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Download: Gingerbread Theme for Stock Rooted DROID X Users

For those of you running the official 2.3.340 update for the Droid X and want to have a theme to get you as far away from that awful Blur skin as possible, then this is the post for you.  XDA member waremike32 released 3 themes to fit over top of a stock rooted DX and one of them will take you into the wonderful world of Gingerbread.  The instructions are fairly simple, but we’ll lay them out for those of you new to the game after the break.  

Download:  Stock Deodexed 2.3.340

Download:  Gingerbread Theme


1.  Download both files from above and drop them on your SD card.
2.  Root your phone using z4root.  (Instructions)
3.  Bootstrap your recovery using Koush’s DX Bootstrap.
4.  Boot into Clockwork recovery using the bootstrap app.
5.  Once your phone boots to Clockwork Recovery, scroll down to “backup and restore.”
6.  Choose “backup” to make a clean backup of your phone.


7.  When that finishes choose “install zip from SD card.”
8.  Choose the 2.3.340Deodex.zip you downloaded from above to install a deodexed ROM.
9.  When that finishes go back into “install zip from SDcard.”
10.  Choose the GingerBreadDX.zip file that you downloaded from above and install it.
11.  Back out of recovery, reboot your phone and enjoy Gingerbread!

More theme options and support can be found at this thread.

Cheers Ken!

  • Colombiansagi

    After installing this I can no longer change the size of my Contact Widget, or any other widget on my desktop…. did anyone else run into this?

  • Rdburke

    Why is this not available to Droid 1 users, guess we are just out in the cold.

  • Sdfg Dfy


  • viewthis66

    this works great. thank you. followed the steps to a T and now i’m gingerbread 🙂

  • Dfhfg Fch


  • Fdgdf Fgh
  • Fdgdf Fgh


  • 🙁 I wanted that 70s television turning the phone off animation. Thx tho 😀

  • Anonymous


  • Tristan

    Can somebody tell me why my Icons and Status Bar changed, but I still have the blur launcher? I did everything in the order that was listed…

    • Tristan

      Here is a snapshot! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/XhRLW.png[/IMG]

    • Tristan

      Just realized the launcher is not included in the theme. Oops!

  • Anonymous
  • Jackson Silva

    My first time rooting and installing rom on my droid x.
    The entire installation process took place smoothly and without problems.
    I`m not sure but after that, my phone have better reception in my basement.

    Thanks !

  • Njd32

    How do you remove it?

  • ADroidX

    How do I get that launcher on my DX?

  • Fake

    I keep getting stuck at “M” screen after loading ging.zip have o-t-a update so id dint download that file above. not using khouse's program, but another one. Help

    • KleenDroid

      You didn't follow the instructions. The first step was installing the “DEODEXED” 2.3.340, THEN you install the gingerbread.zip.

      It is always a good idea to follow instructions when you modify your phone.

      If you are truly stuck at “M” and are not able to get back into Clockwork Recovery then you will probably have to do an SBF.

  • TheWizKid95

    You guys should also check out my gingerbread theme for the HTC Droid Incredible!
    You can find it here –> http://goo.gl/ZaKSm

  • Fgyfgj Fgvj
  • Fgyfgj Fgvj
  • Dfytrfh Fgh
  • Trutyhhh5ed2y
  • ADroidX

    I did this successfully however my launcher is still the stock blur one. Already I'm deodexed now and can install themes at will.

    Is the launcher down supposed to come with this theme or is that from something else?

  • Mwhipple3

    didnt like how everything ended up looking so booted up my backup, deleted the files, unrooted and uninstalled the bootsrap app but now when i turn off my phone and turn back on clockwork keeps popping up, anyone know how to get rid of this?

    • calories

      I'm having the same problem! Anyone have any suggestions?

    • BrendonSF

      Easy fix. Read the second post down:

      How to remove Droid X Bootstrap:

      Must be done through Root Explorer
      Click r/w

      • Mwhipple3

        thanks a lot, that worked great!

      • calories

        Thanks so much for the awesome instructions. I was able to fix my phone in 5 minutes which left me 10 minutes to spare to get a refund for the Root Explorer since I won't be needing it anymore. Thanks again!

        • KleenDroid

          That is not cool.

  • Mwhipple3

    so when you click permanently root that means no going back? kinda scared

    • BrendonSF

      No, you can unroot easily. After rooting, z4root will have an unroot button.

    • Fake

      no, it means that when you reboot your phone you will still be rooted. You should see the option to “unroot”

  • yhfgjhgj
  • Peace2all

    This is really nice! My Droid X looks beautiful! Thanks!

  • yhfgjhgj
  • SugaShane

    (amateur hour question) What does it mean for your phone to be “rooted”?

    • Username

      Please excuse grammar and spelling, I am writing fast. When you are rooted, you have complete control over what happens on your phone, also called superuser access. When phones are created by companies such as Motorola or Samsung, they lock down these phones for security purposes and because they do not want you to install applications such as wireless tethering (things carriers do not want you to have without paying). When you root, you essentially disable these controls and can install anything you want on your phone. The downside to this is that your phone will be more vulnerable to attacks (which I would NOT worry about as there have not been any major attacks at android and there will likely not be for a LONG time.). If your phone has extremely sensitive data, like if you work at a business with very confidential information that if leaked you will be fired, then don't root your phone. The average user really does not have anything to worry about. If something goes wrong in the process, something could also be messed up in you phone, leaving your phone bricked (highly unlikely, never heard of it happening just from rooting.) The upsides of rooting are that you can do whatever you want with your phone, you can uninstall built in apps that you don't want (such as backup manager from Verizon, which you get the equivalent from Google built in), you can have wireless tether for free, you can make complete backups of your phone, you can install custom Roms (Modified versions of the operating system that can enhance various aspects of the phone, can speed up phone, add useful applications, etc.). If you just root, you should still get all Verizon updates (if something comes up and you don't, simply use the one click root to revert back to un-rooted. If anybody else can add or correct me on anything, please do. I am not an expert and am sure that there are important things that I am missing (had to write this fast). SugaShane, for more information, google search “What is Android Rooting” and I am sure that you will be able to find more information. I would highly recommend rooting but the option is ultimately up to you, if you mess your phone up, which is pretty hard to do, you are responsible, but if you do mess something up, there are many guides that will help you restore your phone.

      • Timoh

        “The downside to this is that your phone will be more vulnerable to attacks”

        Strong misconception. You would still have to allow a program to do anything malicious to your phone. It's no less secure from a user standpoint.

        Good quick description post otherwise.

      • Dshudson

        What is a phone? 🙂

      • anonymous-x

        Thank you, finally someone explaining rooting for the newbie. You’ve given me confidence. Do this again with a little more info when you have the time.

  • Suga Shane

    Uhhh, can we shorten the instructions down to, like, two steps?

  • only thing that changed for me was the banner..still have the old verizon stock icons

    • Joserubio04

      i have the same thing only thing new is the status bar and the wallpaper nothing else. i don't see any of the animations that the nexus s has.

  • Asdrsa5
  • Mecevans

    Ok I installed both and all personal data is the same but the bottom launch items aren't like in the picture?

    • Username

      Search the market for gingerbread launcher.

    • Brucevazquez

      Mine too, can’t get stock launcher icons on bottom

  • Droid-ice

    🙁 when will Droid 2 come out with this?

  • DannyJedi

    Amazing!!! WOW!!!!
    Know what would be even more impressive???
    If GINGERBREAD actually came out the day it was announced!!

  • 11knives

    Can I assume that I can revert back to current my stock 2.3.340 using bootstrap if I made a backup of it before installing the Deodoxed 2.3.340 and Gingerbread theme? Sounds simple but I just want to confirm I can go back to where I started if I'm not liking the theme for some reason.

    • kellex

      That is exactly right. Your original backup is key.

      • 11knives

        Thanks Kellex btw what happened to mobile view for this site?

        • SugaShane

          I second that question.

  • craig1989

    Do you lose all your data, contacts, messages, apps, etc and have to start from scratch? Or is this all preserved?

  • Jasonrellis24

    Does this change the notification bar to black?

  • Trdracer21

    i use apex best rom period with launcher pro!!!

    • Lakerzz


  • g00ber

    does no one read to make sure they really are the first person???

    • Nathanbull33

      When I put my comment in no one else's showed up before or after. so yes I did indeed check. Mr 20 bucks not so much

      • g00ber

        That's what I mean. I see first posts like 8 hours after someone else already said it.

        • X20bucksx

          To be fair mine was posted first 😉

          • g00ber

            i really dont care about ur first.

          • X20bucksx

            But your response tells me otherwise

          • Emtoec

            Really??? Get a life dude.

  • X20bucksx


  • Nathanbull33

    My first ever FIRST!!! woot! 🙂 Nice to see the gingerbread theme on the x!

  • Timoh

    OMG What theme are you running!?

    • EC8CH

      …and can I run this on the original Droid?

      • X20bucksx

        Buglessbeast.6.1 has it built in if you want to run that that is

        • EC8CH

          *original comment edited to indicate sarcasm*

          sent from my OG Droid running BB6.1


          • X20bucksx

            Only way to go

        • Nathanbull33

          yup bugless beast is the way to go if you want a gingerbread experience on your OG Droid. Im running it and it has been smooth and bugless so far! Except for my phone vibrating even though I have turned off all options of vibrate anywhere I could find them. Whats weird though is if i hold it in my hand a certain way it doesnt vibrate?

          • X20bucksx

            I get that every once and a while a quick reboot seems to fix it for me. Or just turning vibration on then off again