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Swype Beta Updated, Bug Fixes and New Installer (Updated)

The Swype team snuck in an update this week to their beta program and it’s actually pretty major.  They have finally fulfilled the number 1 request from their users with the addition of Voice-to-Text.  See that cute little microphone button pictured above?  Well there you go my friends.  Just in time for the holidays.

Oh, they also tossed in this really sweet double-tap-to-edit option (apparently old as well).  If you see an incorrect word, you can simply double tap on it to bring up a menu of word choices.  Awesome, right?

Update:  Some people are claiming to have seen these new features in previous releases.  This is definitely supposed to be an updated build as of 12/3/10, so maybe it’s just a bug fixer?  Our Swype update on 11/11 definitely didn’t include these features.

Update 2:  And we’re idiots.  I guess this was in the previous version.

Update 3:  Looks like a bug fixer and a new installer…that’s it.  Moving on!

To download the new installer visit:  http://beta.swype.com/android/get

Tip:  If you run into an error while installing, this post may help fix it.

Cheers Jimmy!

  • Cory

    Also, I dont know who all cares, but I have found another app that works like Swype maybe even better. Its called SlideIT Keyboard. Little expensive, but i've been using the 3 day trial for a while hoping a ginger bread comes out for my phone (VZW Droid A855). Just uninstall it and re-install it once it expires lol 😛

  • masiv

    Running on OG Droid, anyone else have trouble with the speak to text words not showing up in the text box? Seems to accept what is spoken, but the words never show.

    • for me the words show but the placement is wrong. If I type something then decide I want to speak the rest, it puts the spoken part at the beginning, not at the point of the cursor.

      • masiv

        I guess I should have noted that I am running MIUI

        • ryanallaire

          I'm running MIUI also and no words show up at all, says it's for a different device like it's not licensing correctly or something..

  • Ekafes

    I tried downloading swype, but it said this is not an Android phone.. Which it is..
    Can it be downloaded if do not have the beta?
    Thank you

  • LuvMyDroid

    The Droid X users can't update the beta because it's a BETA. A test release. You will most likely get an update when it is ready for public release and not until then.

  • n0m0n

    Is this for all Android devices?

    I have a Fascinate with 2.1 (still) will this update work on my device?

    The Fascinate came with Swype so 'm not sure…


    • n0m0n

      Should I take the no reply as a NO?

  • Catalyst

    Loved the news updates kellex, lmao

  • Falcon34

    I wish somebody would build a themed .apk from this build of swype like they did with an earlier version. I know swype didn't like it, but at least it was made available to more then just a select few.

  • Salt60

    Hey Droid Life …Have you taken the time to read the last post in that Swype thread you said may help?
    They are closing the thread, not because the problems are solved, but because they want you to to go to a different thread which may “help” you.
    This has been going on since the last “update” and there is a slew of problems dealing with the installation of Swype , not just parsing. I have been with the BETA since the beginning and I am now done with them and their feeble excuses. If you can't fix it, say so. I have had Swiftkey for awhile also with NO problems.
    I do like Swype better……but I for one don't need the BS from Swype.

  • Salt60

    Have you taken the time to read the last posting from Swype?
    They are just closing the thread.
    They are not saying the problems are fixed, just contact on a different venue.
    Great. Screw them too. Swiftkey is an alternet venue also.

  • Jawshua

    You know what is way better than Swype? ShapeWriter! It used to be offered on the Market then some stupid company bought them out and removed it.

    But fear not, just use handy ole' Google and search for ShapeWriter 3.0.9 apk file and install it. I had a link to it on my blog. It's so much easier to use than Swype in my opinion. It recognizes more words and it doesn't hold you up asking if it's the right word when typing. It just gives you the choices at the top. And it learns what words you use and startsp putting those in when you type. Check it out it's amazing and it's there to use if you can't get Swype and it's better anyways.

  • Jawshua

    Why can't DROIDX users get these updates since the DROIDX comes stock with Swype? It seems stupid you'd have to be in beta to get this when you already have it on your phone!

  • YES!!! IVE MISSED SWYPE ON MY OG DROID.. yess my bears won today now im installing a new Swype on my droid. Yes a good day indeed!

    • Geoff

      what's the issue?

    • Arek

      my og droid has had it working since may. whats wrong with yours?

    • LuvMyDroid

      This was the first version I've been able to install on my OG Droid for the last few updates. Those all failed. This one worked on the first try. I had been using one of those themed versions until this one came out.

  • Steve-O

    Yeah, just to confirm… this was in my last BETA update on 9-11-10

  • jeesung

    when is Swype going alpha?

    • PyroHoltz

      Is this a Freudian slip or are you just making a comment as to how long Swype has been in beta and maybe they'll be going backwards to an Alpha instead of moving forward to a full release? Haha. If not, Alphas are prior to Betas not the other way around.

      • jeesung

        not Freudian, just ignorant! to me Alpha sounded like it would be more refined than Beta 🙁

  • droid incredible. No swype for me 🙁

  • Leobautista 91

    I want swype ):

  • kellex

    And ignore this post. There is a new installer though.

  • Soleicey

    is it weird that my droid 2 swype already does all of that?

  • If anyone has swype beta for the OG droid and would like to dropbox a link please throw a tweet at UNZI24. I will retweet it and tell everyone to follow. I'm twitter friends with many of our Devs.

  • Jack

    Won't work on my DroidX. Hardcoded an older beta as unchangeable bloatware.

    • kellex

      I got that error too on my DX. 🙁

      • Arek

        the x already has the text to speech. relax already

  • Stevaroo01

    Well, I was able to download it just fine. However, since the the current beta is closed, I can't use it. I've set up an account with Swype, so maybe I'll get a chance to try it in the next beta release. Oh well.

  • PatriotVirus

    I've had this since their last update they had,

  • Is there ANY way to enable an option where it shows you (above the key) which key you're pressing when touch-typing (ie. HTC keyboard, default Android keyboard, Apple iPhone keyboard, etc.)? This is the only thing keeping me from switching to Swype permanently.

    Also, where's the smiley button? :

    • Arek

      the app you are using has to identify as chat. check in google talk and you will see the smiley in the bottom corner.

  • drummer62

    Double tap does not appear to work when it is an incorrect spelling but it pops up when it is a correctly spelled word, what's with that ?

  • Patsfan10002000

    how do u get that cool smiley face button in the corner? just downloaded the newest version and it doesnt have it

    • Arek

      the app you are using has to identify as chat. check in google talk and you will see the smiley in the bottom corner.

  • Um, the voice-to-text button was added on the last update, and double tap to select is built into Android, so you can use it with any keyboard.

  • Bensnake82

    HELP, I made a account but it never let's me in

  • papoose34328

    latest version of swype is

  • wish i could use the beta…is there a nonbeta version for the OG?

  • Michael

    So the swype beta is closed again, I can't download this 🙁

  • mo

    double tap to edit has been there for a very long time, at least two versions.

  • Both of those new features happened on the last release. This release does do one thing a little better: it doesn't pop up the stupid screen as often saying “this word appeared because it was previously entered” or whatever.

  • Mr. Steve

    Thanks Motorola for installing swype on my Droid 2 and not letting me update it.

    • Jawshua

      Absolutely agree!

    • Josh

      In my opinion, with the Droid2/X, they are trying to be like …Applorola?

    • Josh

      Also, after going from a Droid 1 to Droid X-motoblur-locked-downbloatphone, I will not be supporting Motorola anymore. I’ll go with Samsung, LG, or something else.

  • Henry

    I've had this for awhile

    • kellex

      How long? Swype is claiming this is new as of 2 days ago.

      • skeezicks

        Kellex, this is new, as far as I can tell… at least judging by version numbers. I just downloaded the new installer/app and had no problem getting the thing up and running. Just last week — perhaps 10 days ago, at most — this was an ordeal. The new version ( appears to be more robust, and they’re no longer suffering these annoying problems that forced you to wipe all traces of Swype from your phone before installing a new version.

  • Michael_NM

    Is Swype competing with Google Nav for longest running Beta test?

    Regardless… Cheers for the Saturday and Sunday posts! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      why compete with google nav… how long was gmail in beta

    • LuvMyDroid

      Swype says it’s not really a beta. It is a test version. They only give the release versions to companies who have paid to put it on their phones stock.

  • when dis the update come out exactly cuz i reinstalled swype yesterday afternoon

    • Coaster36


  • Bob

    Both feature were in the last release, nothing new. Just bug fixes according to the website and an updated installer.

  • Coaster36

    wasnt this posted already? I could of sworn Ive seen this already. For one I already had voice to text and double tap edit in my swype beta.