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DROID Incredible Update Starts Hitting Devices

The semi-bug fixing update for the Droid Incredible appears to be popping up on handsets as of late last night and as many of you know, will include the VCAST app store.  For a full list of other changes check out this post.  For the first full walk-through of the VCAST app store check out this post.

Anyone else receive it yet?

Cheers Ryan!

  • Why can’t the updates ever go smoothly?

  • DBM

    Had the update for two days and now my phone has the silent bug where I can't talk/listen without being on speakerphone. Since this problem exists on all Droid phones I wonder if it is a hidden software bug that eventually snags most users.

  • The maintenance update that is being pushed out to the HTC Droid Incredible is finally arriving bringing your device much needed bug fixes and some more bloatware including the V Cast app store and Slacker…Thanks 4 sharing with us…

  • swfire271

    Since my phone updated, I'm constantly getting the white HTC screen that shows up after leaving text messaging or whatever I'm currently doing and the phone acts like a mini-reboot. Calander has to reload, favorites has to reload, bookmarks has to reload, but the phone only takes like 5-7 secs after the white HTC screen shows up. Anyone else having this issue???

  • Tim

    i had the same issue and my buddy too. with not able to install the ota software push. i'm rooted and not him. this is bs verizon!!!

  • Is there any way to get this update if it failed the first time? I got the notification and clicked “Restart & install”, the updater counted down, then said “Restarting…” and just sat there; I waited for a while, but nothing happened, and clicking “Cancel” didn't do anything. I could still pull down the notification bar, so the phone wasn't locked up, but the updater seemed to be. I finally hit the Home button and it took me back to the home screen and everything was normal. I powered off and back on and nothing was out of the ordinary; however, the update was not applied, yet the system now tells me there are no updates available.

  • Darren Ellegood

    does anyone know how to deny the update from popping up all the time? Thanks

  • jester4281

    Anyone else run into this?

    System said update was available, install wouldn't start so I did battery pull, on restart no update shows, phone version is 2.2 and phone runs like crap.

  • Powerstream

    Just got the update and thought I would check out the VCAST Store. Can't connect. Way to go VZW.

  • Nwolf

    I found my HINC this morning waiting for me to ok or deny the update..did it and really noticed no difference at first but when I went to read a pdf file using the pdf viewer that came with my phone, it said the software has been deleted! WTF!?!?!

    Forced me to find another reader but if it was gonna delete my reader then it should have replaced it with something else.

    BOOOO VZW!!!

  • JT411

    Just got my update here in Southern California….

  • Tim

    no update here yet in colorado

  • Got mine this morning shortly after I got up. It took forever for it to move past the Droid eye and I was starting to worry that it had hung. Gave it a few more minutes and it finished and all seems well. I really wish Verizon would quit cluttering my phone with crap apps though. I know, I know, root. 🙂

  • SL

    will this stop my DI from deleting all my text messages at random?!

  • fallofshadows

    I'm running Cyanogenmod on my DInc and haven't gotten anything. Doesn't look like I'm missing much though.

  • Havoc70

    Screw Verizon and their “Push” crap, give the users the ability to “Pull” the software… Dickheads

  • Angel

    Does anyone have the “not enough storage space” icon?? How do we fix that??

    • Viper76269

      i had it once,and had to to a wipe, and now when i get it, i just reboot and it goes away

    • I get that annoying no space notification from time to time. Usually I either force stop some of the apps running in the background, or clear the cache of apps such as news sources. I can't run Facebook without getting this, so that's not so cool. But then, I probably need to get off the FB crack when I'm not home anyway. LOL

    • i did, you have to delete you text messages, it has nothing to do with your 8GB or your SD card. after you delete your text messages it should go away.

  • Yeah…It didn't do anything whatsoever on my phone. It is rooted. Could be why.

  • Nativesonking

    When I installed it cleared all my home screens! How do you uninstall Slacker?

    • iBowToAndroid


  • Septimus Prime

    Sounds like it's time for a custom ROM.

  • haven't received yet…but certainly not on the edge of my seat.

  • Bloat update.

    • Lwl209

      nah, its pretty solid. I've been running the leaked version of it for some time. The kernel seems much more battery friendly, and the phone generally feels less prone to FCs/bug issues.

      No doubt there is bloatware on it, but its easy enough to remove.

      Personally, I am seriously against having multiple app markets, but its an interesting development in Android–lets give it a chance.

      • Bogus. I don't care how slick it is and Apple evangelists like MG Siegler

        have it exactly right when they say that carriers bloat devices with their

        BS and don't give customers choice. If I wanted bloat I would get a feature

        phone. BTW I'm a happy DInc user

  • Bwh0002

    Got it two days ago.

    • Nanllyn

      I got it two days ago and I haven't seen much difference. It isn't freezing or anything like that. It didn't clear my screens either or any texts, etc so that was cool. Love my Droid Incredible.

  • Mrpicolas

    If your s off it wont matter because of the band unlock so you'll be able to root or revert

  • My fiance got this update on Tuesday… The VCast store blows

  • Nate

    If my phone is rooted will I get this update?

    • gregmr

      I am rooted, was prompted to install the update and it said the phone would reboot, but didn't appear to do anything

      • Nate

        Interesting, is you phone still rooted?

        • gregmr

          Yes, Still showing superuser permissions and I took a screenshot before. Checked under system updates and says up-to-date though.

          • gregmr

            Judging by the changelog it doesn't appear to be anything super great anyway. If it was Gingerbread I'd be pretty upset though

          • iBowToAndroid

            Did you use unrevoked? 3 or forever?

      • Franzie3

        Mine did the same thing. I still havent rebooted my phone yet. I wonder if the reboot is going to install the “BLOAT!!” I could care less about anything in the update except for the sending supposed 5MB+ attachments

      • Junque_mayle

        I'm also rooted, and I did reboot. I don't see anything to indicate a change, other than “your system is currently up to date” in Settings | About Phone | System Updates

        • iBowToAndroid

          Are you rooted stock?

    • Ryan O. Hicks

      This post was from me and my phone is rooted.
      You should still get the update.

  • BrianWM

    Sounds like a way just for vzw to add more filth to their android devices.

    • Pope Wilson

      I hate Slacker Radio too .. fail.

  • KleenDroid

    Very Interesting!