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LG Revolution is Verizon’s First to do Voice Over LTE, Demoed Next Week at MWC

The current setup for Verizon’s 4G LTE network lets users make calls on 3G and use data on 4G, but all that is about to change.  Big Red, according to reports, is readying a demo for next week at MWC using the LG Revolution that will show off Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) for the first time.  VoLTE will allow 4G phones to finally make calls and conduct video chats over the “web” which should results in higher quality conversations.  This technology is essentially the future of cell networks.

And since the Revolution will be the demo unit, it’s expected to be the first 4G LTE device to utilize the technology and should be available some time in the first half of this year.  We got our hands on it at CES and thought it was a solid device, but without a Tegra 2 powering it, it’s hard to think that many will skip the BIONIC for it.

Via:  CNN, Phandroid

  • Scottholstein Sh

    So can I ask (honestly without being smart-alec), why would one take the Thunderbolt over the Bionic? The Thunderbolt is not tegra 2 either? I would like to choose wisely. Can someone speak intelligently about that choice?

  • Anonymous

    So will this also be on the htc thunderbolt?

  • pezjono

    This is essentially VOIP over your mobile data line.

  • Jawshua

    Wow calls over the web? I hope there is a lot of security because I bet someone will find a way to hack peoples calls. Goodbye privacy.

  • After reading this, there’s no way I want the thunderbolt. Ill just wait for the bigger and better phones!

  • After reading this, there’s no way I want the thunderbolt. Ill just wait for the bigger and better phones!

    • Anonymous

      Have fun waiting forever.

    • Anonymous

      Have fun waiting forever.

  • Mr. Joshua

    Isn’t this the same phone that the Netflix app was spotted on?

  • Mr Carteratl

    everyone is screaming i want tegra 2, i cant wait till you get your tegra 2 phones and get locked into those 2 yr contracts, next yr tegra 2 will be outdated, a phone is a phone, dont bash.

  • Ace87

    Will all 4G phones be upgradeable to VoLTE?

    • No.

      • pezjono

        Says who? Couldn’t it be added in a software update since that is all it really is?

    • johnsdabeast

      I hope so, I would think it would just be a software update.

  • Anonymous

    Any advantage of voice over 4g?

    • FortitudineVincimus


      VZW nails you for more data usage.. BOO YA

      • a 12kb/s phone call sure is a lot of data use

    • gagina

      video chat over wifi

      • Be1

        No…video chat “without” wifi, is what i hope you meant.

        • Anonymous

          So, for example, with the Thunderbolt and Bionic, video chat will only be available over Wifi? That is so odd. Before Skype released their app to the marketplace, you could get a version that supported video chat. Of course w/no front facing camera, but they could still see you if you flipped it around.

    • Crystal clear(er) calls, it’ll be the same as switching from an old 2G dumbphone to a newer 3G phone. the difference is pretty amazing.

  • jimmy

    Forget tegra 2, I’m skipping because of bing.

    Thunderbolt <3

  • Anonymous

    Great looking phone, missing the Tegra 2 though. Like to see how it works in action