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Video: Motorola Teases Honeycomb Tablet for CES

Hello ultimate CES teaser.  Motorola posted a new video this weekend which walks through the evolution of the “tablet” by starting off with an Egyptian Hieroglyphic and eventually moving past both the i*ad and Galaxy Tab before finishing off with what we believe to be a covered Everest tablet.  The video then ends with a bee flying towards the new red Motorola logo, meaning Honeycomb is upon us and the 2011 CES will be epic.  


Via:  Androinica

Cheers Jim!

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  • Rtgrt

    That…Was…Great… I cant wait for this to come out! I almost bought the galaxy tab but decided to wait on this instead. Not suprising though, my last 6 phones have been moto.

  • NissanPimpSA

    The mayan one with the 2012 self-destruct feature….the samsung and motorola both have this with the locked boot-loader…haha but I want the mototab so bad!!!

  • Nixibx


  • I smell gunpowder…

  • Ronzappardino

    this is too epic for my droid's screen to handle. cant wait to watch it on my moto tab next January!

  • Kashtrey

    Great commercial, the only thing I would've changed would be to have the bee sting the Moto logo and have it turn into a turn into a honeycomb pattern and explode out. I really dig the new red Moto logo too. Awesome. I can't wait to get one of these.

  • Thanassi

    I'm so buying it. Thanks, marketing!

  • Barlog


  • Savagetone


  • Camaros_Kill

    That might just be the sickest commercial ive ever seen

  • Rtgrgy
  • Pbatista322

    thats horrible it got me overly excited then very disappointed, guess i have to wait for CES 2011

  • RoadsterHD1

    That is one hell of a TEASE!!! 🙂

  • DF45

    i still don't see what is the point of tablets?

    • i dont see your point in your not getting the point of tablets.

    • tommytmt

      I still don't see the point of phones, tablets are where it's at!

  • Very, very well done!

  • epic video

  • Jawshua

    How does Froyo fit in? I can't eat a Froyo I don't think, but ginger and honey taste good.

    • Ecffighter7232

      froyo=frozen yogurt i believe

  • saimin

    Hope the Motorola tablet is better priced than the Samsung tablet. Most people think the ipad is too expensive. Price needs to be lower to be successful.

    • ckeegan

      Samsung is not known for common sense, just look at TouchWiz!

    • I don't see them getting it cheaper than 500, without there being a contract required subsidy from the carrier. Unless of course, Google themselves want to subsidize it, but I doubt that. That's what they should have done with the Nexus One.

      • saimin

        Why not? Those tear downs say there is only around $200 of parts in the ipad. Apple can justify a premium price because they developed their own software and Apple fanbois are willing to pay extra for the Apple experience. Motorola doesn't have those excuses.

        • That's around the same price as the Droid phones, and still they sell for around 500 unsubsidized.
          We can always hope, but I just don't see it happening.

          • Anonymous

            Ummm yeh, in Guam the DroidX is STILL 399, with 2year contract. As soon as the D2 came out they stopped selling the D1. The galaxy tab is 600 with a 2 year contract.

  • Eh, I'm happy with my Galaxy Tab. 7 inch is the perfect size for me. I really want to see what Honeycomb does, and if it is so great, I am sure XDA will have no problem getting it on the tab. But so far, moving the button controls to the screen is not really all that impressive to me. I have no problem on the tab, with the keys being “sideway” when it is in landscape mode.

    • ckeegan

      You do know Moto has already said they will have both 10″ and 7″ tablets, right? Not to sound like a jerk, but it certainly sounds to me, like you're trying to justify your purchase of a Galaxy Tab…to yourself. Everyone has buyer's remorse sometimes, it's cool.

      • I am not trying to justify anything, and no buyers remorse. I like what I got, and the more I see of this Motorola tablet, the more I am happy with the tab. I am just saying that what I have seen of Honeycomb, is not all that amazing to me, personally, and I kind of feel the same way about Gingerbread in a way. The tech world is just so quick to be searching for the “next thing”. As soon as Honeycomb is out, it will be all about Ice Cream and so on and so on. I feel like the Galaxy Tab gets a bad rep sometimes, but the hardware is very nice, and no one should ever buy a Samsung Anrdoid product, and expect updates. That's where XDA comes in handy.

  • zepfloyd

    as I mentioned on engadget, all it needed was the “DRROOOOOIIIID” at the very end.

    • tommytmt

      That would have been PERFECT!!

  • Motorola FTW. God I loved it when it simply owned the i*ad

  • Kornfag11

    I just messed the front of my jeans all up! Mmmmmmmmmmmm……….

  • kimir

    i love the shot at apple…

  • ckeegan

    They better announce a freakin launch date at CES, or I'm gonna be pissed!

  • How about Notion Ink with this whole ADAM thing – I pre-ordered one – Hope I dont get scammed…lol


    Love the video!
    Hoping the sweeeet new Honey isn't locked down…
    Or else Im gonna be one pissed off yellow jacket…

  • jason w.s.

    That.Was.Sick…gave me the chills. Felt like a lightening bolt hit me on the tip of my penis ;-p

    • elbrando

      You might want to get that looked at by a doctor. Probably not norma.

  • StephanC

    They just b*tch-slapped every other tablet that was invented.

  • Michael_NM

    “It's like a giant iPhon't, but… it's like a giant iPhon't.” Freaking brilliant! I don't like the stab at my Tab, but this teaser is great! I think I like this better than the Droid commercials… +1000 Moto. I can't wait to hear about the pricing.

    • feztheforeigner

      It's an amazing commercial, but Droid lasted(s) for a long time as a reoccurring motif. I don't see this as something that can be changed or distinctly recognized through commercials. But it is an AMAZING commercial though.

  • Its a giant iPhone, but….its a giant iPhone xD

    • DBK

      LOL! That was the best part of the video!!!!! XD

  • Goran1459

    Gonna walk to Vegas to see this thing in person. Leaving home now!

  • jiggaman508

    Sickest. Commercial. Ever.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    fantastic commercial. very well done from music to the progressive evolution. normally, I dont get into commercials like this, but this was impressive… I almost cheered at the end, but I am not that feminine.

    • kellex

      Hah I was thinking the same thing. Almost busted out a little fist pump. 😛

      • Beka27

        LOVE IT!!!

        • Anonymous

          Very Impressive commerical

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I was smiling ear to ear.

    • StephanC

      No, but I am. Whoo! Go honeycomb!!!!

      • If you have to say “Just kidding”……you're not. 🙂

        • StephanC

          I knew I shouldn't have edited it. The initial message read “No, but I am. Whoo! Go honeycomb!!!!” I'll take off the “Just kidding.”

  • dannydarko

    Now thats a “Sweet” teaser video, LIVE IT, LOVE IT, ANDROID-LIFE…!!!!!

  • tbaybe

    what a tease!!!!

    • EC8CH

      takes one to know one

  • Oh baby.

  • durangojim

    Betting that this is what verizon is announcing on 1/6. Not a handset

    • kingsfan33

      the moto tab integrating lte? cool