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Unstable Apps Releases Simple Droid X and 2 Overclock App

Remember the 2 overclocking methods released this week for the Droid X and Droid 2 that had some pretty intimidating steps involved which scared most of us off?  No worries people, we now have an app that does all of the work for you.  From the same dev that brought you Easy Root, you can now enjoy some minor overclocking on your DX or D2 with DX/D2 Overclocker.  

Sets you back $.99 in the market.  Rooted users only.  (Instructions)


Download Link

  • Albokay

    Did the unstableapp guys give up on fixing easy root? Is there no way to recreate a one touch root and unroot?

    • Dakinclark
      • Albokay

        Yeah I wish my life was that easy. I tried this and of course I ran into a problem. I got the waiting for device message and while trying to move past it I mounted my sd card by mistake. After I did that the some more of the program started running then my phone shut off and i couldnt turn it on again. Shut down the program, unplugged the phone and the screen came up on the droid eye portion of the load screen. All loaded fine but no root. Tried again and I get to the “Running rageagainstthecage…” part and no further.

        Im done. The only thing that was ever easy was the one touch root app. Its the only one that ever worked. Unless that comes back I can never root.

        • unstableapps

          We didn't really give up, the door was just shut. The exploit that allowed for elevating to root privs directly on the phone was patched in all the 2.2 updates. If a new hole is ever found, we will happily update. But holes like that are pretty rare. Rootz Wiki has some good guides for each phone though. Thanks!

  • can't find it in the market following these links

  • Dakinclark

    update allows for 1.45 and more customization
    latest quad 1824

  • now this makes me want to get the DX.
    insane work guys.

  • jcdagget

    Any chance this 'll work on a DInc?

    • it says dz and 2. plus the Dinc has custom kernels so no need for this. GOSH you guys.

  • El El Kool J

    Whatever your i*hone can do… DROID can do better!!

  • Thrlckdkn

    I'm running the leaked 2.2 froyo on my DX (rooted) and i can't find this in the market. When i scan it, it doesn't find it either, guess this doesn't work for the leaked version! O well, i love my X anyway.

    • ghettomuffin

      Use AppBrain and it will find it. I'm still running leaked 2.2 and it worked fine. Couldn't find jRummy's though.

      • Thrlckdkn

        I just did that – App Brain found it, but when I click it, it says the requested item could not be found? Weird…any ideas people?

      • Funkbucket007

        Search for jrummy16 and it pops up.

  • Chris.Go

    Scam should be free.

    • Thornfullessrose

      People like you are always saying something is a scam. shut up! Your life is a scam.

      • Chris.Go

        .99 for other peoples work canned into a nice GUI… I don't know about you but that smells like a scam. Sorry for bursting your bubble.

        • r0landct

          Lots of people don't want to bother doing it manually and rather pay $1 for it to be done for them, they are actually called the majority. Just take the number of active users on the highest volume android forum and compare it to much larger number of active Android phones, then you'll see why such a market exists for things like this.
          While I enjoy doing things manually to learn, I know I am in the minority. Just by visiting an Android forum that puts me in the small minority of Android phone users.


  • Drewfus0929

    Weak. I have my incredible OC'd to 1.2 ghz running redemption rom and my quadrant score has maxed out at about 1950.

  • Uncle paul

    Running 2.2 deodex stock rom with galaxy s theme, 1.2-1.3 slows down to an unuseable crawl. but 1.1 seems ok.. got a 1516 quadrant @1.1 YMMV

  • THANK YOU!!! Definitely gonna support by buying this!!! I left and stayed at 1ghz after finding out it wouldnt survive a reboot and i would have to plug up to my computer to overclock when ever i reboot. now i can be a speed freak and overclock from my droid2 when i want. about to go buy this.!

    • GoNoles

      Both apps are nice, but I like JRummy's more

      • BDavis81

        Plus, JRummy's has extra stuff like ad blocker and wifi scan changer. Great app for the money

    • kellex

      Just waking up. JRummy post on the way!

  • Tuna

    Hey Jrummy just tweeted about his overclocking app just hit the market. Which one is better??????

    • pretty much.. his.

      • kellex

        Just waking up. JRummy post on the way!

  • Breakmyfootoff

    No problems here, cant get any easier than this. I got 1750 quadrant with the 1.3 ghz setting and havent seen any stability problems since I installed it about 4 hours ago. I just switched it to the stock 1ghz with lower voltage to see if I can get longer battery life since the difference in speed is negligible (aside from posting quadrant scores). It's not like the processor was struggling to begin with. Havent seen any issues with the lower voltage yet either, but I just started using it.

  • Ufish2

    Tried different setting,s 1.1 still the best on my dx..about 1550 Quadrant score..still a big difference in speed…: ) .running 2.2,rooted,Beesley's mod's..overclocked to 1.1ghz..

  • Ufish2

    just ran this app tonight..works great 1555on quadrant..my DX is running great,best buck i”ve spent yet ::):):)::):):):):)

  • Dannyjedi

    Do you have to be rooted?

  • Zsld0423

    works great on my DX! Quadrant got me up over 1700 😀 well worth the $0.99 + updates soon to come w/ the app

  • Peurifoyd

    What exactly is overclocking? Pardon the ignorance

    • Evileclipse420

      The ability to run your phones processor faster than its factory clock speed. Hence, the term overclocking. Basically, it makes the computer in your phone run faster, and makes it perform tasks quicker.

      • Peurifoyd

        Do you have to be rooted and are there any dangers in doing it?

        • yeah you gotta be rooted, and yes theres always dangers when messing with OC'ing, but if you have problems just restart the phone and try 1 setting lower

    • Peurifoyd

      Thanks guys!

      • hunkoman

        I would say OCing is like a fuel governor on a school bus. The governor only allows so much fuel to the carburetor. Keeping it at say 55 MPH even if you have the pedal to the metal. OCing is removing that governor allowing you to go as fast as the particular engine (CPU) will allow. Would you drive a school buss at 130 MPH probably not but you could!

    • Ehearth

      A processor is “clocked” at a certain speed (sorta like MPH), when you over clocked a processor (or anything for that matter) you press of the accelerator and cruise at a faster speed.

  • Damn… im gonna try 1.3 again hahahah

    • Yea still no go… slows down way to much

  • affliction_DX

    1.3 worked fine on my dx got a quad score of 1711!!!! i can post screen shot if anyone wants to c it

    • Djspikezz

      Same I hit 1750.. I usually run it 2-3 times to see the most avg score, first score is always lower.

      • affliction_DX

        yeah i do the same what rom are u running?

        • Yea it slows to a crawl for me… im deodexed using black glass. Oh well guess ill have to fiddle around some more tomorrow its gettin mad late here on the east coast

      • acidsmark

        Thats nothing… I’m at 1.40 GHz and run a 2571 quadrant and 19.21 Linpack

  • 1.3 kinda crashed but 1.2 runs great quadrant score was 1551… ill show a screen shot if anyone wants…

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Another quality app from unstable apps… the irony.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      JRummYs app drawfs unstable. GO GET JRummYs and overclock to 1.45GHz

      • unstableapps

        Version 1.1 just hit the Market and adds more presets, set on boot and a built in stress tester to see if you phone likes your OC settings.

        • AnDroidSepTIX

          COOL get em both and run at same time and hit 3GHz . Watch it fly…

  • Working great on my DX!!

  • Thanx again… great app
    droid for life

  • Clhorvath

    Works great

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Works great! Alot better than putting in your own settings and just waiting for it to crash. Plus now i dont have to mess with setscaling anymore.

  • Ok update…actually it works great

    • Vinzky

      I tried this one and works great. I originally bought Jrummys version but for some reason it didnt work on my DX. On unstable version, I tried 1.2gzhz @6.2v, it worked for about 10 minutes and then my screen just went all black. i had to remove battery to reboot. Then, i tried Stock voltage (1.1ghz) and up to this minute it works. (almost 2 hrs now). I also check my benchmark and my device shows 1347. thanks unstable..worth all the pennies…:)

      • Vinzky

        unstable app for overclocking is very unstable at this time. i cant seem to find the correct settings. i have tried everything and just kept freezing. does anyone have a setting that’s stable?

  • ieatapples

    My D1 is faster than that..

  • I downloaded it… about to try it out… im alil nervous

    • Dakinclark

      you should be

  • eddieonofre

    kellex I will try it for you men… the only thing I need is a free DX and a free D2

  • Maizekid

    Anyone try this yet. How is it?

  • Madan48316

    Anyone try it out yet? What's the difference between running this and SetCPU?

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      SetCpu doesnt actually overclock. Its just controls the speeds after you have the overclock settings in place.

  • Armyof2

    I am not first

    • wafflecopter

      I guess I'm first since this guy isn't.

      • eddieonofre

        well then you were first until I commented so then I bacome the first

        • actually i am first

          • eddieonofre

            not anymore lol

          • affliction_DX

            im 7th go me

          • eddieonofre

            does anyone know how long can get this reply chain???? so far this is the 7th reply

          • First.

          • Last.

          • Michael_NM


          • Adf


          • affliction_DX

            could go on for awhile also i just tried the app and no problems so far

          • Dakinclark

            don't think I can afford it

          • Soleicey


          • I’m Kierra, and I support this 😉

          • MrWolf

            You did what to whom for how many cookies?