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Steve Jobs Goes Off on Android, Andy Rubin and TweetDeck Respond

We had been waiting for this latest Steve Jobs vs. Android rant to sort of shake out before diving into it and damn are we glad we did.  If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here is the short run down.  Jobs, during an earnings call yesterday, went off for a good 5 minutes (seriously, went OFF) on all sorts of topics, including RIM and 7-inch tablets, but as you may have guessed, Android was the main target.  He mad sure to point out through his alien logic that Android isn’t really open, is too fragmented, and that he can’t stand the fact that manufacturers won’t report how many Android devices they are shipping.  You can taste the frustration in his stuttering and it’s amazing.

Full 5 minute rant after the jump plus a couple of responses.  

Are you speechless after listening to that?  Don’t hold back the laughter for too long as the onslaught begins shortly after the call, lead by none other than Android master Andy Rubin, who tweeted this…

Not open eh, Steve?  The idea that custom manufacturer skins and different versions of the OS make this not an open platform is a mind trick that only fools would fall for and Rubin’s tweet perfectly points this out.  (+1)

To add to the hilarity of the speech, Jobs also managed to specifically point out TweetDeck’s recent report on user statistics (1:40 mark) which mention the various versions of Android and the hundreds of devices it dealt with.  Of course he attempted to turn this into a negative, which TweetDeck’s CEO quickly responded to… (+2)

And to add to the awesomeness, Dodsworth went on to make it crystal clear that they only had 2 developers working on their Android product.  Yep, 2 developers were able to pump out one of the most polished Twitter clients to date that works on every single Android version available.  So much for fragmentation as an issue?  (+3)

There is so much more too this including further rants on Google telling tablet manufacturers to not use Froyo and how 7-inch devices won’t make it, but the guy isn’t worth that much more of our time.

I’m sure this battle is far from over.  Thoughts!

  • Niedespi12

    WHO WANT THERE PHONE to work the same JOBS?? The point went way over your head you tree hugging fagot..IT CALL CHOICES?? LMAO..wow!!! next time i see a mac im going to break it

  • nice job Jobs. LrnUrAppsB4UTalk

  • TwitterDeck… nice job Jobs. LrnUrAppsB4UTalk

  • Ubermicro13

    Ahahaha I knew it!

  • Ajt177

    Let me guess. The majority of these comments are probably from game console playing/Linux hackers who don't know how to create well polished software/hardware products that appeal to the widest majority and are easy for the layman to use.

  • brilliant comments guys…all you'll make this post even better

  • socalrailroader

    You can have any car, as long as it's black.

  • Pandemic187

    Google tried to take the “integrated” approach with the Nexus One – I guess that's why it's still one of the most open phones to date?

  • anyone else find it ironic that apple was the company that introduced the macintosh as the way to be different from the boring same as everyone else, controlled by “big brother” computer; yet now they want everyone to be the same controlled by apple. 1984 may not have been like “1984” but if jobs had his way 2010 would be.

    • Timoh

      I've said the same thing in discussions before and nobody seems to get it. At least there are two of us.

      • Chris Nimon

        Make it a trio. Jobs is worse than Uncle Sam when it comes to saying one thing and doing another.

        • History Repeats

          Make that 4… He was that way then though too. He just had a different vision of what “Big Brother” should be. The true irony of this is that it's looking like he didn't learn his lesson. The Microsoft of that era showed that choice and options are what people like. This time it appears that it will be Google and the open source community doing it.

  • adams

    “Not open eh, Steve? The idea that custom manufacturer skins and different versions of the OS make this not an open platform is a mind trick that only fools would fall for and Rubin’s tweet perfectly points this out. (-1000,000)
    It's open to carriers and manufactures but not the end user. This totally makes sense and if droid-life wasn't so android biased they would actually see sense in this.

    • adams

      and oh, btw, i wish i could apply @arubin 's code on my droid x……

      this is exactly my point….and steve's point…

  • The audio piece is typical Jobs gibberish. The “magical” experience that is Mac OS and iOS can't be topped by any other OS. He twists the truth. He is a salesman that any pitchman would idolize. Go and find on DVD “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and get a general idea of this man.

    Yes, some artistic licensing takes place, but I am sure it is close enough. Steve Wozniac was quoted from his own website in a wiki article The personalities and incidents are accurate in the sense that they all occurred but they are often with the wrong parties (Bill Fernandez, Apple employee #4, was with me and the computer that burned up in 1970) and at the wrong dates (when John Sculley joined, he had to redirect attention from the Apple III, not the Mac, to the Apple II) and places (Homebrew Computer Club was at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) … the personalities were very accurately portrayed.

    Steve Jobs is a bullying marketeer that does not like it when people step into his limelight. He does not like being one upped, and he doesn't like loosing. Google and Android are doing all three to him. I have a Droid 1. I love it. It may be long in the tooth, but I don't feel the absolute need to throw down money to upgrade because Google tells me to.

    This is going to be a battle that will last as long as Apple and Google are making Mobile OS's. When Google gets the game straight and can be more hands on with a developer/manufacture and choose someone other than HTC (Motorola or Samsung perhaps) as their flagship manufacturer, we will really see some intense battles.

    • Oh yes, one more thing….
      Couldn't resist! LOL… Anyway, the choice in hardware is a very wonderful thing. Don't like how HTC handsets feel? How about Motorola's various devices? You prefer the LG line? There is literally an Android for EVERYONE. No “One Phone Fits All” mentality. And bring on the customization with LauncherPro, ADW, Tag Home, along with Widgets and more.

  • u mad bro?

  • MicroNix

    Everything Stevie touches is magical. Guess that makes him a fairy!

  • Turner

    I'll give Jobs that INTEGRATED is nice…out of the box. Although, it hardly ever seems to be the best option. For those that want their phone to play their music and if the stars align correctly make a phone call, great. But I still view the open/closed argument as completely different than open/integrated, albeit, I guess closed does encompass integration to an extent. But so does open… I'll stick with android.

  • Nik

    We all know somehow there will be an integration of all 4 markets…

  • Sam Lanzo

    I used to use apple because it was so much better than windows. Now I am fully open source, and I cannot believe I ever used anything else. He sees the wave of the future, and is trying to fight it. Can't blame a guy for not wanting to change his business model, but open source is where everything is moving and there is nothing anyone can do about it 😛

  • Jarrodlilly

    I remember when owner of social giant myspace was trash talking the little noobie we call facebook…..

  • Mr. Joe

    I think he needs to differentiate between android and manufacturer. The fragmentation isn't from Android it's from motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, and what not. Ericsson android phones still are operating off 1.6 and how many Motorola phones are forever stuck at 1.6?

  • P-man

    Basically if you want to have what every other I*hone user has then use iOS. If you have original thoughts and a mind of your own then use android on one of the many devices that suits your fancy. BTW did anyone catch how he mis-pronounced Froyo? (its FRO-yo not FROY-yo)

    Jobs you're an idiot.

  • Agustisgloop11

    I don't want to be the one jerk guy but j*bs has a point my droid x doesn't run as well or as fast as my bros iPhone and. I've never seen a glitch on my iPod touch but the droid x is full of lag while going through the menus or scrolling through apps

    • Buckgrad

      You should get your X checked out. Seriously…no problem on mine. 2.2 with Launcher Pro. The stock launcher was a little slow, but not as bad on mine as you're describing. Good luck.

    • adams

      right on, my droid x IS loaded with bugs.

      if you wonna know what a bug is, check out the droid x for a week, you'll find out in a jiffy…

  • K.Vinny

    I'm currently running this YouTube video live in my browser. Enough said.

    • adams

      the iphone HAS youtube :S

      absolutely no problem watching youtube… duh

      • future sailor

        “live in the browser” are the operative words here.

  • Dear Steve Jobs,

    Do you remember all of those years that you railed against Microsoft? It’s becoming increasingly clear that your rhetoric about Microsoft in the past was crap and that, at the end of the day, it was a clear-cut case of jealousy. All you wanted were products of your own that enjoyed the same type of market dominance, and now that you have them (iPod and iPhone) you’re behaving exactly like the people you used to call out.

    Your products may be cool, but you sir are increasingly not.

  • Ken Elliott

    Thanks to Steve Jobs, I can save time by having my App rejected once, completely closing the market to me. Much easier than Android, where I would have to be rejected by several app stores before the market is completely closed.

    Wait – that's flawed. Even if I'm rejected by every app store, I could still sell my Android app direct. Darn you, Google.

  • if android is fragmented than I like fragmented 🙂

  • Viper76269

    i love Apple……computers. Thats about it. Android is clearly open, and Steve is just trying to make zombies out of his customers. lol i thought it was funny when he said, “no need for flash, since most of the internet is HTML5.” Last time i checked, 85% of the internet still was flash. if Flash wasn't such a big issue, then we wouldn't be talking about it.

  • pezjono

    “The first thing most of us think about when we hear the word 'open' is Windows”

    … In what funky ass world is Jobs living in?

  • Hey Steve what is twitter deck?? Get it right Steve. Its TweetDeck, DUH!!!

  • this is a clear example of apples' study of consumer habits in mobile market in which he tries to brain-wash the so called “swing” consumer to buy its products instead of the competition, it also shows that apple is trying to move into the monopolistic view that microsoft had back in the 80s.

    If you really did some comparison of apples' technology VS what is out there; both in the PC and the Mobile device model, you would find that apple is 1 step back.

    A good example is the IPhone display VS the samsung AMOLED display, IPhone processor VS the competion and the Androids' OS VS the IOs.

    what we need in the market is technological progress and more user choice not a consumer cult that only benefits a certain company.

    More user choice DOES NOT MEAN FRAGMENTED..

  • ReebX

    What's best for the customer Steve? Choices or being told what they want?

    I like choices.

  • Ccody

    sound to me that job is gsetting a little bit deffensive

  • Blackdogg

    I would like to see this video up on a big screen. Picture, a bunch of slack jawed drones sit watching Mr. Jobs rant. Suddenly, a runner comes in…and throws a hammer…

  • Stevaroo01

    I've never owned an I*hone, but I sure love my DInc, and I don't have to hold it any particular way or buy any kind of special case (or sue HTC to give me a free case) in order to make nice, crystal clear calls that don't drop. I know that Apple will probably fix that in the next release, but seriously, if that's what an “integrated” phone is, I think I'll stick with my “fragmented” Droid!
    As a capitalist, I'm all for the consumer having choices, so it doesn't bother me in the slightest that Verizon may soon have it's own I*hone. I say, bring it on and may the best phone, (or in this case, OS), win!
    Long live Droid!!

  • vince

    I love my droid…love it!… but if the i*hone comes to Verizon I will switch…its just a better phone (not by a lot and only for now…)

    btw—you guys sound so jealous and delusional…its quite humorous 🙂

  • RLJSlick

    I wish Skeletor would worry about his own phone, you think he'd enough issues with it.

  • Bobby Toms

    What is Jobs talking about, when I hear the word “open' I don't anyone immediately thinks of Windows. This guy need to let the pipe cool off or something






  • If I didn't know any better…that's fear. Fear that Android is slowly taking over the world. Fear that Apple will no longer be on top of the mobile world. That's fear. Wow.

  • Sgthemmer


  • “Twitterdeck”? Really? Apparently, he only spent 5 mins researching information, cuz any sane person can see right through his shaky arguments.

  • I wear a turtleneck, therefore I am…. the better developer….NOT!

  • NYCLawyer

    Steve Jobs is a master marketer. He does not have to design, develop or sell a superior product. He simply has to market better. With the Mac, it was originally about finding a niche – artists – and then telling them and have them repeat that the Mac is better than a PC. Then it was about coolness – If a product is cool, then people will buy it. Design becomes more important than function (I know my Droid (D1) feels like a brick) – but it DOES so much more than any i*phone.

    In addition, it's funny, because he complains about the number of Android phones available. So many choices – so many models – some with physical keyboards and some without – so many carriers – so many differences – it is all too confusing. But then he asserts that one of Apple's strengths is its Apple Store which contains 300,000 apps. Isn't that too many choices?

    I love Apple because they did innovate. If it wasn't for the i*hone, we would never be where we are now. However, now that we have all of these choices, it becomes clear that Apple has stopped innovating and that the marketplace is deciding against Apple (although it is true that some people will go for the “simpler” choice).

  • Rubin's tweet underscores a problem I have with Android and it perpetuates the notion of either I have to be a dev to appreciate Android, or completely clueless and not give a damn about 1.5 , 1.6, 2.0 and so on. For better or for worse Android is fragmented and while it isnt hurting sales now, I do think it hurts the overall quality of the brand.

  • applesr4eating

    “Take the open system versus closed system model…” Okay 90% + of the computers in America operate on Windows (the guess what “Open System”). Apple competes with open source operating system for the scraps. Let's face it Android is the PC of the Smart Phone market and teh Apple will shrivel to a 5 to 10 percent share holding on to the ultra hip and elitiest.

  • banditball

    great reporting kellex! When i hear sound bytes like these it just saddens me more knowing they will be infesting big red in just a matter of time…. :'( We need to put all power to shield generators and prepare for invasion! :]

  • Kevin

    I love the picture you used Kellex!

  • mo

    if android isnt fragmented, why are there new devices still launching with 1.6?


    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Because It gives you the purchasing choice of a lower end phone. Some people dont have the money or need a high end phone with 2.2.

      hmmmm! ponder that one

      • I think thats a problem , we Android enthusiasts try to dismiss, thats not purchasing power,that fragmentation simple as that. Android isnt perfect thats one of its blemishes dont hide it.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, call it “fragmentation” if you want, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. AnDroidSepTIX made a good point which you seem to have ignored entirely – that being that running 1.6 allows consumers who can’t afford to spend $200 to still get an Android phone that costs $50 or is free, even – which is nice. Though to be honest, I think “fragmented” is a bad word. It’s just that Android phone manufacturers aren’t necessarily trying to control every single aspect of the user experience, allowing them to actually have some freedom. Plus, if there were to be less fragmentation, this would have to come from Google, not the manufacturers, which would be difficult to implement. Want to get rid of fragmentation? Fine, but realize you’ll be giving up freedom along with it.

        • AnDroidSepTIX

          You are failing to realize that google is not responsible for making sure manufacturers update the devices. Cell phone technology is growing so fast you cant promise to support a device not capable of running the software. Android os is not apple os, its featured on more than one phone a year in all shapes in sizes. They give you the choice to buy a cheaper phone with cheaper hardware. With cheaper hardware you get limitations. There is no hiding it, its acknowledging thats the way its going to be. You can call it fragmentation because it is, but its not necessarily a bad thing.

          • I see it from a completely different perspective :). From a overall business view while not now its not hurting sales, it cheapens the brand plain and simple.

  • Gpatrick15

    Steve dont hate on android

  • RoadsterHD1

    It's about freedom!!! NOT communism!!!!! This is America we should have a choice, not what some idiot tells us we want !!!! Jobs crawl back into your apple HOLE…. like a the worm that you are….


    This sounds like a scripted response rather than a rant he does make solid arguments but apple has problems too not just android

    • It's really sadder that it's a scripted response. That means multiple people signed off on this as being a good idea.

  • Wbdrummer

    While i do think that Jobs makes a couple valid points about software fragmentation, the whole rant in general is hilarious. Sounds like Jobs is starting to feel the pressure of Android's impressive numbers. I hope he's going around reading all these droid forums and thinking about how stupid he sounded.

  • Steve jobless has seen the writing on the wall and knows that his days and that fruity phone of his are numbered cause droiddoes and it rules

  • Sunil Jondhole

    Steve Jobs has gone mad with iphone 4 antenna problem and loosing market over android.

    If he thinks iOS is great then why people needs to jailbreak for getting new features. They want to force the technology to users that is what their problem is.

  • Sounds to me like Jobs has a very polished way of delivering points that just don't hold up. I almost found myself falling for his narrow-minded rhetoric, but then I remembered… I have used an iPhone. I OWN a Droid X. No contest.

  • Matt H

    He really makes no valid points, almost seems uniformed. However, the app store point, while not well put, is valid, very valid!

  • xsoldier2000

    I don't know, guess I'm weird in that I don't want my devices to be the same as everyone elses…I'm not like everyone else, and I like being a little different.

    I bought my OG Droid because I like customizing it. I like being able to do stuff with it, that maybe the next guy can't.

    “I guess I'm not cool enough to be an Apple Person.”

  • xsoldier2000

    I don't know, guess I'm weird in that I don't want my devices to be the same as everyone elses…I'm not like everyone else, and I like being a little different.

    I bought my OG Droid because I like customizing it. I like being able to do stuff with it, that maybe the next guy can't.

    “I guess I'm not cool enough to be an Apple Person.”

  • kinda off topic but it is anti apple but did any one catch the event last night? They took a shot at apple with the whole missing call and poor design stuff. It was great. Ill look for a clip and post later.

    And more on topic. I dont like you Mr. Jobs or your illogical rants and temper tantrums.

  • brando56894

    “When you hear the word 'Open' the first thing that you think about is 'Microsoft'” WTF are your smoking Steve??? When I hear 'Open' the first thing that I think of definitely isnt Microsoft, its Linux.

    • joe1138

      I agree. The two most proprietary OS’s on the planet, Windows and Mac. And that is amazing seeing how Mac is platformed on open source BSD and has been closed off as much as Apple can.

    • applesr4eating

      The first thing I thought about was a 90% + marketshare, which is what the idiot is really afraid of. Face it Microsoft is a victim of it’s sucess. Android will be the PC of smartphone market hopefully Google can learn from Microsoft’s experience. But technically your right Linux is an “open: operating system not Windows.

    • EC8CH

      My thoughts exactly… that’s where this tirade took a turn into crazy town.

    • That made me laugh so hard I had to pause it.

  • Droid Rocks!!

    There are so many excellent comments here so far. I'd like a like button that I can press that will automatically let me like every Juck Fobs type of comment! Android forever!!!

  • antrison

    I can almost see his point with the possible complexity of the multiple app stores, but I don't think it'll be an issue. Besides, we've got DL to pave the way!

  • “The first thing most of us think about when we hear the word 'open' is Windows”

    “Open” – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • Muddy B00ts

      hello, my name is Diego Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.

      • tiptoptommy

        Dont mean to be rude but its Inego Montoya. I’m a nerd for movie refs.

        • Muddy B00ts

          wow, mental slip on my part. I can’t believe I got that wrong, i’ve seen that movie like 5 times. I even wrote Inego Montoya on one of those “my name is” stickers at a networking thing once. Thanks for the correction 🙂

  • hawkeyes

    I think someone needs a hug

  • I think he defended his company's approach well. I don't think the tone or substance of this recording warrants your headline's characterization. He just made his case, he didn't sound angry or unhinged. He didn't sound like he went off.

    • Rain_king46

      A ceo of a company producing a superior product does not have to make that speech that Jobs made. He didnt make that speech when any of they iPod competitors were released… or when any of the other phones were released since the iPhone… That speech is a desperate act of a company quickly losing ground to the new guy who is finally giving thinking customers a better option.

      • When talking to investors, Jobs is correct to position his company in the context of a changed environment. He’s saying Apple will continue being a company focused on product integration and elegant interfaces offering the customer beautiful usable products. Apple will let other manufacturers offer more options, in some cases, while, he feels, Apple delivers the most useful functions. He’s telling them that the company will remain a strong earner, even if a much larger market share is gained by a collection of systems using Android OS. As in the last two decades of PC Windows vs Macintosh, he’s reminding investors that Apple doesn’t need to own the entire smart phone market to dependably deliver value to it’s shareholders, because Apple dependably delivers high quality experiences to loyal customers. A GMC pickup truck may be versatile, but there’s nothing like driving a Mercedes. Apple, under his leadership has been a niche company and so positioned, it has served it’s investors well. He’s saying investors will be well served by continuing this positioning.

  • Rain_king46

    I am sure glad that uncle Steve can tell me what I need so I dont have to make any decisions for myself. The dude has been push proprietary everything down throats since the start or Apple it almost killed the company through the 80's and that coupled with Apples arrogance is starting to hurt them once again. You got your second wind and you peaked Jobs. You innovated and now you are coasting. Bad mouth Google all you want, but the market trend numbers tell the story of what most people think.

    Jobs is watching his market share fly out the window and he is scrambling to try and slow the bleeding. He will gain back some ground when the iPhone hits big red, but it wont last. Google is pushing the future of computing in every way and Apple while still stylish is not.

    Having multiple markets is bad? Hey Mr. Jobs, you better jump on your iPhone 4 (if you can figure out how to hold it without losing signal) and Wikipedia “Capitalism” Its called free market big guy. The separate markets will create competition which will only benefit the end users. And that lack of 'integration' that you mention…its called customization. Maybe you better Wiki that word too while you are at it. I know the people buying phones right now clearly have…

  • Serqet

    Firstly, lol @ “Twitterdeck”; secondly, that sounded like a scared, delusional man to me…

  • Droid1

    Ah, Well look I love Android and am by practice anti Apple. But maybe you guys(Droid-life) are a little too close to this issue? Jobs makes some real points about the possible confusion of fragmented market down the road and the ease of integrated reliability. Now of course the backbone of Integration in this case is Control. Apple wants 100% control and fear the OPEN market for lose of income.
    I don't know folks. I wouldn't even really call this Going-off either, He sounds pretty calm to me.

    • Jasonw.s.

      He sounds calm because hes desperate and afraid… like a rambling lunatic. Any time someone has to talk trash about their competition to try and make themselves feel and look better (definition of “hating” btw, lol) its really really sad. Sounds like theres some serious problems over at a*ple. Stevie and the other bigwigs over there are obviously losing there minds. Thats just my honest opinion.

  • versusxiii

    I'm pretty sure he completely skewed the definition of what open source software is… and totally danced around the issue by bringing in fragmentation.

    • kellex

      Ding, ding and ding.

  • Leroy1983

    Honestly I think the market has already spoken. 14 million iPhone in one quarter & 4 million iPad in the 3rd quarter, which equals 7 million since it been out. The average consumer don't know what the hell open or closed is, that's only a geek term. And some people might like 7inch tablet, we don't know because it hasnt come out yet. I still believe android is open, yea open to manufactures & carriers putting junk bloatware & insane ui skins. It's not open to consumers at all. And choice is good, it's great actually but when u got oem's putting out a new android handset every 3-4 weeks that does overwhelm the consumer. Just take your time to let android grow

    • Troll Patrol

      I think the consumer knows what they want, their the ones who are handing over their reddies after all. Open is good, choice is good. I love the fact that if I want to install an application not on the Android Market, all I have to do is click a check box and I’m away. Android seems to be maturing beautifully, with really talented developers introducing new ideas on a daily basis. They are constantly being added to with new and improved features. It’s amazing really.

  • So Steve Jobs says because Android has multiple hardware manufacturers and multiple interfaces it means that the OS is 'fragmented' and 'confusing'. I call it having options. If you go to buy a car, do you want every car to be the same, or would you like a different engine, more power? More leather? Stick?…It's called OPTIONS. Not forcing everyone to conform.

    He mentions that it's not open. iOS isn't open, it makes everyone use what Apple thinks they want. For some people that's great. I'd rather choose.

  • rals

    Desperation is a stinky cologne.

  • So here's the thing. Ap*le is not going to suddenly take a huge dive in sales because of this, or for any other reason any time soon. They're making money hand over fist and that's not really going to change, no matter how many ridiculous things Steve J*bs says, because the reality is that MOST people just don't care.

    Even most people who bought and are happy with an Android phone don't care.

    I realize it's easy to lose perspective on that when we read droid life and android central and so on, day in and day out. Because most people we interact with about phones are like us, we think most people are like us, but as batshit-crazy as that whole rant is, the vast majority of people will never hear it and if they did they wouldn't care.

    My wife has a Mac and has been an Apple user for a long time, and she wanted an iph*ne until a few months ago as she did more research, and she ended up with the Fascinate. She loves it, and she says every day she is grateful that she got an Android phone, especially as Ap*le gets weirder and crazier and more locked down. But keep in mind, she's a geek to begin with. She wanted an iph*ne because her experience with Macs has been so good, not because it was the thing to have or whatever. As hilarious as that Evo vs iph*ne video is, it's also true.

    So to us, J*bs sounds like he has completely lost the plot. And as the folks at android central pointed out, keep in mind that he didn't just go off on a tangent because there was a guy in the front row with a Droid or something. These people had a meeting, someone wrote this speech. Multiple people at Ap*le thought this rant was a good idea, or at least were too stupid or scared to point out that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

    This won't hurt Ap*le tomorrow or next week, but it does make it sound like something is falling apart over there internally, like they have lost all sense of reality and perspective.

  • Does anyone else think that Steve Jobs kinda sounds like Ron Paul when he's talking?
    Anyway, some problems with the fragmentation argument.

    1) Hardware fragmentation doesn't really matter, except for different generations. The differences in hardware between the HTC Incredible, the Nexus One, The Droid X/Droid 2…those don't matter. They're all quite cabable of running android and android software. The only time hardware fragmentation is really an issue is when there's a generation gap – like the 550mhz processor on the Droid 1 vs the newer 1ghz processors. And, by the way. Apple has the same problem when it comes to it's older generation hardware.

    2) Software fragmentation *is* a problem — just not as bad as some people want us to think. Yeah, it sucks that you can still find 1.x phones. And yes, hardware manufactures really need to get off their butts and work to keep there hardware updated until it can no longer support the current Android os version. Even so, fragmentation is not nearly as bad as Steve Jobs pointed out. Most of those alternate OS versions in the TweetDeck info are either counting things like Sense and Blur, or they were counting custom roms, which are neither Google's nor The manufactures responsibility. In fact, according to the tweetdeck graph over half of the android users were using android 2.2, and over a fourth were using android 2.1 — most of the fragmentation in the chart comes from custom roms.

    3) “The first thing most of us think about when we hear the word open is Windows”??? Really??!! Ugh!

    • rals

      The biggest problem is with the OEM's themselves that shovel legacy software on these devices. To the average Joe it doesn't mean anything on that. It would be nice to have this manufacturers stop messing around and unify the software for the sake of developers and not so much as the end user.

  • The350zWolf

    Where does Jobs has his head stuck in???? Calling Windows open???? I suppose it is open compared to OSX, but I digress. Steve, have you ever heard of Linux and all of the wonderful distros that are made with Linus Torvalds kernel?

  • So Steve Jobs says because Android has multiple hardware manufacturers and multiple interfaces it means that the OS is 'fragmented' and 'confusing'. I call it having options. If you go to buy a car, do you want every car to be the same, or would you like a different engine, more power? More leather? Stick?…It's called OPTIONS. Not forcing everyone to conform.

    He mentions that it's not open. iOS isn't open, it makes everyone use what Apple thinks they want. For some people that's great. I'd rather choose.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with you, I could not have said it better myself……

  • TheDrizzle

    Love the tweet from Iain Dodsworth, why is Jobs putting words in the developers' mouths?

    • He doesn't say it was a nightmare.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, but he did say it was daunting task. Either way, he was using TweetDeck to attack Android fragmentation despite the company not having any problem with Android development.

        • Agreed. I guess he thinks it would be more of a problem than he would want to bother with. He is not quoting Tweetdeck, when he should have, or not mention them at all.

  • Steve Jobs

    Hi Everybody,

    If we could just get the government to control the Internet, we could filter out all of the nay sayers against iOS. This would keep the user base in check, making them believe iOS is the one and only smartphone OS worthy of using. We could filter sites like this, so the awful Google OS “Android” would no longer be able to spread like wildfire taking over our precious iOS. Every day I wake up and I feel like i'm being pushed into a corner by Android, it's breathing down my neck, and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of it. Smartphone users need to realize that iOS is the only logical choice one has when choosing a smartphone.

    All hail Jobs.

    Yours truly,
    One F%*#ed up man

    • Sunil Jhondale

      even this reply is also show your “Closed” view.

    • Drweird13

      If anyone is curious, that was me.

  • elbigbalski

    aint cydia a open source? everyone that i know has cydia in there iphone.. he dont know what he talking about he just trying to defend his product but its not gonna work!!! Android will take over!!!

  • Jlperry54

    What I got out of his rant is that we should all want the same thing. That thing being what he tells us we want. I should not be able to choose what kind of phone I have. If I want a physical keyboard than that is too bad. I hate how he uses the little kid approach which is basically he knows what is best for us. Well I am not a little kid and prefer to choose what I want.

  • poeddroiduser

    (apologies to Mr. Lucas)

    • EC8CH

      I don’t think Mr Lucas will mind you using a TNG reference.

  • bravoleader2



    This shows Jobs is running scared….he's cracking and losing it. Apple products are sterile and closed minded pieces of hardware. Android is where it's at and all the major companies who produce phones know it. Jobs is a little megalomanaic who thinks he is a god and everyone must follow his lead. No thanks Steve. I'll go with Android products anyday.

  • 1sickpig

    Ahh… Fragmented vs. Integrated…? Umm… Freedom vs. Communism…?

    • Devilsephiroth9000

      One mans ideals if a socialist phone.
      The axis if evil (apple) vs. allied forces (android)
      Sent from my droid x.

    • Devilsephiroth9000

      One mans ideals if a socialist phone.
      The axis if evil (apple) vs. allied forces (android)
      Sent from my droid x.

  • Mth2134

    No need to read into this one guys. This is one of those moments where we simply sit back, feel our cheeks tighten from the grin, and enjoy the cracks in the false idol.

  • sdubb

    the people ranting on engadget make this even funnier…people were typing whole pages on this.

    • EC8CH

      what's engadget… is that some apple blog or somethin? 😛

  • Hohlraum

    I don't disagree on the 7″ tablet thing. I want a tablet but I won't get one smaller than 10″. What is the point?

  • Paj

    “every apple handset is the same”. That alone is reason enough to not want an i*hone. What's wrong with variety and individuality? I guess that's an overwhelming thought to the insecure like Steve. I think you could substitute the word variety or individuality for fragmentation in Stevie's rant and it would become clear what the (his) problem is.

  • Rehuxley

    wow, it's like saying Capitalism is bad because anyone can make a buck.

  • Greg Ostravich

    Jobs keeps using the word “open” – and even compares it to Windows. I don't think it means what he thinks it means. Sure, he can argue fragmentation VS consistent iOS platform and that's fine, but for him to say the Droid is not “open” and the iOS is no where near reality.
    The other thing is the Apple Store censored apps (not sure what the criteria was, that was never clear) and I'm not sure if the Droid App store does that.

  • The fanboys will defend him, but the true target of this is the undecided smartphone buyer. And these kinds of unbalanced, illogical rants are going to drive more and more people to Google.

    I'm still not following the “it's not open because it's fragmented”. Am I missing some logic, or do these things not have anything to do with each other?

    • Anonymous

      He is scared you can tell with his stuttering.

  • jparness

    The fact that Jobs felt he had to get on an investor call and badmouth the competition is pretty significant, since he's never done that before. It shows that he's scared of Android and what it means long term for iOS to be profitable and the market leader. Sure he mentioned Blackberry as well, but that was pretty dismissive. He's clearly got some anger issues around Android…

  • Dmota25


  • Warheart1188

    I understand where Jobs is coming from and to be honest, Android really hasn't impressed me. It has disappointed me more than anything. It is fragmented, full of clutter, just like a PC. Its too open for its own good.

    • The350zWolf

      Dude, you are in the wrong forum. Go find your I*hone forum at your nearest dumpster.

      • kaboom

        I am both a Mac user and an owner of a Motorola Droid (and yes I am rooted). I typically come to this site to find out new information about the Droid and most of the time find it very helpful. I also love my Mac. I would not EVER go back to a PC and to be quite honest if/when the iPhone comes to Verizon, I’m probably going to get it. I like my Droid, but it does have it’s flaws and ultimately doesn’t provide me with the user experience I am looking for.

        There are things about Apple that I don’t particularly care for as well, but as a tech consumer, Apple has given me the best experiences and believe me, I’ve tried it all.

        Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t make them a troll or a fanboy or whatever else you feel like call me or Warheart. The world isn’t that simple, sorry.

        • C0n57an71n3

          I agree 100%. I have the Droid X, which I recently rooted, and am just…blah with it. I realize iPhones are behind the tech curve a little bit, but I would gladly give that up for the polish that goes into the devices. I have to restart my Droid 3 times a day. It forgets how to play music.


          And sometimes everything just stops working. I enjoyed Android when I got the phone, but it’s losing it’s luster. I need something that works, does what I need it to, and I can easily restore to factory settings if I muck it up. The iPhone.

          • Knitelyf

            I*hone works well- except the phone part

          • Anonymous

            My DROID X too strangely “forgets” how to play music too. I find it annoying when it either won’t stop or won’t play…
            My Mom, sadly, still loves her mac as well. The biggest problem she has is syncing with all of her applications easily, but after she switched to using google calendar, things got better. 😀

          • Anonymous

            My DROID X too strangely “forgets” how to play music too. I find it annoying when it either won’t stop or won’t play…
            My Mom, sadly, still loves her mac as well. The biggest problem she has is syncing with all of her applications easily, but after she switched to using google calendar, things got better. 😀

        • The350zWolf

          To each it’s own. I suppose then and it is apparent you haven’t tried any flavor of Linux, -except of course for android- If you like cookie cut items fine, but the point is to make objective comments. You at least try to make a decent argument not like the original comment of Warhead1188, just repeating the same song as Steve Jobs like a trained parrot without any valid data or arguments.

        • Warheart1188

          Totally agree, man. I mean, I loved Android when it first came out and have had multiple Android phones (newest one being the Droid X) but I have had so many problems with them that the experience of having an Android phone isn’t what many make it out to be. People bash the iPhone because it’s an iPhone. Same with PC users and Macs. I actually love the iPhone because of what it can do, not because of what it is.

    • Warheart1188

      Its also prone to many bugs and problems that diminish my liking of the OS. It can't beat iOS in terms of polish and stability.

      • Tjh

        thats only because you have a crappy slow android phone to run it well and fast you need to be at 1Ghz, also we dont have to wait 5 months while they reget the code for the iphone to hack it when a patch comes out that prevents hacking

        • Warheart1188

          I use the Droid X.

      • Sruel3216

        hahha is Jobs trolling the droid-life forums here?

    • Hi Troll.

    • GoNoles

      I just threw up in my mouth a lil………

  • EC8CH

    Jobs is right… I went to the mall yesterday to buy some jeans but there were like 20 different stores there all selling them, I had to turn around and go home because I couldn't figure it out.

    BTW… Steve, please start selling jeans in the app store so I don't have to go pantless

    • Jlperry54

      I think he’s trying to brainwash people and the sad thing is that it seems to work.

    • Not only are there so many places to buy, but jeans come in so many different colors and washes. I’m so confused. Denim is so fragmented!

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Some of those jeans have 5 belt loops and others have 7… some even use the leather tag on the back as a belt loop… how will I ever know if my jeans will stay up with all these differences??? I better just get an elastic waste…

    • EC8CH

      Oh Steve, I listened to you again and I want my device to do more than “just work”…

      I want my device to “just work” the way I want…

      I guess that why I don’t buy your stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa just absolutely perfect analogy. I can’t imagine going through high-school with his name. Errr maybe I can……now I understand him perfectly!

    • Michael_NM

      I love that analogy! It makes perfect sense too. Imagine how Jobs would feel if he had to pick between a white or black turtleneck… Juck Fobs!!!

      • EC8CH

        He would pick the black one and accuse the white one of being fragmented because it changed colors under different lighting…Or else he would pick the black one only to later pick the white one as well and call it magical and revolutionary.

        • Mth2134

          +5 awesome

        • I think he would pick the black one, and then tell everyone he was going to pick the white one later. So people would wait and wait to get the white turtleneck to be like Steve Jobs but he would never end up getting the white one, even though he would promise and promise it was coming. And then he’d blame it on the factory.

          (this was a reference to black/white i*hones that didnt come out as clearly as I’d hoped. lol)

          • Beauwinkl

            I believe the white turtlenecks corrected a itchy collar on the black ones….

          • Beauwinkl

            I believe the white turtlenecks corrected a itchy collar on the black ones….

      • Anonymous

        They don’t make white turtlenecks yet.

        • MN6

          The white turtlenecks were causing phone reception issues…

          • D3nkianma

            all turtlenecks cause this issue if you wear them upside down and around your ankles

    • Anonymous

      that was absolutely incredible… completely made my night I even posted it to fb

  • BJob

    what the hell is a com-ponent? Oh never mind he meant component… haha

  • Steve Jobs is embarrassing himself and Apple. If Apple and their products and vision were as great as he claims, he wouldn't have to work so hard to convince people. Epic Fail. Give it up Steve-o, your time of having a captive audience of Apple-zombies that mindlessly plunk down outrageously bloated amounts of money for your crap are coming to an end.

    Android wins. Handily. Thanks for helping us keep the motivation going Steve, you doofus.

  • tkc122

    suck Andy's balllz Steve!

    P.S someone needs to make a boot animation on this

  • durangojim

    So basically he's saying if you're simple minded use iOS, if you have critical thinking use Android.

    • Yes, but most people most of the time are simple minded, so that would work out fine for him, actually.

    • Collin
    • Hahaha I like just Tweeted it…I gave credit to you for it.

    • villian1998

      That's pretty much why I look down on people with i*hones …. they pretty much didn't do any research

      • C’mon. I think most reasonable people would agree that iPhone is a solid device and a good choice for many people. Let’s not look down on people just because they decided that, for them, the iPhone made sense. That would make us brand snobs. After all, neither product is unambiguously better than the other.

        • Jacob Woodward


        • einsig

          The problem is that Steve Jobs and Apple don’t see it that way towards non-iOS devices. It is obvious both systems have great things to offer for different end-users. Unfortunately, Jobs would rather toss logic and reason out the window to blindly defend the shortcomings of iOS for users who would benefit more from an Android platform.

      • Yeah, my mom wants an iPhone too. Her reasoning: “I saw my friend’s, and it displays pictures. It also checks e-mail.” This may be partially my fault, because my Droid has gone to the dark side: nightly builds. It therefore crashes a lot, being completely untested. I might be able to win her over with Google Nav, though.
        p.s. Yeah, I said it. iPhone. Voldemort. Big deal.

  • Acalvillo5


    • Acalvillo5


      • The Zune Lune

        Steve Jobs arguments were as lame as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama and customers are seeing through them like voters are seeing through the left.

        • Chris

          Shallow, uninformed talking-point political analogies have no place in this forum, or this website. Save it for another forum where politics are the focus and discussed in-depth.

  • Muddy B00ts

    lol what a tool. BTW my 100th Post!!

    • Michael_NM

      Congrats on your 100th comment! 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    F- Jobs. Somebody needs to shove that turtleneck down his throat. 🙂

    • that or just pull it up over his head.

      • EC8CH

        Actually, I think that’s where he spends most of his time already.

  • Anonymous

    I dont got a problem at all with the developer issues that Jobs was talking about. The one point that i ll give him credit is that Android 2.2 has had issues during update glitches that iphone dont usually has. I got Droid X they said they would fix the problems they havent done shit. Google really got a chance to beat apple but they need to be good on their promise on giving out OTA that work!!!