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Tip: Save 25% OFF a $799 Motorola XOOM Without a Contract (That’s $200) (Updated)

Update:  The coupon code has been fixed at Motorola’s site since it was allowing people to order discounted XOOMs when it should have just been discounting accessories.  The good news is that Motorola reached out to us to confirm that they will honor all orders placed before the coupon code was pulled.  A ton of you received one heck of a deal.  Might want to tip your glass to Moto tonight.


This might be the deal of the century right here people.  If you want to pick up a Motorola XOOM and pay just $600 for the non-contract version (the $799 version) then follow these steps immediately.  This is not a scam, not a joke, but is absolutely the real deal.  And if you just purchased one from Best Buy or Verizon, you may want to consider returning it to save yourself a couple hundred bucks.

So how is this possible?  With the Chad OchoCinco News Network (OCNN) 25% off coupon code of course.  If you remember during the Super Bowl, OCNN was giving away 25% off coupon codes for the Motorola store and they aren’t expiring until March 15th.  And guess what?  You can use them on a XOOM.

Coupon code is:  OCNNSB25


Apply that code at checkout and you are golden.  I do want to point out that the device is showing currently as “unavailable”, so you’ll want to continue to watch it hoping that they release more.  Oh, and you can apply this to your accessories as well.

If for some reason that code is no longer working, try registering at this site for a new one.

All credit goes out to XDA member Droid.Modr for this one!

  • Riciriki

    Thanks guys , just to let you know you saved me about 300 dollars, can’t thank you enough, my brother works for Motorola and he pointed me here, so thanks, Luv Ya.

  • Master O’Disaster

    Bummer! It’s not working at all now.

    I was planning on holding out on the XOOM, but a deal like this was too hard to pass up.

    And, it passed me up.

  • Onthvurg72

    FYI: As of 2/25 1230am this code does not seem to work anymore.Dont know if they caught the mistake or what? But thanks just the same.

  • Onthvurg72

    FYI: As of 2/25 1230am this code does not seem to work anymore.Dont know if they caught the mistake or what? But thanks just the same.

  • Can I please get one at the discount price Motorola???? PLEASE????

  • Got mine for 641.49 cents. Can’t wait to get it!!!

    • Gee thanks for rubbing it in, hope you enjoy it. I am trying to get over the fact that I missed this, I always check droid life and when it mattered most, I missed it.

  • Masroor60

    I think under 500$ is very reasonable….if they really want to fight with ipad 2

  • Masroor60

    still not working for me …:-(

    • It’s dead, we have to wait and see when Motorola is going to pull their head out of their a– and release the wifi version.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Moto, can’t you see how many of us want a Xoom at a reasonable price. I would be on my Xoom right now instead of my poor droidx.

  • Jmart8684

    I am interested to see how many people actually used this code. I got it mine in time, so I’m happy. Hopefully, if a large amount of people did use it, Moto may consider releasing a WiFi only version sooner, and a Google Experience (Vanilla Android, no blur, easy bootloader unlock) phone yearly.

    • Yeah right, they’ll probably wait longer on the WiFi version just to recoup the losses from tonight.

      • DBK

        Unfortunately, that’s most likely what’s going to happen. It’s almost like Moto refuses to learn……

        • I think so too, I hate to say it, but if they want to compete with apple, they need to think this through better. If not this thing is going to flop like the galaxy tab.

          • DBK

            Agreed. That seems to be the direction they are headed in. Too bad, because it really is one beautiful device. If only they would realize that by reducing the price a little it would sell a lot more than at the price it is selling for now and they would easily make up the difference and still meet their profit expectations. I guess “getting rich quick” trumps all.

  • Man I can’t get over how I could miss this! This is crazy but, I didn’t see this coupon post precisely because I was out checking out the Xoom at Verizon. I won’t be able to sleep tonite because of this!

  • I was right their, clicking order and boom. Chrome crash. Never again will I order anything in a beta version of Google Chrome again.

    • DBK

      Wow. I bet the sailor in you came out swinging.

      • It wanted to, but I was at work. Im sure it will tomorrow when I’m stuck shelling out nearly $900. Stupid 9.3% sales tax.

  • Anonymous

    Holy smokes! I’m excited. I refreshed DL right when this post went up, clicked the link, and ordered within 30 seconds. Stupid part is I have one coming from Wirefly tomorrow. What to do, what to do…

    • Anonymous

      Can you just refuse delivery??

    • DBK

      Give it to me. 🙂

    • Ill give you 500

    • DBK

      501 🙂

  • I bet Motorola will be thinking about lowering the price really really soon once they see how many tablets they sold on launch day because of the ridiculous price. Don’t worry guys that didn’t order it on time(like me) give it a couple of months, this thing will be down at least $100.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. Motorola, you should see how many units you sold at this $200 “discount” price and realize that $599 price tag is probably the the only way to dominate the market (to me, a lower price is much more effective marketing than giving a gold version to all Oscar nominees). Especially, it seems that iPad 2 doesn’t have a SD card slot nor a upgrade on the screen resolution!!!!

      • Yeah, I’d love to see the number of tablets that sold with this coupon, LOL! I bet motorola is going to s–t their pants!

  • DBK

    Congrats to the lucky bastards that were able to benefit from this. Guess I’m waiting for the WiFi-only version.

  • Anonymous


    Instant karma for holding out on the WiFi only model, MOTO!

    • DBK


      Karma – 1

      MOTO – 0

  • Anonymous

    Lucky b…..s, if this was the normal price this thing would be flying off the shelf, and id be typing my comment on my Xoom instead of my damn droidx.

  • Mario_romero

    Dammit! Nice job to those who jumped on it!

  • Zaire2005

    I returned mines to laggy.

  • Jbjork70stpl

    Doesn’t work anymore. Good luck if you got an order through!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I bought mine when I did. They can’t cancel them since it was a mistake on their part.

    A few years ago, my brother bought a TV from Best Buy’s website after he saw a thread on a forum showing a mistake in their system. The TV was supposed to list for $1,499, but online it listed for $499. He snatched one up, and an hour later, the price was fixed. This was on a Sunday, so even though the transaction didn’t go through until Monday when the banks opened, they had to honor the deal and he got a 42″ Samsung LCD TV for $499. He sold the TV a week later on craigslist and payed his mortgage and car payment with it.

  • Still pissed, I was about 20 minutes late!! DAMN you Motorola, just put the WIFI only version out already, at least give us a release date!!

    • hkklife

      No reason to toast Moto for this being being so overpriced in the first place. Now, if they simultaneously announced a $200 permanent price drop for this model and also announced the release date soon for a $500 wi-fi model, then I’d be toasting them. Until then, get ready for the Xoom to flop about as hard as the Galaxy Tab.

  • greg

    Code doesn’t work, please take down this article so everyone doesn’t have to go thru process just to get to coupon code and get rejected. Not worth $800, worth $599 though, sigh.

  • Anonymous

    I got mine in about 4 hours ago when this article was first posted and I still haven’t received an email saying it was cancelled or anything. In fact it said the order was shipped already.

    • Chris C

      i ordered about 4 hours ago … mine hasn’t shipped yet … i’ll check again in the morning … can’t beat 3g/4g/wifi xoom for 600!

  • Parrotheadmjb

    I’ll take this to mean that our orders will ship, but of course the coupon is dead from here out

    “If you registered for a Super Bowl promotion through http://www.motorola.com/ocnn
    you received a coupon code for 25% off Motorola accessories, valid until March 15, 2011. Due to a programming error, the code was inadvertently redeemable for products beyond accessories. This error has now been corrected, so it shouldn’t work going forward.”

    • Anonymous

      Where did you see that? I followed your link but didnt see it.

  • bbbbb3

    Pissed I wasn’t able to get in on this in time…

  • Lj3372

    Okay it I’ve tried ten times and the code does not work. Not sure how you all got it to work?

  • Jimbo

    status: shipped Febuary 24, 2011. Expected arrival March 1, 2011 – March 2, 2011.

    Don’t screw me over now Motorola

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

  • Anonymous

    yup.. invalid code

    damnit, I can’t believe moto didn’t just make the unsubsidized price $599.99 this thing would have sold out

    • I know I would’ve been waiting in line if that were the case.

  • Johnqg7

    Better not cancell my damn order!!!!!! ill hate you forever motorola if you do!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    Does the xoom has full HDMI out, like a PC.. when you plug the xoom into your TV via HDMI does it output the entire display to your TV like you would expect with a computer?? if it does I am replacing my laptop

    I want to hook this up to my TV and use the bluetooth keyboard to surf on my tv from my couch

  • Lj3372

    The code didn’t work!

  • Anonymous

    motorolla removed the coupon code? thats GAY. I got all excited, as the tablet was now the price in which i could buy it. Because of your assholish ways, im never going to buy a Motorola phone from you EVER AGAIN

  • Grassmoney

    Just goes to show what the price should have been.

  • Yeah, I tried and tried and no luck. Lucky for the guys that got one. I chose the perfect time to not check on droidlife, I usually check the news every half hour or so, DAMN IT!

  • Anonymous

    I just went to bestbuy to check one out.. I’m buying one, omg the thing was sick.. i’m selling my laptop for it

  • Tim Howardson

    i was gonna order like 5 of them tonight and sell them. code doesnt work anymore. sad….

  • Xbrockfletcherx

    Didnt work for me either someone want to try my credit card on their account to see if it will work

  • So my status already says shipped. Anyone else have shipped under status

    • Yup, quite a few.

    • Anonymous

      Mine does.


    use code: FREESHIP to get any type of shipping for free.

  • Unconsciousflo

    Code not working for me 🙁 I registered and it gave me the same code!

  • Jsmol00

    Looks like if you made the purchase fast enough it went through. My order is already processed with the payment already showing up in my online bank statement. Only thing is I was not able to add the free gel case to the cart upon purchase, so I will just have to call tomorrow and get them throw that in as well =)

  • SoClose

    Promotion code was never meant to work on the XOOM, but they catagorized the XOOM as an accessory on their site not a “Phone” so code applied to it.

    They have since revoked the code.

    I had an order in when code worked, got an email receipt confirmation of my order. Then got another email half hour later saying my order had been canceled.

    When I called in they said order had been canceled due to it being “out of stock and order unable to be fullfilled”. Then when I called back a guy explained to me that code being applied was a mistake. Will be interesting to see if other folks do indeed get their cheep xoom.

    • Sdk_1052

      I also tried but the amazon site said code not recognîzed. Plus I just bought the xoom at verizon and they said the xoom has a$70 restocking fee. So looks like I am sticking with my original purchase.

      • Kevin

        yeah, it just turned down my code too.

    • Anonymous

      Liking this to get it up in the list. I hope everyone who ordered actually gets their Xoom. Don’t be too surprised if they end up cancelling as many as they can before they process to shipping. For PR sake, they should just let those orders go.

      • Anonymous

        Good job on Motorola for honoring the price. “SoClose” You should contact Motorola with your confirmation email to see if they can still send you one.

    • Waiting for cheap XOOM

      They haven’t cancelled mine yet. If they do, aren’t they guilty of bait and switch?

    • Billy

      No offense but I think you’re lying. Usually one person pops up on a forum and makes a bogus claim with no one else experiencing the same thing to support him. I haven’t received a canceled email yet. Although I am expecting to get one saying “sorry we made a mistake, here is a 10% off coupon for any accessory in the store.”

  • Anonymous

    Oh well ill guess ill just use my 20% coupon

    • Frstsaxman

      please share the coupon code

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could I get it from my job

  • Anonymous

    I hope this deal sticks around until the end of the month, because I really want it for that price…

  • Anonymous

    I hope this deal sticks around until the end of the month, because I really want it for that price…

  • Mike_NY513

    damn it all to hell……owell…..need to wait it out

  • Mike_NY513

    damn it all to hell……owell…..need to wait it out

  • Deserteagle706

    Ok i am seriously debating if i should get this. I just need to know if this will work in the next few days to see if i have the money for one. I know the coupon says valid till 3-15-2011, but i dont know if moto will change the xoom from being eligible to use it. Do you guys think i will be able to use that coupon code in a few days?

  • Deserteagle706

    Ok i am seriously debating if i should get this. I just need to know if this will work in the next few days to see if i have the money for one. I know the coupon says valid till 3-15-2011, but i dont know if moto will change the xoom from being eligible to use it. Do you guys think i will be able to use that coupon code in a few days?

    • Deserteagle706

      Damn its not working any more. I even put down my email for a new one, buts its the same code anyways. Sigh and i was actually going to get it at that price. Thanks to tax returns. If it starts to work again let me know…

    • Anonymous

      absolutely not. It’s already revoked.

      • Deserteagle706

        The coupon is already dead. Damn was going to grab one also.