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DROID 2 Update to 3.0.0 Will Include Profiles, New Launcher Style

A leaked Droid 2 update just hit the interwebs courtesy of our friends over at MyDroidWorld and it’ll bring you up to Blur version 3.0.0.  What’s significant about 3.0.0?  Well the addition of profiles is a pretty big deal.  Up until now, we had only seen profiles on the Droid Pro (our review) and the Droid 2 Global, so this is a nice bump for the original D2.  For some reason it’ll still be stuck at Android 2.2 though and not 2.2.1, but that .1 isn’t all that important.  I’ve played with it for a little while now and can say that this is the best version of Blur yet.  I know we all hate Blur, but at least it’s starting to run smoother.  

*BIG Warning* – There is no guarantee that this is the version Verizon will push to all Droid 2 devices.  What does that mean?  That if you update to this, the steps to get you back on the official update track aren’t always super simple.  Just understand that you are doing this with some risk involved and we will expect that none of you will throw a fit if the official update changes and you have no easy way to update to it.  You’ve been warned, peeps.

Download:   D2_300.zip


*Droid 2 ONLY.

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
2.  You will have to bootstrap your recovery using the Droid 2 Bootstrapper.
3.  From there, you’ll drop the file from above on your SD card.
4.  Bootstrap your recovery and then reboot into it.
5.  Once your phone boots to Clockwork Recovery, scroll down to “backup and restore.”
6.  Choose “backup” to make a clean backup of your phone.
7.  When that finishes choose “install zip from SD card.”
8.  Then “choose zip from SD card” and find the D2_300.zip , select it and hit “yes.”
9.   Your phone will apply the update.  When it finishes, reboot and enjoy!

Important Update:  Apparently the 2.3.20 SBF file will work if you run into any issues with 3.0.0.  It will also work if the 3.0.0 build ends up not being official and you need to get back to 2.3.20.  Download it here.

Again, big thanks to MyDroidWorld for both the 3.0.0 leak and the 2.3.20 SBF.  Support thread and donate link can be found here.

  • Tylerp303

    droid needs bester games itouch games

  • D2rooter

    just as a question, root users have a large chance of having to reroot and reflash the original SBF?

  • fghjh
  • Anonymous


  • I'll stick with LauncherPro Plus thank you very much lol

  • Mam 3686

    How about a non crappy lock screen. Because this lock screen Motorola came up with is absolutely horrible and laggy.

  • Rtgytedgrgfvfr
  • Towelie420

    That is FUGLY. Just emberassing. Moto should be ashamed

  • Nramon25

    my camera doesnt work what do i do???

    • g00ber

      more ur finger from covering the lens.

      • How did you make that mistake? the “R” isn't even close to the “V”. lol

        • g00ber

          How the hell did I do that…

          • Christopher Hansen

            could of tapped it by accident with other hand

  • If this shows up on the Droid X I'm switching to a rom!

  • Agacom24

    I dont understand why everyone is complaining about the new launcher? I happen to like the new launcher, its better then my current white transparent phone dialer and contact button. I like this ALOT better then my current one. Im also looking forward to having the profile capabilities even thought i probably would never use more then one but oh well its a nice add-on haha….but im definitely looking forward to this update!!!

  • DroidXWins

    I think Moto needs to work on tweaking the software already on the phone than adding this crap. If they plan on doing this to my Droid X, god help them.

  • vitsdroid

    sticking with gummy jar 2.0, no more blur for more me!

    • abhoward9

      2.1 is out, fixes a problem with GPS

  • cloak420

    i dont count this phone as droid 2 its nowhere near the greatness of droid 1 im still wateing for droid 2 to come out next year

    • If Moto had more time with the DROID1 it wouldn't be so great! It would be locked down and have a custom ui. Instead they rushed it out. The Milestone is locked down for a reason. They had more time with it.

      Also, How is it nowhere near the greatness? because the DROID1 didn't have a locked bootloader? NEWS FLASH: MOST PEOPLE DONT FREAKIN CARE FOR ROOTING! The DROID1 had a 550mhz processor, a space consuming d-pad (which pushed the keyboard off to the side making it harder to use), and 256mb of on-board memory.

      The DROID2 improves over all of those and actually has the power to do “REAL” 3G Mobile Hotspot without rooting!

      • Dash Speeds

        All good points, but he was commenting on the rather unsubstantial differences between the two in terms of Hardware. Sure 550MHz is slower, but the jump isn't nearly the generational change one would expect when going from 1.0 of a hardware revision to 2.0. Same exact screen, similar performance (all thanks to Blur), and a very quick update from the OG make this more of 1.5 then a 2.0.

        I'm still waiting for a Droid to drop that makes as big a splash in the mobile market as the OG (4G, Terga 2, higher resolution screen, ect…) before I upgrade.

      • cloak420

        BLASPHEMY how dare u speak bad about the great og droid..the point is whats so great bout droid2 faster processor it does not deserve the name..when a droid comes with front camera and a terga 2 that will be deserving of the name

    • Agacom24

      dude sorry to burst your bubble but the Droid 2 is twice as better as the Droid 1. I broke my droid 1 and they replaced it with a brand new droid 2 and i LOVE it. So much faster then the Droid 1, and im talking about just stock with no rooting involved. I did a benchmark test and its the one of the fastest droids to date.

  • Why can't phone makers just let Android be Android? Let the users decide if we want a theme.

  • sylent101

    Lol sneaky bastards they snuck blur on to the droid2/x piece by piece.

  • Azilla

    I like the profiles idea.. going to test this out, as long as profiles works with ADW launcher I will be happy

  • lets hope this doesn't rape the droid x

    • Brttwrd

      im sure they will giv the flagship of the droid family this blurry goodness (that sounds wrong to say, blur is barely good), i think it wuld b challenging, yet extremely respectable for a dev to port it over. that wuld take some work tho. too much for my tastes

  • JoeLivesLife

    Surprisingly, I like a few blur customizations. I like the weather widget and the calendar widget, but then again, I've never had anything different. D2G

  • I wouldn't drop my GummyJAR ROM for this crap! I'm fine with this fast and clean ROM!!!

  • Brttwrd

    of course, htc has held profile integration for awhile now, but since verizon is cursed with moto androids, most of verizons android community is getting bi*** slapped with some blurful power, with the exception of the incredible and merge (if wer talking about half decent phones). im flaming.

  • Joshontech

    ok guys if you happen to load this on your phone and it stays in the boot animation take your battery out, than but it back in and hold the x key and the power button till the motorola M shows up than leave go. that will get you into the secondary bootlodader than you preform a data reset and then click restart phone after thats dont and it should work.

  • tehckotek

    i want to sbf my phone to clean all the mess i have done lol… i will try this to laugh a little bit…. then back to rooted mode and LP

  • Stephen D

    Oh, that's ugly. The current version of Blur is fine. All it needs is speed improvements. What they should have done was give you 2 customizable buttons on the sides.

  • fgonzo98

    I was helping a couple Android newbies with their new Droid 2s (about a week and a half ago) and the profiles section was on her phone but not the launcher…

    • Anonymous

      it was probably droid 2 global then 😛

  • Me

    I wish someone made this launcher for the droid1.

  • I hate motoblur

  • I dont like the launcher's looks. But i do like the Profiles part. If only i had a Droid 2…Lol

  • BigRed4X15

    I will stick with fission 2.4.3!

    • Agnog

      Hell yeah! I rooted and went the Fission route a few weeks ago. Couldn’t happier. Team Defuse rocks!

  • Boblank84

    i dont have a droid 2, but thats the ugliest laucher i have ever seen. whoever thought that was a good idea should no longer have a job…..

    • No kidding. I thought the original launcher wasn't too bad but the new dock is fugly…

      • Eduardotre

        It's the one used in the milestone 2

      • Theflyingswami

        Not to mention redundant. There's no reason to have a phone button and a contacts button on the launcher since contacts are already a tab on the phone screen.

        I hope Motorola gets smart and ditches Blur on their next generation devices.

        • We know they're not gonna wise up. Their CEO claims people LOVE Blur…

          • EC8CH

            That’s like claiming people love anal warts.

          • Anonymous

            Oh that’s nice

        • As much as this site gives blurr hell, its not TERRIBLE.. I agree they could ditch a lot of the junk on there but it has its positives.

        • EC8CH

          Launcher on Sense is equally redundant:

          Like we needed another way to add $h!t to our homescreen. Thanks HTC 😛

      • Rain_king46


  • EC8CH

    Serious Question:

    If Moto just dropped the whole Blur skin today, and released all of their phone with Vanilla Android does anyone think that would have any effect (positive or negative) on their sales.

    I seriously doubt it, either way up or down, so why do they even bother. Blur is a money pit.

    • eh if they seriously go in this direction, I don't see their sales going anywhere but down

    • BS, if they stuck to Vanilla, then I would even buy a D2. Blur is soooo bad lol And I feel bad for any consumer that purchased a BLUR phone not knowing what they were getting themselves into!

      • sc4fpse

        I think you've got the right idea. If they removed Blur from all of their devices, it wouldn't lose them a single sale. If anything, those of us around here that hate Blur with a passion would actually consider one of their newer devices if they were stock Android.

      • Rain_king46

        I agree. I switched over to blur for a few days recently just to see if it was as bad as I remembered and its worse. How can the built in launcher be SLOWER than an add on launcher? How is that even possible? If Moto had half a brain they would either try to hire Fede or license LP for use on their phones.

      • EC8CH

        Agreed it’s probably a net negative. It’s amazing Moto actually thinks there’s value in paying the money to develop and support Blur. Nobody buys a Moto device because they want Blur, they buy it because they want the hardware and they put up with Blur.

  • Godfrey2009

    its so ugly

  • EC8CH

    ZOMG… nice new launcher… thank god for LP.

  • Oh great, thanks! Now my D2 is bricked! :-/

    • kellex

      Go away…or buy me a beer. 😛

    • DBK

      Buy me one, too, while you're at it. 😛

    • john lee

      buy me a LTE device

    • Anonymous

      buy me the Moto Tablet, it’s only 10,000 buck right now. 😉

  • Mth2134

    Enough with the teasers already moto. Gb anytime now?

  • Mam 3686

    Ugly launcher. But profiles would be nice. Anyone know if the X will get them?

    • kellex

      I'm thinking so, just haven't heard when.

      • Akowal

        If and when Droid X's get this, will profiles work when using launchers such as launcher pro? would love to have profiles on top of LP.

        • unlikely, the sense profiles don't work when you replace the launcher. Same concept here.

          • Rain_king46

            Unless they add support for them to LP which is possible.

    • DBK

      Well, we definitely know that the X won't be the first to get it…. 🙂