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Playstation Phone is Real, Poses for Photoshoot

When the gallery of pictures went up on Engadget last night for the Playstation phone, our inbox blew up with excited emails!  Apparently we have some gamers in the crowd that were more than excited to see this device appear to be real and headed for store shelves possibly by X-mas, but will more than likely show up a at CES in January.  The phone has all of the specs to compete with the best of them and might even have its own gaming market.  This PSP has the same configuration of buttons you’d see on the non-phone PSP only it’ll pack some power and Android.  

Here are some of the rumored specs:

  • Runs Android 3.0
  • Sports a 1GHz processor
  • Screen size from 3.7 to 4.1 inches
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 1GB of ROM
  • microSD support
  • Special Sony Marketplace for games

Ready for this?

Source:  Engadget

  • If they bring this out to Verizon, I'm getting it. Then I won't have to carry a DROID X and a PSP-2000.

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    It looks like a droid phone combined with a psp? Fake.
    Gotta be. Sony can come up with a better way to design phone. And they would make it look different than any other, with more than just the controller added. Its sony! They always have to change the design. Look at everything theyve done… to similar to things already existing. It looks like a picture of a droid(no idea which one) and the most recent psp superimposed. Fake
    I do hope its real though!

  • Livelylandscapes

    I'm surprised to see its a clam shell phone?

  • Justin


  • BuLLg0d

    lol @ the battery level… That will be an all to common level running Android and being a game device as well.

  • Zub

    Finally! i have been waiting for a phone like this ever since i first got my PSP! when i got my PSP all i could think of was “damn i wish this thing had a sim card slot! then it'd do everything and i'd take it everywhere!”

    CANT WAIT!!! my next phone for sure 9000%!

  • Can someone tell me which carrier this phone will be on?

  • if it's true….amaaaaazing concept and well done by sony. ifnot, i think it def has a market and sony should get on it. Only thing i don't know about is what about the L and R buttons all PSP's have, this doesn't make mention of those i kinda see something on the first pic that might be them but i thinkk this is unfortunately fake

  • I doubt there is a PlayStation fan out there who wouldn't buy a phone like this if it was done right. Fake or not, I think this is a no-brainer within the next year or three. Why couldn't they insert the phone/camera innards into a PSP and use a droid operating system? No reason except greed. Should someone get the bright idea to make this happen, expect Sony to succeed in their hostile takeover of the cellphone world.

  • I dont see my credit for being the first person to tip you to the source……DroidCLH……i sent it to you 2 minutes after the engadget article aired

  • No thanks. I'll wait for a dedicated gaming handheld from Sony (i.e. PSP2) rather than have some mongoloid phone that has no idea what it was designed to be.

    That dual touch no feedback thing in place of dedicated analog controllers is the nail in the coffin. I'm trying to imagine how bad it will suck but I'm thinking this is going to push the nvelope in that regard

  • jerry

    Wow I gave them this find today in the live support and I get no credit wow kellex wow

  • Rogue_5

    First thought when i saw this last nite was Fake/Mockup. But the gamer in me hopes this is true, just imagining the android and Sony market put together 🙂

  • jerry

    wow I gave them this find today in the live support and I get no credit wow droid life wow

    • Droidzilla

      You're a good little boy and everyone really gives a crap about you. Happy?

      • jerry

        F••• U b••••

        • balthuszar

          keep showing the maturity level…way to go

          • jerry

            f••• U 2

  • mathees

    why didnt they make it 4.3 in? and isn't 3.0 not ready for a while?

  • HELL. YES. If it turns out to actually be a decent gaming platform (which, judging by Sony's past platforms, it should be) then I will almost definitely be getting this. In fact, I'm eligible to upgrade now but I think I may just hold off until this comes out. If I have to change carriers, so be it.

  • i wouldnt buy it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    its about to run out of battery power

  • Stephen D

    Can't be Gingerbread. Gingerbread doesn't have the white notification bar.

    The phone is a little disappointing. It's rumored to have the 2nd gen Snapdragon. But that means sub-par gaming performance, because of the weak GPU 🙁

  • Josh

    I don't know about this. It has kind of a fake-cheap look to it, not PSP quality I've experienced…

  • robinson

    That's too bad sony ericsson only makes gsm phones, what a waste… I guess you could play games while you're waiting for at&t reception

  • Hmm.. Interesting.. So it's like a psp go phone edition. So with that RAM that would be a a couple PS games and a few android apps. I dunno i wont get stucked into the hype of this phone. I love a good gaming phone just as much as the next person but i dont know I want a solid gaming device that can do one thing and do the best job ever at what it does.

  • I like how it says A and B buttons on the 2nd screen and there aren't A and B buttons on this phone…

  • Pandemic187

    Yay, a failure in the making!

  • GoinHam

    3 words: Dual. Analog. Sticks.

    This baby is gonna be unbelievable

    • Josh

      Does it actually have analog sticks, or just touchpads that emulate sticks? All I see in the pics are D-pads.

      • GoinHam

        Yeah, they look like touch versions of analog sticks, but I'll take it no less

  • zach471

    All the gamers just went “WHA???”

  • microSD? What about MEMORY STICK?? bwaaahahaha

  • pcguru30

    if you combine the android store with the playstation network store you get win. I can see this being a great portable device for emulators, all the droid series has been missing is a gamepad and this adds that

  • Chris.Go

    Is this a gold farmers keyboard?

  • DroidDave

    Verizon LTE uses SIM cards if memory serves.

    • sc4fpse

      Come on now, let's be realistic here. 😛

  • sc4fpse

    A number of websites are indicating that this is a fake. Here's hoping it's not. 🙂

    • CivilDroid

      I think its fake too. look at the date. Feb 1st is not a Friday in 2010 or 2011. The last time it was is in 2008. Something smells fishy!

      • Anonymous

        But Feb. 1, 1980 was a Friday. You can see the other screen says 1980. Without a SIM card, it can’t auto-update the date, I imagine. Why 1980? That’s another question.

        • Memphis1967

          i think linux measures time by counting seconds in a single variable starting at 1980… I’d have to look it up, but it also points to another “Y2K” event when all the linux computers have to start their time over in 2024 or something… now i’m gonna have to go look this up

          • Memphis1967

            ok, it started at 12 am 1/1/1970, and it’s a signed 32 bit integer that will run out on 1/19/2038, that is if we stayed with 32 bit computing.

          • Anonymous

            Nah, POSIX time starts (zero value) on January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC. And
            32-bit computers won’t roll over until 2038, so I can keep my Droid for a
            while. 🙂

        • The interface in the other pictures has an (A) and a (B) rather than (O) and (^) that leaves me skeptical too.

  • this is gonna be so sexy i cant wait

  • Well….I dont think it will be a VZW phone…..”SIM Card”…..Damn you AT&T and/or T-Mobile!

    In other news….it looks cool. But fake to my eyes…

    • SirBrass

      They’d be foolish not to be doing a CDMA phone for the US market.

  • While this is truly an exciting looking piece of hardware, I'm a bit disappointed by the 1GHz CPU spec. Sure, we'll get root and subsequently overclock, but I just think a phone marketed also as a gaming device might need a little more oomph behind it. I don't see any word on a dedicated GPU either.

    • Anonymous

      It’s an upgrade to the G2 CPU, which smokes benchmarks at 800MHz. It’s the chip that made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. She’s fast enough for you, old man.

  • Ross

    It's going to be on Verizon?

  • Schweeet, I just read an article about the Win phone and how it can't cut and paste. It's not even released and and here Android is making it look ancient already.

    • Let me just add a little zing here: There's like 5% battery left. Is this after the phone boots? 😉 THE UMD IS BACK! 😉

  • SirBrass

    Something says FAKE, but I hope its real. I'd swap my Droid X for this in a heartbeat!

  • shr1k3r

    “No sim card found”
    Safe to say its not coming to vzw?

    • Global phone? most likely not, but who knows maybe.

  • All Im saying is theres going to be alot “Ripped” off this phone and ported to a bunch of other Android devices LOL

    • Anonymous

      If this product does come out, I can see them going to some crazy hoops to prevent anyone from doing what you suggest… at least for a little while :P. Then it will be PSP race all over again.

    • kellex

      My thoughts exactly. 🙂

  • Schafer_29

    better f'n come to Verizon!!

  • spygame

    The skeptical part of me believes this is fake. But the geeky side is super excited at this concept and if is true…. I think I found my next phone! (assuming is coming to VZW)

    • I don’t think there has ever been a Sony Ericson phone on Verizon, has there?

      • Anonymous

        I think you are right. I don’t recall a Sony Ericsson at Verizon in recent memory… But lets hope that there is a chance that this will be the first one, assuming is real.

  • Michael_NM

    Okay, I admit I'm a geek, but this is too geeky for me…

    Also, Android 3.0? I thought 2.3 was next…

  • sdubb

    Can't decide if I'm interested or not.

  • KleenDroid


    • Gabe

      congratulations, you've won a tootsie pop!

  • ronbon

    What carrier?

  • Este


  • Caleb

    I’ll admit that it doesn’t look attractive but i’m sure the multimedia experience is going to be awesome. I’d like to see what the Android Market and Playstation Store do.

  • Pitch


  • jason

    Definitely getting one if it comes to big red!

  • If this thing gets both the android store and the playstation store it will be full of win. Android emulators are awesome by themselves but if you add a real analog stick its perfect!

  • MB

    Gotta admit I’m interested because Sony will probably make the multimedia better on this phone than an average Android device. I hate the Android music player and the audio isn’t that great from my experience.

  • ItsMe

    Despite sounding like a little girl, O.M.G. Lol. Other than the sony phones, I love most of their products, especially the ps3 and psp. This would be awesome. What would I do with my DX?!?! Lol. If only sony would have android on the ps3 also

  • Picture shows to press A or B but the button layout are all shapes…

  • sam

    First maybe