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According to Samsung the Fascinate Already has Android 2.2

One of our readers dropped a link on us this morning from Samsung that clearly states in more than one place that their Fascinate should already  have Android 2.2 running on it.  In fact, their official site is filled with Froyo references, but without any sort of timeline for release, this does nothing except frustrate all Galaxy S owners.  

Our reader even went the extra mile, contacted Sammie customer service and was told that they can’t give a date if or when 2.2 will be released for the U.S. Fascinate because that would lead to “inaccurate and confusing” information.  Great answer.

We have a lot of Fascinate owners and I’m wondering how frustrated you all are?  During my time with the device, the thing that made the phone a no-go was the fact that it ran 2.1.  It was unbearable and I only had it for a couple of months, so I can’t imagine how you all must be feeling.

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Via:  Samsung

Cheers Lee!

  • Brayden109

    My fascinate had android 2.2 I triple checked and I went on a website and it said I dont have flash player!! Froyo was supposed to have flash player 10.1!

  • EX Samsung Consumer

    I love the phone but this lack of update was ridiculous 6 months ago. I have 2 Samsung LCDs, other Samsung products also. But &$*(#@&$(*@#!)(*@!* WTF?!?! Samsung – this is so far beyond unreasonable, I, and many others, will never, ever, buy another Samsung product again even if it is kick ass.

  • Jsman23

    just download the rom 2.2 froyo