Chrome Beta for Android Updated, Brings Support for WebRTC

chrome android

An update hit the Chrome Beta app for Android today, bringing a few features, two of which are happily welcomed. Firstly, Google lists that the Beta will now have faster page loads, something which no one would argue against. Secondly, support for WebRTC has been added, which is a platform for users to enable “real-time communications” via the mobile web.  (more…)

Dolphin Browser Reaches Version 10, Features New Interface and Web App Store


One of the OG Android web browser apps that we used to hype back in the day, Dolphin Browser, received a big update to version 10 today. Whether you continue to use Dolphin after the introduction of Chrome for Android or you are somehow stuck with the stock Android Browser application, it is nice to see big time continuation of development for this app. It still has a massive amount of users and it continues to be a good choice for browsing the web.  (more…)

Rockmelt App Released for Android, an Internet Browser and BlinkFeed Had a Baby


There used to be a web browser I enjoyed before I became heavily involved with Chrome. It was constantly in the beta stage, but it brought Facebook and browsing together, making life easier for someone like myself that was constantly plugged into what my friends were doing. It’s called Rockmelt and it most certainly still exists, the only difference is that now there is an Android app.  (more…)

Next Browser From GO Launcher Development Team, Features Custom Speed Dial and Extensions

Next Broswer

The GO Launcher development team is at it again, bringing yet another application to Google Play. This time, it’s Next Browser, a browser that could compete with Google’s Chrome and the stock browser application found on most Android devices. The GO Launcher team are the ones responsible for the very popular GO Launcher, as well as GO Locker, a popular 3rd party option for lockscreen lovers, so you have to have some faith that they know what folks would want in a browser.  (more…)

Chrome Beta for Android Updated, Brings Google Translate and Bandwidth Management Settings

Chrome Beta Chrome Beta

Today, Google’s Chrome Beta for Android received a most impressive update through the Play store. Included is the addition of Google Translate, allowing users to instantly translate full webpages to their native tongue, as well as options for controlling and limiting bandwidth consumption through the browser’s settings.  (more…)