBK

      The 4G hardware is able to utilize the 3G network as well. So the answer is yes.

  • Yep

    TThank God they do not have us wasting time upgrading in store …6 days without your precious tablet … go see your doctor get some meds and 6 days won’t seem so bad….its bad enough we don’t get a dime if its purchased at retail if we had to deal with the upgrade instore I would tell customers that the xoom came with a guaranteed HIV virus for the end user

  • Tesseract 3

    I’m still debating whether to even get it now, or wait for a wifi only version. It’s really killing me, any suggestions?

    Also, one other thing that has been bothering me is netflix support. I know they are supposed to get it to snapdragon processors quickly, due to DRM issues or something. But is there any indication that they are working at all to bring it to devices such as the xoom that have nvidia tegra 2 processors? It would be really cool if I could stream stuff from my netflix account (at some point in time) from my xoom, if I were to get one.

    Would have got one discounted last night, and screwed waiting, but by the time I got to my computer, the discount had been disabled, boo.

    • Anonymous

      “It’s really killing me, any suggestions?”

      What’s helped me is knowing that I’ve been fine for 28 years without a tablet computer. I can wait another 6-12 months to buy the next generation. By that time they will have worked out and hardware defects that pop up in the next few months. Maybe even have some of the manufacturers selling on their own instead of being dependent on carriers to do their marketing, meaning wifi models at launch. Also, there will be more than one option later on too. You’ll have more than just Motorola to choose from(a plus for me).

  • Mr.Joe

    You really needed to have NSFW on here.

  • There is nothing in this thing, what makes it so heavy?

    • mistahorner

      The battery

  • K.AuthoR

    What exactly does the upgrade entail? Just swapping an antenna for the LTE-capable one?

    • Anonymous

      Swap antenna, small software update, and install SIM card.

  • Calumnium

    Well although sening it in is going to be kind of a pain in the ass I suppose I’d rather have motorola do I it than verizon. I also learned when I bought my xoom that when you send in your xoom for the 4g upgrade that they send you back a whole new device that’s been updated to 4g. Thought that was interesting

  • Cmendezd

    I don’t care about what the Xoom looks like inside! I just want my custom theme Friday back! Cripes!

  • Anonymous

    Nice, can we remove the processor and install it in our OG Droids 🙂

    • I’d rather install more RAM. 900 MHz or 1.0 GHz is plenty for me, I’d just rather have 512MB RAM.

  • spudger they need spudgers

  • Maybe it takes 10-20mins to do the swap but it takes time to ship it to Moto, process all the incoming shipments, get it to a tech, have the process done, get it repackaged, get it labelled correctly, get it shipped back, etc.

    6 Days doesn’t sound that bad to me, that’s pretty good turn around time considering it gets shipped both directions.

    If you took it to a VZW store and it took them 6 days to do it on-site then that would be a different storm IMMFO.

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re giving Verizon reps too much credit. I’ve seen some of them have the hardest time transferring contacts. I do not suggest giving them any sort of tools. They’ll only hurt themselves.

    • LionStone

      It’s not really a matter if Vzw has the capabilities, because if it’s just a matter of plug n play they can do that…When I went to see about taking out the mobile connect in my hp mini, that he couldn’t do because it was hardwired into the unit. So I just left it as is…time for the xoom. So must be some stipulation with Moto…

    • Does anyone remember the days when they had those Solectron guys actually doing soldering work on charging ports and what not back in the day?

      • Teabling

        Yes I do remember those Solectron guys, I was one of them. I still have my potato sack colored shirt too.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know that I’d trust someone at a Verizon store to install an SD card. They’re trained in sales, not the tech.

    • DBK

      The Service Centers are different. They are not your general Verizon store and the peeps there are not you normal brainless reps.

    • Anonymous

      They’re also really good at installing task killers.

    • : (

  • Aaa

    Huh? 6 days is for shipping to and from location

  • Are people really bitching about 6 days? SIX DAYS? Get a life folks.

    • Anonymous

      Hank, do you see the irony in taking the time to tell people who are complaining to “get a life?” Six days may not be a big deal. However, I can tell you that when I have a to leave my phone outside of secure facilities for few hours, I really miss it. Maybe I need a life, but I think you should lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    Some people have too much money….:/

    • Anonymous

      Web sites sometimes get them donated or for a discount. I’m pretty certain these guys took it apart without damaging anything too.

  • Anonymous

    They could just doing proper expectations. Figuring a single day to turn it around and shipping back should be no more than 3 days. Then you promise a week so you don’t over commit, smart. Smarter would be to handle it in store. But since that’s not happening I’m sure they rather return it to you early than late. Or their just lazy…

  • DBK

    Or you could just bring it to a Verizon Service Center (not a general Verizon store) and have them do it right there. Unless that changed.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like watching a brand new car get crash tested…

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I’m pretty sure they can put it back together and be fully functional. This isn’t the first device they’ve taken apart.

  • Skyskioc

    damn it missed being first by that much

  • not first