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Verizon 3G Data Plan Pricing Info for Smartphones and Tablets Starting 10/28

If you were looking for a simple chart of the new 3G smartphone and tablet pricing plans headed to Verizon, then the one above should cover it all.  You’ll see the two tiers that will be available as of tomorrow (10/28) for smartphones, plus the new month-to-month tablet options.  So far I’m liking the options that Verizon is providing especially when you compare them to AT&T’s.  (Pictured below.)  

For those considering the drop to the $15/150MB plan, you need to understand how overages work.  If you eclipse the 150MB mark at any time during the month, you will be charged an additional $15 for an extra 150MB and will not be given the option to step into a pay-as-you-go tier.  It is also my understanding that if you then eclipse your 300MB allotment, chances are that you will be charged $15 again for each 150MB after that when you could have just purchased a $29.99 unlimited plan to begin with.

That all make sense?  Verizon has created a data calculator to help you decide which plan to go for.

Here is how they compare to AT&T:

We also heard that their will be 4G price lifts, but no specifics were given.


  • If you will get a tablet, Virgin Mobile offers $40/mo for unlimited plan. You need the MiFi device but one would be required with Verizon. Nice article though. Very helpful.

    • they just changed this in the past week or 2, Sprint(bought Virgin mobile a year or so ago) limited it to a “fair use” of 5 gigs. before this, people were pulling in 20+gigs a month on virgin mobile and some boost mobile devices

  • Michael

    So, this means they are getting rid of the “multimedia” phone category, which required at least the $10 data plan? Only smartphones will now require some sort of plan.

    • Michael

      I just tested signing up for a new account and when I select the LG Chocolate Touch phone, it still said 9.99 data package required.

      Has anyone verified this is truly started today?

  • Gee

    One thing should be noted that The 3g multi media phones no longer require data at all. I know we all love our droids but i figured i should throw taht out there.

  • I just did it. didn't wokr when I checked online, but I called Verizon.. finally not paying $30 for the data camel that is a blackberry. My droid x still uses like 5gb/month though 🙁

  • Jeyrivera89

    So, I just talked to VZW. Apparently they will be 'grandfathering' in current vzw customers with unlimited data only if the smartphone supports it. Meaning they would have to have something like a DROID OR DX to get the 29.99 unltd. Now, I know for a fact that i bearly break 2gb a month but i like to be safer than sorry.

    also i'm pretty sure this has been mentioned already but i'm not reading through 50 posts.

  • Phobos

    I dont see anything about the Enterprise sham, I mean plan. Does anyone know if I can now stop being penalized just for accessing exchange mail service? This would be a big drop in my data plan to be able to go to the $29.99 unlimited.

  • Justin

    Such BS

  • thelolotov

    I'm using less than 250 MB per month, can you establish some sort of middle ground, Verizon?

  • surfgirl757

    WOW, Did I just see an ad for ifad on sale tomorrow at verizon wireless site?

  • Can a tablet see the ad-hoc network created by a D1 using wireless tether?

  • The fact that they even need a matrix to explain the billing = epic fail.

  • Ronkid85

    I tethered, my hotspot comes out 11gb after taking to reps bills came down to $255 or paying for 6 gb tethering. Now i'm pissed isn't it suppose to be unlimited.

  • Mike

    Does this mean unlimited is actually unlimited. Here they tell us that it is actually 3 gig after that you are charged more.

  • El El Kool J

    I use so much wifi on my phone (work) (home) lately that my data usage went from average of 2/3GB down to only about 80/100MB I might be changing my plan.. 🙂

  • ericsorensen

    Tether your $30/mo unlimted smartphone – that solves your all yoru tablet and laptop data usage worries.

  • Honkeygenius

    couldn't one just get the unlimited phone plan and tether their tablet to that making for unlimited tablet data?

    • looks like smart phones cant get unlimited any more if thats what the X's mean.

      • balthuszar

        the x's mean thats what plans are available…not what plans are not available

        • thanks now i understand

          • balthuszar

            welcome, glad i could help clear it up

    • fallofshadows

      I like your way of thinking… I guess as long as the Tablet is capable of wifi, it could tether, unless Verizon somehow blocked their tethering service from being available to tablets. Of course, root users would find a way around…

  • feztheforeigner

    I guess I like that they only added options and didn't take away our unlimited option (I wasn't ever going to let my contract end). But no unlimited for tablets 🙁

    • El El Kool J

      dont worry.. your tablet wouldnt really need umlimited anyway.. you wont use the data on it as heavily as on your phone which can be carried around more places than a tablet.. plus your rooted droid could offer that wifi connection for the tablet anyways.. 😛

  • rajman1138

    Not that I think we should have to pay for 3g -> Wifi tethering, If I am reading this chart correctly there is no official Smartphone plan that allows us to do that?

    <edit> Ok maybe I am reading it wrong, it seems like the last line of the chart indicates that with any plan $29.99 or higher we get 2gb of Mobile Hotspot with no added fee. if thats the case than that is good.</edit>

    • Two_cents

      unless you are rooted VZW wants you to pay 20/month extra to allow you to use their 3g mobile hotspot service… which is rediculous… I use my phone to tether my ps3 and play online at my friends house and I'm barely at 1g total between my phone usuage and tethering… just root your phone and enjoy wifi tether for free with your unlimited data plan… isn't 100/month enough for them?

      • rajman1138

        Oh I am rooted 😉
        just think its ridiculous that they think that charging $20 extra to tether is reasonable.

        • If you look at the top chart, it appears that data plans $29.99 or higher will get a 2gb hotspot allowance included in the data plan instead of charging $20 extra per month.

          • brwneyegrl46

            I called Verizon on that. According to them, you have to get the 29.99 or higher data plan to be eligible to get the hotspot plan. ridiculous.

  • The increased price for mobile broadband still pisses me off. My mom was about to get mobile broadband connect next month, too. But now, $20 more for only 2GB? Forget it.

    • El El Kool J

      your obviously reading that wrong.. the mifi and the new 5 spot is now only $50 for 5GB which is currently $59.99 for 5GB.. 😛 check it again..

  • Arthur2142

    I'm a little confused…Does this mean you can now tether your phone for up to 2GB/month at no additional charge?

    • Arthur2142

      Nevermind…it appears that you get up to 2GB/month for $20.00 if you have the $29.99 data plan.

  • Guest

    Yet Sprint still offers “unlimited” data and texting. I think we are all chumps for paying these high prices for data rates, reguardless of the service provider.

    • CheeseLover

      Sprints business model is not sustainable. Their 3rd quarter results show them with a net loss of $911 million. http://newsroom.sprint.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=1702 The unlimited everything at the price point they have will end, or they will end.

      • El El Kool J

        I wouldnt be surprised if Big Red buys Sprint out one day.. lol..

        • I would be. No chance in hell the government would allow that to happen, as it would leave the US market as follows: VZW: 141m subscirbers, ATT: 92.8m, TMO: 33.7m, and any after that are crap anyway. So, no I really don't see Verizon feasibly buying Sprint_Nextel.

          • El El Kool J

            They could only stop them if it was making them monopolize the market.. but with still 2 other major competitors out there, leaves Big Red with the option.. 🙂

          • Right, but they would have a monopoly on CDMA.

    • Jared712000

      I just activated an Incredible on Verizon for unlimited calls/text/data $99.00, which is same as Sprint. Call/text unlimited $69.99, which was a So Cal special, then unlimited data $29.99. Not bad for big red. Although I still have my damn iphone activated….

  • Armyof2

    Would this be considered a change in contract? Meaning can we use this to get out of our contracts early with no penalty? I remember this coming up on another carrier where they changed the pricing of text messages and even if you had an unlimited text plan it basically made it so you can get out of your contract without the cancellation fee…Just curious, I may want a new phone soon 😀

    • overtsilence

      I don't believe the prices are changing for anyone whose already under contract. It's only when you're signing up new or for new contracts. So I don't see that as anything that would allow you to get out of your current contract

  • Mth2134

    This feels like a “catch” to me. My wife is a low end data user. No root. Simply tasks. Yet she is at 195mb with a week left on cycle. Who is actually going to use less than 150mb per month?? Should u have a smartphone then? Seems like a get them in the door idea to me.

  • EC8CH

    Let's fire up the old Verizon vs At&t ad machine over this… wireless commercials have gotten so boring…

    and I hear Owen's Wilson's brother is looking for work 😛

  • Muddy B00ts

    Definitely gonna get the wife on the cheaper plan… 😛

    • VERY risky idea, unless she's on wifi nearly 100% of the time…

      • Muddy B00ts

        haha, I don't even know why she got a smartphone. Basically uses it for solitaire.

        Without using wifi ever she only goes through about 280mb a month, and we have wifi at work and school so I think I'll take my chances lol.

        • mharmon

          My wife needs a new phone, she does not download at all, she's a stay at home mom, so does this mean I can buy her a new smartphone and not have to buy a data plan with it? Am I missing something?

          • Arthur2142

            All Smart Phones must have a data plan to be activated. This simply means you can get the $15/month data plan as opposed to the $29.99 data plan.

          • ericsorensen

            My wife needs a new phone, too. Or maybe I should say I need a new phone and hers is upgradable sooner. She wouldn't want to be bothered with a new phone to learn anyway – her Droid works great. See what I just did?

  • Second

  • Nithilarajan


    • CONGRATS!!! You’ve won half a jelly filled donut!!!

  • Droidhole

    It’s outrageous that data on one device is priced differently than another device. The wireless carriers have been crying that they need a pricing scheme that is usage based but come out with the plans that still are really device based and just arbitrarily set data costs. The low end 3G smartphone plan has data priced at 0.1/Mb, the low end tablet plan has data priced at 0.02/Mb, and the low end mifi data is 0.01/Mb. What about one bucket of data that can be purchased for all devices I use on the VZW network? The carriers are implementing the TXT model of pricing that is very lucrative but costly to consumer. And who the hell uses less than 150 Mb/month?

  • Dan

    “There will be price lifts”. Not their. Come on.