Thursday Poll: What Is Your Most Used Android Web Browser

Last night on the DL Show, we quickly discussed the many options that Android users have in terms of Internet browser applications. In fact, there are a ton of good choices out there. You have Chrome, which has become very popular for syncing between multiple devices, Dolphin for its large list of features, Opera for its speed, and the list goes on. Each seems to have its own unique characteristic that people are drawn to.

Let us know down below which one you’re stuck on.

Which Internet browser do you currently use on your Android device?

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Newly Redesigned Firefox for Android Tablets Released

Firefox users, it’s time to upgrade your Android tablet version to the latest and greatest that is now available on the Google Play store. According to the Firefox team, all of the “dramatic improvements” that made the phone experience so delightful, are now available on this new tablet build. Everything should be noticeably quicker, including page load times, panning, zooming, and web app performance.

Anyone using Firefox as their daily Android browser? If so, sell me on why.

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Review: Firefox for Android

Choice in browsers has been an integral part in the history of computing. Mozilla has been at the heart of the push for choice in browsers from its inception out of Netscape to the introduction of Firefox in 2004. Since 2004, Mozilla has been dedicated to giving users a choice in browsers not only on the desktop, but on mobile.

The latest version of Firefox for Android, available in Google Play today, comes in the midst of heavy competition in browsers for Android with Dolphin HD, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, and Firefox each having been downloaded more than ten million times. Perhaps even more dauntingly, Google is in the process of making Chrome the default browser in Android. Chrome made headlines in the last six weeks as it surpassed Internet Explorer to become the most used browser internationally on desktops. Mozilla is keenly aware that by developing Firefox for Android they are competing with Google in a way that is much less obvious on the desktop.


Brand New Firefox Beta Released on Android, Say Hello to a New UI and Flash Support

Every time Mozilla announces that a new Firefox beta has been released (this time to the Play Store), a part of me hopes that it is nothing short of awesome. And not that I’m all that willing to give up on Chrome, but competition is good and having used Firefox on a PC for so long before Chrome became such a powerhouse, it would be nice to see it carve out a niche on mobile as well. Then I install it and always immediately say, “Ugh.” Such is the case again today with the latest beta that introduces a new UI and Flash support.

The changelog got me excited, especially with the “user interface has been completely re-designed.” Unfortunately, the good news seems to stop there. It’s still buggy, clunky, and freezes up during the simplest of tasks. Once you get it rollin’, it can open pages fairly fast, but the way multi-touch and scrolling work are odd enough to give you a headache. The Flash support is welcomed though. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next release.

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New Firefox Aims to Create Uniform Experience Across Desktop, Phones and Tablets

A presentation by Mozilla’s Madhava Enros has surfaced online, giving us a look at the future of their popular browser, better known as Firefox. In the slides, you can quickly figure out what the goal is here – to create a browser that looks and feels the same across all platforms, hence the “distinctive and unified” mention at the top of the first slide. Over the last few months, they merged their mobile and desktop teams to hopefully make this dream come true.

The motto for this new project seems to be “soft, friendly, and human,” and that makes sense. After cruising through the slides, I sort of see what they are getting at with the curves, soft colors, and simple approach (wait, is that human?). In the presentation, you will find a number of pictures that represent the Firefox team’s ideas for the future of the browser. Be sure to check it out at the source link below.


Firefox On Android Redesigned For Honeycomb Tablets

Folks hoping for Firefox to make its optimized way to their Android tablets have received another early Christmas present.  The hardworking people over at Firefox have recently pumped out a completely revamped version of the popular web browser just for tablets.  Along with the new look you will also notice minor bug fixes here and there and as an added nice gesture, you should also see a faster start-up time for the app.

On a separate note we would like to add that it should be a crime to Photoshop HTC’s Sense UI over a Galaxy Nexus.  What were they thinking?  (more…)

Flash Support Makes Its Way Into Firefox Nightlies

“Why people want that buggy plugin still floors me today, but Mozilla’s heard you loud and clear.” That’s how Firefox feels about Flash on a mobile browser yet has still found a way to bring it to you in their latest nightly build. I’d attempt to give you some sort of review or first impressions on it, but it appears to hate my DROID RAZR and Bionic. In fact, I’m almost wondering if we shouldn’t swap out “plugin” in that quote for “Firefox nightly.”


Install as you would any other non-market app.

Via:  dknite, Android Central