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Samsung Announcing New Android Device on November 8th

The holidays are creeping up and we were starting to wonder if we would actually see any major Android devices landing on store shelves or if this year’s shopping season would be uneventful, while we all look forward to CES in January.  Up until now, we had only heard a few rumors, but we’re thinking Samsung is prepping something major as they have just invited media members to a special event on November 8th.

Update:  Reader Endisky suggests it will be the Continuum and we’re pretty sure he’s right.

Join Samsung Mobile for the unveiling of a new Android device.

What could this be?  People have suggested that this might be a “stock” Android device and that the stock market ticker is the clue, but that giant blue box up there is the TouchWiz launcher button leading us to believe it’s something else.  Maybe the first Gingerbread device?  Afterall, Google did unveil their new statue on Friday.


  • thejaykap

    I agree that the announcement will most likely be for the Continuum. I don't imagine that top screen is going to be 4in like the Fascinate. I'm thinking about just going out tomorrow and getting the Fascinate since I just became eligible to upgrade. I'm coming over from a boring feature phone, so I'm extremely eager to finally get a smartphone. Are there likely to be many new phones coming out for Verizon before Xmas? What do you guys think about upgrading tomorrow?

  • jedijesus95

    I don't want this phone. If I wanted a phone with a small screen I would get an iPhone.

  • Arternet

    It will be Nexus Two running Gingerbread.
    This information is confirmed by the people in Mountain View

  • El El Kool J

    I sent an email tip over that shows this device on it last week sometime..which also includes a few other droids coming in the next 2 months?

  • 1T2dirtnap

    Gingerbread… LOL how about Froyo first!

  • Until they get rid of TouchWiz I'll never consider a Samsung device

  • jparness

    The icons look like they are going into a tunnel made from a stock market ticker. What do you make of that? Just that the event is going to be in NYC, or something more to do with the device itself? Also, if it was going to be another phone, then I think they might not have said “Android device.” I'm hoping it's something entirely unrelated to the Continuum or the Galaxy S phones. Maybe a business-centric device, or Samsung's take on GoogleTV?

  • Stephen D

    Those are all TouchWiz icons. It's the Continuum.

  • I guarantee you its a new Android tablet (or line of Android tablets) running Gingerbread – after all, the Gingerbread tablets are expected to be here by December right? (referencing > http://socialmediaseo.net/2010/10/19/android-3-0-gingerbread/)

  • RoadsterHD1
  • zmpinqc

    There's no way it will be the first Gingerbread device. Google has always promoted major releases with stock UI on a phone and would not showcase Gingerbread clouded with the TouchWiz UI.

  • No thank you

  • JamesDJ

    I think its the new Samsung Galaxy 2 series of phones

  • Endisky

    It has to be the Continuum, thats the whole point of the “stock ticker” design of the invite since the bottom of the Continuum will be a ticker/ notification area. I rock.

    • kellex

      You are right and I'm now disappointed.

    • Nescio1988

      I agree.

    • nerdkill

      you're right… BOOOOOOOOOO

  • Michael_NM

    I do wonder what Sam will sing, but my Droid X won't listen. 😛

  • Mrpicolas


  • Nithilarajan