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Thursday Poll: What is your favorite Android Browser?

How have we not asked this question yet?  Shame on us.  With so many quality options out there for your Android browsing pleasure, we’d love to hear what your favorite is.  Is it Skyfire and their interesting take on Flash videos?  Firefox and their ever-evolving mobile version?  Dolphin, the standard?  Is xScope the innovator?  Or are we missing something fabulous altogether?

Let us know which browser you prefer, but beyond that, we want to know why it’s your favorite.  Why is this the browser for you?  If you could change anything in a browser, what would it be?

What is your favorite Android Browser?

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  • Skyfire is great for streaming vids. Not sure if I'll still need that once my phone gets Android 2.2.

  • Stock – 1
    Rest of the world – 0

  • Miren Browser hands. Its now officially in the market also. So search n cop….ASAP

  • andrew

    People are definitely sleeping on Opera. I've used stock, dolphin and opera. Of the three, Opera is by the far the quickest.

  • alexisssssss

    MIUI for me!
    it's quick & has a nicer interface than xscope.

  • Brttwrd

    stock fer sure. its so ironed out, it has so little bugs. if it had mor flash flexibilty or at least an adaptation like skyfire, id b satisfied. the look of a browser in my opinion just needs to b minimal and clean. like google chrome. x scope ruined that tho.

  • Stephen D

    I've used Dolphin HD for a while, but I recently uninstalled it and started using the stock browser. It's much faster and smoother. Stock browser FTW!

  • Villas

    xScope and MIUI are apparently the best, reading from this vote.
    Any IQ > 80 person will come up with this conclusion.
    You can't have a better favorite unless you tried all of them.
    xScope and MIUI have much smaller installation base (1/10, 1/40 of Dolphin) but ranked nevertheless not far below.
    Skyfire, Opera are the apparent losers here.
    Had the stock browser not pre-installed, I highly doubt that it can do much better than skyfire.

    • Brttwrd

      whoa whoa whoa. no need to troll, dude, just cuz a group of ppl disagree with u doesnt mean u hav to say they hav a low iq. which u didnt evn say to ther face. ther called opinions, they were made to replace unnecessary arguing with debate. b a gentleman, wuld ya 😉

    • you hype for nothin.

  • Djyosnow

    (how do I say this) what no Ding on the list lolz (unless that is the other) because I thought devices were having it pre-installed? & to pay for a browser pure silliness (xScope) Ding is only great for searching pictures fairly fast… that's it.

  • Djyosnow

    (how do I say this) what no Ding on the list lolz (unless that is the other) because I thought devices were having it pre-installed? & to pay for a browser pure silliness (xScope) Ding is only great for searching pictures fairly fast… that's it.

  • Hahahaha the Froyo browser left the others in its dust!!! 2.2 browser FTW

  • Dustin

    Stock all the way. My only complaint is that the stock browser could handle history replacement better so the back button still works nicely after being redirected to a mobile page from, say, a news link.

    At least holding down back button shows history so not total pain.

    • Higher_Ground

      Did not know that about the back button, thanks for the tip!

  • LB

    Dolphin HD was good, but Skyfire came out with flash compatibility so there was no need for both and Dolphin got the axe. Adobe released flash so I stuck with the stock browser, but Adobe Flash takes up so much memory, I uninstalled it and use Skyfire for flash videos. Generally I just end up using the stock browser 95% of the time.

  • Septimus Prime

    By far stock browser. It's fast, light, and unobtrusive. I tried Dolphin HD and really hated how it took up a significant portion of screen real estate.

  • Bengmo

    Stock Browser all the way for one simple reason, SPEED.

  • Shawn

    stock browser is the easier, fastest, and most straight-forward. Every single time I try a new browser, I find their UI to be clunky and slow, and most of the time, just not intuitive. Yes, they all have more features than stock, but when it comes to actually using it for the internet and not all those dumb bells and whistles, stock is easily the best.

    • looks like i didnt even have to comment! you said everything i really wanted to say! haha

  • Stevaroo01

    Based on the voting results, it looks like the stock browser is the favorite, hands down! Is there any real advantage of using a different browser over stock?

  • eryk

    stock browser (webkit 3.1) definitely has the most navigable UI and has decent speeds. I haven't tried xscope but dolphin has slower loading speeds and zooming doesn't seem to be as smooth.

  • 1bad69z28

    Stock Browser Wow, I din't see that one coming. Dolphin Browser HD for me. Nice UI and great layout.and the guys work hard on the tweaks. Been with them ever since they launched. I have tried the others but Dolphin HD keeps me coming back for more.

  • ManBearPig

    Im running the new simply stunning so I can watch porn on the stock browser. Its more stable then any other browser out there. Skyfire always force closes.

  • Josh

    Here's my browser migration since getting my Incredible in May, along with some reasons:

    1) Stock

    2) Dolphin (switched from stock because I preferred the customization and UI options of Dolphin)

    3) xScope (switched to xScope because it was FAST! I quickly got annoyed with the lack of auto complete in the URL field and the lack of word wrap during zoom-in. It also has some layout quirks on several pages)

    4) Miren (This is currently what I use. It has the speed of xScope without some of the oddities…it's not quite perfect though).

  • SoDroid

    It would be xScope IF it would stay on the page when I navigate away. If I'm browsing and I get a call, whether I answer it or not, xScope will take me back to my homepage. Super annoying. I multi-task! Used Skyfire, Dolphin HD for months, and MIUI browser. Gotta say that I think the stock browser is the best all around browser I've used on my Droid1.

  • Botvp95

    Everyone saying they like the stock browser best but it needs better tabbed browsing should try miren. It's exactly what you're looking for. I love it fo sho!

  • Mr. Grieves

    I've been using Miren Browser for about a week now and really like it. Simple, quick, plays Flash, and looks good.

  • Rocktoonz

    Firefox's mobile browser is very slow and unstable at this point, but it is still in beta, so some performance issues were to be expected. I do like its Bookmarks and Tabs access, but until it gets faster and quits crashing, I'll stick with Skyfire. Fast, stable, and just plain works.

  • maaax

    Used to use Dolphin HD, but since I installed Fission last week, I've been using the Stock browser and it is lightning fast. The only thing I wish it had is tabs above the address bar.

  • Phoxus

    As much as Dolphin's team works hard on providing a great UI and sooo many options, I can't help but feel they forgot the main key.

    Speed. I choose xScope because it's the fastest browser, period. With upcoming changes to xScope that I'm aware of I think we'll capture some of the MIUI browser fans and all those who were dissapointed with the bookmarks system implementation.

    Be on the looks as this battle is forever changing.

  • Firelight

    Dolphin HD FTW with LastPass plug-in!

  • Gtavc200

    stock has worked better than any other browser for me. Dolphin had way too much crap going on screen for me. The only thing id like to see added is a quick switch for the UAString to switch between i*hone, android and desktop…typing about:debug all the time can be irritating.

  • Quimby

    I have to say I really like the stock browser.

    I've tried out dolphin a few times, seems like it has too many unnecessary features and options which leads to a more cluttered and just poorer browsing experience.

    I am a huge pc firefox fan but I wasn't very impressed with their android browser… still needs some work.

    The miui browser is very nice and would be a close 2nd place choice for me.

    The stock browser is very responsive, easy to use, stable, and even supports multiple windows. That's all I need for my uses.

  • Everlastleo

    Hay gerbil lovers. Stock ¶:•¢>

  • Ilhe1s

    Stock Browser…..maybe if you modified the about:debug settings. Dolphin does it all very nicely and Firefox is dope just needs more setting and tweaks to the UI.

  • Dolphin Browser HD for me. The HTC stock browser is so slow and bulky, I prefer Dolphin mostly because it's faster, slimmer, and supports Flash on-demand.
    I bought xScope, but no Flash is a deal-breaker to me.

    • Phaise

      it has flash

  • Pete

    Stock. Fast and slimmed down. All the features of Dolphin get in the way. Occasionally I'll use Skyfire because of it's Mobile/Desktop toggle button.

    • Beka27

      I started using Skyfire pretty much immediately after getting the phone, but after all the praise for stock, I might need to go back and reevaluate.

  • End

    Stock is the best. All it needs is a better tab implementation and it would be near perfect. The other browsers are not as fast and don't run flash as smooth or not at all, and they take up unnecessary storage space.

  • I love Dolphin for the easy tab switching and the gestures. I keep trying others, and switching back. I know stock and Opera are both faster than Dolphin, but I just don't like them.

  • TheDrizzle

    I must say I don't see a need to switch from stock. It does all I need and loads pages fast. I know I need to try the others but there's no incentive to switch.

  • Stock browser is way better than the bloated, slow Dolphin HD

    • KamilRedstone

      This is one of my main problems with Dolphin HD, it is not only bloated with features I never intend to use, but it is also slower than even Firefox Beta!

  • Ken

    One further comment… XScope has a quicker response than Dolphin HD, but HD was the browser that provided the best features initially so I seem to be more loyal to HD.

  • I like the stock browser the best, but for some good quick “flash content” that I want to watch I use the skyfire browser………

  • AndroidsOfTara

    Why are so many flogging the Dolphin browser?

  • Ken

    I switch between XScope and Dolphin HD. I tend to use HD more simply because that is where most of my bookmarks are. The Stock browser has too many limitations and not configurable to any length.

  • Larrythedude

    I've never liked Dolphin HD, seems almost as slow as the Firefox Beta on my Droid X. Stock is usually much faster. I liked Skyfire, up until their recent Facebooked updated. Since then, I've stopped using them, except in the rare occasion when the Stock browser hangs on a flash video.

  • Gospelsoulsax

    I like the stock the best, but when i wanna look at some flash type stuff i prefer the skyfire browser…..

    • You must not have Froyo.

      • Larrythedude

        True, but I’ve found that Stock takes a lot longer to process Flash videos that Skyfire does (even without Skyfire’s built in video add on), and they tend to play a lot smoother. Hence, although I use stock for my everyday use, when I do watch flash videos on my phone, I prefer to use Skyfire. Dolphin HD is the slowest in this by far.

      • probably the same reason i do….if he has an OG then it can't really handle flash that well (i'm rooted and overclocked and it still can't handle it.) even without flash being on my phone my browser crashes enough

        • Sprotthedestroyer

          I use stock and flash a lot, crashs? My browser crashes maybe once a month. I watch about three hours of flash video a day(don’t watch normal Television). Rooted moto ogd(OriGinalDroid). I never overclock.

          • Sprotthedestroyer

            I’ve also noticed that flash doesn’t work as good as it does on stock browser. But then, each phone is different. I run every format streaming video, and only have occasional problems with stock. Dolphin, skyfire, and firefox can’t compete with how much I watch videos. Constantly forcecloses. I love stock browser

  • The350zWolf

    Stock browser???? In what planet you guys live???

    • Anonymous

      I’m sooo glad that I wasn’t the only person who thought that. I’m a huge fan of xScope.

      • The350zWolf

        Ditto on xScope :^)

      • xScope it to ugly for me, stock is quick, good looking, solid and does the job for free.

        • Anonymous

          aren’t most of those browsers in the poll free?

    • Andrew Hewitt

      The world where we don’t like having 2 apps that do the same thing on our phone haha

    • Larrythedude

      Probably the one where the Stock browser meets all our needs.

      • The350zWolf

        To each its own…

    • BobbyPhoenix

      The stock browser on the Desire HD has all the features as all the other ones combined. No need for any other one. I have most available, and I always go back to stock.

  • Thatsjared87

    I actually prefer Dolphin to D HD, there was something about HD I hated. I forget what though.

  • rockymtnhigh

    The stock browser has always been very usable for me. I tried xscope thought it was ok, but too complex; never liked dolphin, and have not even bothered with Firefox.

  • Stock Browser loads pages better. It's just all around better. The Froyo browser is the fastest mobile browser. Why would I try other stuff?

  • turdbogls

    I love Dolphin HD….however every time i switch to stock for whatever reason, it makes Dolphin look slow. love the features of D HD browser, but it needs a speed boost ASAP.

  • These folks saying stock must have NEVER tried Dolphin! How can you compare the two?

    • turdbogls

      its the speed factor. stock browser is still one of the fastest out there. Dolphin is super slow in comparrison. i love the features of it, gestures and slide menus, but the speed kills me.

    • chrisb3

      I have used Dolphin HD 3.0. It was ok, but stock was faster. I haven't had a chance to try out DHD 4.0 yet.

    • I used Dolphin for months and went back to the stock browser. DHD has the same failings as the desktop version of Firefox. It is slow and bloated and memory intensive and if you add plugins forget about it. The stock browser is much faster. I don't want a full featured browser on my phone, I want to be able to look up what I'm looking up quickly and get on with what I am doing.

  • Stock browser ftw! They just need to add a better system for tabbed browsing.

    • Really? How often are you really using multiple tabs on your phone?

      • Paul

        I almost always have multiple tabs open, as I’m sure most people do. Why else would EVERY browser support tabs?

      • Pretty often. Anytime I click a link from another app it opens in a new window. I sometimes like to open links in new windows so I don’t lose my current page as well, just like I do on a computer.

    • El El Kool J

      I agree stock browser ftw!! 😛 no need to wait for any new updates to help your browser work better..lol.. it just DOES with stock.. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree, stop with the windows crap, I much prefer tabs for fast switching between web pages. If Google added that in, the stock browser would be perfect. (maybe get rid of the plus and minus icons as well, I have pinch zoom and double tap, I don’t need the buttons).

    • tjhrulz

      I would like it more if they would make it easily switchable to loading web pages in desktop mode

  • hands down Dolphin HD!!!!!!

  • nblufire12

    Sometimes stock browser fails so I have to use the ultra reliable Dolphin HD Browser. I LOVE GESTURES.