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DROID 2 Price Dropped to $149, End is Near

Verizon just launched a new holiday campaign for their Droid brand of phones and one thing in particular jumped out at us, the price of the Droid 2.  As you can see above and below, it no longer lists for $199 after rebate and instead can be had for $149.  Remember when the original Droid saw its first price drop down to $149?  Remember that the price adjustment signaled the release of the Droid X weeks later?  

We already know that it has been discontinued from Best Buy so this seems like a logical step from Big Red.  Droid 2 Global, come to us.

If only they could bring us a bigger screen on top of that 1.2GHz goodness

  • cool

  • Mack

    The Droid 3 will be the iPhone, LOL!

  • i love my droid 2! best android phone i ever had. never been this happy with a phone.

    • Nairo

      Same here ….Who cares if they pull from production…I Got Mine !!

  • Whats with the WOW screen? Bleh.

  • Pandemic187

    The D2G is priced at $199.99. It wouldn't make sense for the D2 and the D2G to have the same price.

  • bravoleader2

    Must be a great phone

  • Chris.Go

    They forgot to mention that the subscription will cost you near $3,600 over the 2 years.

    • bravoleader2

      How did you come up with that number?

      • Chris.Go

        Phone Plan + Unlimited Internet 100-150/month * 2 years. Oh don't forget the phone still was not free up front for some reason.

        Legal Tethering
        V Cast or NFL Live Streaming

        • bravoleader2

          i pay $75 a month and have unlimited data and nfl live streaming (which I have never been prompted to pay for. Watched the Steelers game last night on it.). $100 * 24 is not 3600. Maybe try T-Mobile?

          • Chris.Go

            Verizon must just rip people off then. To bad they bought Google.

          • bravoleader2

            Go buy an iPhone. Sounds like you'd love it.

          • Chris.Go

            Either way, either phone, the prices are a bit high if you ask me. At a certain point you just have to ask if it's all worth it especially now days with people having a hard time with jobs. I wish it would just become more reasonable… not that much to ask seriously.

  • Risenequinox

    Thank god, then we wont have to hear any more news about the droid 2.

    • Se7h

      honestly, droid 2 FTL

    • what are you talking about? the droid 2 global is still coming out. and also dont hate.

  • NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    also first

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a pencil sharpener!!!