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DROID 2 Global Already Rooted and Bootstrapped

Well that lasted all of 1 day.  The still unannounced Droid 2 Global, which is arriving at customers’ door steps early, can apparently be rooted with the same methods currently running around in the wild.  Our reader said he used the “on phone” method found here, but I’m guessing the SuperOneClick method we’ve featured would do the trick as well and without all of the manual command typing.

Update:  SuperOneClick method is reportedly freezing up.  Go with the manual method!

He was also able to bootstrap the recovery using Koush’s D2 Bootstrap app.

Cheers Brandon!

  • Mthomas2953

    I used Z4Root from the market and it worked perfectly. Took like 2 minutes for the complete root process to complete !!! Droid2 Global now rooted with Z4Root from the market. SWEET

  • Chris.Go

    I really like the new keyboard although my Droid 1 still performs well so GO … NO GO! They moved the menu button too which is kinda lame if you ask me.

  • Pasq

    will all the ROMs for the D2 work on the D2G

  • Craig

    For those looking to unlock the sim card you can get the code from Verizon Global support (908) 559-4899. I was able to get the code but when I place my international sim card in the phone and switch to GSM only I receive no signal. I have a case established with Verizon and Motorola as I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue or something else. I hope that someone here can call and verify that after entering the unlock code if they actually can make and receive calls.

    • Chris G

      Many of my local sims from other countries get no signal in this country due to lack of roaming on many prepaid sims. What you should do is get someone's tmobile or att sim and try that in your phone instead.

      • Craig

        Thanks for the reply Chris G. I have an AT&T sim and my global sim allows me to roam in over 200 countries including the US; however when placed in the D2 Global I receive an error that no networks are available. I tested the sim in another Verizon global phone to confirm that it wasn't an issue with my sim. Another VZW customer has replied to my post with the same issue on another forum. If anyone else has the same issue I would love to hear from them or if GSM roaming works please share the details. I will forward all comments to VZW. Thanks 🙂

        • Jason228910

          Again, as long as you are in America, your international simcard is not going to work in the Droid 2 Global or Pro, even if you have unlocked the simcard. In America, you are only going to be able to use Verizons network. But when you get to the overseas country that you are going to, then your international simcard will work. Once you unlock your Droid 2 Global or Pro you can take the Verizon simcard and throw it in the trash, you will never need it again. Like i said in your main post. Even if you are in America, you can go aheah and insert your international simcard into your phone, even though it is not going to work, set your network to Global, as long as your in America you'll run off of Verizon network, then when you get overseas your phone will then switch over to what ever international simcard u have in the phone.

    • Jason228910

      First of all once you receive the unlock code from Verizon Wireless, you no longer need to have the sim card in your phone for it to work. This is because Verizon is not a true GSM network yet. Now if the phone is in USA, no matter what sim card you put into the phone, the phone will only work on Verizon Networks. The benefit of unlocking the sim card is for when you go overseas, you can then but a foreign simcard into the phone, and you will get that countries service. Now unlike ATT iPhone where everytime you decide to upgrade the OS on the iPhone you have to go back and unlock the phone and Jailbreake it, with Verizon you do not have to do this once the simcard is unlocked.

      So to recap this where everyone will understand. Say you have a simcard from Belarus. You call Verizon get our Droid 2 Global or Pro simcard unlocked. You can then take out the Verizon simcard and replace it with the Belarus simcard. As long as you are in America you will only get Verizon network, once you get to Belarus, your phone will then automatic switch over to Belarus. So you will never have to remove a simcard again or remember where did you but that thing wen it is time to travel overseas. Personally I think this is even better then ATT network.

  • dinc user

    Was gonna wait for the dinc hd but I just might have to get this now

  • KleenDroid

    Guess why….. cause its a D2.


  • It's official. I'm getting this phone for my birthday. {{-_-}}

  • The350zWolf

    Yes, D2G will be my next phone for sure :^)

    I couldn't get SuperOneClick to work on my D2, so I used adb on a linux box.

  • Anthonygatio

    Hi I'm an original droid user who wants to root my phone but always been afraid, I mainly just want to over clock the device… What's the best method?

  • dumb question but I can't help myself… do you think the D2 global will be unblocked to use it in other countries?

    • Chris G

      rooting it should eliminate this.

      • Izzyd

        I wouldn't count on that being the case without some other serious hacks being done to them.

        • Geonerd

          so ur saying that even rooted the phone will not be unlocked to use in other countries? is there a way to unblock?

          • Izzyd

            Exactly what I'm saying. Is it possible yea I'm sure it is but with it just being released to early to say what it will take to do it. I'm sure it will have to do with the radio programming to get it to be possible. So rooting will have nothing to do with it which is why I'm saying what I am. However to have access to messing with the radio programming you'll need the device rooted, so its a catch 22.

            Thing is the device can be used in other countries already, but you have to use the VZW SIM card and pay there fees. And that IMO is an issue because there fees are craziness when out of the country. Just let me throw any SIM card in and let me do what I want, wishful thinking I know but it sure would be nice.

          • Freedomsearcher2442

            Verizon will unlock your sin if you meet some eligibility requirements believe u have to be a customer for six months or maybe a year with good payment history and can only unlock one phone per number per year its done through their global dept. I used to work customer service

          • Izzyd

            True, but is still something I should not have to do. And for the average consumer they don't realize that and will get taken to the cleaners paying for VZW fees if they don't get it unlocked and travel out of the country.

  • Reasons like this are why I love Android and the community so much.

  • Chris G

    This makes this phone awfully tempting. Damn.

    I really think I should wait for something running a newer version but with a trip next week to oz, i sure could use this.


  • this is my first step after powering up my new D2G….gotta have the root

  • Finire

    I love seeing our community take steps as large as this. I love HTC because of there friendliness with the root community, but it's about time Motorola gets there root blocking a$*es kicked.

    • BrianWM

      Did you miss the htc g2 mess?

      • Finire

        Ok, so mostly.

  • Zsld0423


  • Michael_NM

    Sweet! Now rooties can roam the world! 🙂

    • kellex

      Haha indeed they can.