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Verizon Pushing Tiered 3G Data Plans Starting October 28th?

Everyone ready for tiered 3G data plans on Verizon?  We were told last week that this was coming when tipped about a major employee training that’s happening over the next 2 weeks, but this is another confirmation.  According to the latest rumor, Verizon will roll them out on October 28th (yes, 10 days from now) and will offer smartphone users 2 choices:  $15 for 150MB and $29.99 for unlimited.  There are also feature phone plan changes, but seriously who uses a feature phone?  On that note though, the feature phone data plans will be identical to smartphone plans meaning they are on the outs and Verizon is doing their best to push everyone into a Droid or Blackberry.

Anyone excited about this?  Not excited?

Via:  Engadget

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  • Wwsenior11

    why dont we go a little toward what sprint and at&t are doing its much simpler with the economy the way it is and with how much money the average ppl in the world are making these days

  • BAoxymoron

    didn't they already offer the 150mb plan for feature phones????? oh well… as long as I get my unlimited plan

  • Sgthemmer

    Im glad it is this price point I was having cold sweats about crazy phone bills.

  • frankd

    Im sticking with my unlimited so it doesnt affect me, but as far as the the tiered, I guess it will all depend on how they market it… If they try telling droid buyers that the 150mb plan should be enough for them and then smack them with a few hundred dollar bill for going over, that will be major BS… if the tier is truly only aimed at all the lower usage type phones so they can get a little bit of enjoyment and a little taste of data thats fine…

  • Bucho2k

    As long as they keep the unlimited I'm safe. I use 11-16GB of data every cycle. They hate me.

  • Pandemic187

    So, basically: Pay $15/month if you use so little data that having a smartphone can't even be justified – or pay $30/month. Makes perfect sense!

  • EDIT: $30 for unlimited is gravy. Wish they had the same deal for 4G. {{-_-}}

  • Paul E.

    So, my 2-3 GB usage a month sees… no changes? Ok, I'm fine with that.

  • timarnette

    I am fine with it. Verizon is sending me a new Droid X tomorrow because I did something wrong flashing a ROM. I did not tell them that. They ask me to pull the battery and try to boot the phone, did not work the guy said we will send you out a new Droid X today and it will be at my house before 3:00 pm. I have the Fedex tracking number now. So I can't be too upset with them. Pretty damn fair if you ask me. AT&T would never doing anything like this for anyone.

  • Scohking20

    Ill break 20g this month. Thank god for unlimited!

  • People: not only does the $30 a month pay for the data you use, it SUBSIDIZES YOUR PHONE. The reason Verizon sells Droids for $200 that MSRP for nearly $600 is they make all the money back up through the data charges. If they gave you a proportionate amount of data for the money, they wouldn't make any money. That's why the cap for the $15 a month charge is so dang low. So yes, if they're subsidizing $350 to the price of your phone and they need to maintain the data network, they need to charge more than $15 a month for phones that will use a lot of data, but they're trying to get money out of the customers with cheaper internet enabled phones.

  • Nescio1988

    It really pisses me off that verizon has used their position in the cell phone market to instate higher prices. It's one thing to pay for quality but it's another thing entirely to bend someone over. What about the customers who want a messaging phone but don't want to pay the $360 fee associated with simply owning a phone capable of going on the internet? you're stuck with either a flip phone or a smartphone that will inevitably cost you data overage fees. They're polar opposites in the cell phone world and verizon is indirectly forcing you into a costly data plan. Verizon you suck.

    • Czar

      Wtf? If you have a droid, you already pay $30 a month, so this gives your a cheaper alternative. In might actually but my wife a droid because of this.

  • Chris Nimon

    I thought they were taking Unlimited Data off the table, or was that reserved for 4g?

  • Boom

    Perfect example… My mother has an Eris, simply cause she thought it looked nice… She uses the phone for calls and pictures of her grandchildren… Boom, I save 15 bucks a month… No complaint here!

  • i agree as long as i keep my $30/mo unlimited i think this is a great thing. the questions is going to be if 4g is on a separate plan or if i would be part of the $30 data (assuming you decide to upgrade phones w/out a new contract)

  • Well this isn't a big deal if you still want the unlimited data. It is actually good for someone who needs data for their phone and doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

  • Rizzidy

    As long as they keep the unlimited plans available, this is fine with me.

  • Brian

    Smoke and mirrors to make $30 plan look better and justify higher tiered pricing for LTE. I hate mobile phone service pricing. Give me one price per mb for data and one price per min for phone useage and be done with it. None of this game of trying to guess how much you will use in the future and then charge you for unused service or massive overages should your guess be wrong. Bunch of bs.

    • Dave

      goto t-mobile you get what u pay for unlimited crappy service.

  • hunkoman

    Mmmmm isn't the low data plan currently $9.99? As I understand it for say an EnV 3 you have to have a data plan of some sort unless grandfathered in.

  • Misphit917

    Serious who with a smart phone uses 150 mb?

    • koolshaggy

      My wife does. She has a Blackberry and only averages about 25 mb per month. She just uses it for email and facebook. She doesn't browse the web or watch videos. I on the other hand use 3 GB per month on my Droid. VZW just saved me $15 per month on my bill.

      Stop complaining about the lower plan. Even if they put the $15 plan at 500 mb you trolls would still complain about it not being enough.

      Thank you VZW for saving me money.

  • Greg

    Lol, I probably use more than 150 mb per day.

    • At least that much, I was going to say I probably have more than 150mb/month in app updates… Lol

  • I think it's great they are keeping the unlimited option and I think the 150mb will be a good option for some people. It's easy for us as phone geeks to lose perspective on how many people have smartphones for very different reasons but I see a lot of older users and less tech savvy users buy them for the larger screens or just because they make email easy.

  • Justin

    Im on 5g bitches

  • Do a test, plug your phone in so your phone stays active for one entire day without use and see how much your widgets and background data actually pulls. then multiply by 30 and see if it is even possible to stay under 150MB. I'm going to do it with my backup droid eris.

  • CIFchamp24

    Some of you guys just can't help but complain. “But I use 150 GB:(” Nothing is changing for anyone who doesn't want to. Come on people! Am I right?

    • MattInPDX

      Um, 432MB of usage this month and I don't consider myself even close to a mid-tier user on my Droid 1.

      • CIFchamp24

        I'm missing your point… you have an unlimited plan. Nothing changes for you if you don't want.

  • Niedespi12

    To Me, I think it is BS that verizon would even offer that option. It really does take away the point of owning any type of multimedia device in the first place. It just shows you how they thrive on simple everyday mistakes to make a profit. even if it is user error, it still is not right no matter which way you look at it..
    Asides from the better devices I have been fed up with the fact that verizon is sooo expensive, Lets get real here i for one love my device i love to use it. but i know for a fact they are trying to ream people for money left and right for every little thing, when is it going to stop?? It just keeps getting more expensive, I for one am going to jump ship at this point! Although i love the service, i just don't see any pricing plans that are geared towards the average consumer, It just plan sick at this point… I guess you have to pay to play..but that as a second option is just plain ridiculous!

    • DBK

      Considering the quality of the service you get and the types of phones available, it's not surprising that it's a bit costly. You get what you pay for, which in this case is a good thing. There are affordable plans out there (I have one, so I should know), you just need to make the extra effort to research what you buy in order to get the most suitable phone possible and the best price possible. Blindly buying the latest and greatest out there is obviously going to put a strain on the wallet.

      In my opinion, I think this change is fine because it doesn't affect the Unlimited option and it helps out those who don't use that much data (yes they do exist). It would have been more preferable, and maybe a little fairer, to make that limit a little higher, but it's not that big a deal, in all honesty.

  • Im excited about this! ill save 15 bucks like other ppl have mentioned, my phone is 90% of the time on Wi-Fi :]

  • Lilcal70

    I'm just glad they still have unlimited..that was my biggest concern..nobody should bitch about it either unlimited is nice to have so you never have to worry and if you don't want unlimited then get the other option ha