Twitter to Shut Down TweetDeck Apps, Will be Removed From Google Play in May


Today, it was announced that Twitter-owned TweetDeck will be re-focusing and doubling their efforts on web applications and their highly popular Chrome app. In doing so, the Android and iOS versions of this client are being discontinued and completely removed from their respective stores starting in May. This ties in with the retirement of Twitter’s v1.0 API which TweetDeck has spoken of before.

Below are two snippets from TweetDeck’s full blog post on the upcoming shutdown.  (more…)

Report: Twitter Buys TweetDeck for $50 Million

Twitter may have just snatched up super hot 3rd party client TweetDeck to keep it out of the hands of odd little social app guru, UberMedia.  According to TechCrunch, UberMedia was in position to buy TD, but Twitter swooped in and outbid them by some $20 million at the last minute to keep it out of their hands.  Apparently, UberMedia is really into buying up Twitter clients and the originators of the service decided they weren’t a fan of one company owning that many of their users.

So what does this mean for TweetDeck?  Well, we really have no idea.  All we can do now is cross our fingers and pray to Buddha that they don’t decide to axe one of (if not the) top Twitter clients in all the land which has already been downloaded over 1 million times on Android (and who knows how many times on iOS).  But with Twitter really pushing their own client these days, we’re wondering how much longer it’ll be around.

Do we need to start a petition?  (Hah, bad joke sorry.)  Thoughts?

Via:  TechCrunch

TweetDeck, Foursquare, Documents to Go, Voice Search, Google Goggles All Receive Updates

Friday looks like app update day for some of the major players.  TweetDeck, Foursquare, Documents to Go, Google Voice Search and Goggles all saw updates either yesterday or today.  Some are minor tweaks while others like Docs to Go saw some pretty big changes.  Go get your update on!

TweetDeck changelog here.  |  Voice search info here.  | Documents to Go here.

Foursquare above.  | Goggles above.

Cheers @asianmario!

Steve Jobs Goes Off on Android, Andy Rubin and TweetDeck Respond

We had been waiting for this latest Steve Jobs vs. Android rant to sort of shake out before diving into it and damn are we glad we did.  If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here is the short run down.  Jobs, during an earnings call yesterday, went off for a good 5 minutes (seriously, went OFF) on all sorts of topics, including RIM and 7-inch tablets, but as you may have guessed, Android was the main target.  He mad sure to point out through his alien logic that Android isn’t really open, is too fragmented, and that he can’t stand the fact that manufacturers won’t report how many Android devices they are shipping.  You can taste the frustration in his stuttering and it’s amazing.

Full 5 minute rant after the jump plus a couple of responses.   (more…)

Official TweetDeck Lands on Android Market!

TweetDeck just got through releasing some fun-filled statistics and turns right around to release the official version of their wildly popular Twitter app on the Android Market.  It’s free as you may have expected and can found using the link or QR code below.  I do recommend that you uninstall your beta version as this market release will not overwrite it and you will have two TweetDecks.

Download Link

Tweetdeck Releases User Statistics, DROID 2 Global and Olympus Make Appearances

Tweetdeck released some pretty cool statistics last night that show which phone and what OS their 36,427 active beta testers are running.  The list definitely screams “Fragmentation!” for Android, but we already know that’s an issue and instead found the batch of unreleased phones that made appearances to be more interesting.  After just a quick glance, we found these 3 which really stood out:

I’m sure there are more, so I’ll leave it up to you guys to dig through the list.  You can view the OS breakdown after the break.   (more…)

New TweetDeck Available, Includes Three Widgets

TweetDeck is quickly becoming the best Twitter app available on Android.  It pains me to say that after being a HootSuite fan for so long, but it’s hard to argue against it at this point.  In just a few short weeks, we’re 5 or 6 versions in with the latest update bringing 3 widgets to the table.  How many other Twitter apps have been out for months now and still can’t figure out how to put together a clean widget?  TweetDeck created 3 in about 3 weeks time.

Download the new version here.

Via:  Android Police