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Exclusive: DROID 2 Global Comparison Sheet , Launching in “Dark Sapphire” and “Winter White”

The Droid 2 Global will ship in both blue and white, just like we suspected it would last week when we saw two different SKUs pop up for the device that still has not been announced by Verizon.  And actually, the specific color names are “Dark Sapphire” and “Winter White” which should both look familiar.  The original Droid 2 already comes in “Dark Sapphire” and we’ve seen “Winter White” on devices like the Motorola CLIQ.  

Remember that the D2 Global is a global-roaming-business-friendly machine meaning Motorola has packed in some additional features we haven’t seen on other “DROID” branded phones other than the Droid Pro.

New exclusive features:

  • Remote wipe of device and SD card
  • Document editing with QuickOffice
  • Inbox filtering
  • Invite attendees to meetings using GAL
  • Ability to juggle multiple schedules (free/busy lookups)

Some of the other stats listed on this official  sheet are as follows:

  • 1.2GHz processor (same one we had photos of)
  • Dark Sapphire and Winter White color options
  • 5MP camera with dual LED flash
  • Dual band CDMA and Quad band GSM
  • Physical keyboard plus Swype
  • 8GB internal memory plus 8GB pre-installed SD card
  • Android 2.2
  • 3 profiles to switch between (sort of like Sense UI themes)
  • 3G hotspot
  • Flash 10.1

To see the first pictures of the D2 Global in “Winter White”, check out our gallery.

I know the rest of the world said black, but it looks like blue after all.  Disappointed?  Black would  have been nice right?

Cheers money!

  • -business-friendly machine meaning Motorola has packed in some additional features we haven’t seen on other “DROID” 

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  • byebyewindows

    White or winter white, I much prefer the Dark Sapphire. Two are on their way to me right now!

  • I may be hated for this, but it seems strange to classify iOS 4.1 as “good” and Android 2.1 as “better.” I'd rather have 2.1, but reasonable people certainly disagree, and for good reasons.

  • I like how they include Quickoffice JUST for the Droid 2 Global. Like it's not available for my DInc, or for any other Android phone for that matter…

  • Josh

    Anyone notice that the Droid2 Global can have 3 profiles; home, work, or weekend? Each can be customized and setup for easy switching between what you are doing at the moment. I can't imagine ever needing this, as 7 home screens is more than enough for at the moment, but it sounds like a cool concept.

  • Chris G

    That's nice, but can i swap any prepay sim into this or am i stuck paying VZ's insane roaming rates when over seas?

  • bad news for Droid 2 verzion

  • Cjreyes666

    Ill stick to blue, white kinda reminds of some one wit a turtle neck.

    • Josh

      I hate turtle necks, they make me feel like I haven't shaved in two months.

  • Rousellbrandon

    Nice to see iPhone . Guess if we don't a phone with plain Android OS on it soon . I will get an Iphone .Apple won't let providers load blot ware .

    • you would move to iphone because of bloatware? thats stupid.

      • Rousellbrandon

        It's not stupid. I had og.Droid now dinc. I love android not apps I don't.want.if Google doesn't step up and give me what I want I'm out.and I don't want to root…

    • Or you could just disable and/or uninstall it.

      • Rousellbrandon

        i shouldn't have to. I don't want to root anything.if I pay for android o.s that's what I want.

    • Josh

      The bloatware would make me want to switch to iPhone. I just got a Droid X last night for my girlfriend and I couldn't believe how much crap was in that thing. Combine that with Blur and I felt like I was using my choppy '08 G1 again…

      I couldn't get Koush's bootstrap, CM recovery, and Rubix 1.0 on that thing fast enough! Now it's a great phone that is super fast. That's proof to me that these phone manufacturers are just getting the hardware right, but screwing up by loading their own crappy skins.

      • Josh

        Furthermore, the average consumers get a Droid X or something comparable and experience the crappy laggy MotoBlur or Sense UI. It just makes them wish they had an iPhone because the experience is so much better out of the box.

        Disclaimer: I'm of course talking about average consumers that have no idea what a “ROM”, “recovery”, or “vanilla” Android is. I have friends that have iPhones and wondered into a Verizon store to try out the X or Incredible and tell me it's so slow and confusing. IT'S NOT ANDROID YOU EXPERIENCED, IT'S BLOATWARE WATERING DOWN OUR BELOVED MOBILE OS BRAND!!

  • Septimus Prime

    I like how that thing makes it seem like the white iPhone 4 actually exists.

  • What is tri-band UMTS? I'm looking to hopefully pick up this phone when it comes out but I want to make sure it will work on some English 3G frequencies.

  • Charlie

    D2 Global with Dual Band CDMA, Quad GSM and TriBand UMTS… does this mean with it I can surf the net, check email and talk on the fone simultaneously?

  • Will this work on T-Mobile? Quadband means every network right?

  • Sodders

    My Droid INC didn't come with SWYPE… do the newer models ship with it now?

    • yup.

      • kellex

        Wait they do?

        • the proof is in the pudding (or the chart anyway)

          they have to be talking about the new incredibles with the SLCD screens.

        • pdash

          yeah, i'm confused about this too, i got a dinc like a month or two ago (right b4 2.2) and it did not come w/ swype (or upgrade to swype with 2.2)

        • overtsilence

          I got a new inc this past friday with the slcd and can confirm for a fact that it does NOT come loaded with swype.

          • i thought thats the Dinc they were talking about. the latest one. then what is verizon talking about? why would they say it has flash.

  • Yay the G Droid2 has most of the best features!!! IT ROCKS!!!

    I like how they call it Dark Sapphire! Now i know what color to call my Droid 2 instead of just blue.

  • Gvelezcamden

    Since when did the DI have SWYPE as it says in the chart?

    • The newest one that comes with Froyo, Flash and a SLCD screen out of the box.

  • Michael_NM

    What if I want to invite GALs to my meetings?

  • EC8CH

    Holding out for the “Back in Black”

  • Mcrutchf

    No front facing camera?

  • zepfloyd

    VERY interesting all those phones are on VZ already except for the iphone…wonder if that's a big clue that the dark side is coming very soon….

    • fortune and wall street journal have “comfirmed” it. But by then, there will most likely be some kick-a** droids on the market.

      • AnDroidSepTIX


      • zepfloyd

        Yea, I've soon those, but really thats just a glorified rumor. This is even more proof than those rumors.

      • iPhone at Verizon is a good thing. That’ll force HTC, Samsung, and Motorola to make even better phones. Competition, especially from someone as innovative as Apple, breeds better products for all of us.

  • 1st!

    • Murphy

      First! (to reply to your first)

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a headband that says “Say whaaat?”!!!