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Android Eclipses iPhone in Ad Revenue for First Time

On the heels of Steve J*bs Android rant during yesterday’s Apple earnings call, Millennial Media released their monthly Mobile Mix which reports on mobile marketing trends and has numbers that won’t help his case.  According to their network, Android revenue exceeded i*hone-only revenue for the first time ever, even with strong iOS impression growth.  We all expected this to happen at some point, since we hear month-after-month about record activation numbers for Android, but not even Millennial Media predicted it would happen this soon.  They offer a few reasons for the sudden jump…  

  1. Devices versus operating systems – We are only comparing iPhone and Android devices, not operating systems. iOS includes not only iPhone, but also iPad and iPod Touch. Currently, Android only consists of Smartphones on our network. Of course, as Android-powered tablets and other consumer electronic devices hit the marketplace in the near future, that will certainly change.
  2. Less inventory coupled with soaring demand – We saw higher average fill rates, click-through rates and prices on Android applications and mobile web inventory than on iPhone inventory last month. Why? We believe this occurred because there are fewer applications available on Android than on iPhone (though the gap is narrowing), and the mix of applications available on Android is still different than the mix on iPhone. This means less inventory to meet current advertiser demand, resulting in higher fill rates and prices.
  3. Reaching a diverse set of Smartphone buyers – Many Android users are often first-time Smartphone buyers. We believe some advertisers are paying a premium to reach those users early in their Smartphone experience. Our advertisers have also shared that Android allows them to reach a diverse set of consumers across all major carriers, making the platform highly desirable and increasing demand for the platform.

Download the September Mobile Mix Report here.

There is no stopping the Android train at this point.  And remember, we just told you about 6 new devices headed to Verizon for the holidays.  How many new iOS devices will there be?  None.

Via:  Millennial Media Blog

  • Marco.hk

    Apple= arrogant people producing lame electronics 🙂

    Suck it jobs !!!

  • CGH

    Apple so FLUFFY!
    And Apple gonna die!

    • Zaire2005

      u will die b4 apple dies !!

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs! iPhone! Steve Jobs!


  • Timmah

    How many new iOS devices will there be? None.

    Actually there will be one. The iPad.

  • dredaav

    Now don't beat me up for this but its just a question… I am a Droid user, but does this comparison seem fair to you? The android has a heck of a lot of phones to choose from where as the i*hone is only one phone. The iOS is only on one phone under one carrier. So its more like 15 to one and thats not fair. Don't get me wrong I do like my Droid X over the i*hone 4 but still it's only one phone. Now if the argument is OS vs OS then I understand this milestone for Droid, even thought its still one phone vs like 15.

    • If there was a black iPhone and a white iPhone, would it seem fair to compare the sales of both colors of i*hones to the Droid X? Or only one, because its “just one phone”? Mr. Whack Jobs likes to compare iOS to Android and throw in the iPod touch and i*ad (comparing i*ods to phones? really?), so what forces us to choose one phone to compare it to the i*hone? Its not Google's fault that Apple demands there can only be one way to have an iPhone! And what're the differences in functionality between a Droid 2, Droid X, and Droid Incredible in terms of functionality? Virtually none, just different phones for different people.

      Phrased more simply, it is safe to safe that if there was both a white and a black i*hone that those who buy a white i*hone would have bought a black i*hone had the white i*hone not been available. Similarly, it is safe to say that had the Droid X not been available the vast majority of those people would have just bought a Droid Incredible.

      • dredaav


    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Sure it does… is OSX put up against Windows for PC market share? Is it not identical with many manufacturers vs one? Should we care that Apple didn't learn any lessons from MS knocking them off their perch in much the same way?


    Jobs has seriously pissed alot of people off. He thinks it's his way or nothing. Who died and made him the all knowing king of electronics? All his ranting proves is that he's scared of android and knows that it will prevail…oh wait it just did! Jobs need to suck it up and accept the fact that he has been beaten.

  • tiptoptommy

    Ive said it before and ill say it again.


  • Rizzidy

    This is like making fun of Mac computers in 1996. We all know Android is dominating the market. Let's move on to new topics.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      For me… it's actually like the 80s going into the 90s… Apple was everywhere. All the schools had Apple IIe's, if you were super rich you had one at home ;-), and all the programs ran on Mac…. then Windows 3.1 hit the scene, and all kinds of computer manufacturers started dropping DOS and went graphical and businesses started putting in 3.1 terminals… and they were cheaper. By the time Windows 95 hit, the game was all but over. When Windows 98 hit, Apple was seen as a company ready to die. Their Macs ran the 128k OS from 1984 still, and they killed off their clones – admitting they couldn't compete with themselves in the hardware market… the iPod saved them, which led to this. Now it's as if Android 1.x was Windows 3.0, Android 2.x is Windows 3.1, and at this speed, Android 3.0 will be Windows 95. Kinda funny how history repeats itself, for Apple.

  • Graysonc94

    But what will happen when verizon gets the iPhone and iPad!!! 😀

    And I'm sure Jobs knew this was going to happen it's one iPhone Vs 100 android phones.

  • Patwww

    I dont like when you guys mention new phones.. I wont get a new one till 2012. And we might not be alive then lol.

  • DarthRogue

    it's possible that there will be a new iOS device soon… Something to replace the failure that is the i*hone 4!

    • yea and it'll run something that copies android

  • KillaPenguin

    I wonder if Steve was privy to these statistics before the earnings call yesterday, and that is partly what set him off…

    Me thinks I smell a rat.

    • EC8CH

      You might be smelling a rotting apple.

  • EC8CH

    What a nightmare for Millennial Media… Think about all the different android devices it had to collect data on. I'd be so much easier if everyone just used an i*hone.

  • Leroy1983

    What the hell does ad revibue gas to do w/ anything. So google has more ads, ok has does that make a better phone. Or is it just another thing to hate on apple about

    • EC8CH

      I think it means android is gaining marketshare, this doesn't create any hate for *pple, they make that themselves.

    • Timoh

      Would also mean if there's a software creator that wants to only develop for one OS, they would be more inclined to join the Android team than the Apple one. On top of more ad revenue they wouldn't have to jump through hoops to get their applications to market.

      End result: A growing android market, one less leg for (hand)Jobs to stand on.

    • It means a couple of things, really. It means that with less apps, Android is still getting more use of apps, particularly free apps. Free apps are a plus for the platform at large and for consumers in terms of choice. As Timoh says, it will draw more developers to Android as well.

  • CEOs lie; numbers don't

    Take that, Jobs!

    • Yes, numbers don’t lie and neither do words. But both numbers and words can be used to lie.

  • Baked14

    Poor steve. He's like the popular kid that gets replaced by the new kid.

  • Zsld0423

    a*ple gonna die

  • Steve Jobs

    my vagina hurts..

  • Michael_NM

    Hey Jobs! Put those numbers in your pipe and smoke 'em. 🙂

    • I think he's already busy smoking his own kool-aid powder. XD

    • Guys. SJ is suffering from god who knows. Please do not pile on the bad news. Please be considerate.

      • Michael_NM

        He suffering alright… from a case of Androiditis. 🙂

        Did you listen to his tirade? You want us to be considerate? I don't wish any ill on the man, but I wish he'd close his arrogant fruit-chomper. 😛

  • bravoleader2

    Steve must be angry!

    • Viper76269

      time to start developing the follow up to angry birds? angry steve’s? Steve Job heads flying at Androids?

  • Apricchi


    • Apricchi

      I guess Stevie better throw another fit. I'm sure Google doesn't report their numbers fairly. (roll eyes)

    • Apricchi

      2nd. I am the First loser 🙂

    • Piggyback 😀